How to choose an electric saw. Rating of the best electric saw models

Choosing a house or professional activities

Electric saws. A tool widely used in the performance of construction and finishing work for sawing materials such as wood (cutting branches in the garden, cutting non.Weed trees, sawing logs on boards), foam concrete, concrete and even metal. To perform all these operations, there are various types of electric saws that differ in their design and the type of cutting tool. The information below will help to choose the right type of electric saw.

Like any electric tool, electric saws are divided into Professional and domestic. The models of the group’s units have high assembly quality, differ in reliability, are able to work for a long time without interruptions for rest and have a fairly high cost.

Household class devices can perform the same operations as professional, but short time. Every 15-20 minutes. They need rest for 30 minutes to cool the engine. In addition, some details of their mechanisms are made of less high.Quality materials than in professional technology.

In addition, electric saws are manual and stationary. Manual electric saws include:

Table electric saws are used both in small industries and in home workshops, and allow you to perform large volumes of work than a manual power tool. This instrument includes tape, disk, lobe, end, cutting machines. Consider each type in more detail.

What to look for when choosing a house for home and cottage

The power tool is quite simple to operate. It does not need to be refueling with fuel, worry about maintenance. When choosing a chain electric saw, it is worth paying attention to the engine power, tire length and other equally important criteria.

Engine power

The power indicator affects the speed of stretching the saw chain and the depth of the cut. Powerful models in a short period of time make the sawing deeper.

If the saw is purchased to work in the country, it is worth considering amateur class models, the power of which reaches 2 kW. Masters who often engage in sawing materials are suitable for reliable models from the semi.Professional category. Their power will reach 2.2 kW.

Tire length

The length of the tire allows you to find out which diameter of the material can be sawn with an electric tool. Large tires have high resistance to the rotational moment of the engine. It is very important that the length of the tire corresponds to the power of the device.

Smooth start

The presence of a smooth start function helps to protect the engine from the load when the device is turned on. To extend the life of the equipment, it is important to smoothly and gradually disperse the motor.

The non.Clock tension of the chain

The power tool chain can be pulled by the warehouse and non.Confusion method. The first method requires a special key. With non.Clock tension, the master uses a mechanism that is built into an electrical tool. This makes it possible to save time that is usually spent on searching for the key.

The main selection criteria

Before buying a chain power saw, you must first decide for which work it is planned to use this device.

An electric saw can have as a professional, so domestic purpose. The difference between a professional type and domestic is as follows:

  • A professional tool has high power and can function for a long time with intensive use. The main disadvantages of this type are large price and significant weight.
  • The household version has a simple design and therefore the cost of such a tool will be less than that of the previous type. Such electric saws are compact, convenient and have a small weight. The main disadvantage of the device of this type is a limited use time.

Dewalt DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT 60V Brushless Chainsaw Review

When choosing a chain electric saw, you need to pay special attention to the characteristics of the tool.


How the saw will cope with the cut of logs of various sizes and the density of the rocks on the power of the motor. Therefore, the larger the value of this indicator, the better the electric saw will work with the solid wood of wood. Electric saws can conditionally be divided into 3 groups, in which there is an approximate dependence of the length of the tire on power:

  • Tire length 30-35 cm-the required power indicator 1300-1800 W.
  • Tire length 40 cm-the required power indicator 2000-2300 W.
  • Tire length 45 cm-the required power indicator is 2700-2900 watts.

However, when choosing a model, you can find devices with a ratio of tire length of 45 cm and a capacity of 2300 watts. But electric saws with such characteristics will be difficult to work with massive logs.

The location of the electric motor

If you plan to use the device in everyday life, then it is better to purchase a tool with a longitudinal location of the electric motor, since the longitudinal electric saws have the best balancing compared to the transverse way of placing the motor. If you use the device in more difficult conditions, then tend to choose towards the device with the transverse installation option, since such a saw provides greater performance, unlike the previous model.

