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The principle of operation of the grinding machine of the tape type

Ribbon grinding machine is a variety of manual power tools for grinding wood, plastic, metal, ceramics and other surfaces. It is used for polishing and aligning various surfaces. The principle of operation of such a device resembles the operation of a caterpillar tractor. The main working tool of the tape.Type grinder is an abrasive tape, which is glued into an endless circle and moves along two guide rollers. When it is in contact with the surface to be treated, and grinding. Depending on the material that is processed, the thickness of the removed layer, the tape of various widths and the degree of granularity can be used. The larger the grain, the larger the layer that is removed.

Planning grinding (vibration) machines

If we take into account the cleanliness of the processing of parts, then the flat.Grinding devices occupy an intermediate position between the strip and orbital. With their help, finish grinding of flat surfaces made of a wide variety of materials is carried out. Plastic, wood, stone, metal Due to the relatively large working plane, PSM is suitable for working with a serious square. The secret of the popularity of vibrational grinder lies in their moderate value, the availability of equipment elements, as well as in the absence of dead processing zones (flat sole easily processes angles).

The main working body of a flat-grinding machine is a plate that with a small amplitude makes frequent reciprocating movements. The motor in such machines is located vertically, which makes it possible to translate the rotational movements of the shaft with the help of the “eccentric-converting” in the progressive movements of the platform.

Most vibrational grinders can traditionally boast of a power with a capacity of 150-300 watts, they are quite maneuverable, moderately easy and compact. A similar level of power plant is almost always enough. However, such a unanimity of manufacturers would be at least strange. There are models with a capacity of up to 600 W (Makita 9046). They, of course, are heavier and larger, but they can work at low speeds without overheating for a long time.

Makita 9046

The most important indicator of PSHM is the amplitude of the sole stroke. In different models it may vary, although it is invariably relatively low. On average, the platform makes movements 1-3 mm in class, in more mobile models, 5-6 mm numbers (Festool RS 100) can appear. A large amplitude helps to polish the surface faster, but such processing will be more rough at the same time.

Another nuance is the frequency of the walking of the sole. At high speed, the machine quickly removes a relatively thicker layer, and at a lower frequency it is easier to achieve accurate finish grinding. Some manufacturers make the frequency of traffic of a variable platform, exceeding the mark of 20,000 moves per minute (Bosch GSS 280 AE L-BOXX), which allows you to adapt to the processing of various types of materials, to the features of specific surfaces.

Bosch GSS 280 Ave

When choosing a vibration grinder, individual attention must be paid to the platform. With its dimensions, everything is quite simple, there are two options: a kind of “standard” and “mini” models. A stove area about 100 mm 2 (Makita BO4557, Sparky MP 250). Kids are well suited for narrow, clamped places. Obviously, the sole should be of high quality, perfectly flat, with clumsy geometric shapes. Budget machines are equipped with a platform of steel or high.Strength plastic, and more expensive analogues are equipped with cast sites from alloys with aluminum or magnesium (Festool RS 100). A good sole has an accurate balancing, which is easily determined by a small degree of vibration when working without load (idle). It is important what the overlay is made of, the most suitable option is a porous polymer, it is better than rubber, “holds” the plane.

Makita BO4557

Vibration grinding devices with a deltoid platform are distinguished in a separate class, the people call them “iron” (Hitachi SV12SH, Makita BO4565). Due to miniature sizes and good “cross-country” they are used to process objects with small details and complex surfaces, such as furniture, carpentry, elements of stairs, car body. Their triangular platforms are rotary. You can continue to work unevenly “eaten” with a petal petal (Festool Deltex DX 93E) or removable (with a quick installation of another type of site. For concave/convex surfaces, for structuring, polishing, grunts).

Festool Deltex DX 93E

The emery can be attached to the site in different ways. It is more convenient when the paper is fixed on Velcro, but a special equipment is relatively expensive. The option with spring.Loaded clamps is somewhat more complicated, but you can use inexpensive grinding paper, chopped with your own hand (it is worth only in the right places to make holes for dust remote).

The fight against fine dust, which is inevitably formed during the work of a grinder, sets many tasks before the developers. They have to work hard to protect all mechanisms. In this case, special sealing of the motor, protected bearings and switches, an impenetrable housing, a system of channels with forced dust and dustyness are used. So that the dust is removed from the working area and does not saturate the air, it is directed into a bag or filter bag, in most cases a vacuum cleaner can be connected to the pipe-this is the most effective protection method.


There are several parameters that are worth paying attention to when choosing. It is advisable to learn more about everyone.


There is a direct dependence: the more powerful the device is, the more manufacturing the work will be, respectively, the less time a person will spend to process a specific surface. If the device is used for household needs, power up to 1000 watts is enough.

Rotational speed

The purpose of the tool depends on the equipment. For example, if you have to process solid materials, you will have to work at high speeds. For polishing, you can use low rotation speed.

Professionals recommend paying attention to the ability to adjust the rotation of the shaft to configure the tool to a specific type of work.

The size of the equipment

The size is directly related to the work area. For example, if you have to work in a limited space, you will have to look for equipment with a small size of equipment.


As a rule, the most heavy units are professional, since a powerful engine is installed in them. This indicator must be selected individually, depending on the physical capabilities of the user (only this approach will be correct).

Eccentric Pin Grinding Using the C Axis by STUDER on the S31 Universal Grinding Machine

A smooth start

Modern devices are often equipped with a smooth start function. This means that when starting the turnover, it will be recruited gradually, it is extremely important if jerks need to be avoided.

