How to Choose a Trimmer

Why is a trimmer the best helper for site maintenance? What types of trimmers are there? What should I look for when choosing a gas trimmer? How to make the right choice of electric trimmer? How to choose a fishing line for a trimmer? What do individual customers say about trimmers?

It is difficult to say exactly when the “fashion” appeared to grow a lawn in front of your house, but one thing is certain, it is an indicator of prosperity and well-being. It is important not to forget to look after him, otherwise the green decoration of your yard will turn out to be an impassable windbreak. Fortunately, now in order to give the grass a neat appearance, you don’t have to cut it with various devices for a long time, you just need to purchase a special tool. a trimmer that mows the plants independently, thanks to the built-in motor. In this article we will look at how to choose the right trimmer.

Why you should choose a grass trimmer

If bushes are growing on your site, and not a neat lawn, then a regular lawn mower on wheels will not help to rectify the situation. In fact, it’s quite rare to find a cottage that is decorated with a smooth, well-groomed lawn, so it’s very convenient to choose a trimmer here, that’s why:

  • the trimmer is able to cut grass even in hard-to-reach places, give the grass near the path a neat appearance;
  • the trimmer will allow you to get rid of abundant growth of grass near the fence and in other places;
  • the trimmer is easy to control;
  • the trimmer can be easily transferred from one place to another.

The modern market will offer you to choose a robotic lawnmower that will give the grass a neat appearance without your direct constant participation. This, of course, sounds very tempting, but such a device cannot process uneven areas. Therefore, to care for the country lawn, it is better to choose a trimmer, the more it is able to mow the thickets even in places inaccessible to ordinary lawn mowers. I also want to add that they can fearlessly tidy up the grass growing along the buildings, because the cord, unlike the blade, will not break. Even if something solid gets in, it will only affect the consumption of the fishing line.

At first glance, choosing a trimmer is quite difficult, because you have to answer a number of questions: Should it be gasoline or electric? What engine location is preferred? Now we will figure out how to choose a trimmer for applying it at your summer cottage.

If there are many “obstacles” on the site for a regular lawn mower (meaning bushes, buildings, large decorative plants, etc.), then it is better to choose a trimmer, this will be the best option.

As a rule, with trimmers, fishing line is fed automatically. The holder, which has the shape of the letter T, is convenient to use, and the movements are comparable to the swing of a braid. You can choose a trimmer with a built-in three-blade knife, it is more powerful. it can even cope with branches whose diameter does not exceed 15 mm. If you purchase one, then you should pay attention to the presence of a fixing belt so that the tool is firmly pressed to the body. There is plenty to choose from on the market, the difference is not only in trimmer models, but also in prices that vary. You need to give preference to such an instrument that does not make you regret purchasing it.

Trimmer or lawn mower: what to choose (video)

What trimmer to choose for a summer residence

In order to choose a suitable trimmer, first decide why you need it. If your lawn extends over a large area, then take a professional gasoline tool.

  • If you choose gas trimmer then you can use it for a big mow. Their tanks are capable of holding from 0.5 l to 1.5 l of gasoline, which means that they will vary significantly in weight and operating time from one gas station to another. We draw your attention to the recommendations of manufacturers to allow the tool to cool down after every 35-40 minutes worked.

In order to choose a cutting head, remember what grows in the country. We give an example. You have many large trees, small stones, and shrubs. Then you need to use the fishing line, safe for the bark of trees.

If you want to choose a trimmer that runs on gasoline, then pay attention to such disadvantages as the volume of work and significant vibration. Maintaining this tool is a rather laborious process. However, such a trimmer is characterized by high performance, it not only allows the owners of the site to save time on restoring order, but also works in wet weather, when there is no rain. Experts believe that a brushcutter with a disk and a bobbin at the same time is exactly what you need to choose for your garden. It will help to cope even with strong thickets, especially if you go to the site infrequently.

  • If you plan to clean grass between large plants, we recommend choosing electric trimmer firms Jonsered, Viking, Efco or Bosch.
How to Choose a Trimmer

In order to choose the optimal power trimmer, consider what kind of grass you are growing. With an electric trimmer, the braid can have both an upper and a lower location. With a lower location, its use is effective for grass, the care of which is done in a timely manner. Most importantly, carefully follow the attached instructions and let the technique rest.

