How to choose a petrol grass trimmer petrol

Engine type and power

The best gasoline grass trimmers don’t have to be the most powerful. If you have a small lawn. the most powerful grass trimmer is not required for it. A good petrol grass trimmer with medium power will do just fine.

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But if the cultivated area is large and there is a need to work on it for 6-7 hours a day, then a more powerful grass trimmer is needed.

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According to the type of suspension, grass trimmers are strap. the best option for infrequent use, and grass trimmers with a knapsack suspension. it is better to take these with a constant, almost daily load on the tool.

According to the drive type, gasoline grass trimmers are available with a straight shaft or with a metal cable. It is better to take a tool driven by a straight shaft. they are more durable. By engine type, petrol trimmers are divided into two- and four-stroke.

The former are filled with oil already mixed with gasoline, the latter have separate compartments for oil and gasoline. Two-strokes are considered to be noisier and often have a shorter lifespan. And four-stroke ones are more durable, more expensive to maintain and repair, but at the same time they work a little quieter.

The engine can be located in the upper or lower position. The ones at the top are preferable. they are more convenient to use, they cool better, are more protected from clogging with grass and debris, and they also tend to have more power.

Petrol Grass Trimmer Grip Weight and Type

According to the type of bar (handle), grass trimmers come with a curved handle for light loads or a straight handle for larger loads. The weight of the grass trimmer, as a rule, does not affect the operation of the tool, it matters for the person working with it. if it is a man, then you can take a heavier model, if a woman, then lighter.

When choosing a tool by weight, you need to take into account the size of the grass trimmer‘s gas tank. the larger it is, the heavier the fully filled grass trimmer will be (on average 0.6-1.5 kg).

How to choose a gasoline grass trimmer for a summer residence, selection criteria

Before choosing a gasoline grass trimmer, you need to know at least briefly the basic parameters of the tool. The key when choosing a gasoline grass trimmer will be how often you plan to use it and what areas it is intended for.

Based on this, the best gasoline grass trimmer for your specific area is selected according to the power and performance of each individual model.

Gasoline grass trimmer: the purpose of the tool in the country

A lawn trimmer is essentially a gasoline powered grass scythe for grass. It is used for mowing ornamental grass (leveling, cutting), for mowing weeds, for mowing grass for hay.

the grass trimmer does this quickly and neatly, in addition, it is light and easy to maintain and does not require a lot of storage space. the main difference between a grass trimmer and a lawn mower.

The trimmer can not only cut grass and herbaceous plants, it perfectly cuts off not thick (2.5-3 cm in diameter) branches of trees and shrubs. so it will replace the pruning shears in the garden.

Additional accessories

Before choosing a grass trimmer for your lawn, explore all the features of each model. some have additional useful features. This can be a snow plow attachment, anti-vibration system. for the comfort of the hands, a quick start of the grass trimmer with decompression device, which increases the service life of the tool.

Grass trimmer knife and line

The line included with the grass trimmer is only used for cutting grass. Several types of fishing line are distinguished by the type of pattern:

  • in the shape of an asterisk. for green decorative lawns or young grass;
  • in the shape of a square. for tall grass with thick stems;
  • in the shape of a circle. versatile look, suitable for both lawn and woody and dry grass stems, leaves.

For cutting branches, cutting shrubs, you will need a knife. There are models equipped with only a line, and there are models with both a line and knives.


They look like professional ones, but they can also trim lawns, that is, the canvas trimmed by it will be uniform, even and beautiful.


They are used for mowing weeds and grass in house plots. It is a lightweight tool with a curved handle and a power of 1 horsepower or slightly more. Such grass trimmers are suitable for small volumes of work or infrequent mowing, haircuts.

When purchasing a household tool, you need to know how to use a grass trimmer. it needs rest every 20-25 minutes of work, otherwise it may fail. But at the same time, the household grass trimmer has moderate gas mileage and excellent maneuverability.

