How To Choose A Sander For Wood

How to choose a sander for wood

The wood sander is an indispensable tool for finishing work. Thanks to its use, the process of polishing and grinding wooden surfaces is significantly accelerated. The unit itself is convenient and compact, which makes it possible not only quickly, but also to level the walls, floor, furniture and other wooden surfaces with high quality.

How To Choose A Sander For Wood

Grinding machine classification

At the moment, there are four types of grinding machines, which differ in the field of application, design, operating principle and other criteria. For carpentry and joinery, as well as repair and construction types of work, the following types of grinding machines can be used:

  • Lshm. belt grinders;
  • Vshm. vibration grinders;
  • Oshm. orbital sander;
  • Delta sander.

The choice of the machine is directly influenced by the scale of the upcoming work (for home or professional use).

Orbital sander

The Bosch GEX 125–150 AVE has 400 W of power, which can easily extend the sole up to 15 square meters Cm.

The orbital or eccentric machine features a round sole, while the sanding element itself is attached with a special Velcro. The unit includes a counterweight and an eccentric that drive the sole in several directions.

The product can work in two ways:

  • By orbiting;
  • By rotating along the axis.

Axial movement in most models occurs by inertia, less often. by force. As a result of its complex movement and high machine speed, a high quality surface is obtained without any single flaws. Dust is discharged to the outside through special holes on the grinding wheel, as well as on the sole itself. Containers or a vacuum cleaner are used to collect it.

  • The power of the grinder can vary between 200-900 watts. The higher the value, the more productive the tool will be.
  • The speed of the forward motion. Adjustable grinders can have this indicator in the range of 4000-14000 rpm, without adjustment. up to 12000 rpm.
  • Sole type. If a delicate sanding is required, then you should not choose a large sole, which also has a dead zone and an amplitude of up to 7 mm. For convex surfaces, it is advisable to use an elastic pad.

Compact outsole capable of handling even hard-to-reach surfaces.

  • Plate material. The best choice is a metal plate, which has high strength and reliability, conducts heat well, and is also particularly stable.

Orbital type is designed to carry out the polishing and grinding process at a high level.

Delta sander

This type of sander is designed for processing surfaces not only made of wood, but also metal, plastic and stone. According to principle

Compact and versatile delta sander.

They work similar to vibration models. Their feature is the shape of the plate, which makes it possible to perform high-quality grinding work even in hard-to-reach places.

The movements of the sole are carried out at high speed and have a reciprocating appearance. For both home and professional use, it is advisable to choose a powerful model with the ability to adjust the speed of its operation. Thus, it becomes possible to work with several types of surfaces.

A wide range of modern products allows you to choose models with special holes for removing dust, the ability to install additional attachments, rotating soles and other features of work.

The delta sander is designed for polishing and cleaning any surface, even in hard-to-reach places.

Vibratory sander

The most popular variety among all grinders.

In terms of the frequency of processing wooden surfaces, the vibration machine is slightly inferior to the belt type. With its help, the final (finishing) stage of grinding wooden, plastic, metal or stone flat surfaces occurs.

The main part of the machine is a plate, which makes frequent reciprocating movements. The very same shaft rotation is translated into translational movements of the platform due to the vertically located motor.

What to look for when choosing this tool:

  • The amplitude of the sole stroke. It is better that it has small indicators (1-3 mm), which indicates a careful cleaning of the surface. Some machines are available with an amplitude of up to 6 mm, such models are suitable for quick and coarse sanding.
  • Vibration type models can be selected with 150-300W power. They are distinguished by good maneuverability, compact size and mobility. There are units up to 600 W, differing in larger dimensions and the ability to work for a long time without the threat of overheating.
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Standard sander.

Sole stroke rate. The greater its value, the faster the machine removes a sufficiently thick layer during operation. With a low value, you can achieve a better finish sanding result. Some models have the ability to adjust these indicators, which allows you to process not only wooden surfaces, but also other materials.

