How to Choose an Electric Hair Trimmer

How to choose a trimmer for a summer residence

Garden trimmer. an irreplaceable tool in a summer cottage. It can be used to care for the lawn, mowing wild grass and even bushes. The abundance of trimmer models is huge, and each of them is designed for specific work criteria. Therefore, when buying a trimmer, it is important to choose specifically the model that will fully satisfy all your needs.

About which trimmer is better to purchase for a summer residence will be described in this article for us.

/ h3>Which trimmer to choose for giving petrol or electric? Trimmer power for giving and cutting tool for trimmerHow to choose a petrol trimmer for giving? How to choose an electric trimmer for giving? How to choose a fishing line and knife for a trimmer

The first thing to start with choosing a trimmer for a summer residence is to find for what purpose it will be used and in what criteria it will be used. The type, power of the motor and the type of trimmer cutting tool will depend on this.

What trimmer to choose for giving petrol or electric?

Trimmers are 2 types of gasoline and electric.

The fundamental difference between these two types is that the electric trimmer for giving is dependent on the mains and the radius of action is limited by the length of the extension cord, while the gas trimmer has no such limitations.

The disadvantage of a gas trimmer is its weight. If the weight of the most massive electric trimmer does not exceed 5-6 kg, then the weight of gasoline models can reach 10-11 kg. Large weight greatly complicates the work with the trimmer.

Choosing between an electric and a gas trimmer is purposefully controlled by a subsequent rule.

If you have to work with a trimmer in a radius of 30. 50 m from electricity, it is better to choose a high-quality electric trimmer for giving, otherwise, it is right to choose a gas trimmer.

Giving trimmer power and trimmer cutting tool

The power of the trimmer for giving can be from 300 W to 2.5 kW.

The more powerful the trimmer, the sooner you can cope with the work, and the more thick trunks he will be able to chop. But with increasing power, the weight of the trimmer also increases (from 3 to 10 kg), which no doubt should be taken into account when choosing it.

The cutting tool of the trimmer can be a fishing line or a knife.

Fishing line is used to mow grass. It can be a diameter from 1.5 to 4 mm and have a profile of various shapes.

The thicker the forest is used (it can be called a string or cord), the thicker trunks of plants it can cut down.

A trimmer with a knife as a cutting tool can be used both for mowing grass, and for shrubs and overgrown trees.

The dignity of the fishing line is that it does not fear collisions with hard objects: soil, pebbles, fence posts, etc.

While the knife may fail at the first contact with the stone.

Trimmer with fishing line perfectly mow the grass and work comfortably on uneven areas, along the fence, between the greenhouses and in other cramped conditions or where solid objects can get.

A trimmer with a knife should be selected if the highest performance is needed and there are bushes of bushes and trees on the site that need to be cut down at times.

There are models of trimmers where fishing line and knife can be used alternately. Choose such a model purposefully if different types of plants are immediately located on the site and there may be different working conditions.

When choosing a trimmer equipped with fishing line, it is important to pay attention to the mechanism of the mowing head. According to the method of supplying fishing line, it can be automatic, automatic and manual.

  • The automatic head, without the help of others, lengthens the line as it is consumed.
  • Semi-automatic has a special key, clicking on which, due to centrifugal forces, the fishing line is fed.
  • The hand head asks for a stop of work and a manual line length option.

How to choose a gas trimmer for giving?

The choice of a gas trimmer for a summer residence begins with a review of its main technical features such as the type of motor, power cutting tools, ease of operation and ease of maintenance.

Choosing gas trimmers for giving you need to pay attention to the type of motor.

Gasoline engines trimmers can be 2-stroke and 4-stroke. This greatly affects the cost of the trimmer and a reasonable question arises: which petrol trimmer is best to buy for a summer residence? 2-stroke ones are filled with a consistency of gasoline with oil in a ratio of 1:50, 4-stroke ones are filled with gasoline only and therefore easier to operate. But 2-stroke engines are lighter, as they have the simplest design.

Even a good gas trimmer for a summer cottage requires repeated maintenance.

Therefore, when choosing, it is important to pay attention to the comfortable placement of the spark plug and air filter. You should choose the model where you can change the filter and the candle with your own hands, and not take the trimmer to a service center.

Not unimportant moment is the comfortable placement of the fuel tank and the motor starter. The ease of refueling and starting up will greatly save your strength during work.

