How to choose a linen liber Lam. House or work?

Review: Lobzik Electric Caliber Lam-450e. Excellent jigsaw for its price

Greetings dear readers, subscribers and friends of the site Ozzovik. In today’s review, I want to share my impression on the jigsaw of the electric caliber Lam-450e.Making last year repairs from a daughter in a room. It’s time to cut a laminate. I had a jigsaw from the hypermarket ribbon about which I will talk about. But in the middle of the room he suddenly ended with me. Or rather, the file holder broke. The smart manufacturer guessed to make it from Silumin.

I tried to saw a laminate with a saw with a remaining part of the evening. I realized in the morning that this is not quite funny. Began to look for a new jigsaw on the Internet. I did not want to look for a sawmill holder for an old lobby. At work, ask that they would also not want to do it for how much all this would take time. There was also the opportunity to take it in the instrumental pantry. But the thought came to my mind and in a friend I will break someone else’s thing.

Began to watch reviews on the lobe. I didn’t want to buy something expensive and professional. How much a jigsaw I use at home, well, rarely.For money and reviews, the lobby of the electric caliber Lam-450e approached me.

Although he is a “caliber”, but this is all a trick, in fact, this China still attracted me in it that there is a “turnover” speed adjustment in it. But as it turned out, this thing is better not to touch at all in cases of laminate.

And set the maximum speed at once. The maximum speed of rod moves 3000 moves/min.

Introduction To Linen Fabrics

Lobzik weight 1.6 kilograms.This jigsaw can be connected to the vacuum cleaner, there will be less garbage, but there will be more noise. Personally, I do not use a vacuum cleaner when working with it. In order not to injure the excess noise of neighbors.It can cut a tree up to 55 millimeters. For apartment purposes, no more.Also, a jigsaw can cut metal up to 3 millimeters. But most likely it is better not to cut large sheets in length. How much the jigsaw will simply overheat. Aluminum yes is easy and with metal a question. Aluminum it cuts up to 6 millimeters.

Lobzik power 450 watts.The junction of the peel is 18 millimeters.A special protective screen is installed in front of the file.

Is Linen Sustainable?

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In this jigsaw, in contrast to the previous molk holder, a metallic.A wood saw was included with a jigsaw. Which can immediately be thrown into a garbage bucket.

But the hexagonal key was not in the kit.

The jigsaw has a shutdown button. It is very convenient when you saw a large sheet of plywood. I pressed the button and the jigsaw itself saws, just hold it.

The sole of the jigsaw is forged. The tilt of the sole is adjusted to different angles. Convenient in certain cases when you need a sawdust by a bevel. Or chamfer.

The jigsaw was a warranty year.The jigsaw was packed in a box, an instruction was attached inside that can be sent on the trail for a file that was included) there was also a bag of spare graphite (coal) brushes in the boxes. But how much I rarely use a jigsaw. They are not wiped off me yet.

For its price, the jigsaw is quite normal. Of course it would be good a ruler or a ray. But there the cost of the jigsaw is completely different.Thank you all readers and friends for your attention.I wish you successful purchases.See you friends.

Home workshop

Nothing to do at home with bare hands. The blog tells what you need to have a home master, how to equip your workplace, as well as tips for using various tools.

For five years by Vera, the truth served an electrician and all this time was quite satisfied with me, although he did not have a “loud” name (Bort- 751Q), and was not so expensive (I bought it for only 1.5 thousand. ), like similar instruments of eminent firms such as Makita or Bosch, but suddenly flared up. When he opened it, he found that the teeth of a large gear were demolished and only its replacement can extend the life of this electrician. And since I can’t do without an electrician in the manufacture of carved crafts, I immediately went to the local tool store and studied the existing assortment on its window. And there were only six pieces of different electrician. Two completely weak and cheap (up to 1.5 thousand. ) I shall at once. I looked through the technical characteristics of 3 different Makita models (these are more expensive. for price 5; 5.5 and 5.7 thousand. ), but I didn’t like them something. All similar to each other, only the power is different. Most likely the price is such only for the “name”, and the characteristics were not at all impressed. For example, Makita 4326 with a capacity of 450 W has a maximum depth of wood drunk only 65 mm. Little. Yes, and there is no fast.and.pouring device of the file (my old bort and it was), and here it is necessary to fasten the file with two screws with the key. But the price, by the way, is 5500.

