How To Choose A Water-Cooled Electric Tile Cutter

Choosing a water-cooled electric tile cutter

Review of professional and household electrical machines for cutting tiles and porcelain stoneware. What is worth looking at when choosing. How much do quality models cost?

Characteristics associated with the operation of power units. Engine power

This parameter is more important, and the more, the larger the plate. Tile lasts 750-1500 watts, while granite and marble require a couple of kilowatts. The diameter of the diamond disc is directly related to the power: in the first case, the cut is ensured with a diameter of 230-250 mm, in the second, a 350 mm wheel is needed. The size of the machine also depends on the power, if you do not plan to work with a stone, do not buy a unit weighing under a hundred kilograms.

Mechanical characteristics. Corner cutting capabilities

The professional electric tile cutter can cut at a 45 degree angle. However, some machines also have intermediate corners. This, as well as the stability of the support system, is one of the factors that determine the quality of the machine.


The maximum size of the cut tiles depends on the dimensions of the platform. The stone cutting machines have impressive formats. The possible cutting length is indicated in the tile cutter’s passport, but in fact it is slightly less. By removing the clamps, you can increase the indicators, but in this case the convenience of work decreases and the risks increase. In some models, the table is extended by supporting brackets or folding additional platforms.

The difference between such equipment is low power, but its price is also low.

It is not designed for cutting hard materials such as porcelain stoneware and granite, it can only work with tiles or glass. It is clear that the price of such a machine will be less than that of a professional one.

Professional equipment

This type of machine is distinguished by its high power and productivity, it has large dimensions and its price is quite high. They are designed to do a lot of work.

With their help you can cut porcelain stoneware, stone, granite, not to mention ceramic tiles. Such machines are versatile and are used in many types of repair work.

Household and professional models

If you decide to purchase the specified equipment, then you need to know how to choose an electric tile cutter. Having made the right choice, you will be able to carry out all the work on cutting tiles, porcelain stoneware, glass and other materials with your own hands, and thus the repair cost will be lower.

Application features

Regardless of which type of tile cutter you choose, and what its price, the sequence of cutting with it will be the same.

Fig. 2 Work execution process

The basis of the machine is a platform on which a disc and a water pan are fixed. During operation, water is supplied to the disc, it is wetted and cooled.

This allows not only to extend the life of the diamond saw, but also to reduce the amount of dust that occurs during operation

Due to the fact that the work is done with a diamond blade, the cutting time is approximately equal to sawing wood with a conventional saw.

During work, it is necessary to move the material onto the disc, it is not recommended to do the opposite. Now the price of an electric tile cutter, depending on its model and power, will be from 100.

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It is necessary to press on the tile with a certain effort, it will depend on its composition, thickness and density. At first, the pressure should be minimal, and in the process of cutting it must be increased.

The saw should be secured to the table to prevent jamming and vibration. The water in the pallet must be changed frequently, as it settles tile chips, which during operation will fall on the disk and this will lead to its premature failure.

It is necessary to press on the tile evenly from both sides so that it does not skew. If this is not done, then fragments will begin to form and the cut quality will be poor. In addition, the saw blade may jam. During operation, the blade may jam and this does not depend on the model and price of the machine.

In order not to get injured, it is imperative to use glasses to protect the eyes, and so that the noise does not interfere, then wear headphones. If you use the disc correctly, it will be enough for 1000 or more sharp cuts.

After a while, it is necessary to clean the blade from ceramic dust. To do this, simply make a few cuts in the stone, which is used for grinding tiles.

How to choose the right water cooled tile cutter?

When carrying out large-scale renovations, when you need to cut a large amount of tiles or porcelain stoneware, you must use an electric water-cooled tile cutter.

The price of such equipment is quite high, but with its help you can quickly and easily cut ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware with your own hands.

Fig. 1 Appearance of the electric tile cutter

The water cooled electric tile cutter has diamond blade cooling. This is necessary in order to ensure a longer service life, since during the cut the disc and the material that are being cut heats up.

In some models, water is supplied to the saw, in other models the saw is immersed in a bath of water and thus cools it.

All electric tile cutters that are used to cut porcelain stoneware and tiles are water cooled. It is easy to work with such equipment, you can do everything yourself, but its price is quite high.

If the model is with the bottom engine, then the water tank is located under the disc. There are rail models where the disc is cooled using a submersible pump.

Almost all models can cut tiles and porcelain stoneware at an angle of up to 45 degrees, but for different materials you need to select your own blade. There are special saws for granite, ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, glass, they must be chosen correctly and then you can do everything yourself without any problems.

How to make the right choice?

Before proceeding with the selection of the specified equipment, you need to decide for what purposes you need it, since the price of the machine will depend on this.

There are models in which the circle is stationary and the tile must be directed at it. Depending on the model, the material will need to be moved along the base or it will lie motionless on the base, and it moves on bearings.

The price of such a machine will be the lowest. In other models, the circle can move along the bed, and the tile remains stationary.

To understand which equipment is more convenient for you to work, you need to try both. It is usually more convenient when you can control the material, especially when making an angle cut.

If you need to perform a small amount of work, then it is not worth purchasing expensive professional equipment, a household model is quite enough. If a large volume is envisaged, then it will not work to perform it with a household tile cutter and you need to purchase professional equipment.

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Electric water-cooled tile cutter: how to choose the right one?