Sometimes complete with a trimmer are additional tanks for mixing gasoline and oil.

It is appropriate to choose this model specifically, since you will not have to spend money on additional equipment.

The petrol trimmer for giving is quite a powerful tool and can use both a fishing line and a knife as a cutting tool. When choosing a gas trimmer, pay attention to whether the trimmer is equipped with both nozzles or whether you will have to buy them.

Some petrol trimmers have a collapsible structure (collapsible bar). It is extremely comfortable for storage and transportation.

When choosing a gas trimmer, it’s important to try it on in the market.

The trimmer should be comfortable specifically for you. A good trimmer is correctly balanced, it has comfortable, customizable handles for the user, a soft belt. All this greatly facilitate the work in the garden.

When buying a gas trimmer, you should think about your safety. Petrol trimmers during work are very booming and have excessive vibration.

Therefore, when purchasing a trimmer, do not forget to purchase safety glasses, headphones and mittens.

How to choose an electric trimmer for giving?

The electric trimmer for giving can be with the lower and upper arrangement of the motor. Only this event already suggests what kind of electric trimmer is better to get for a summer residence?

Trimmer with a lower engine location is the cheapest trimmer for giving. They have a small power and light weight, a fishing line is used as a cutting tool. Trimmers of this type are provided for short-term work and mowing soft grass, such as dandelions and wheatgrass. Thanks to the low-power engine, they will not be able to cope with nettles or burdock.

The disadvantage of lower trimmers is the fear of water.

Since the engine is located below, when mowing wet grass, there is the possibility of water entering the engine and its failure.

When choosing a trimmer of this type, it is important to pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the handle to fit your own height, as well as the ability to configure the angle of inclination of the cutting tool. This will greatly facilitate the work.

Some models of electric trimmers with a lower motor arrangement are equipped with wheels.

This trimmer model can be rolled like a lawn mower, which simplifies the work and allows you to simply achieve a similar height of grass when cutting.

Choosing the right trimmer for a summer residence is extremely simple. grab it with one hand on the handle. If the trimmer is perfectly balanced, the cutting tool will be placed parallel to the ground. Such a trimmer will be extremely comfortable and you should choose it specifically.

Electric trimmers for summer cottages with an overhead motor are not afraid of water and have the most powerful engine, which allows them to mow all grass, dead wood and shrubs.

Electric trimmers with an overhead motor may have a cutting tool in both the wood and a knife.

By purchasing a trimmer equipped with a knife, the functionality of the tool is growing rapidly. In this configuration, the trimmer will be able to cut down the shoots of trees and shrubs, for example, wild grapes.

The choice of an electric trimmer with an overhead motor is identical to the choice of a petrol trimmer, then with the exception that the electric trimmers do not need to be serviced, therefore all attention needs to be paid only to ease of use.

The best electric trimmers for summer cottages possess the following features: the convenience of the handles and the ability to adjust them, the ability to adjust the bar, and the completeness of various cutting tools.

Electric trimmers can have two types of control on the steering wheel and on the motor housing.

The choice in favor of one or another model must be made based on the criterion of work. If you have to work in the open, then you should choose a trimmer with a steering wheel. If you need to work in cramped conditions, it is better to choose a trimmer with control on the engine housing.

How to choose a fishing line and a knife for a trimmer

When purchasing a trimmer, you should immediately stock up on a consumable m. cutting tool.

The choice of fishing line for the trimmer is done according to the diameter and cross sectional shape of the fishing line. The diameter of the line used is specified in the technical properties of the trimmer.

The shape of the fishing line is chosen based on the criterion of work.

The fishing line can be round, square, in the form of a polygon (asterisk, triangle, etc.) and twisted section.

  • The round section is an all-purpose fishing line. Suitable for any type of weed and has a low noise level.
  • The polygon has an overestimated impact force. Deals less damage to plants. It is used for mowing grass.
  • A rectangular fishing line has the greatest impact force.

It is used for mowing dead wood and plants with thick stems. The twisted shape is used to reduce vibration of noise during operation, which increases the convenience of working with a trimmer.

How to Choose an Electric Hair Trimmer

This form is suitable for most types of work.

The choice of a knife for the trimmer is justified by the diameter, shape and m of the knife.

The permissible knife diameter is indicated in the technical properties for the trimmer. This must be strictly observed.