The length of the guide tire

The chain mount is performed on an element that has different sizes: many tools used in everyday life have a bus from 25 cm to 40 cm long. Tires with a length of more than 40 cm, are installed mainly on professional devices.

Smooth start

The smooth start is used for a smooth set of tools of the tool, thereby reducing the load on the energy system and excluding the appearance of a jerk.


The lubricant system consists of an oil pump and a tank. During the functioning of the motor, the pump in automatic mode supplies the lubricant to the chain. When buying, pay attention to the tools in which the pump performance is adjusted. Since it is easier to choose the necessary lubrication.

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The step of the chain

Step. Intermediate distance between three, nearby, rivets. This parameter indicates the length of the teeth and affects the performance of the device.

  • A step of 0.63 cm makes it possible to perform a cut as clean as possible and is used only in small electric saws.
  • Step 0.93 cm provides good performance, and is used mainly at home.
  • Step 0.95 cm is used on powerful electric saws with the highest performance.

The step depends on the power of the electric motor: the greater the step, the higher the power indicator should be.


Chain electric saw is considered a rather dangerous tool. Therefore, in order to protect the user from damage, and the saw from wear and fast failure, manufacturers equip their equipment with a security system consisting of:

  • STRACE brakes. It is made in the form of a user’s hand to protect. When a saw falls, the element instantly blocks the operation of the chain.
  • Protection against random inclusion. It is made in the form of the second launch button. The launch of the electric saw is made only when pressed on both buttons at once. Therefore, it will not work to start the tool electric motor by chance.
  • Overheating protection. It automatically stops supplying electricity to the device electric motor when it exceeds the normal temperature indicator. This system protects the motor from failure.

When choosing a tool, you also need to pay attention to the presence of a non.Clinging function of the chain. Since during operation the chain is gradually stretched, and to avoid slipping it, it must sometimes be pulled up.

Electric chain saw up to 10,000 rubles: rating 2020

Bosch Ake 30 S

The German saw of Hungarian origin takes its good quality assembly and performance. It is small in size and weight (3.9 kg), so it is easy for it to work even on pruning branches when her hands are raised all the time. There is a small bus of 300 mm. Enough for cutting a bar and logs up to 600 mm thick. A distinctive feature of this model is the possibility of a non.Closing chain tension. To stretch the circuit, you do not need keys and screwdrivers. Just adjust the plastic roller.

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The chain step here, like most saw, 3/8 inches. When the unit is turned off, the circuit stops instantly, which protects against injury. Of the minuses, we note the absence of the front sprocket on the bus, because of which the chain rubs and warms stronger. With short work, there are no problems, but with long.Term you will have to take breaks to cool down the chain.


By the way, a 300 mm STIHL tire with the front star is perfect for this model, so if you wish, you can change. The saw was quite gluttonous in terms of chain oil, and in 40 minutes of continuous operation, the tank for 200 ml is completely empty. This saw should be bought if you value good assembly quality, and you do not need to cut a huge number of large.Sized logs.

DAEWOO Power Dacs 2700e

This is a powerful heavy saw for serious work on the harvesting of firewood, cutting the roofing beam and boards, as well as rolling trees. There is a 2700 W engine, which accelerates the tire up to 2500 rpm. At first glance it is a small speed indicator, but for a 450 mm long tire is quite acceptable. Users note that the saw in quality and speed of sawing of thick wood is practically not inferior to gasoline models. However, the unit itself weighs a lot. 5.4 kg, so with prolonged work you will have to take frequent breaks.

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The main feature of the device is the function of smooth launch. It limits the starting current, reducing the load on the electric network and the engine, which eliminates the occurrence of a jerk when turning on. Thanks to this saw, he will never tear out of his hands. The chain tension is produced according to the SDS system, for which keys or screwdrivers are not needed. After turning off the device, the circuit stops almost instantly, excluding the likelihood of an injury. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the unit at 1 year. Service centers are in almost all major cities of Russia, so finding components for replacement will not be difficult.

