How To Choose An Electric Mower

How to choose a lawn mower. Electric mower or petrol mower.How to choose a lawn mower? Do you need a petrol or electric mower to mow your lawn? During the spring of summer. In the fall, the lawn is mowed at least 14 times. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right lawn.

How to choose a lawn mower. Electric mower or petrol mower

How to choose a lawn mower? Do you need a petrol or electric mower to mow your lawn? During the spring of summer. In the fall, the lawn is mowed at least 14 times. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right lawn mower for your garden.

By energy source, lawn mowers are:

Mechanical lawn mower. It is a small, simple lawn mower that is powered by the physical effort of a gardener. It can be used in small areas.

The electric mower is used in medium spaces. The electric lawn mower has a limited range of operation, as it depends on the source of electricity. It is an environmentally friendly machine, easy to operate and working for an unlimited time. Electric lawn mower can be three-dimensional, self-propelled lawn mower.

In a self-propelled and electric lawn mower. The robot uses different types of batteries: lithium-ion batteries, which reduce the weight of the lawn mower, and cheaper lead acid batteries. There are three battery-powered meters. The electric lawn mower works quietly and does not pollute the environment. You can mow your lawn and enjoy the clean air and birdsong.

The way the lawn mower moves

Lawn mowers are divided into 3 groups according to the mode of movement. A lawn mower that a gardener moves on wheels.

There is a manual petrol or electric lawn mower (trimmer) that the gardener holds and moves as the lawn is mowed. The petrol lawn mower has a 2-stroke engine and runs on petrol.

Petrol or electric lawn mower. The trimmer is used for small areas. The trimmer cuts the grass near the curb, around trees and bushes. They can cut the grass under the bench. There are trimmers with a line and a cutting knife.

Self-propelled lawn mower. It is a powerful machine driven by a gardener. A self-propelled lawnmower can be driven while sitting on the seat. It is convenient and easy to operate by pressing the pedal. On a self-propelled lawnmower, several horizontally rotating blades are used. The self-propelled lawn mower has detachable equipment that can be used for lawn care.

There is a new generation of lawn mowers. This is an electric robotic lawn mower. Some owners give them names and enjoy watching them work. Electric lawn mower. The robot differs in power, range of mowing heights. It can mow lawns with an area of ​​250 m2 and more, depending on the power, the area of ​​the mowed surface reaches 2000 m2.

It is a compact, waterproof, electric lawn mower. The robot is well used on a flat surface. The powerful electric robotic lawn mower can work on a flat and inclined plane. It is equipped with various sensors, including an anti-theft device.

Gasoline Lawn Mower

For large lawns, it is best to use a petrol powered lawn mower. Usually, they are equipped with a 2 or 4-stroke internal combustion engine. Gas mower. A powerful machine that can service lawns not only on a flat surface, but also on a slope.

The grass is cut qualitatively at the set level. Gasoline lawn mowers can easily mow any density of lawns, even overgrown grass. The difference between a gasoline and electric lawn mower. In weight, wheel size and cutting strip width. The larger the surface area of ​​the lawnmower, the wider the cutting surface. Gasoline lawnmowers vary in power and require engine maintenance.

There are even more powerful trailed mowers that are attached to the tractor. They cut grass over large areas such as golf courses.

Tips for choosing lawn mowers

It is best to choose a lawnmower with detachable accessories.

To ensure that the lawn is mowed with a design effect, you can use a cylinder lawnmower.

If you need to mow a lawn where trees grow, then a three-wheeled lawn mower is suitable.

When buying three mm, it is better to choose one with a removable handle. This will allow you to mow the grass under benches, bushes.

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to pay attention to the mowing speed and the range of regulation of the mowed grass, mulching the grass.

On a self-propelled lawn mower with lead. With an acid battery, it is easier to cut tough grass due to the greater weight.

When the engine is located at the rear of the Rider Mower, the advantage is good visibility, while with the front engine, more powerful lawn mowers. Over, a self-propelled lawnmower with a hydrostatic drive is easier to operate.