The shape of the knife is of great importance. The triangular, lobed forms of the knives greatly crush the grass and greatly complicate its next harvest. They are good for mulching the earth.

To harvest hay, you need to use round knives. Such a knife does not chop grass, but only cuts it.

The choice of knife depends on the shape of the trimmer bar. The straight-bar trimmer is equipped with only an iron knife. Trimmer with a curved bar only plastic.

It is made from safety propositions. A trimmer with a curved bar when bumping into an obstacle tends to bounce toward its legs, while a trimmer with a straight bar does not have such an individuality.

How to choose an electric trimmer for giving

Which electric trimmer is better: tips and tricks for choosing

A neat and well-groomed lawn is the decoration of at least some yard and garden plot.

Neatly and evenly cutting grass by hand is very laborious, because progress comes to the rescue, which has presented us with various tools for lawn care. It remains only to decide which one of them. a lawn mower, a brushcutter or a trimmer to choose.

The purpose of the tool in the country

Electric garden trimmers are designed to care for small areas with difficult terrain and lots of obstacles (such as trees or flower beds).

The trimmer is an iron rod on which the engine and cutting head are mounted. Small dimensions significantly increase the maneuverability of the tool and allow mowing grass in places inaccessible to the most bulky equipment.

Did you know? The first trimmer was made of a tin can, in which the South American businessman George Bollas made holes and cut small lengths of fishing line through them.

As the name implies, the electric trimmers for grass are equipped with an engine that can run on an electrical network or battery.

It will also be useful for you to find out the main aspects of choosing an electric lawn mower for the site. They can differ in some design features:

  • type of cutting tool (fishing line, wire or knives);
  • the location of the motor (top or bottom);
  • handle shape (D-shaped or T-shaped).


Household appliances differ in small power (up to 1000 watts, traditionally not more than 750 watts).

With a small motor power, the choice of a cutting element is limited to a fishing line of a small section (up to 2 mm). Such a tool is designed to handle a lawn with soft grass and can not cope with plants with thick trunks and a small shrub. The engine of such models is traditionally located at the bottom, which greatly simplifies the design.

Handles have a D-shape, this is the most convenient option when processing small areas, and also reduces the size of the structure.

The word trimmer comes from the British word to trim. to cut, trim.


Professional tools have a layout in which the engine is located at the top and has a power of up to 2 kW. Such a powerful engine allows you to equip the cutting head not only with fishing line or wire, but also with plastic or metal knives, which significantly increases productivity.

Such trimmers will simply cope with hard weeds and a young bush.

The T-shaped handle is most comfortable when processing huge areas where special maneuverability is not required. Find out which petrol trimmer is better to choose for a summer residence.

Selection tips

A wide range of devices is available on the market, and knowing how to choose an electric trimmer for cutting grass, you can choose the best option, taking into account your needs and the cost of the unit.

What to look for

There are several selection criteria that you need to focus on in the first place:


This parameter depends on the motor power and the design of the cutting head. It should be borne in mind that the most massive models have significantly more weight and a significantly huge cost. For a well-kept area of ​​6 acres, up to 750 watts of power is completely enough.

  • The location of the motor. Trimmers with a lower motor arrangement have significantly lower weight and cost due to the absence of a gear mechanism. But I equip such trimmers with engines of the least power, respectively, they have the lowest productivity.
  • Important! Engines with a lower location cool worse and can clog.

      The shape of the pen. Devices with a D-shaped handle are easier to maneuver, bypass obstacles and mow along curbs.

    With a T-shaped handle similar to a bicycle handlebar, it is easier to handle huge terrain due to uniform overload on both hands.

  • The presence of belts. If the choice fell on a powerful model with an upper engine, you need to pay attention to the shoulder straps, they greatly simplify the work with the trimmer, removing the load from the hands.
  • Manufacturer. The market offers a huge amount of this equipment in a fairly wide price range. But in order to save money, you should not take a completely unknown brand, in case of breakdown you will not receive warranty repairs and there may be problems with spare parts.
  • What you can not pay attention to

    When choosing an electric trimmer, an anti-vibration system will be an insignificant factor. an electric engine does not make such a powerful vibration as an internal combustion engine.

    Also, occasionally who uses the ability to adjust the height of the grass mowing, therefore, it is impractical to overpay for this function.