And next to the stand hung an electrician Caliber Lam-850e at a price of only 2000 (in the photo). The electrician was packed in a plastic case (it is useful in the workshop under a different trifle, if you cut the internal walls). I looked at his characteristics: power. 850 watts, pitch.18 mm; The number of saws of the file is 500-3000 per minute, the maximum thickness of the wood. 100 mm (I especially liked this indicator, as I often have to cut a birch board-five). I figured that even if this jigsaw does not last too long, although the manufacturer (Chinese comrades, of course, did and in the instructions promise that the life of the instrument, subject to the requirements of the operating manual for 3 years and give a guarantee for it as much as 12 months from the date sales), for the money that costs mentioned above, I can buy one more one, and even for spare saws of money will remain. over, Makita. This is also a work of all our Chinese friends.

This is the opposite side of the electrician. Its weight is rather solid. 2.5 kg, but it did not matter to me, since the electrician was originally planned to be used, fixed by fixing “upside down” on a homemade machine.

The tilt of the sole can be changed by turning away two screws. By the way, I immediately changed it, taking the platform from my old borta. It already has 4 holes for the screws, with which the jigsaw can be attached to the bottom side of the table cover. The “caliber” has only two holes (front) on the sole, intended, apparently, to fix the guide strip with rectilinear cuts, which is not included.

I hardly work with metal, but just in case I will bring the performance characteristics and drank it for the maximum thickness for him. 8 mm. You just need to put a good file, and the relics of the jigsaw are enough for this.

850 watts. This is still a lot, therefore it is not surprising that such pretty good data on the productivity of the tool. There is a smooth adjustment handle of the number of revolutions, the mechanism of the pendulum., But there is no smooth engine start and this is a big minus. The electrician immediately takes “from the place to the quarry”, so then it must be monitored so that when it is turned on in order to avoid a strong push, the saw does not contact with the surface of the workpiece.

There is a laser backlight, which is turned on the button located in the frontal part of the electrician. The beam is quite bright and narrow, it is possible to adjust it exactly along the sawing line. I do not need it, it would be better if the usual backlight was drunk, but this function can also be useful to someone.

There is no file of a file. It is necessary to clamp it with two screws with a hexagonal key, which is included. But this would not be a very big drawback if access to the clamp was comfortable. Not so often you have to blame the file to complex. Worse, this clamp is behind a transparent non.removable protective screen. In many models of electrician, such a transparent protective screen either shifts or leans back, opening access to the file mounting mechanism. This is not provided for this and access to the screws is provided through the slots in this screen. An extremely unsuccessful solution. When I changed the file for the first time, I turned both screws too much and it turned out, the saw holder made out completely. And it was quite difficult to assemble it back, since it is difficult to get in screws into the holes intended for them when they are not visible under the protective screen. Probably only on the fifth attempt managed to do this. Now, when changing the saw, I try to weaken the screws for only a few revolutions and try to pull out the file as soon as it becomes possible.

The depth of sawing

The main parameter for the jigsaw is the depth of its saw on wood. And although metals can also be sawed, it is always indicated primarily the depth of wood (as a rule, it can be seen on the tool nameplate).

Naturally, the depth of the cut will mainly depend on the power. The more powerful it is, the greater the depth. True, different manufacturers with the same power can indicate a different depth and vice versa. Therefore, different jigsaws that have the same power cannot be considered equally effective. Be sure to look to the depth of the cut, which, as a rule, varies from 50 to 150 mm.

For a certain depth, of course, you need a saw for sawing the corresponding length.

Revolutions adjustment

The following that you need to pay attention to is the presence or absence of speed adjustment. This function is useful when it is necessary to reduce the momentum for more accurate sawing in order to exclude the risk of unnecessary bullying, as well as for more even and direct sawing.

The speed adjustment can be made in the form of a separate rotator, or, like a drill, can be installed directly on the start button.

A separate rotator for adjusting the speed rotation rotation rotation on the start button

In the second case, the deeper you sink the button. the higher the number of revolutions. And so that the speed is not too large, the button is installed a rotator that limits the possibility of its sophistication.

Which of the adjustment methods will be convenient for you, only practice can show. Therefore, in the store you can try both of these methods and decide on the spot.