Professional grass trimmer

This option differs from the previous one in improved technical characteristics. In the process of use, attention is paid to the motor, which is important to protect from overloads. In addition, upon completion of work, care is required, which consists in cleaning and removing grass from the cutting part of the tool. The professional gasoline grass trimmer has the following benefits:

  • reliable engine;
  • high power;
  • excellent performance;
  • different thickness of the fishing line;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • shoulder strap.
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The petrol professional grass trimmer has the following disadvantages:

  • heavy weight;
  • high price;
  • the need for dexterity to work.

Gasoline grass trimmer device

Weed control is carried out in different ways, one of the quickest is mowing the grass with a mower. Today, there are various modifications on sale, endowed with numerous functions. Modern gasoline lawn mowers consist of the following components:

  • engine;
  • hose;
  • control knobs;
  • heads;
  • drive;
  • cutting tool;
  • protection.

Features of the Gasoline Grass Trimmer

When purchasing this or that tool, they pay attention to the design and technical equipment. The gasoline grass trimmer has the following options:

  • Engine’s type. It can be two-stroke (2T) or four-stroke (4T). The second works quieter and vibrates less, but costs more.
  • Power. The indicator determines what loads the equipment will withstand. A device with a power of 175-550 W can only cope with thin lawn grass, in order to remove coarse, thick and wet weeds, a power of 600-1000 W is needed.
  • Cutting part. A fishing line, knife or disc is used as a rig. The width of processing depends on the selected type and, as a result, the speed of removal of thickets. The petrol lawn mower, thanks to the disc as a cutting tool, works faster on the selected area.
  • Design and ergonomics. The weight of the device can be from 4 to 9 kg. This indicator is influenced by the volume of the engine and gas tank. Comfort depends on the type of strap and grip. Lighter models are equipped with a loop-shaped handle and more powerful ergonomic bicycle-style handle.

Household Grass Trimmer

Used for mowing grass in the country or other small areas. The device has a relatively short lifespan and an uncomfortable control panel. They can work continuously for only 20 minutes, then you need to take a break for 10 minutes. The household gasoline grass trimmer is endowed with the following positive characteristics:

  • light weight;
  • compactness;
  • two-stroke engine;
  • flexible shaft;
  • maneuverability;
  • low price.

In addition, the gasoline household grass trimmer has some disadvantages:

  • fast overheating of the engine;
  • limited access to management;
  • the consistency of the fuel is important.

Petrol Grass Trimmer Attachments

The device is so versatile that it can work in different positions. The petrol garden grass trimmer can be equipped with the following attachments:

  • Drill. Engine power creates huge torque on the drill.
  • Travel wheels. Helps to reduce friction between the tool and the surface, which makes work easier and better. The self-propelled gasoline lawn mower is endowed with qualities that reduce wear of parts.
  • Lopper. The work uses the principle of a hacksaw. You can cut branches at a height of about 2.5 m.
  • Gardening scissors. Help to trim hedges and curly bushes. Models have different boom lengths.
  • Lawn aerator. It is used to saturate the soil surface with air by piercing it. In the same way, the crust is destroyed in the beds.
  • Cultivator attachment for grass trimmer, petrol. Used to loosen the soil.
  • Water pump. Helps to supply water or pump out liquid.
  • Brush and roller. Suitable for sweeping paths and lawns.
  • Snow blower. Helps to remove snow from the selected surface.

Petrol trimmer rating

Among a wide variety of models, an inexperienced person can get confused and make a mistake with the choice. To avoid this, you need to not only know the main characteristics, but also be familiar with the most popular options. To date, the ranking of the best models is as follows:

  • STIHL FS38. Super lightweight model for cutting short grass. STIHL petrol grass trimmer works with line only.
  • Patriot PT 4555 ES. Used to cut tall growth. Long run-in needs.
  • Huter GGT-2500S. Powerful model with low fuel consumption. Can beautify shrubs and small trees.
  • AL-KO 112387 FRS 4125. Differs in an effective anti-vibration system and a wide range of applications.
  • Echo SRM-2305SI. Versatile model with low weight.
  • Makita EBH341U. The petrol grass trimmer features a four-stroke engine and less vibration.
  • Husqvarna 323R. The lightest model. Optionally, you can install a hedge trimmer or lopper.
  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. Impressive dimensions with low engine power.
  • Solo 154. One of the most powerful professional options.
  • STIHL FS 490 C-EM K. The most powerful model.