    Electric trimmers with batteries are still quite expensive and at the same time do not provide long battery life. The weight of the structure increases due to the accumulator. It will be interesting for you to find out how to plant a lawn correctly.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the electric trimmer

    The electric trimmer has a number of advantages in comparison with its gasoline employee:

    • less weight;
    • low price;
    • lack of harmful exhausts;
    • low level of vibration and noise;
    • simplicity and low cost of maintenance.

    But there are a number of shortcomings that should also be noted:

    • a small radius of action, limited by the length of the extension cord and the availability of the outlet;

    When the electric trimmer is working, you need to connect it to the network using a grounded outlet and a special portable extension cord that can withstand the highest overloads.

    • less power;
    • the inability to work in wet weather (after rain, watering or heavy dew) due to the threat of a short circuit.

    With a correctly selected inventory, summer will not be a series of tedious gardening obligations, and if lawn care is not a pleasure, then there will be no problem. Was this article helpful?

    Electric trimmer. equipment considered an extremely good candidate for an expensive lawn mower.

    Such devices are mainly used to care for small areas or to remove weed in hard to reach places. When choosing a trimmer, you should pay attention to several fundamental points.

    Equipment design

    The electric trimmer consists of 3 main elements:

    • rods with a handle,
    • enclosures
    • working head with fishing line.

    Models may differ in power, line thickness, motor location, as well as the type of rod or handle.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The advantages of electric trimmers in comparison with gasoline models, as well as lawn mowers, trolleys include:

    • cheapness
    • light weight
    • maneuverability,
    • ease of maintenance.

    Video: How to Choose an Electric Hair Trimmer

    Electric trimmers are much cheaper than lawn mowers.

    Mowing this equipment with grass can even be done by a child, lady or elderly person.

    Owners of small cottage areas traditionally acquire a trimmer of this type as the main equipment designed to care for the yard. Owners of large plots of land often receive devices such as an addition to a lawnmower cart. It is actually extremely comfortable. The fact is that it is very problematic to remove or cut the grass, for example near the curbs, between the bushes or on steep hills. It is often necessary to bring the lawn to reason with ordinary shears, which, of course, takes a lot of time. This is where the electric trimmer comes to the rescue.

    The disadvantages of equipment of this type include only low power and limited area of ​​work performed by the length of the wire.

    Immediately with the purchase of an electric trimmer, owners of summer cottages often receive a carry. When working with a model of this type, you have to make sure that its wire does not get tangled in the bushes or fall under a fishing line or knives.

    Lower engine models

    The location of the motor is one of the main criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing equipment such as an electric trimmer. Models with an engine mounted under the body differ in small power (up to 650 W), light weight and extremely good maneuverability.

    They are used for mowing only soft low grass. With this trimmer, you can simply cut young weeds between seedlings or perennial flowers, since the diameter of the circle of fishing line is extremely small. Thus, equipment with a lower motor location is unsurpassed for caring for courtyards of a small area (up to 3 acres) or as an addition to a lawn mower trolley.

    Some disadvantages of such trimmers, in addition to low power, include the inability to use to care for a wet lawn. It’s not worth getting a model of this type for processing an extremely large area, and therefore, because its engine heats up pretty quickly.

    Using such an electric trimmer, the cost of which is traditionally extremely low, it will be extremely necessary to interrupt work very often.

    The design of models of this type often even includes special elements that are responsible for stopping the supply of current if the motor is heated to a critical temperature.

    Huge Trimmer

    Equipment with an overhead motor is even more powerful (up to 1.3 kW). At the same time it costs more and consumes a lot of electricity. The fishing line in such trimmers has a significant thickness (from 2 mm or more). Some models are supplied with everything else with plastic or metal knives.

    Electric trimmers with fishing line and knife are often allowed to be used as brush cutters. So, if there is a hedge on the site or an extremely large number of ornamental shrubs grows, it’s worth stirring your brains about acquiring a model of that particular configuration.

    A device with an overhead motor is the best electric trimmer for those who are used to mowing grass in the early afternoon, through dew. It is allowed to use equipment of this type for lawn care after rain.

    Thus, in the event that an extremely large amount of thick grass or thick weeds grows on a site, it is worth considering the acquisition of a model specifically with an overhead engine.

    Curved Bar Models

    Such equipment is quite comfortable to use, but differs in small capacity.