If you choose a trimmer with an upper engine, you will get more power, of course, pay more, but it will work longer, overcoming harder and even wet grass.

Advantages of electric trimmers: they work quietly, they are easy to turn on at the touch of a button, they are harmless to the environment. Their disadvantage is the difficulty of cutting grass. I also want to note that for the operation of such a trimmer, for sure, you will need an extension cord, which can interfere with work on it. Do not forget to read the instructions and do not use the tool to work in the rain or in dew.

  • If you choose trimmer with built-in battery, then, on the one hand, it will seem convenient: you do not need to look for an outlet. But, on the other hand, it can be used only 20-30 minutes per day. Alternatively, you can hastily walk along the overgrown grass. as long as you have time, you will process as much. But here I want to note that now there is a tendency to improve such batteries, they are able to work longer, and less time is required for recharging.

You can choose a cordless trimmer for yourself for grass which lightweight and easy to use. It is precisely these characteristics that many users turn their attention to (women, retirees), who are physically difficult to manage with heavier models.

Some firms create gasoline and electric split trimmer models, what nozzle you will use at one time or another. your decision. If you want to choose such a tool for yourself, then it can easily turn into a cultivator, snow blower, knot or brush cutter. There is another big plus of such a trimmer: it is easy to disassemble it, which facilitates washing, transportation and storage.

In order to choose a trimmer correctly, evaluate all its characteristics in the aggregate: the price, ergonomics of the design, the convenience of working with it, then mowing the lawn will become an interesting and uncomplicated task.

The trimmer with shoulder straps will not exert strong pressure on the musculoskeletal system (especially on the hands), and a sufficiently long split rod will allow to increase the coverage area during mowing.

How to choose a trimmer: video

How to choose a gas trimmer: 5 criteria

  1. In order to choose a trimmer, pay attention to power and design features engine, it depends on them the operating time of the tool and the result.

A two-stroke engine is a bit more difficult to refuel, but it’s easier. You can also choose a four-stroke engine that features easy maintenance. As a rule, trimmers operate on single-cylinder two-stroke engines with a power of 0.5-3.3 kW. To ensure trouble-free operation, the engine is filled with a mixture: AI-92 gasoline and two-stroke engine oil. You can use only the specified composition of the mixture, otherwise there will be interruptions in operation and overheating of the engine. The percentage of these ingredients can also not be violated, otherwise, the trimmer will quickly become unusable. Such a tool is more suitable for experienced users, it will be better for beginners to choose a model with a four-stroke engine, for which you do not need to prepare a special mixture. gasoline and oil are poured separately. Trimmers with such an engine can be selected for areas with serious overgrown grass, and for a regular lawn they have too much power. To care for the neat grass, it is better to choose a trimmer with a two-stroke engine, it will cost less and have less weight.

Video: How to Choose a Trimmer

  1. Before you finally choose a trimmer, look at which makes it an engine. Many European tool manufacturers buy engines from companies specializing in them, the production of which, as a rule, is located in China. Therefore, note that if the engine says Briggs&Stratton, MTD, Mitsubishi, then it was assembled in China, with the exception of Honda. Therefore, when you decide to choose a trimmer manufactured by a well-known European company, it will almost certainly have a Chinese, but high-quality factory-made engine.
  2. Depending on how powerful the engine is, cutting tool. If the power is small, then use a cord or fishing line, if the power of the tool is medium power and higher, then. metal knives and a disk mill. Now we will tell you how to choose a trimmer depending on the cutting tool. The built-in fishing line has a thickness of 1.2 to 4 mm. For each trimmer model, there is a recommendation which line to use. If you do not want the bushings to break prematurely, then follow these recommendations.
    • Decision to choose a fishing line roundsections. Allows you to cut and fresh grass, and dried.
    • If you want choose a square fishing line, then it will get rid of stronger plants, for example, raspberry bushes.
    • Fishing line star. optimal for a lawn whose mowing does not require much effort, the grass is less injured after such care and is quickly restored.

