How To Choose An Angle Grinder For Home Use

Nut retainer

To change a worn circle, you must first fix the spindle, and then unscrew the nut with a wrench.

How To Choose An Angle Grinder For Home Use

If the nozzle rarely changes, you can do with the standard method described above. But if the work is different and it often needs to be replaced, then buying a device with an SDS nut, which is unclenched without additional tools: replacing a disc takes a few seconds.


For grinders designed to work with large discs, the rotation speed is 7-9 thousand revolutions per minute. For devices with smaller circles, this parameter is higher. about 12 thousand.

It is worth taking into account: the characteristic is indicated by the manufacturer, taking into account the idle speed. In practice, the disc spins a little slower.

Some home angle grinders, like the GL-125S, have a speed control. This option is worth choosing if you want to adjust the speed yourself.


Devices that run on gasoline are large in size, since the design, in addition to the engine, is also equipped with a fuel tank. To hold such a massive device, manufacturers supplement the tool with a frame-handle, an additional handle. This type of grinder, like the previous one, makes it possible to cut concrete, stone in places where power is not supplied.

Note: To cut hard material, you need a special circle.

Why are they good:

  • Impressive power figures.
  • The ability to install large drives.
  • High productivity: cutting large structures takes less time.
  • Autonomy.
  • The possibility of refueling allows you to work for a long time.
  • Often equipped with a stand that makes it possible to use the device as a cutting machine.


  • Additional fuel costs;
  • Loud noise;
  • Harm to the environment;
  • Work will have to be stopped from time to time to cool the engine.

Working with concrete

Almost all large angle grinders can be fitted with a serrated steel disc, which effectively cuts such material. When choosing an angle grinder for the home, it is worth considering that such opportunities are rarely needed in everyday life. However, if the user decided to build something at home, then this is a good option.

Tip: if you choose a machine that can cut concrete, it is better to take a closer look at models with engine protection from dust and abrasive particles.

Types of grinders

In addition to the fact that the angle grinder is divided into household and professional, the angle grinder is distinguished by the principle of operation. The only difference between the two is what is inside and the power source. Given these features, you can choose the appropriate option for specific operating conditions.

What is an angle grinder

The angle grinder is the popular name for the angle grinder (angle grinder). With its help you can cut materials (metal, brick and stone, wood), grind and clean surfaces. It is named angular due to the fact that the axes of the motor and the grinding disk are placed at an angle of 90 ° in relation to each other. This is realized thanks to the gear train. This placement is the main difference between the device and straight grinders, where the wheel is on the same axis with the engine.

. Functionality and ergonomics

As a rule, all models of grinders are equipped with a "Soft start" system, thanks to which no significant current surge occurs at the moment the tool is turned on.

This makes it possible to connect it to a household power supply.

There is also a system of self-shutting off brushes. mostly expensive models are equipped with it.

Even if the supply voltage is interrupted for a short time, the angle grinder will not start independently when it appears.

In addition, automatic disc balancing is included in the design of professional and some amateur systems.

Often during operation, the disc wears out unevenly, which causes the angle grinder to vibrate, making the grinding process difficult. Disk auto-balancing avoids this inconvenience.

It should be taken into account that the ingress of concrete dust into the grinder is the reason for the accelerated wear of all its parts. Therefore, manufacturers provide various protective measures in the design of the units.

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So, a special coating is applied to the motor stator, which protects it from dust, sealed ball bearings, dust switches, as well as housings with an additional seal are used.

Design angle grinder

It’s no secret that the choice of any tool depends on the tasks that they plan to solve. And the angle grinder is no exception. They are divided into household and professional ones. Representatives of these groups differ not only in their purpose, but also in design, as well as in price.

Household models of grinders are designed for lower loads, respectively, their design is less durable, and they themselves are cheaper. But this does not mean that they are worse. Household angle grinders perform the same functions as professional ones, and just as efficiently. It’s just that the time of continuous work without consequences for the mechanism and equipment is significantly less.

Of course, the home craftsman does not need to purchase an expensive and powerful professional tool designed for frequent use. a household line device is enough for the eyes.

Professional tools designed for long and intense work.