    The traditionally curved bar is supplied with models with a lower motor arrangement. The torque from the motor to the working head is transmitted to them using a narrow iron cable, which is considered not very reliable. Thick grass cannot be mowed with curved bar trimmers.

    Conventional Trimmers

    Equipment with a direct handle is most often distinguished by high power. The engine of such models is placed on top, and the torque to the working element is transmitted directly through the shaft. Devices of this type can be used for mowing coarse grass and forming hedges, but their maneuverability is traditionally not very bad.

    An electric trimmer (the price for such models is higher than for equipment with a curved bar) of such a design is unsurpassed for caring for large lawns or overgrown with weeds.

    Pen shape

    Of course, when choosing a trimmer, you should pay attention to this element. At the moment, the market mainly consists of devices with D-shaped and T-shaped handles. Models of the first type are traditionally chosen by owners of sites with complex terrain. Devices with such a handle are extremely comfortable to maneuver. They can handle hills, narrow grass strips between bushes, etc. The best electric trimmer for mowing flat lawns of a large area is a model with a T-shaped handle.

    Manufacturer’s Reviews

    Almost all the braids of this type currently available on the Russian market are of good quality.

    So you can choose at least some electric trimmer. The main thing is that it was not a fake. For example, MTD brand models are extremely popular with owners of summer cottages. Their cost, depending on the power, can range from 3,000 to 7,500 r.

    Another popular brand of electric trimmers in our country is MAKITA.

    The pluses of devices from this manufacturer include virtually perfect balancing (do not vibrate in the hands), the lack of the need for frequent engine cooling (interruptions in operation) and the availability of after-sales service. The lack of models of this brand, the owners of cottages consider only their very higher cost. The average cost for MAKITA equipment is 7000-8000 rubles. Owners of medium-income sites traditionally prefer to receive such electric trimmers specifically. Reviews about them are really just great.

    In general, modern trimmers in most of their own are not very expensive and quite reliable.

    When choosing, you should not just save and get very affordable equipment from an unknown manufacturer. Then the device will last a long time and you won’t have to find a company specializing in such activities as repairing electric trimmers or even take a fresh electric trimmer in a couple of months.

    general characteristics

    A rather powerful tool is called a trimmer, which is intended for mowing grass in different areas.

    Its principle of operation resembles a braid. But the whole process is mechanized. Therefore, the care of the lawn when using a trimmer becomes normal and quick.

    The design of the device is quite ordinary. A cutting element is attached to the iron pipe. It is driven by a motor. How to choose the right trimmer for a summer residence will be carefully considered further. Knowing all the intricacies of this equipment, you can choose the best option.


    There are three main groups of trimmers.

    They differ primarily in the motor. It can be gasoline or electric. In the 2nd category, devices that require power from the network, as well as battery trimmers for giving, are distinguished.

    A gas trimmer is a classic lawnmower option. This is a robust reliable tool capable of processing huge areas with a strong growth of grass and shrubs. It provides autonomy to its own user, because with this tool you can work even in a clean field.

    Electric varieties are specifically designed for cottages and mansions.

    Battery models on sale are quite rare. Therefore, the electric trimmer needs to be connected to a fixed network. It is easier and more convenient to process small areas with such equipment.

    Gas engine

    Choosing a good and cheap trimmer for giving, you need to pay attention specifically to the category of tools with a gasoline engine. Such devices have several advantages. Petrol trimmers have the highest power. They are hardy and maneuverable. The autonomy of the unit allows you to mow the grass in virtually all conditions.

    If the site is large, covered with thick grass with thick trunks, shrubs, this tool will be an irreplaceable assistant.

    Four-stroke and two-stroke engines are on sale. In the first case, the engine must be filled with a spotless engine. Two-stroke engines work on the consistency of oil with gasoline. The first option is considered more reliable, preferable.

    However, even the best gasoline trimmer has a number of shortcomings. Fuel for its work is quite expensive. During operation, the unit makes a lot of noise. A gas engine will emit exhaust fumes. This can harm plants.

    Also, the unit with a gasoline engine has a lot of weight. Not everyone can manage such a machine.

    Electric motor

    The electric trimmer is the most quiet, environmentally clean equipment. On sale, battery models are represented by a fairly moderate assortment. It is paired with a huge battery weight.

    It is awkward to drive such an assembly. But such a trimmer will be able to be operated in criteria where there is no close outlet.