Types of petrol grass trimmer

The popularity of the device has led to the emergence of various modifications. There are several types of gasoline grass trimmer for grass, so there are models that are used for domestic or professional needs. Let’s consider various options and find out for which work it is recommended to use each of them, so that the device works for the maximum amount of time without creating problems for the owner.

How to choose a gasoline grass trimmer?

The tool has unlimited mobility and a powerful engine that expands the tool’s range of use. Those who first decided to purchase such a tool are interested in which gasoline grass trimmer is better to choose. The first thing to consider is the availability of a service center within reach and the ability to purchase spare parts. When choosing, pay attention to the following points:

  • engine power;
  • type of cutting tool;
  • rod and handle type;
  • belt equipment;
  • cutting width;
  • gas tank volume;
  • number of additional attachments.

Gasoline grass trimmer device

Numerous models of hand-held brushcutters available on the market today differ in power (and, as a consequence, in their capabilities), weight, the presence of certain additional functions that increase ease of use, but at the same time the schematic diagram of the tool remains unchanged.

Any petrol trimmer uses an internal combustion engine as a power drive. By means of a rigid or flexible shaft, rotation from it is transmitted to the cutting element. a reel with a cord (line) or a special knife. The shaft is located inside a metal rod, at one end of which the engine and fuel tank are fixed, at the other there is a cutting head.

A handle is attached to the middle of the bar. Most often, it is on it that the keys, buttons and switches are located, with the help of which the operation of the grass trimmer is controlled.

The layout of the controls may differ slightly depending on the model of the tool, but, as a rule, this includes a button to shut off the engine, a throttle button that allows you to control the carburetor throttle, and a stopper of this button when pressed down, which makes it easier to control at large volumes of work.

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Reducer. 2. Trimmer head 3. Protective cover. 4. Throttle lever stopper button 5. Switch.

Throttle lever 7. Handle. 8. Throttle lever stopper 9. Barbell. 10. Loop for attaching a carabiner to a belt.

Air filter. 12. Spark plug 13. Engine block. 14. Exhaust manifold 15. Gas tank. 16. Starter.

How to choose a gasoline grass trimmer for cutting grass

With the arrival of spring, we, tired of the white-gray monotony over the long winter, are sincerely happy with the appearance of green grass. However, this joy does not last long. Very soon, the weeds grow so much that you have to put a lot of effort to combat them.

An ordinary grass scythe is unlikely to become an assistant in solving this problem: few of the modern city dwellers know how to use it, and it is good only in spacious areas where fruit trees, garden benches, fences, curbs do not come across at every step

Well, today there is a great alternative that is easy to operate and handy in confined spaces. a lawn mower or a grass trimmer. Now we will look at how to choose a good gasoline grass trimmer for cutting grass and take into account all the nuances.

Household Gasoline Grass Trimmers

Household grass trimmers are designed for mowing low grass in a relatively small area, the area of ​​which does not exceed 10-15 acres. As a rule, we are talking about caring for the lawn next to the house. They are not capable of more: household grass trimmers cannot withstand long work, 1-1.5 hours a day is their limit. Due to the modest power (no more than 1-1.5 hp) and dimensions of the engine, such a tool is lightweight, which means that it can be used without special supporting belts.

Often household grass trimmers are equipped with a curved bar. The home grass trimmer’s curved bar increases maneuverability and makes it easy to cut grass in tight spaces such as around bushes. However, due to this design of the rod, a flexible shaft is installed inside, which negatively affects the reliability of the tool. A cord (special line) is usually used as a cutting element for a household grass trimmer, although some models sometimes include plastic knives as an addition.