    If you do not often go to your site and work on the lawn just a few times a season, it is better to choose a trimmer with knives. Such a model will not wind strongly overgrown grass onto the spindle. Knives can choose both metal and plastic. The latter cope well with dried, hard burdocks and other plants, and green bushes are best designed with a metal tool. If there are a lot of stones at your dacha, then it is better to choose a trimmer without knives, it will be safer for a person putting a plot in order.

    In order to choose a trimmer for processing the most difficult areas, then remember that the more teeth, the better. If you need to harvest hay, then pay attention to three or four-toothed knives, they chop grass well enough.

    If you choose a knife of 8 blades, then it can be used to cut small trees, and if there are 3 or 4 of them, it is used for strong bushes.

    1. The connection between the engine and the cutting element is carried out by means of a straight or curved rods. The straight line is stronger, however, if you are the owner of a site with irregularities and a lot of hard-to-reach spots, we recommend choosing a trimmer with a curved bar. Best of all, when the bar can be disassembled, it will facilitate its storage.
    2. Since the brushcutter is a heavy tool, its use requires belt snap, which contributes to an even distribution of gravity throughout the body. A cheap single belt does not cope well with this function, so it is inconvenient to use it for a long time. the shoulder will hurt. It is better to choose a double belt with a soft lining. There should also be a hip protection against vibration of the instrument.

    Double belts are best used for relatively light trimmers.

    If you want to choose the most effective belt equipment, we recommend stopping at fairly expensive backpack pendants that can be successfully used when working on heavy trimmers. They can be adjusted and thereby ensure a snug fit along the mowing figure. Do not forget to test the tool before purchase to make sure that you are comfortable working on it.

    How to choose an electric trimmer for giving

    To work in a small cottage, where 2-3 hundred parts, it is best to choose a trimmer with a lower engine, its power should be 300-400 watts. Such a tool will do well with the design of beds, plants along the paths and next to the house. Trimmers with a low engine position are distinguished by their lightness and swivel, that is, they are able to rotate the cutting surface to the desired angle. Such an apparatus will allow performing work requiring great accuracy, for example, cutting the grass between two seedlings, which is explained by the small diameter of rotation of the cutting line.

    In cases where the site is large enough and there is more dense and solid vegetation, it is better to choose an electric trimmer with an upper engine. Of course, it is somewhat heavier, but more practical, powerful and durable. He is not afraid of grass, wet from dew or rain, while tools that have an engine mounted below, from excessive moisture at one point fail. In addition, the upper engine allows you to process areas with different types of plants.
    Electric trimmers are released under the diameter of the fishing line from 1.2 to 2.4 mm. On trimmers with an engine at the bottom, a cutting line with a diameter of up to 2 mm is used, and with an upper engine position. from 2 mm and thicker.

    Features of the operation of the electric trimmer:

    1. If you decide to choose a trimmer with a lower engine, do not use it to handle wet grass. In addition, any tool requires compliance with safety requirements: wear gloves and safety glasses. To work with an electric trimmer, you will have to use an extension cord, do not forget to check its serviceability and safety of the outlet itself, which ideally should be grounded.
    2. It is necessary to work with an electric trimmer with a stable voltage in the network, periodic surges of which will lead to an early breakdown of the tool.
    3. Unfortunately, there are such mowers who remove the protective cover, thinking that this will help to quickly process the territory. This absolutely can not be done! When spinning, the fishing line can suddenly bloom and get on its feet, which will inevitably lead to very serious injuries. A protective cover 100% can prevent such consequences. In addition, it is impossible to artificially increase the estimated length of the cutting line, since this increases the load on the electric motor, and it can quickly overheat and burn out.
    4. It is necessary to follow the cycles of the tool, which are indicated in the instructions. For example, it is recommended to use an electric trimmer for a maximum of 20 minutes, after which you need to let it cool for the same amount of time. This mode of operation and rest of the tool will prevent its rapid breakdown. The passport value of the work and rest cycles must be observed, it is better if you work not for 20, but for 15 minutes in a row. For your convenience, you can choose an electric trimmer equipped with a thermal cut-off system. It will turn off the motor if its temperature tends to be critical.
    5. If you decide to choose an electric trimmer, do not forget that it also needs seasonal lubrication. This applies to models with a prefabricated rod design equipped with a cutting knife. It is enough to lubricate once a season. at its opening or at the end.
    6. The head of the trimmer, inside which there is a “reel” with fishing line, needs periodic cleaning, since it is there that the grass gets clogged when the tool is working. Ideally, if you clean up the garbage that has accumulated there each time you use the trimmer. It will not take you much time, only 10 minutes, but you will be sure that such care will provide your tool with a long service life.