    The electric trimmer is powered by a wire. It is lightweight, quiet equipment. It is fully suitable for processing a small area with soft grass. During operation, the spit will not need to pour precious fuel into the crankcase.

    When choosing a trimmer for giving for ladies, an aggregate with an electric motor will be better.

    The device will be lightweight, maneuverable and quiet. It does not pollute the environment. There are many models in this category of devices. This is explained by the highest demand for mains-operated electric trimmers. For giving specifically this option is considered preferable.


    Even the best gasoline trimmer may not be suitable for a summer cottage. It will create a lot of noise, exhaust fumes. This can disrupt the rest of both the owners of the house and their neighbors. Therefore, to give almost always receive an electric trimmer.

    First of all, pay attention to its power.

    It can range from 200 to 1800 watts. The higher the power indicator, the more the unit will weigh. If the area of ​​the summer cottage does not exceed 6 acres, it has small lawns with soft grass, it is recommended to give preference to low-power models. If they are used in difficult conditions, the motor will overheat. In this case, the protection system will turn off the current supply.

    If the territory is overgrown with the highest grass, the most powerful device will be needed. Its motor must consume at least 1 kW. It will weigh more, but the processing of the terrain will be excellent and quick.

    Low-power models only refine zones between flower beds, around paths and trees. It is a lightweight, conventional apparatus.

    Design choice

    A reliable trimmer for a summer residence should also have the right design, balanced weight. There are models with a curved and straight barbell. In the first case, the rotational movement is transmitted to the cutting element by means of a cable, and in the second, by means of a shaft.

    Reliability and ergonomics of the presented varieties vary. Specialists say that a longer-term design will be a bar with a straight shaft.

    Such a device is considered more effective.

    You also need to pay attention to the choice of cutting tools. It can be made in the form of fishing line or knives. In the first case, the cutting element is designed for soft grass. Knives are not able to control her. But the fishing line will not be able to perfectly process the overgrown area.

    If he has thick weeds, you will need to use knives. Trimmer designs, in which the presence of knives and fishing line is foreseen, are considered universal.


    The design of the trimmer foresees the presence of a handle of a certain shape. It can be J, D, T-shaped. You should also pay attention to this parameter when deciding which trimmer to purchase for a summer residence. Reviews from professionals will help you choose the best option.

    J-handle braids are used on the most massive models.

    They allow you to safely mow thick grass with thick trunks. The bevel gear of such units is located very far from the user.

    The T-shaped handle is considered extremely comfortable if it is necessary to process a site with a complex relief. Hands will not get tired for a long time. Such handles are also installed on massive models.

    The D-shaped handle is in the design of low-power models. They are suitable for plots with a small area. This design allows the handle to achieve greater maneuverability.

    Operational Features

    A good trimmer for giving should be reliable, long-term and effective.

    For this, the selected unit must be correctly operated. Even the most massive expensive models require work to be done in cycles. Breaks help prevent overheating of the motor.

    The cutting head must not be hit on the ground, hard objects, or pebbles. Regardless of the type of motor location (bottom or top of the braid), you cannot use an electrical device in fog or in wet, rainy weather. Damp grass is dangerous and awkward to mow. It will clog the trimmer.

    You also need to control the position in the area of ​​the electric wire.

    Device service is carried out only in the off state.

    Do not remove the protective cover. This can harm the operation of the motor, be dangerous to the user. Next to the working trimmer is not required to be animals, small children.


    Conventionally, all models on sale can be divided into economical, household and professional categories. They differ in reliability, durability and cost.

    The economical category includes appliances, the cost of which is from 2 to 5 thousand.

    rub. In this group, Patriot units are in demand. Their models. RT-480, ET-1200, ET-1255. are popular among consumers.

    High quality are characterized by household models. Their cost is from 3.5 to 7.5 thousand rubles. This group includes models of the Alpina, Riobi, and Hyundai brands.

    Premium quality models are known for the highest quality. The cost of such products is from 6.5 to 11 thousand rubles. This group distinguishes the products of Makita, Calm, Efko.

    In some models, users note certain design flaws. For example, in the Iskra-Ero device, a coil quickly fails. Finding a replacement item is virtually unrealistic. In some models, the presence of a belt is not foreseen, for example, in the Makita 4030. A good trimmer should be easy to use.

    Users note a rapid overheating of the motor in trimmers with a lower motor arrangement.