  • Platform dimensions. There are standard and mini models. In the latter case, the sole reaches 10 square meters. See what quality allows you to sand narrow surfaces.
    • Outsole quality. The sander should have a perfectly flat, high-quality sole with a clear geometry. Cheaper options include a plastic or steel platform, expensive options include magnesium and aluminum alloys.
    • The material from which the pad is made. A porous polymer pad is considered best, while rubber works worse with a plane.

    The vibratory sander processes any surface with high quality. This is the best option for handling hard-to-reach places.

    Belt sander

    Belt sander ideal for professional use.

    The belt-type design includes two rollers (leading and driven), which, in the course of their movement, actuate the belt attached to the tool sole. Depending on its pricing policy, this tape can be made of various materials.

    An important technical characteristic of all grinders is their speed, which depends directly on the power of a particular model. For LSM, this value can be in the range from 500 W to 1200 W at a speed of 75-500 m per minute. Most of the manufacturing firms equip their products with a special regulator to control the belt speed.

    The dimensions and other features of this tape also depend on the capabilities of the tool. Therefore, in the selection process, the following factors must be taken into account:

    • Lenght and width. The more their values, the more functional the model is. However, with the growth of these indicators, the mass of the machine, as well as its parameters, increases.
    • Granularity. Usually, professionals recommend having in stock several of their varieties, which are designed for fine and rough grinding. Thus, you can count on the expected result of the work.

    In general, LShM are industrial units with a sufficiently high power. With their help, large areas can be processed in a short period of time and, as a result, a perfectly smooth surface is obtained. It will be difficult for a person without experience to operate the grinder, which can lead to damage to the wooden surface.

    Belt-type machines are ideal for rough and fast processing of wood, metal and plastic surfaces.

    Popular models of belt sander

    Manufacturer Model Capacity Belt dimensions (width / length) Belt speed Weight Price
    Interskol LShM-76/900 900 watts 76 mm / 533 mm 250 m / min 3.2 kg 55-90
    Makita 9911 650 Wt 76 mm / 457 mm 270 m / min 2.6KG 100-150
    Bosch PBS 75 AE 750 watts 75 mm / 533 mm 350 m / min 3.5 kg 120-160
    Interskol LShM-100 / 1200E 1200 watts 100 mm / 610 mm 400 m / min 5.6 kg 100-150
    Makita 9404 1010 Wt 100 mm / 610 mm 440 m / min 4.7 kg 200-270

    Popular Eccentric Sanders

    Manufacturer Model Power Disc speed Platform oscillation frequency Disc size Platform stroke (eccentricity) Price
    Makita BO5031 300 watts 12000 rpm 24000 rpm 125 mm 2.8 mm 90-120
    Makita BO5041 300 watts 12000 rpm 24000 rpm 125 mm 3 mm 100-200
    Metabo SXE 450 TurboTec 350 watts 13100 rpm 8500 rpm 150 mm 6.2 mm 185-220
    Bosch GEX 150 AC 340 watts 12000 rpm 24000 rpm 150 mm 4 mm 175-220
    Bosch GEX 125-1 AE Box 250 watts 12000 rpm 24000 rpm 125 mm 2.5 mm 70-90

    Belt sander

    It is called so due to the fact that the sandpaper has the form of a tape that continuously moves with the help of rollers. Therefore, such a wood grinder is also called "endless".

    Wood belt sander is designed for rough and intermediate leveling of the surface. By installing a finer grit sandpaper, a medium finish can be achieved. This is sufficient for joinery that cannot be painted. To bring it to perfect condition, you need a different type of wood sander. over, to eliminate long longitudinal scratches, you will have to carry out stepwise grinding, changing the grain several times. the scratches remain deep.