I bought 2 years ago for small housework. Holding is not very convenient. The thickness of the handle is big, well, this is an amateur key for the clamps of the files is attached at the tail of the device. unusual, it would be better in Chumadan to have a place for it for it. By the way, it is Chumadan, The wire is barely removed, there is no fixation for the files, you can’t put a jigsaw. Will not be removed. But I like compact and material. The pendulum move used little, Basically, the work is accurate, on the wood-based stove. Dust fanits in a circle, but as a result, near the file, it still accumulates, so the advantage is controversial. For example, I turned on at home. And the chips scatter in a radius of 3 meters 🙂

Bought in 2009 for 1 tyr. The saw is not visible on the central line of the sole, the difference is about 1.5 mm. Yes, in general, the sole itself is not perfect in appearance. I tried to make long cuts (more than 500mm) on the guide. It almost always did not work, since the blade went to the side and bend, so the even long saw did not work. By the laser, you can only navigate if you look at it near the file, that is, there is no much sense in it. The vacuum cleaner does not fit the diameter of the pipe (it may be a special vacuum cleaner, construction. ). Stupid function. Most woods are not inserted into the seat, some files hardly approached. Apparently the hole is not enough. It does not fit into the case with a file, you have to remove it. Now about good 🙂 6 steps of adjusting the frequency of the file, 2 stages of the pendulum passage (and the pendulum can be turned off). comfortable. Saw sawdust blows off the saw, but you don’t have to look closely (or with glasses), get into the eyes. There is a compartment for a hexagon (though a hexagon sometimes falls out of there, you need to make sure not to lose). The length of the network cord is normal. Sawed plywood 18mm, boards 50mm, steel 2mm steel. It saws without problems, especially with a pendulum. Bottom line: figured and long beautiful saws do it bad for them, but for cutting boards, laminate, metal, PVC panels and the like, it is perfect for its money.

brought in a sealed box, believed, did not check. eventually. one. The supporting plate is greatly bent, 2. there are no hexagons included, and standard hexagons are great for him.

Go around this manufacturer. maybe we would have done better, but China is China. Nobody probably does quality testing.

At the first saw, the lining of the saw was rubbed! The guide video [PAZ turned out somewhere 1/4 of the radius of the video :))], He was not lubricated, as it turned out later during disassembly; An autopsy showed that allowances and tolerances (t.e. shapes of hinges) “walk”, there are no screws, etc.D., But lubricants inside did not regret :)); After the broach and assembly, the instrument served about 3 months (during this time it was hooked for about 50m lining 13mm, about 5m board 30mm) until the next problem. breakdown of the file holder, as it should be in the thinnest place :). where the saw rests where, but this is a breakdown requested by the creators of this apparatus, The thickness of the metal in this thin place is about 1 mm :), and the other could not be in principle; During the operation, it turned out that the product is more suitable for a “creative cut”, so to speak, for lovers of an unexpected, spantan change in the slope of the cut, with all the ensuing circumstances (t.e. not even, not a straight cut of the end, etc.D.), the laser (if he “wants” to highlight, even after all the settings) in this case you can use only to select the direction, so to speak, “counter-ruler”, to eliminate the excessive “creativity” of the unit; Conclusion: this apparatus is suitable only for lovers of a single.axial, cheap tool and lovers of a “creative file” exclusively in a faner of not more than 10 mm, but solely after the bulkhead of it ( In this case, the product will last longer).

I would like to look into the eyes of a person who came up with a file mount in this jigsaw. I’ll try to explain. In this jigsaw, the saw is clamped between two iron plates with trapezoidal grooves. that is, the saw will not take root for the plane, but for the ends. Because of this, depending on the thickness of the file, it is clamped at an angle and cannot be sawed evenly by definition. files for accurate cut for laminates are generally impossible to squeeze. They are the thickest. Go around this jigsaw.