    Such equipment wears out quickly. Equipment malfunctions due to improper operation. Using such units, you must correctly follow the requirements of the instructions.

    Choose a manual electric trimmer

    Any suburban area, if taken care of, sooner or later asks for mowing grass or mowing grass. In this article we will pay attention to an extremely fundamental question. how to choose an electric trimmer to fit your requirements.

    What is an electric trimmer, or as it is also called. an electric braid?

    This is a small device for cutting and mowing grass, powered by the mains, which can be carried on the shoulder wearing a special belt. Some models have additional wheels that allow lowering the load on the hands when working with it.
    The trimmer design consists of an electric motor, a rod, a handle with a control mechanism and a head with cutting equipment.
    The design of different models can vary greatly.

    But I will talk about this a bit below.

    Such an electric scythe will be able to mow the grass in places where the lawn mower is powerless. For example, places near trees, shrubs and fences, as well as potholes, indentations in the soil or small lawns. Also, the highest grass will be too tough for an ordinary lawn mower.

    Given the relatively low cost and simplicity of the design, it can be considered that the electric trimmer is an all-in-one tool that is needed for virtually any land, not in vain almost all gardeners choose and purchase it in addition to a lawn mower.

    Naturally, the electric wire does some inconvenience when moving, but this is offset by ease of maintenance and relatively light weight. And the mobility of the trimmer can be increased by lengthening its power cord.

    Consider the classification of electric trimmers by type of mowing:

    Cutting tool. fishing line.
    All trimmers are equipped with a spool with fishing line, which, when rotated, cuts the weed during operation.
    The thickness of the fishing line varies from 1.2 to 2.5 mm.

    The thicker the fishing line, the thicker the plants can be cut using an electric trimmer.

    The cutting element is a knife.
    By installing a knife instead of a reel with fishing line, you will be able to cut, apart from the grass, also small bushes, young shoots of trees and dry thick grass. Knives can be either 3 or 4 bladed. mi for the production of knives are alloy and plastic.

    Choosing a specific model, I recommend getting a trimmer, which comes with an alloy blade blade. Its cost will be slightly higher, but the usefulness of such an acquisition will be tangible.

    Engine location

    The electric trimmer motor can be placed both on the top and bottom of the device.

    This leaves a certain imprint on the individuality of his work, as well as the highest power and safety.

    The engine is located below

    This design makes the electric braid the most balanced and comfortable to use. The small weight of the trimmer allows you to cut weed even to people who are not distinguished by a strong physique, for example, ladies and elderly people. You can also note the lowest cost of this option. The power of similar trimmers traditionally does not exceed 650 watts. They are completed only with fishing line.

    When choosing such a model, there are, of course, its aspects. Due to its lower position, the engine is at constant risk of clogging. Mowing wet grass with such a trimmer must not be possible to prevent electric shock.

    Since devices of this type are low-power, they need to be given time to relax. For example, 20 minutes of electric braid works, and then rests for 20 minutes.

    Trimmers with a lower engine also have a limitation on the thickness of the line used. I do not advise putting the fishing line thicker than the technical passport of the trimmer advises. This can lead to unstable operation or even damage.

    It is recommended to use such trimmers for constant mowing of a small lawn, because if you work on a rather thickened area, it may not fully cope with your own task.

    If this is a gift for an elderly mother or grandmother, then this is the best choice!

    The engine is placed on top

    These are the most powerful trimmers, the power of which can reach up to 1400 watts. Such an apparatus can cut thick and tall grass, as well as small shrubs.

    Trimmers with an overhead motor can be equipped with not only fishing line, but also with a knife. They can cut wet grass. The cost of such models is higher, but their performance corresponds to this.

    I hope now it has become clearer for you how to choose an electric braid for your own needs according to the type of engine location.


    Obviously, the more powerful the device, the more its weight.

    The size and shape of the trimmer also affect weight. expensive and massive models weigh about 5 kg. The least massive electric braids naturally have the least weight. So, if you choose completely light and small low-power trimmers, then they can weigh only kg.

    Here, in principle, everything is clear. The more powerful the engine, the more efficient the trimmer. And it is necessary to choose the required power depending on the tasks assigned to the electric braid.
    If you need to take care of a plot of significant size or mow the higher grass, then choose an electric braid with more power.

    This will allow you to work without interruption for a long time, processing overgrown areas. A power of about 1000-1200 watts will be sufficient.