STIHL MSE 141 C-Q-14

This electric saw is a good alternative to the STIHL MS 180 35 gasoline analogue for those who do not like noise and exhaust. Included with it is a 350 mm long tire (optionally can be installed by 300 mm). The saw easily saw oak logs with a thickness of 300. 400 mm and any wooden building material. This model has an electronic engine protection: with an increase in the load to a critical indicator (for example, when jaming the tire), the engine automatically turns off.

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Saw only 4 kg, so you can easily work for a long time. A 210 ml oil tank has transparent walls, thanks to which the operator can monitor the amount of oil. The device warranty. 2 years. During the warranty, you can count on service service in SC STIHL. For personal experience of cooperation with SC STIHL, say that employees always respond to circulation quickly and repair equipment as soon as possible. In our opinion, this is one of the best electric chain saws for the house and cottage.

Makita UC4051AX1

In this “Japanese”, the engine is installed not transversely, but longitudinally, thanks to which it is easier to wield a saw in constrained conditions, since its base is already than that of models with a transverse location of the engine. Engine power is 2000 watts. A hatch is located on the device case for quick access to coal brushes. It allows you to replace the wovered brushes without completely parsing the saw and contacting the service center.

The unit is equipped with a function of smooth start, thanks to which a jerk is excluded when the electric saw is turned on. The engine has electronic protection that turns it off with an increase in the load to a critical indicator. After turning off the device, the circuit stops instantly, so the unit does not need to be kept by weight, waiting for a chain to stop. The chain itself can be replaced or tightened without a key and screwdrivers. All manipulations are performed by a plastic regulator. It’s nice that the manufacturer put two chains at once. Makita UC4051AX1 is an excellent electric saw for a seasonal harvesting of firewood and construction work.

How to choose a good chain power saw

Good electric saw has several advantages over gasoline and a couple of disadvantages.

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Which is better than electric saw or chainsaw

The main differences between gasoline and electric saws are four:

choose, electric, rating, best, models

The gasoline engine operates thanks to gasoline at least the A92 brand mixed with two.Stroke oil; Electric. Electricity from the household network. The first motor has a larger resource, but also makes noise much stronger than electric and releases products of burning a mixture of gasoline and oil. Not all budget saws on the electric vehicle are equipped with an oil pump for automatic lubrication of the chain and tire.

Engines in electric saws are located along or perpendicular to the bus:

  • Transverse placement. A little shifted to the left along with the center of gravity. You will have to constantly make efforts to restore balance. It is suitable for cutting vertically lying logs;
  • Longitudinal. Longer, but more convenient, more balanced and maneuverable. Is suitable for harvesting building materials in small volumes, service of the garden, construction and carpentry work.
  • Power and performance.

The power of electric saw engines infrequently exceeds 2.5-2.8 kW due to the use of use-for domestic needs of such power more than enough. Saws with engines by 3 or more kW are characterized by increased weight.

The saw set of electric saws rotates at a speed of about 9000 rpm, for chainsaws faster. Approximately 12,000 rpm. Hence the difference in productivity. The chainsaws cope with the cutting of solid wood faster, the electric saw overtakes it when it comes to soft species. Linden, verb, poplar.

To launch an electric saw, you must expand the extension cord, connect the unit to it and clamp the two buttons. After a couple of tens of seconds of warming up, the tool is ready to work (in the cold, the engine should warm for a minute or two). Depending on the quality of graphite brushes and the activity of operation, they have to be changed once every few years. The chain is pulled both with the help of the key and a special lamb without the use of tools. Depends on the model.