A self-propelled electric lawn mower weighs less than a gasoline lawn mower. This makes it more compact and allows for additional functions. However, during prolonged operation, the electric lawnmower requires breaks to cool the electric motor.

Handle shape

A distinctive feature of any electric braid is its handle. For example, light models are usually equipped with compact J- or D-shaped handles. Manufacturers often install vibration protection elements at the junction of the handle with the bar.

These models are convenient when you need to frequently change the mowing angle. But they are not suitable for work in large areas, since such a unit has a rather strong vibration, even despite the presence of vibration isolation. Typically, such electric scythes are used in areas with difficult terrain or for work in hard-to-reach places where an ordinary lawn mower cannot penetrate.

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For work on large areas, it is recommended to purchase a powerful scythe equipped with metal T-shaped handles, very similar to a bicycle handlebar. Wide comfortable handles help to easily and accurately move the electric scythe horizontally. The position of the handle is adjustable; it can be moved and / or tilted in any direction by simply loosening the clamp. Such braids are heavy, and in order to work effectively and for a long time, a suspension system is used (for most household models, this is a simple shoulder strap).

Boom and motor design

One of the main components of the electric braid is its bar. All booms can be classified according to the following criteria: split or solid booms, and straight or curved. A curved bar is equipped with light, low-power braids designed to perform small-scale work. In this case, the bending of the rod causes the line (cutting element) to move parallel to the ground. In powerful electric scythes, which cut shrubs and thin tree trunks, the bar is always straight. Such electric braids are heavy and rather large in size.

Rechargeable braid models

Currently, there are models of electric streamers that run on rechargeable batteries. Such braids are much more expensive than ordinary braids, but they are very comfortable and ergonomic. Their main disadvantage is the limited capacity of the battery, which does not allow long-term operation of this tool without recharging.

Electric braid models

Electric models, in addition to their low price and ease of maintenance, have a number of other advantages. This technique works with much less noise (than for gasoline models), and during its operation there are no harmful emissions. Significant disadvantages of these tools include their complete dependence on the electrical outlet and the presence of a wire that interferes with work. Also, one cannot ignore the possibility of electric shock as a result of damage to the wire insulation. Therefore, it is forbidden to work with an electric scythe during rain or any other precipitation.

What is Electrokosa

Manufacturers of garden equipment call the same unit differently: some with an electric scythe, others with a trimmer. It is known that a trimmer was originally called a unit that mowed the grass using a rotating fishing line. Now, in fact, every such tool can be equipped with a line reel, but this does not mean that they are all trimmers.

We believe that trimmers can be called electric and battery mowers that have an electric motor downstream. Whereas the top-mounted tool is electric oblique. Electric scythes, depending on the available power, equipment and design, perform various functions, ranging from mowing lawn grass to clearing shrubbery on large areas of land.

How to choose an electric bra?

All sorts of models of electric brace have been successfully sold for a long time in the markets of our country, but, despite the widespread use of these devices, there is still some confusion in the terminology.

  • What is Electrokosa
  • Electric braid models
  • Rechargeable braid models
  • Boom and motor design
  • Handle shape
  • Equipment for electric scythes

How to choose an electric boiler for heating a private house?

Electric heating boilers are simple, environmentally friendly heating devices that will save free space in your home and provide you with warmth and comfort in any bad weather. Such boilers do not emit harmful substances, have a fully automated control system and are absolutely noiseless during operation. Electric boilers are not only an effective source of heat, but also an excellent replacement for a boiler, they can provide a home with an uninterrupted supply of hot water.

By their design, electric boilers for heating a private house are quite simple. They consist of:

  • Heat exchanger (is a tank with heating elements);
  • Boiler regulation and control unit;
  • Pump for circulation of water in the system;
  • Expansion tank;
  • Safety valve;
  • Some models also come with a programmer.