    For mowing grass in small areas, as well as for maintaining the lawn in a tidy condition, you can purchase a trimmer of small or medium power. That is, buy such an unit with a power of about 500 watts.

    The shape and ability of the bar.
    Massive models of trimmers have straight and non-separable rods. The rotation of the motor is transmitted to the gearbox using a solid iron shaft. Due to this, the productivity of the tool and its durability increase. True, the weight also increases.

    If you are considering a trimmer with a curved bar, you should know that the torque from the motor is transmitted to the head using an iron cable.

    This design is the least reliable, but the trimmer will have the least weight. The performance of trimmers with a cable is slightly lower. They are used to a greater extent in combination with low-power engines.

    You should also pay attention to whether a collapsible bar or not. For example, I had a problem to bring the trimmer to the cottage, but he did not fit into the car with a non-folding bar. I had to buy an electric braid with a folding bar of 2 parts, although traders said that this option is the least reliable than the whole.

    For the 3rd year, this unit has been serving faithfully.

    The shape of the pen.
    Most trimmers have a D-shaped or J-shaped handle. This shape of the handle makes the trimmer the most maneuverable, allowing you to handle awkward areas and less tired. If the trimmer is planned to be used on a large and level terrain, then the question arises of facilitating the mowing process. In this case, you can look at the handle in the form of a bicycle steering wheel, the so-called T-shaped handle. It can be held with 2 hands.

    The efficiency of such a trimmer increases, and the efforts are moderately distributed between 2 hands. This allows you to work longer and less tired;

    Mowing head.
    In the process, the head rotates, and a knife or fishing line cut the grass. Some models have the ability to rotate the mowing head at an angle of 90 degrees. This makes it possible to cut the edges of the lawn. pay attention. If you naturally need such a function, because It costs extra money.

    The fishing line wears out quite quickly during operation.

    In professional models, the change of fishing line (pulling out the "mustache" of the fishing line) can occur automatically.

    For example, each time the trimmer is turned on or when the head hits the ground.

    Belt for carrying during operation.

    The belt allows you to wear an electric braid on the shoulder.
    Needless to say, the belt is simply needed to unload the weight falling on the muscles of the hands. But there is one highlight. languid models can create inconvenience, affecting only one shoulder. Therefore, it is better for them to choose a complete set with a backpack-type belt (harness), which moderately distributes the weight of the trimmer on both shoulders.

    Useful tips for selection and operation

    Some electric trimmers may have electronic protection against motor overheating.

    The sensor turns off the electric motor when an unsafe temperature is reached. This is a very useful addition that allows you to save the engine from combustion.

    Some models can be equipped with a very useful addition. a special connector at the end of the bar, which allows you to quickly change different nozzles.
    As a result, you can get a multifunctional tool. Changing the nozzles, in addition to the direct function, the trimmer can be used for trimming trees, cultivating the land, snow removal, etc.

    Electric trimmer care

    Caring for an electric trimmer is easy. After the end of work, it is necessary to clean the ventilation openings of the motor from debris that has got into them (especially applies to models with a lower engine location).

    I also recommend removing the head and cleaning it and the protective cover. It does not hurt to lubricate the gearbox shaft in the shaft with thick grease (for example, lithol), at least once a season.

    Inspect from time to time whether there is grease in the gearbox itself.

    If a knife is dull on your trimmer, then in some models it can be turned over on the other side and continue to work. When the 2nd side becomes dull, the knife will have to be sharpened. Sharpen the knife gently without the help of others. During uneven sharpening, the knife may cause vibration and jamming of the gear during operation.

    Summary and recommendations

    We can summarize that there is no universally suitable trimmer model that would suit any conditions:

    • plot size
    • condition and type of grass on it,
    • the presence of pebbles, bushes and other possible obstacles.

    If the area is rocky, then give preference to a trimmer that uses only fishing line or with replaceable nozzles.

    In this case, it does not make sense to overpay, because the knife can simply be destroyed on pebbles. A twisted knife can contribute to skew and even damage to the gearbox.

    If the site has a lot of young trees (shrubs), and the grass on it is cut irregularly, it is better to choose a powerful trimmer with an iron knife.
    I have a rather large area on the site where potatoes were previously grown and weeds growing there now, you can cut them only with an iron knife, and the trimmer has to be used not electric, but gasoline, but we’ll talk about its choice in another article.