Considering the high requirements for the durability and reliability of professional power tools, high-quality materials with a large margin of safety are used for their manufacture, and therefore, more expensive.

They are characterized by a solid service life and are designed for high daily loads.

The power of the selected angle grinder depends primarily on the severity of the work to be done: the harder the work, the more power is required. At the same time, the tool not only weighs more, but also costs more. Based on the power, most grinders can be classified into one of the groups:

  • Low-power. from 700 to 900 W;
  • Medium. 900-1500 W;
  • Powerful. over 1500 W.

As a rule, low-power grinders are designed to work with discs with a diameter of 100-125 mm, medium-sized ones are designed for a diameter of 125-150 mm, powerful ones. for 180-230 mm. Accordingly, the area of ​​the processed material is directly proportional to the power of the tool.

In terms of design, the angle grinder can be divided into two-hand and one-hand. The latter can be equipped with an additional handle, which is easily rearranged, which is very convenient in operation. The more possible options, the, naturally, the better (and for the left-hander as well).

In some models, special vibration-absorbing handles are used for greater convenience. Some manufacturers suggest not to rearrange the handle, but to turn the gearbox.

What is an angle grinder?

Angle grinder (angle grinder) received its popular nickname back in the 70s of the twentieth century, when the first representatives of these tools made in Bulgaria appeared.

The principle of operation of the system is simple: electrical energy supplied from an outlet or battery is converted into mechanical energy and drives the attachment (disc or brush). The operator’s task is to guide it at the moment of rotation. And for this you need to understand the technical nuances of the unit design and the features of working with it.

How to choose the right angle grinder

Power Tool Accessories

An angle grinder may come with the appropriate attachments, but quite often they have to be purchased separately depending on individual needs. It is worth noting that with the help of discs, you can make almost any cut in the material, and the grinding and polishing attachments will help you to perform cleaning and other types of finishing work.

The choice of disc or attachments is also of great importance in the selection process of an angle grinder. There are certain elements for the corresponding type of work:

  • Velcro discs allow you to polish wood, stone and other surfaces. The basis of such a nozzle is a platform on which the necessary disk is attached with the help of Velcro: an emery, polishing or even an element with sheep’s wool for delicate polishing.
  • Flap wheels for grinding wood surfaces are most convenient for working with wood of any nature. This disc consists of several layers of emery material glued together around the entire circumference. It can be used to process a wooden surface up to 10 square meters. M.
  • Brushes are wire nozzles that are used to clean the surface from rust or old paint. They can be disc or cup.

The most durable diamond discs are considered for grinding. They are used for polishing hard materials such as marble or granite. These attachments are best used on power tools equipped with a speed control.

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Selection Criteria for Angle Grinder

The greater the power reserve of the tool, the better. As for the small tools, their power is usually 600 W or more. The larger the wheel size of the angle grinder, the greater its power. It can go up to 1.5 kW. Angle grinders of this capacity are perfect for cutting slabs, bricks and pipes. It is believed that the optimal disc size for household work ranges from 125 mm to 180 mm.

The functions of this device can be different and most often depend on its cost. In order for the instrument to last longer, a gradual start function is required. In this case, the electrical appliance will gain momentum gradually, without sudden jumps, which has a positive effect on its engine. There are other important tips for those wondering which angle grinder to choose.

For example, if there is a laborious job ahead, choose an angle grinder with speed control. Also, an important function is the protection against disk jamming. Thanks to it, in the event of an overload of the disc mechanism, an automatic de-energization will occur and the power tool will not be damaged. In addition, there must be protection against secondary starting. This is to prevent the angle grinder from starting on its own in the event of a power outage.

As you know, when performing any work with such a tool, vibration occurs, sometimes quite strong. For these cases, the angle grinder should have a vibration damping function, which will not only make your work easier, but also help make it better.

To ensure safety, the structure must provide for various protective nuances:

  • Anti-dust coating on the motor stator
  • Double body seal
  • Sealed ball bearings

To better understand the specifics of this topic, it is worth looking at how to choose the right angle grinder:

When choosing any tool, there is an almost unshakable rule: the higher the quality, the higher the cost. That is, if you want to purchase an angle grinder with all possible functions, be prepared to shell out a considerable sum for it. Therefore, it is better to decide right away which capabilities of the power tool you need and which are secondary.