How to choose an electric boiler for a private house, criteria:

The first step in choosing the right electric boiler is choosing the power. The extent to which the room can warm up the boiler depends on it. If you need a boiler only as a heat source, then again, the power may be less, and if you also need hot water supply, then the small power will not be enough.

In order to calculate the power, it is necessary to take into account:

  • Dimensions of the heated room;
  • The level of thermal insulation of the room;
  • Materials from which the walls and ceiling are made in the room;
  • Presence / absence of a ventilation system;
  • The number and size of window and door openings;
  • Temperature features of your region.
  • An important criterion is the complete set of electric boilers. A boiler with a minimum configuration will cost less, however, in operation it will not be the best option. Try to pay attention to the models with the maximum complete set. Let them be a little more expensive, but they will greatly simplify your life.
  • Decide on the scope. Electric boilers are both single-circuit for heating only, and double-circuit for both heating and hot water supply (DHW). In dual-circuit models, each of the circuits can work independently. These boilers are equipped with an expansion tank, a circulation pump and a fully automated control system.
  • Before choosing a specific model of an electric boiler, be sure to ask about the state of the electrical network in your house. In some cases, there may be restrictions on the connection.

Advantages of electric boilers for heating a private house

Although electric boilers for heating a private house are more expensive than solid fuel and gas boilers, they have a number of advantages that should not be neglected.

Electric boilers boast a wide power range and an extensive model range, so you can choose the ideal heater for both individual heating and commercial purposes. Electric boilers have a high efficiency of up to 99%, and thanks to the step power level of many modern models, electricity will be consumed as economically as possible.

Electric boilers are environmentally friendly, do not require the installation of a chimney, have a high level of automation, are durable, easy to operate and have a low cost price. The main thing is that when choosing an electric boiler for heating a private house, do not rush to make a choice, but approach it more responsibly, take into account all the nuances of each model and consult with experts.

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Battery Models

Now on the market you can find models of electric scooters operating on rechargeable batteries. Such braids cost much more than ordinary braids, but at the same time they are very ergonomic and comfortable. The main disadvantage of such electric scooters is the limited service life of their batteries, which in turn does not allow using this device for a long period without recharging.

Motor and boom design

How To Choose An Electric Mower

The electric scythe bar is one of its main components. Booms can be different and differ in several ways: one-piece or split booms, as well as curved or straight booms. Low-power light braids are most often equipped with a curved bar. Such braids are designed for small amounts of work. The bending of the bar is necessary so that the line (cutting element) moves parallel to the ground. Powerful electric scythes, with the help of which they cut thin tree trunks and shrubs, are always equipped with a straight bar. Such electric braids are large enough and heavy.

Handle shape

The handle is the hallmark of almost any electric scythe. For example, lightweight models are usually fitted with compact D- or J-handles. In the place where the handle is articulated with the rod, vibration protection elements are almost always located.

Such models are convenient to use when the mowing angle needs to be changed frequently, but they are not suitable for large volumes of work, since they have very strong vibration, from which even vibration isolation does not save. Most often, such models are used in hard-to-reach places where it is difficult for an ordinary lawnmower to penetrate, or in areas with difficult terrain.

For work on large sites, it is recommended to use a powerful electric scooter, which is equipped with a metal T-shaped handle, which is very similar to a bicycle handlebar. With the help of comfortable and wide handles, the electric scooter can be moved horizontally precisely and easily. The position of the handle can be adjusted, tilted in any direction or moved, for which you just need to loosen the clamp. Such electric scythes have a rather large weight, therefore, a suspension system is required for long and effective work with it. Most often, an ordinary shoulder strap is used as such a system.

Electric braid models

Electric braid models have other advantages besides ease of maintenance and low price. When working with such devices, there are no harmful emissions, and the noise level during operation is much lower than that of gasoline models. But among their shortcomings, one can note the presence of a wire that interferes with work, as well as the fact that they definitely need an electrical outlet to work. Also, do not forget that you can get an electric shock if the wire insulation is damaged. It is for this reason that it is forbidden to work with an electric scythe during any precipitation.