    A belt sander is good if you need to remove the old coating. paint varnish

    Why is a wood belt sander good? It has good performance. The tape is installed on it in such a way that it turns out to be sanded close to the wall with one side. What are its disadvantages? Due to the design, not all points can be reached. For example, corners, grooves, grooves and other small parts. It is not always possible to "crawl" between two parts (when processing handrails, for example). Another drawback is that most of the belt sanders have a solid mass, it is difficult to work with them on weight, sanding vertical surfaces. But on the horizontal plane. they are the most productive.

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    The next disadvantages are high noise level, not the largest sanding spot. It makes so much noise that it is extremely uncomfortable to work without headphones. Why a small polishing spot, because it looks large enough? Even with a large belt width, it grinds only in the center. part of the front and rear is not used due to the fact that it is raised for feeding onto the rollers.

    It can be turned into a grinder

    The wood belt sander has features in work. To reduce the depth of the furrows that it leaves, it must be driven along the fibers. Then finishing sanding takes less time. And one more thing. if you gape in the process of work and leave the machine in one place for a long time, a solid "pit" will form. Despite this, it is the most productive wood sander that is often used.

    Orbital (eccentric)

    Orbital sander for wood has a round sole with Velcro, on which sandpaper discs are attached. The discs are the same as for the angle grinder, so they are interchangeable. There are holes in the sole of the machine to remove dust. Dust is collected in a bag, cassette-type container, almost all models allow you to connect a construction vacuum cleaner.

    The eccentric sander allows the processing of curved surfaces

    The work of an eccentric sander for wood is based on the simultaneous rotation and movement back and forth (reciprocating movements). This achieves a sufficiently good speed for intermediate and finishing wood processing. When working with AL-KO grinders of this type, the platform moves in a spiral or orbit. Therefore, this tool is also called orbital grinders.

    The eccentric sander is good at machining curved or profiled surfaces. the machine is light in weight, makes little noise, is easy to control, the angle of the disc can be reached to grooves, notches, etc. With all this, she also handles large planes at a good pace. When installing coarse sandpaper, it can be used for coarse and intermediate sanding. The speed is less than that of the tape, but also quite acceptable. There are such cars with different radius of movement (eccentricity). from 3 to 8 mm. Selecting this parameter and determine the main purpose (more on this below).

    There are small and compact, there are powerful, decent dimensions

    The disadvantages of this type of machines are the impossibility of processing in the corners. The round platform is simply not included there. Also, there is a zone of uncertain sanding at the edges. it will not be possible to sand close to a wall or a vertical surface.

    Eccentric (orbital)

    In addition to all the general parameters described, there are nuances in choosing an eccentric wood grinding machine:

    • The amount of eccentricity. That is, the amplitude of the deviation in a circular motion. It can be from 2 mm to 8 mm. The higher this figure, the higher the processing speed, but the lower its "purity".
    • Outsole diameter. There are 90 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm. Professionals prefer to work with a sole diameter of 150 mm. They have the highest productivity and for this size there is a large selection of sandpaper of different grain sizes, there are no problems with spare parts.

    Orbital sander for wood: it is important to choose the right eccentricity

    Types, purpose, features of work

    There are different types of grinders that do the same job, but with different results. There is a tool for rough (preliminary), medium (intermediate) and fine (finishing) grinding. Part of the tool can even do polishing.

    The machine for grinding wood can be of different pitch, size, performance

    To choose a sander for wood, first of all you need to decide what type of work you need it for. For rough sanding. leveling unevenness, height differences. one type is suitable, for finishing sanding. bringing to the ideal. another type. over, both tasks can be solved using different types of equipment.

    Delta Vibratory Grinders

    The feature of this tool is a compact lightweight body. the weight of the tool is up to 1 kg; a delta-shaped sanding pad, which is why these machines are called "iron". Electric motor power up to 300 W. Grinding in hard-to-reach places is carried out due to the fact that the triangular sole performs fast vibrations with a small amplitude. Accessories (sanding sheets) for this tool are not sold everywhere and are more expensive than paper-backed sanding belts or grinding wheels.