How to choose an angle grinder for home use

Angle grinders with one or two handles are on sale. Already by this characteristic, it is possible to distinguish an ordinary tool for home use from a professional. It is better to choose a device with rubberized comfortable handles, regardless of their number. This is the first tip for those looking to choose an angle grinder for the home.

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Polaris PIR 2695AK

A distinctive feature of this model in the rating of irons is the power (2600 W). The PRO 5 Ceramic sole glides easily over different fabrics. Thanks to the innovative SMART HEAT technology, even fine creases are easily removed. It distributes heat energy over the entire surface of the sole. You can switch between smooth modes (dry, steaming at 50 g / min). The steaming mode can work in a vertical position, which is convenient for processing things directly on a hanger.

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Affects how comfortable it is to use the iron. To make the right choice, just hold the model in your hand. If the handle fits snugly in the palm of your hand and does not slip, everything is in order. The brush should not get tired during work, as it is loaded. Now models are produced with an anatomically shaped handle. it repeats the grip of the palm. However, such irons are not very common, as they are inconvenient for men with a large brush and left-handed people.

Rating of irons and steam generators

The buyer is always interested in which company is the technician. Nowadays popular manufacturers offer equipment with reliable assembly at an affordable price. Among the well-known firms are: Tefal, Braun, Rowenta, Bosch, Polaris, Gorenje and others.

Other functions

Most of the best irons have an auto shut off feature. This is necessary for many housewives who forget if they turned off the device from the outlet. The device automatically turns off the iron if it is in a horizontal position for a long time, but does not move. This function increases the safety of the device.

It is good if you choose equipment with a thermostat. It is necessary to adjust the operating temperature, which will allow you to iron almost any fabric, from chiffon to thick curtains or jeans.

Bosch TDS 6041

A functional model with a high-quality assembly and good power (2400 W). It is enough to select the type of fabric, after which the device will itself determine the required steam supply. If you turn on the steam boost, then the productivity rises to 380 g / min. The equipment will serve for a long time, as it is equipped with a highly efficient descaling system Calc’n’Clean Perfect. The iron will beep when cleaning is required. The sole made of ceramic Ceranium Glissee Pro heats up quickly and evenly, glides easily and is suitable for smoothing all fabrics. The safety of the device was also approached carefully. The device switches itself off after 30 seconds if it is motionless in a horizontal position. The only thing worth considering is the weight of the model, which reaches 4.8 kg.


  • Ceramics or cermets. this option is found mainly in expensive models. Such irons glide easily over the surface of the fabric without wrinkling it. Easy to clean, scratch-free. The advantage of ceramics is that it retains heat for a long time;
  • Stainless steel is a durable material that is scratch-resistant. Heats and cools at medium speed, glides on and clean easily. The addition of such a sole can be dusting and holes;
  • Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor. This coating heats up quickly and cools down just as quickly. Such irons are the cheapest and lightest, but they fail and get damaged faster. During operation, scratches may appear on the surface of the sole, which can easily ruin the thing being ironed (puffs, cuts). If there is no special dusting on the aluminum sole, then a shiny trace remains when ironing woolen items;
  • Teflon. a sole made of this material does not leave marks on clothes. However, if there are metal accessories on the thing, then they can spoil the Teflon;
  • Titanium is the toughest coating available today. Thanks to its smooth surface, the iron moves smoothly over things. In addition, titanium is very difficult to damage. But he has disadvantages: high price and long heating.

To increase the service life of the equipment, manufacturers additionally process the soles using the following technologies:

  • Laser treatment;
  • Chrome plated;
  • Spraying like "sapphire" and so on.

The secondary coating makes the sole stronger and more resistant to various damages. As for the sapphire technology, it is an innovative development of the well-known brand Braun.

Which sole for the iron is considered the best is difficult to answer. Each option has both strengths and weaknesses. Well-known manufacturing companies combine different materials, which makes it possible to extend the durability of the equipment and make it more efficient. For example, stainless steel can be combined with ceramics and silicon.