Electrokosa what is it?

Different manufacturers of garden tools may call one and the same device differently, someone a trimmer, and someone an electric scythe. But initially a trimmer was called a device that cut the grass with a rotating fishing line. And nowadays, you can install a reel with a line on almost every such tool, but this does not mean that they all belong to trimmers.

It is believed that a trimmer can be called battery or electric mowers, in which the electric motor is located at the bottom. But a tool with an electric motor on top is called an electric scythe. Depending on design, rigging and power, electric scythes can perform a wide variety of functions, from mowing grass on a lawn to clearing thickets of bushes on large areas of land.

How to choose the right electroscope? What is better than a motorcycle or electric scythe?

Currently, on the market you can find a wide variety of models of electric braces, which have been successfully sold for a long time. But even in spite of their increasing popularity, some confusion still remains in the terminology. Next, we will talk about what this tool is and how to choose an electric scythe.

Working equipment

Most electric and cordless braids are equipped with line trimming heads. When rotating at high speed, the line cuts off the stems of the growing grass. If a solid object is encountered on the way, it goes around the obstacle. Line breakage is possible due to improper handling of the tool.

The cutting width ranges from 22 to 42 cm and depends on the line outreach. A line with a diameter of 2 mm is suitable for soft and young grass, 3 mm for medium-hard vegetation.

For processing areas with dense vegetation, where young bushes are often found, use electric scythes with a knife or saw blade. The cutting element can be metal or plastic. The mowing width is determined by the size of the blade / disc. The maximum indicator is no more than 25 cm.

Trimmers with double working equipment are considered more versatile and easy to use. Such devices are equipped with a fishing line and a knife.

Trimmer Selection Options

The modern market offers a wide range of devices used to care for the local area. To remove weeds and other unwanted vegetation on the site, lawn mowers, gasoline brushcutters and electric (battery) trimmers are used.

Electric scythes are especially popular among gardeners. The advantages of this type of equipment include low specific weight, compactness and low noise performance. It’s fair to say that an electric scythe requires a lot of physical fitness. Holding the device on weight is not an easy task, which not everyone can cope with. To make the job easier, many manufacturers have provided a shoulder strap.

Some electric trimmers are equipped with line, others with line and knife. At the same time, do not forget that models may differ in power, rod and handle shapes, engine location. It is difficult to independently figure out all this variety of options, but it is quite possible.

Electric scythes are especially popular among gardeners.

Next, you will learn about the main criteria for choosing an electric trimmer.


An important selection criterion is the power of the device. The higher the performance, the better the trimmer works. So, an electric scythe with a power of up to 1200 W is suitable for clearing an area from dense vegetation. Trimmers with a power of 600-700 W are the optimal solution for lawn care and improvement of the local area.

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Best Electric Trimmers 2020: Advantages and Disadvantages of Top Models

Both electric and battery trimmers are used to care for a small area lawn. Electric scythes are suitable for home use: mow the lawn in front of the country house, tidy up and improve the lawn in the garden, trim the grass on the playground. The average processing area is 34 hectares. Such devices can be used to combat soft to medium hard vegetation. If you need to mow the undergrowth of trees and bushes, you cannot do without more powerful equipment.

Electric and battery streamers are characterized by a low noise level. You do not need to worry that a working device will cause inconvenience to households or neighbors. The first electric streamers are mains powered. Accordingly, it should be understood that the area of ​​the treated area is limited by the length of the wire. Sometimes you have to use a portable type electrical extension cord. Unfortunately, such manipulations are not safe. During operation, you need to monitor the electrical wire so as not to snag it.

Battery scythes, in turn, are considered more mobile. But battery-powered devices are less efficient. The operating time depends on the battery charge. If a large area is to be processed, it is better to have a spare battery on hand.