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    With the help of a delta sander, fine grinding of protrusions, blind corners, edges, profiles, removal of protruding glue, processing of objects with small details and complex surfaces.

    Delta-shaped orbital sander. especially good for joinery, furniture, stairs, car body work, used as a basic tool as well as in addition to eccentric or orbital sanders.

    General features

    • Most modern grinders are equipped with a dust removal system: a construction vacuum cleaner is connected through a special pipe or there is a dust bag in the kit. This makes the work process cleaner, the tool itself is better controlled, and the consumption of abrasive equipment is reduced.
    • By the type of power supply, the machines are divided into network and battery. The advantages and disadvantages of cordless sanders are obvious. mobility and independence from the mains, but the operating time is limited by the battery charge.

    Wood sanders: belt, eccentric, vibrating. we read all the nuances

    On the farm, you often have to grind something, clean off the old paintwork. Most of the work is with wood. Few manufacturers sell perfect pieces. Perhaps a carpenter. And if there are perfectly processed boards, then their price is such that you will inevitably want to polish them yourself. Even considering the fact that the work is boring and uninteresting. Therefore, a wood sander is one of the tools that should be in the home arsenal.

    Best Eccentric Sanders

    The peculiarity of eccentric sanders is that after their use, no traces of sanding remain on the wood. Therefore, these devices are used for finishing (finishing) processing of wooden surfaces.

    Model BOSCH GEX 125-150 AVE

    Grinder with power of 400 watts. The equipment includes 2 handles. AVE adjustable power take-off. Rotational speed of the disk is 12000 rpm. Platform stroke 4 mm with a number of vibrations of 24000 rpm. The device is designed to work with a disc with a diameter of up to 150 mm. Weight 2.4 kg. Complete with vibration absorption system.

    Pros of BOSCH GEX 125-150 AVE

    • Long service life in intensive use. This property is due to the use of reliable components.
    • No vibration during woodworking. Sophisticated system absorbs all vibrations for better sanding quality and ease of use.
    • Low noise. It is possible to use this grinder on objects with increased requirements for sound insulation.
    • Secure retention of the disc with Velcro. Simplified platform change with Velcro.
    • Convenient adjustment of the speed of rotation of the grinding disc.
    • Bulkiness limits the use of the product in confined spaces, for example, in a corner area of ​​a room.
    • Large mass makes it difficult to manipulate the machine.
    • The dust collector does not collect all the dust. an additional vacuum cleaner must be used.
    • Strong heating at high speeds.

    Output. An excellent choice for long-term entrepreneurs. Can be used in furniture production. Branded German quality of parts is a guarantee of long-term use. Significant advantage over other devices in the same class. increased power, which provides excellent performance.

    Model Makita 9403

    1200 W sander with large dust bag. Belt width 100 mm. Supplied with an additional handle. Belt movement speed up to 500 m / min. Weight is 5.7 kg.

    Pros of Makita 9403

    • High power means excellent performance. The machine is suitable for high-speed processing of large wooden surfaces.
    • Low noise level allows you to use the device on any objects. This does not require wearing headphones or taking any other safety measures.
    • Ease of sanding. Installation on the machine with the second handle makes it possible to increase the duration of work and improve the quality of processing.
    • Good dust collector. Conveniently located and does not interfere with work. Collects all dust without residue.
    • Simplicity of design facilitates maintenance and belt replacement.
    • The sole wears out quickly. We have to take frequent breaks from work in order for the platform to cool down.
    • Large mass. Difficult to work on vertical surfaces.
    • No adjustment of the belt speed. Therefore, the execution time is highly dependent on the hardness of the wood. Hard wood is sanded slowly and sometimes requires re-sanding.

    Output. In terms of performance, it can be classified as industrial designs. An excellent choice for craftsmen performing apartment renovations, namely, looping floors, including parquet floors. massive than other grinders, but much quieter than many competitors.