The length of the cord

In recent years, the manufacturer began to provide consumers with the choice of cable length. This is very convenient if it is not possible to use the carrying. Just pick up the unit with a long wire.

Revolutions adjustment

This is a useful function, because it turns the usual grinding machine into a universal tool. By adjusting the speed, you can select the use mode.

Protective functions

The more expensive the unit, the more protective functions he has. For example, you can choose a device equipped with automatic shutdown when overheating. There is also a function that protects the operator from random launch.

Rubber overlays on the handles

Rubber overlays help in work, because with prolonged use, the hands can sweat, because the device will slide. Rubber overlays avoid this difficulty.


This is an additional equipment of the unit. There is no vacuum cleaner in standard configuration, and therefore it needs to be purchased separately. At the same time, you need to make sure that such an addition is suitable for a specific type of grinding machine.

What is Grinding? Types of Grinding Machine and Operations

Applied parameters affecting the choice of tape grinding machine

Additional parameters allow you to facilitate the process of work and make it better.

The presence of a mechanism for collecting debris and dust

The presence of a vacuum cleaner allows you to fix the dust in a timely manner. This function makes the work more accurate and simple. Since after grinding there is no need to remove the territory.

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Equipping a restrictive device

The limiter is provided for uniform grinding of the surface. The user can be sure that defects will not appear.

The presence of a mount for a stationary location of the device

This function is necessary if the machine is often used. The device is attached to the bed and used as a working tool.

Electronic control functions of launching and maintaining stable rotation of the tape

Using electronic launch control, it is possible to make work much safer. The function allows you to avoid unexpectedly turning on the device. The stable rotation of the tape does not allow the removal of an excess layer and makes the process of work simple.

Equipping the operational replacement of the abrasive tape

After sandpaper loses its properties using the operational replacement function, it will be possible to change consumables in a short time. The user can be sure that the tape will lie down exactly.

Setting up the car

If your machine is not equipped with an automatic determination of the position of the tape, you need to leve it yourself. There are tapes where the direction of movement is indicated, what needs to be taken into account when installing.

On some devices there is a speed controller. For rude and large.Scale tasks, you can use the maximum, for delicate tasks. You will have to reduce speed.

The principle of operation of the tape grinding machine

This type of aggregates is characterized by a linear continuous way to process.

The power tool is equipped with an abrasive tape. Due to the interaction of the tape with the surface, grinding and eliminating the deficiencies.

Depending on which material is subject to alignment, a small or coarse.Grained ribbon is installed on the machine: it is connected to a continuous ring. You can purchase it both in the kit when buying a device, and separately in construction stores. Movement occurs using two rollers located opposite each other. The speed of rotation is quite high-about 400-500 m/min.

The center of gravity of the machine is shifted down, due to this its stability increases.

The main characteristics and features of tape machines for grinding

The main qualities that you need to pay attention to before buying:

  • Productivity. T.E. How long will it take for a high.Quality grout of the plane. Depending on whether the device will be used at home or at a large construction site, performance can be higher or lower;
  • The speed of rotation of the tape.

Additional functions guaranteeing the quality and duration of the device:

  • Speed regulator. Automatic, mechanical step or smooth. Machines, for example, with mechanical switches are better suited for grinding wooden and plastic surfaces, because during operation the tape heats up, which threatens with deformation of plastic or a fire fire;
  • Engine with revolutions stabilizer;
  • The function of smooth start. Prevents the early wear of the engine;
  • Adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Eliminates fine dust entering the respiratory tract;
  • Corner stop;
  • Fixing the starting lever in the on position.
  • Quickly remove a layer of several millimeters;
  • Make rounding on the workpiece;
  • Remove old varnish, paint;
  • Clean the surface of rust;
  • Use poorly applied putty, plaster.

A review of the best, according to users, ribbon grinding machines, then in the review.

The most reliable grinder

Often ask which of the grinder are the most reliable? This is a difficult question, because today their assortment is very wide. Based on user reviews, we have compiled a list of the most “indestructible” devices.

Black Decker Ka88

Despite the slight power (720 watts), this grinder is attributed to the type of professional. It has significant performance and rich functionality. The mass of the tool is 3.7 kg, The dimensions of the tape. 75 × 533 mm. The machine has an original dust removal system, locking button “Start”. This machine has a high level of reliability, which is noted by almost all users.

The price of the device is from 5.5 thousand. Rub. Before 6 thousand. Rub.

Skil 1215 LA

Power 650 watts, The speed of the tape 300 m/min. The mass of the tool is all 2.9 kg, And the dimensions of the tape. 76 × 457 mm.The device is equipped with a system of centering the tape, a vacuumber, it can be fixed stationary. Skil 1215 LA also refers to extremely reliable models, it rarely fails.

The price of the device. 4.5. 5 thousand. Rub.

Interskol LSHM-100/1200E

This model refers to professional devices. It has power in 1.2 thousand. Tue and the speed of the tape to 400 m/min. The weight of the car 5.6 kg. Among the additional functions vacuumber, speed adjustment. This model can be used with great success in production and at home.

The price of the car. From 7.3 before 8.3 thousand. Rub.

Bosch PBS 75 A

The power of this model is 750 watts, And the speed of abrasive. 350 m/min. The mass of the tool is equal 3.4 kg, The dimensions of the abrasive. 76 × 533 mm. This machine has a convenient work tape fastening system. Like any other brand technique, this model is highly reliable.

The cost of the device is from 7.5 before 8.5 thousand. Rub.