Modern electric water-cooled tile cutter This is equipment that has wide technical and functional features. Provides a long service life of the equipment while maintaining its reliability, quality and functionality. The system has a device that supplies water to the cutting device through a special reservoir. And the presence of an additional pump allows you to quickly and efficiently cope with the work, since it is put into operation together with the cutting device.

The height of a special container can be different, but it is important to take into account its dimensions before choosing a device, since it is located under the working surface. Any inconvenience can lead to incorrect work. It is also important to remember that electric water-cooled tile cutter there can be different types of equipment, on which the practicality of work depends, so it is worthwhile to first familiarize yourself with the provided technical requirements.

There are mechanical and electrical water-cooled tile cutters, but it is the useful option that positions itself as a quality device that can cope with any external stress. Interestingly, in an electrical device, water moves in a closed circle, so a minimum amount is required, but at the same time, efficiency and productivity of work is ensured. But the most important thing is to initially select a device that can cope with the delivered loads, while maintaining all its working and technical aspects.

Features of the device and tips for choosing

Water-cooled tile cutter This is a device that allows you to give the tile material the correct shape and size, depending on the characteristics of the surface to be equipped. The presence of water cooling in the design avoids overheating of the material, while ensuring high-quality and error-free work. The special functionality is exactly what will allow you to make the right blanks for subsequent laying. But here water tile cutter is not known to everyone in terms of design and operation features, therefore it is important to initially familiarize yourself with the properties and selection features. This will prevent inconvenience to the work plan in the future.

The main types of electric tile cutter

Tile cutters with an electric motor and a water cooling system are devices with special technical parameters that manufacturers are trying to modernize and update in every possible way. This became the basis for the rapid expansion of the range of offers. And now, conventionally, all devices can be divided into manual and professional models with the characteristic features of their work.

Handheld devices are simple in design and function, so you can count on achieving efficiency in your work. Over, there are models that work not only from the mains, but also from the battery. According to the principle of operation, there are certain differences with angle grinders, but here we are talking about additional cooling and working with tiles of different types.

If you need to select a device, then electric water cooled tile cutter rating which is constantly supplemented with new offers, allows you to choose an interesting solution in terms of cost and principle of operation.

When considering professional models with more power, a wide range of operating parameters and qualities, it is worth considering the purpose. The fact is that such equipment is suitable only for industry, a production workshop or some kind of enterprise, since in everyday life the device does not justify the investment.

Professional installations are divided into separate subspecies and depending on the location of the engine, since there can be two variations with their own characteristics:

  1. Above the work surface.
  2. Below the work surface.

Each option, depending on the location of the engine, has its own technical features and convenience when performing work, therefore, an appropriate attitude to the set standards is required.

Device and principle of operation

Professional water tile cutter is traditionally large in size, since we are talking about connecting to the mains in order to obtain productivity and efficiency of functioning. But in any case, manufacturers have tried to think over the design features of the equipment in order to form convenience when working with it.

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To ensure the convenience of work, the coating is located at a height of approximately 1 meter, therefore, the desired technical and operational properties can be obtained. This ensures that a comfortable body position is maintained, preventing excessive stress on the back or the general musculoskeletal system of a person. But if desired, the distance from the floor to the working surface can be adjusted depending on the task at hand. Versatility and ease of customization are the main advantages.

If we consider the basic design parameters, then we can note a great similarity with circular saws, which make it easy and simple to cope with cutting material. Any modern electric tile cutter with water The principle of cooling is distinguished by the presence of a special size controller, so if you set uniform cutting parameters, the device will constantly follow them.

Some models can cut 45 degrees

The tile cutter with an electric cooling system consists of an electric operating principle motor, a special cutting wheel, as well as a working surface and a bed for a firm hold. An important feature is the presence of latches in order to fix the processed material in the correct position, while preventing any displacement and correct operation.

Due to the fact that the diamond blade works together with a water cooling system, it is possible to work effectively and without the likelihood of serious damage with stone, glass, concrete, porcelain stoneware, ceramics and other raw materials.

Tips for choosing a device

If you need to use electric water-cooled tile cutter, which to choose to work correctly and to obtain workpieces of the correct size and technical properties? The question is from the category of the most relevant, therefore, careful attention is required to its consideration and solution. The following criteria can be distinguished that will help both beginners and professionals to cope with the search for a reliable tile cutter with a special cooling system:

  1. Initially, you need to pay attention to the purpose of the device, the required power and performance indicators, since this is the only way to achieve efficiency during operation.
  2. Determination of a household or industrial device depending on the requirements in terms of the volume of material for work.
  3. It is necessary to take into account the type of tile that will be processed by the tile cutter, since each raw material has individual characteristics.
  4. It is worth considering the structural properties of the tile cutter: the location of the motor, the capacity of the water tank and the general technical parameters.
  5. Engine power and its technical parameters, since performance and usability depend on this.
  6. Diamond blade dimensions for easy working according to requirements. It is important to take into account that each type of material has its own characteristics, therefore, the device must fully comply with them.
  7. Each type of electric tile cutter combines certain properties in terms of directional cutting, therefore special attention to detail is required.

The correct and reasonable attitude to choosing an electric type tile cutter, working on the basis of a water cooling system, is the basis of productive and reliable operation. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the work plan to prevent malfunctions. And therefore, the help of professionals and experienced craftsmen will be an important component of success in the preparation of tiles of any type and size for surface finishing, regardless of its characteristics.