Owner experience 3 hours, after which it is simply thrown away. In the 15th year of my life, I had a 520W Fiolent Lobzik, I had no more complaints about it, I used it for sufficiently gross work. I have almost the entire spectrum of manual power tools and all of it Bosch (blue), Makita and device. Only this jigsaw was more or less satisfied and has not yet replaced it. I myself am not a professional, I master and build for myself and my relatives. It was necessary to trim the upper edge of the formwork from the inching board of the laid horizontally and the beam 5050, installed vertically through a meter, at the dacha under the house 68m. Since there was no time, I went to the store closest to the cottage in the hope of buying a decent and powerful jigsaw of the aforementioned firms, but their choice was very stingy and not at all the one I wanted. Thinking that I will buy what I want, and any tool should cope with such a one-time work, did not spend money and acquired this miracle for 1.4 tons.R. In a word, this is a tool for people with very strong nerves who have not worked decent tools (when there is nothing to compare with) and dreaming of becoming disabled as soon as possible. Probably I will not be the first if I say that even for episodic work it is better to buy a tool from a normal manufacturer, even if there is a household level (green bosch, skill, even Hitachi, Makita and Devalta have models for 2-3 tons.R., what else is there to think about?), paying a little more expensive, especially if it is bought for a long time. This is a little. The price of your nerves, time and health. And those who write praises to this “instrument”, like a caliber in general, probably prefer to dig and saw the firewood with a rake, or they have something from this. Now I’m waiting for the ordered lobby Dewalt 331k. All successful purchases.

Cheap and angrily

Good day. I want to share with you my impression of an electrician Caliber Lam-450e. Having taken this jigsaw in your hands, you begin to understand that the Caliber company saved on everything that was possible. Cheap plastic on which.

I used to have no idea what a jigsaw is, now I understand that this is a very necessary thing. Once our family was repairing, including repairs of cabinets, shelves since it was in good.

mediocre thing

This electric jigsaw attracts attention primarily at its low price. But you must immediately understand that the price and goods. If you need a jigsaw in order to sometimes file somewhere, saw off.

Hello. This tool is purchased as a gift to my son, who loves to cut crafts made of wood, mainly from plywood. The son at that time was ten years old. But the jigsaw became an inconsistent assistant to me at a construction site. Lobby.

TOP-10 rating according to KP

Dorkel DRJ-400

This light and small.sized model weighing is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 400 W. It is convenient not only to perform cuts in a tree, but even in ceramic tiles with a jigsaw. The maximum cut depth during wood processing is 40 mm, when processing metal. 6 mm. The cutting canvas of the jigsaw performs 3200 moves per minute. Lobzik saw is covered with a transparent protective screen, which does not prevent the operator from doing work.

Characteristics: Power: 400 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3200 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 40 mm | Taking speed adjustment: no | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.3 kg

Union LBS-4050

The LBS-4050 Union is a practical household tool with a comfortable handle. It is equipped with rubberized pads and is connected to the network by means of a two.meter network cord. The tool is used for sawing wooden blanks with a thickness of up to 55 mm and metal parts up to 6 mm thick. The device can provide the maximum frequency up to 3000 moves/min. And slight joy. it is equipped with a saw canvas for wood work and an additional set of brushes.

Characteristics: Power: 500 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3000 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 55 mm | Taking speed adjustment: no | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.4 kg

Redverg JS600

Redverg Basic JS600 jigsaw is great for both direct and curvilinear cut. The angle of inclination of the sole can be adjusted, and it can be 45 ° as much as possible. The device allocates a rich equipment. the supply of delivery includes parallel emphasis, sawing canvas, a hexagonal key and operating manual. The jigsaw has low power consumption: its capacity is 600 watts.

Characteristics: Power: 600 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3000 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 50 mm | Stride adjustment: eat | Pendulum: there is | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.5 kg

Sparta 94808

Sparta 94808 jigsaw has a good power of 350 watts. The frequency of movement of its saw canvas is from 500 to 3200 moves per minute. It is important to note that the manufacturer put a protective shield in the jigsaw, which prevents the spread of sawdust. The mass of this tool is small. only 1.53 kg. The bracket handle is ergonomic, the launch button is located on it. The maximum thickness of the cut of wood is 50 mm, which is also very comfortable.

Characteristics: Power: 350 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3200 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 50 mm | Taking speed adjustment: no | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.53 kg

Vorther LE-55

This jigsaw has everything that is needed for a home master: power 600 W, high performance and durable case. The handle of the instrument is arched with a rubberized surface. This form allows you to firmly keep the device during operation. In addition, a smooth starting function, adjustable metal sole, various operating modes and a protective shield are provided. If necessary, long.term operation in the device provides for fixing the power button.