Engine location

Low power electric trimmers have a low motor position. Since the center of gravity is at the bottom, the streamer has good maneuverability and ease of use.

Decorative functions and design

The external design of the device can imitate a classic antique fireplace, decorated with stucco and painted tiles, the choice can be made in the Art Nouveau or Techno style. In some cases, when the apartment is decorated in a certain style, you can decorate the electric fireplace with separately purchased elements, making it match the interior, as shown below:

There is one important property that makes an electric fireplace so similar to a real wood-burning fireplace, and from which the apartment is transformed. This is an imitation with a live flame effect. There is also a large selection of design options. Let’s list the main methods of imitation used in modern electric fireplaces.

Reproduction of the burning effect using pieces of cloth. Pieces of matter, when blown by a fan, make movements resembling tongues of flame. The choice of special lighting enhances the similarity of the process to combustion. Dummies of logs are usually located under the flame.

In more modern and expensive models, the image of the logs burning in the hearth is reproduced on liquid crystal displays. The effect is enhanced by the use of special optics. From a certain viewing angle, the image is almost indistinguishable from a real flame. True, such an electric fireplace also has disadvantages due to the characteristics of liquid crystal monitors, namely, a small angle at which you can view without distorting the picture.

Imitation of a flame with streams of water vapor illuminated by halogen lamps. This is the most modern high-tech method. The electric fireplace has a built-in ultrasonic frequency generator that produces low-temperature water vapor. The rising streams of steam under special lighting cannot be distinguished from natural fire, moreover, the effect is three-dimensional and can be observed in any direction.

In addition to the use of visual effects, sound reproduction is used to accompany the burning of logs with a characteristic crackle. A special device installed in an electric fireplace spreads the smell of tree resin and smoldering logs in the room.

Installation method

By the method of installation indoors, an electric fireplace can be classified as one of the following types:

  • Angular. There are devices that occupy the inner corner of the room, or form a protruding outer corner.
  • Wall. Pendant type electric fireplace that can be located on any convenient part of the wall. If you have a small apartment, it is advisable to choose such a fireplace.
  • Floor. Floor-mounted. Models are available for installation along walls or in the center of a room.
  • Desktop. Compact models that fit on the desk.

Power consumption

Since an electric fireplace is a heater, one of its main characteristics is the electrical power of the device. In this regard, you can choose any product, from miniature models that generate practically no heat and perform only decorative functions, to full-size fireplaces, with which a city apartment or part of a residential building can be heated. Such an electric fireplace can be selected with a capacity of up to several kilowatts.

To correctly choose the power of the electric fireplace, we recommend that you be guided by the following ratio: to heat 10 square meters of a room, you need at least 1 kW of power. Those. For a bedroom or living room, it is recommended to choose a model with a capacity of at least 1.5 kW, if the choice of an electric fireplace is carried out in order to heat the room, and not just for decoration.

What to look for when choosing an electric fireplace?

  • Heating element type
  • Installation method
  • Power consumption
  • Decorative functions and design
  • Additional features
  • Top manufacturers
  • Summing up

Additional features

When choosing an electric fireplace for an apartment or house, it is important to pay attention to the additional functionality that the device may have. In 2017, electric fireplaces can be equipped with the following features and accessories:

  • Humidification and air purification;
  • Heating temperature regulator;
  • Sleep timer;
  • Backlight;
  • The ability to control from the remote control;
  • Regulation of flame height and glow brightness;
  • Soundtrack during work;
  • Imitation of the smell of smoke during operation;
  • Multimedia portal;
  • 3D hearth.

Top manufacturers

Well, and the last thing I would like to tell you about which electric fireplace is better to choose by the company in 2017. As for manufacturers, the following brands are leading in the market:

  • Dimplex (Ireland). One of the best manufacturers today.
  • Electrolux (Sweden). Good quality at an affordable price. Large assortment of models.
  • Burley (UK).
  • Hark (Germany).
  • ClassicFlame (China).
  • GoldStar (China).
  • Scarlett (China).