    How to choose a fishing line for a trimmer

    1. The thickness of the thread. In order to know for sure which fishing line is best to choose, first carefully read the instructions, the diameter will be indicated in it. Certain information is usually written on the trimmer bobbin itself, however, you do not need to focus only on it, since lawn mowers usually have standard spools that are suitable for different woods and engines. I would like to note that for each model of the tool its own thread thickness is recommended. If you do not follow the recommendations and use a larger diameter, then during operation the resistance to rotation and the load on the engine will increase, and, therefore, it will overheat and will fail more quickly. In the event that you want to choose a fishing line of a smaller diameter than necessary, you will have to change it more often, as it will wear out quickly. The most common thread thickness is 1.2 mm to 4 mm.

    The recommendations for thread thickness are affected by engine power. If you decide to choose an electric or cordless trimmer with a low power, the thread should be 1.3–1.6 mm. If the trimmer is more powerful. electric or gasoline, then you can use the diameter of the fishing line in the range from 1.8 mm to 2 mm. For professional lawnmowers, a thread with a thickness of 2.5-4 mm is taken. Such a fishing line will perfectly cope with small bushes.

    2. Sectional shape. The most commonly used fishing lines are round section, which, incidentally, are inexpensive. The disadvantage of such a fishing line is that it is quite noisy. However, this problem is effectively dealt with. manufacturers began to give them the appearance of a spiral. There are other forms: star-shaped, rectangular, square. Their faces have sharp corners, so the grass is cut evenly. The shape of the fiber increases the productivity of the technique. I would like to note here, if you choose such a complex form of fishing line, it will lead to a greater consumption of it, since there are problems when unwinding. To make grass cut easier, you should choose a fishing line with notches and teeth, it will cope with even more durable vegetation. It has such a drawback: it is poorly removed from semi-automatic spools, so it is inserted into discs in small pieces. Another good option. you can choose a two-component round fishing line, it rarely breaks and can remove dry, rough grass.
    3. The composition of the fishing line, which directly affects the possibility of its long-term operation. Usually it is made of nylon. The fishing line is characterized by high wear resistance, the ability to withstand high temperatures and loads, as well as the ability to work effectively at low temperatures and not to delaminate during long-term storage. It is best to choose a fishing line for the trimmer, as it will allow you to accurately process the "delicate" sections of your lawn that are for example, near young trees or small shrubs.

    Which brand to choose a trimmer

    It will be quite difficult to choose the right trimmer for an unprepared buyer, because there are a lot of models on the market. Now let’s try to figure out how to determine which tool suits you best if several more chainsaw options are presented that have the same performance indicators.

    In order to choose a good trimmer, we recommend paying attention to the reputation of the manufacturer, the warranty period of the tool. In addition, the availability of service points for the tool of this brand in your city is important, you need to know how you will be helped in case of problems in the operation of the braid.

    The best manufacturers of electric braids are deservedly: "Husqvarna", "Makita", "Stihl", "Oleo-MAC", "ECHO". Their tool is not cheap, but the quality is of the highest level. We also note the companies Hitachi, Patriot, Caiman, Huter, Hyundai, which also produce high-quality trimmers. If for you the brand does not really matter, then you can choose Chinese brands that have affordable prices and are of high enough quality: Intertool, Rostec, Sadko. Russian petrol scythes such as Cedar or Izhmash also have good recommendations.

    The table below will allow you to choose one of the most popular models from different manufacturers.