Characteristics: Power: 600 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3000 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 55 mm | Stride adjustment: eat | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.5 kg

Bort BPS-500-P

Using this model, the user has the opportunity to carry out both direct and curly cuts. The tool has a saw frequency up to 3000 times a minute. In addition, it is possible to adjust the angle of inclination of steel soles. The power of the jigsaw is 400 watts, the power is carried out from the common power grid. Drank wood up to 55 mm in depth, steel. 5 mm.

Characteristics: Power: 400 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3000 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 55 mm | Stride adjustment: eat | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.9 kg

Caliber LEM-450E

This jigsaw is suitable in any, even the most emergency situations. Its saw frequency is adjusted in the range of 500-3000 moves per minute. Electrician has good performance, it is recommended for frequent domestic use. A pipe for a vacuum cleaner is built into the tool. You can connect this equipment to it to remove the resulting sawdust from the cutting zone. The installed protective shield does not allow the chips to fly away, and the vacuum cleaner will quickly absorb it.

Characteristics: Power: 450 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3200 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 55 mm | Stride adjustment: eat | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.4 kg

How to choose an electrician

About how to choose the right electric one for work, we learned from the seller-consultant of the store “Instrument rental” Zurab Gigauri.

Old jigsaws have always required the use of a hexagonal key or other tool for installing, or deleting blades. Now we need to look for models with the function of changing lever blades, which does not require an additional tool. Some jigsaws have a function that blows the flow of air over the harvesting immediately before the blade. This retains a fishing line for a trimmer of cutting free from sawdust and debris, which facilitates following a cutting line. Pay attention to this.

When you need to make curved cuts, especially on a faner, a wood-brown stove or other relatively thin materials, few power tools are as convenient as an electrician. Dear, good lobe have two main characteristics that explain their additional cost: the presence of additional functions and variable speed. A number of other functions are less critical, but may be important to you. About this. below.

Orbital action

The standard jigsaw moves the blade exclusively up and down, while the blade moves a little forward and upwards in the jigsaw. The movement of the blade is slightly elliptical, which minimizes its wear and eliminates a rattling effect, which sometimes occurs with cheaper analogues. The angle of operation can usually be adjusted for various types of materials. The cuts on the orbital scene are almost always smooth than when using standard.

Variable speed

Higher class jigsaws will have a variable speed of rotation. Although this is not always necessary during woodworking, it is especially useful if the jigsaw is used for cutting metals, where lower speeds are made better. Slow speeds can also be useful when performing complex curved cuts. Although they can be used infrequently, a variable speed is a function that costs additional costs for most people.

Engine power

Like most tools, higher current values ​​indicate the jigsaws that have a greater cutting ability. The best lobby will have an engine power from 300 watts and above.

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Cord or noneless

Most manufacturers now offer wireless electrolobsics. Although historically, these tools are far from as powerful as their wired counterparts, recent improvements in batteries technology reduced the gap. However, if you buy one jigsaw, the wired model is still the best choice, since it can easily cope with all the reserves and all cutting responsibilities.

Laser guide fishing line for trimmer

Some of the latest models of electrolobsics are delivered with a laser guide that discards a thin red cutting fishing line for a trimmer from the front of the saw, similar to laser lines that are often found on modern disc saws. This can be a useful function to maintain a straight cutting line with a jigsaw, which, of course, is inclined to twist when you are trying to follow a straight line.

Review: Lobzik electric caliber lam-810. Good help

Dear day, dear readers. In your house, you often have to adjust something, fake and repair. Often, work is related to wood work, it is a sawing and fitting of any details. From the very beginning of the construction, it became clear to me that the presence of an electric jigsaw at hand is simply necessary. And I acquired it. My choice fell on an inexpensive jigsaw from the Caliber LEM-810 Caliber.

Then, in the distant 2012, he immediately attracted my attention. Knocked down and weighty. Convenient handle. From seductively stood out with its bright color on the photo of its brothers. And by the number of options, he did not lag behind expensive analogues. Here in more detail.First. Lobzik-gentleman. How to understand this. This means that the canvas is moving not only the top-down, but there is also a mechanism that seems to pushes the file into the forward. over, the value of this pushing can be adjusted. By the way, a very useful option. If you just saw the boards, and the quality of the cut does not bother you, put on maximum pushing and sawing quickly, without much effort. And if you need to saw off Acurantly or generally figuratively, then put on 0 and pushing occurs with your hand since you need.