How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

Engine starting system

The engines of most gasoline trimmers are started manually: by pulling the rope (starter cord) sharply, you thereby unwind the drum, which in turn drives the engine crankshaft.

Some modern trimmer models are equipped with an easy-to-start Flash Starter system. Pulling out the cable, you charge a special spring in several stages, which, having accumulated energy, will transfer it to the crankshaft, which will become the impetus for starting the engine. The Flash Starter system makes the engine easier to start as the spring provides more cranking speed than can be done by hand. The operator now requires less physical effort, because he no longer needs to make sharp jerks of the cord, the cable can be pulled quite slowly and smoothly.

How the easy start of the benzotrimmer takes place, see

To facilitate starting the engine on the power unit of the tool, as a rule, there is a special button, a few presses on which before starting will provide the supply of the required amount of fuel to the carburetor.

Trimmer head

Almost all grass trimmers are equipped with a trimmer head. a reel designed to wind the cutting line. According to the method of feeding the line, all trimmer heads are divided into mechanical (you have to pull the ends of the line yourself manually), semi-automatic (the line is released by pressing a wide button on the lower plane) or automatic (lengthening of the protruding ends of the line occurs automatically when the engine speed decreases). Semi-automatic cord feeding is considered the most efficient, such heads are most popular with users.

In addition, the trimmer heads can differ in the maximum diameter of the cutter line that can be tucked into the reel. On household grass trimmers, a line with a diameter of 2 to 2.4 mm is usually installed, on semi-professional. from 2.4 to 2.7 mm, on professional. from 2.7 to 3 mm.

When choosing a trimmer head, be sure to pay attention to the material from which the lower part is made. It is this part that is most vulnerable, since it constantly hits the ground, it is this part that is especially often the reason for the failure of the trimmer head.

For mowing especially thick grass, reeds, shrubs, young growth of trees, they use not fishing line, but special knives (cutters). On sale you can find a huge number of varieties of trimmer knives, differing in material (metal or plastic), shape, number of cutting blades. By the way, cutters, unlike fishing line, do not crumble the grass, which means they can be used for mowing for procurement purposes.

Which knife to choose for your grass trimmer? When solving this issue, first of all, one should be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer, indicating the possibility of using this or that type of equipment on this model. Excessive independence in the choice of knives and cutters can lead to the failure of the grass trimmer.

Determining the type of gasoline grass trimmer

All grass trimmers and lawn mowers available on the market today, depending on their capabilities and purpose, are divided into three classes: household, semi-professional and professional. What tool do you need? It depends primarily on the tasks that will be entrusted to him.

Handle type

Filigree control of a rather heavy unit is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. When choosing a grass trimmer, special attention should be paid to the handle configuration, which directly affects the ease of use of the tool. There are several types of handles:

The T.-shaped handle, which outwardly resembles a bicycle handlebar, allows wide movements and is convenient for fairly long-term work, so it can often be seen on professional and semi-professional trimmers. All tool controls (starting, speed control, etc.) are located directly on one of the handles, which greatly simplifies work and increases safety.

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The J. Shaped handle is typical of lightweight, utility-grade trimmers. With its help, it is easier to control the instrument, making fine maneuvers. All buttons necessary for the operator are located not on the handle, but on the shaft.

D. Shaped handle, like the J-shaped handle, is only installed on light trimmers intended for home use, since it is designed to hold the tool with one hand.

Before choosing a gasoline brushcutter, the future user should definitely hold it in his hands and assess the degree of convenience. It should be borne in mind that any type of handle can be moved along the rod, adjusting the tool to your height and other individual characteristics and thereby achieving maximum ergonomics. Gas trimmers with D and J. shaped handles are convenient to work in confined conditions, narrow aisles, which are often found on personal plots.

For mowing grass near the house, the budget is 10 thousand rubles

Remember, even if a good harness is not included in the package, it can be purchased separately for 1-2 thousand rubles.

That is, you have to choose what to donate. For example, you can choose a machine with a reduced cutting width, because this parameter is only important when choosing a saw blade. After all the screenings, there will be several models from which you will have to choose the one you like the most.