In this regard, the jigsaw has three levels of pushing, and if we take into account that the speed of the canvas itself is regulated in a wide range, then it is very comfortable to work with any type of wood and its thickness. Speaking of thickness. Here we will be honest that the thickness depends on the length and quality of the files themselves. Personally, I found long canvases and freely made figured parts from a pine board 50 mm thick. There were doubts about the power of the jigsaw, but as it turned out in vain, it was more problematic to keep, I had to fix the workpiece with clamps.

Another pleasant option is the presence of a laser pointer. I will not say that he is mega accurate, but helps. It should also be noted the sliding plate is also functional. It can adjust its angle relative to the canvas, which allows you to make not only a straight cut, but at a given angle.

The shift of the canvas is also thought out. The latch is automatic. To pull out the lost saw, just turn the tongue and it just shoots from the clamp. And inserting it is even easier, it just inserts and closes it itself.

I will summarize. I will not say that the jigsaw is directly super high quality. It saws not super evenly but powerfully quite powerful, there was no such thing that I could not cope with him with the task. Board and multi.layer plywood, plastic and tin, cuts everything with a bang. And for eight years of operation has never failed. I am satisfied with them and think that he is worth his money.

Electric jigsaw LEM-450E Caliber. review

I welcome you dear reader, in this review I want to share the impression of the electric jigsaw of the Lam-450e caliber that I hastily bought after my electrician Diold PLE-1-02 broke up, in order to finish the repairs not finished to the end in my room.

They sold it then for 1260. What suited me quite.

I liked that you can adjust the speed to the electroplars, though at low speeds, if you cut a laminate and a wood-brown plate, it will spoil them more than cut.

I also liked the button fixing the cut very conveniently with a longitudinal cut of a large canvas.

Plus everything in the jigsaw there are holes for a vacuum cleaner, which is very good for a budget model.

In general, the jigsaw is quite good, it saws well, for its price it is so generally.

The canvas can be adjusted to a different angle, in general, he copes with his functions, and I will recommend it to buy it.

The truth is produced by this tool of China, that someone can very much confuse someone.

choose, liber, house, work

Electrolobsiki caliber. reviews

I bought Dewalt files to it, it saws it normally with them, took more than norms for this price for this price for this price.lobby.

Uneven sole, smooth adjustment even at idle begins with position 3, before that the jigsaw does not even turn on! The laser shines crookedly))

I took it due to and discounts. After unpacking on the tool, dried, white traces of moisture on the entire tool are visible. In case of breakdown, it is highly likely that the warranty repairs will be refused! Communication with the support service did not lead to anything!

For beginners, it will go!) As it was written, everything is. for the vacuum cleaner connection, frequency adjustment!

The curve assembly is possible. Or it is to specifically show. that at an angle you can!) There are no divisions. at what angle to put! This is only for disk saws so.

I also have Odlzik-metabo (more than 10 years), therefore I write a review on the basis of the experience of owning this jigsaw. I needed a second jigsaw for rare use in the garage. I chose from inexpensive, revised a bunch of options in a valuable range up to 3500 rubles. First of all, I paid attention to the backlash and the assembly quality. The overwhelming majority of the backlash is anchored, who has more, who has smaller. He was upset, began to think about increasing the budget, until he went into the local householder shop, who had only 2 lobe of various capacities in the assortment. He asked to show the caliber of the 610s and lo and lo and the anchor as a glove, the assembly is more or less, nothing creaks, it is convenient to hold in his hands, the sole is no different from my 10-year-old Metabo-Stampovka. In the garage made several cuts to strip his work, everything is fine. I don’t know, maybe some byk will come out with him over time, but so far he copes normally with his functions. The price is a little more than 2 circles!

Until I revealed it, everything suits, you can find fault with a short cord, for me this is not critical, I will wait for the end of the guarantee, it will be elongated. R, s. I worked a little and handed over to the store. Saws crookedly. I looked closely, the saw is slightly rejected from the axis, respectively drank crooked. maybe. after dismantling, you can correct this, but the jigsaw on warranty.