For example, the following grass trimmers can be selected:

  • Bison KRB 2500. power 3 liters. pp., the set includes a saw blade and a loaded reel with a line for cutting grass, as well as a good suspension system,
  • Patriot PT 553. Power 3 HP pp., includes a three-blade knife and a loaded reel with fishing line for cutting grass, and instead of a suspension system, a regular belt, Together with a trimmer, we recommend purchasing a suspension system for 1-2 thousand, for example, Champion C4004 for 1950 rubles.


Here are links to thematic forums, users of which discuss the choice and use of brushcutters:

Engine power

This parameter primarily affects the efficiency of energy-intensive work, such as pruning or cutting down trees. In addition, an increase in power is always associated with an increase in cost, so grass trimmers from the same manufacturer and the same configuration, but different power, will always differ in price.

Also, the parameter indirectly affects the reliability of the device, because the more powerful the engine, the lower the specific load on it when performing the same work.

Therefore, we recommend focusing on the following power values ​​for different jobs:

  • mowing grass without thickets of weeds and bushes ≤1.5 l. from.;
  • mowing grass, including weeds and bushes 1.5–2.5 liters. from.;
  • mowing grass and pruning trees 2.5–3.5 liters. from.;
  • pruning and cutting down trees ≥3.5 liters. from.

The most important characteristics and parameters

To choose the right brushcutter, you need to take into account the most important parameters.

  • engine’s type;
  • engine power;
  • type of drive shaft;
  • equipment;
  • brand popularity;
  • the cost.

How the benzotrimmer works?

The grass lawn mower consists of the following elements:

  • engine;
  • clutch;
  • drive shaft;
  • cutting tool.

The engine and part of the clutch form a single unit, to which the drive shaft is connected with the second part of the clutch. The motor can be two or four stroke. The two-stroke is more powerful and lighter, but the four-stroke is more economical and much more reliable.

The drive shaft can be:

  • one-piece (non-separable);
  • collapsible;
  • flexible.

The one-piece shaft is the cheapest and also capable of transmitting the greatest torque.

A collapsible shaft drastically reduces the trimmer’s footprint in pantry or car space during transport.

The flexible shaft is the most expensive and also the least efficient in terms of transmission of torque, but it makes it much easier for the operator to control the position of the cutting tool, which means that it can do work that is not possible with a conventional grass trimmer.

The following are used as cutting tools:

  • line with a spool or trimmer head;
  • knife;
  • saw blade.

The fishing line is the most popular and cheapest type of tool, the advantage of which is insensitivity to impacts against solid obstacles, if the fishing line is badly frayed or worn out, then it will not take long to replace it.

The main disadvantages of this line are:

  • unsuitability for combating young growth of shrubs;
  • unsuitable for pruning trees;
  • strong traumatic effect on the grass.

The knife is much less traumatic for the grass, therefore better suited for harvesting green forage, but not suitable for work where there is a high probability of collision with any hard obstacles, including thick branches or tree trunks.

The saw blade is highly traumatic for the grass and is also vulnerable to hard obstacles, but easily handles thick branches and thin tree trunks, making it useful for pruning bushes or trees.

You can find more detailed information on the device of the petrol grass trimmer here.

The choice of brushcutters for various operating conditions

In this section, we will tell you with examples how to choose a good device that will be most effective at minimal cost, and also give a few examples of the selection of petrol cutters:

  • mowing grass near the house, the budget is 10 thousand rubles;
  • maximum value for money;
  • a device for cutting tree branches;
  • grass trimmer for garden.

How to choose a gasoline grass trimmer: parameters, goals, customer tips

The gasoline grass trimmer (lawn mower or lawn mower) is designed for efficient mowing of any grass, including weeds and thickets of weeds, as well as for pruning shrubs or trees in the country or near the house.

However, for a long service life of this device and reducing the cost of purchasing it, you must choose the right benzotrimmer before buying.

Next, we will tell you what parameters of brushcutters you need to focus on in certain situations, and what can be neglected.