Gasoline saw is much more difficult to prepare for operation and maintenance. For refueling it needs gasoline with an octane number of at least 90-92 with two-stroke oil in 1:50 proportions. Fuel and air filters need periodic cleaning and replacement, carburetors are often clogged. They should also be cleaned, the spark plug and the piston are also not eternal. There are 3 adjusting screws in the carburetor: idle, low and high revolutions. With their help, engine operation is set up. The chain stretch is carried out in two stages using a key and a screwdriver. The motor is launched by a manual starter mechanism in a couple of stages and needs prolonged warming up (working at low idle speeds), especially in the cold. The operating temperature of gasoline engines starts from 60 0 c.

Otherwise, both saws need to be cleaned of sawdust, which are clogged under the lid due to soaking in oil, add oil for lubrication of the chain, tighten and sharpen the saw set in time, replace the leading stars.

The chainsaws are more manufacturing from an electric saw, and more durable, but it costs 2-4 times more, needs constant maintenance. Cutting the trailer of electric wood firewood is noticeably cheaper than gasoline.

Basil can work in rain weather away from civilization. Electric network needs an electric energy source, and not to use it far from the house or garage. Moving around the site or garden, you will have to constantly carry an extension cord (this does not apply to the battery, but the batteries need recharging). Electric is not recommended to operate in raw and, especially, rainy weather. A tool with an electric engine can be used in residential premises. It does not throw out exhaust gases and is less noise.

From the features of the electric saw. After cleaning the casing from sawdust and drain of oil can be stored on the balcony. Does not make smells. Otherwise there is no difference or is it minimal.

Best battery chain electric saws

Battery options have their admirers. They can be taken with you on a campaign or cleared by Boille outside the country site where the wire will not reach. Therefore, the demand for battery models is high.

Dewalt DCM575x1

Dewalt DCM575x1

The American brand is well familiar to the Russian consumer. All its products are reliable, functional and have a long list of service.

The main characteristics of the model are given below:

  • Voltage 54 V;
  • Battery capacity 9 ah;
  • Brushless Brightless Motor;
  • Two tire options. 40 and 46 cm;
  • Several operating modes;
  • Up to 180 cuts on one charge.

Husqvarna 436 Li

Husqvarna 436 Li

The Swedish brand is responsible for the quality of the manufactured technique. Therefore, many buyers prefer her. Husqvarna 436 LI has decent characteristics:

Makita DUC353Z

Makita DUC353Z

A reliable Japanese model working from two batteries often receives enthusiastic reviews. First of all, its quality is noted. As well as technical characteristics:

  • Best.Bearing electric motor;
  • Rotation speed is 20 m/s;
  • Total capacity of batteries 5 ah;
  • Auto scouring of the chain;
  • Inertial brake;
  • Weight 5.2 kg;
  • Cutting element 35 cm long.

Bosch Universalchain 18 2.5ach x1

Bosch Universalchain 18 2.5ach x1

One of the best offers in the market. The developers equipped the model with a large number of innovation and reliable details.

  • Syneon Chip intellectual technology that controls energy consumption;
  • Battery 2.5 Ah;
  • Advanced protection of the tip;
  • 20 cm tire;
  • Weight 3 kg.

Ryobi RCS36

Ryobi RCS36

The option of Chinese assembly is positioned as suitable for construction work. It is distinguished by an interesting design and functionality. The main features of the electric saw:

  • Good balance;
  • Battery 36 V;
  • Basic equipment with tires by 30 and 35 cm;
  • Rotation speed is 21 m/s;
  • Stretch without additional tools.

Rating table of the best electric saws

The table below presents the TOP-20 of the best electric saw:

Electric saws are characterized by engine power, tire length and the presence of additional options. Household saws have a power of 1 to 2 kW and weighing 4-5 kg. Continuous work with such a tool is possible within 10-15 minutes.

  • Engine power and tire length;
  • The weight of the unit and its security system;
  • Duration of the load;
  • Anti.Vibration system;
  • Reliability of the chain.

For longer work, select models with a capacity of 2-2.5 kW. You may need a longer bus (more than 40 cm). For example, for working with large trees, small electric cars will not work.

The saw should have protection against random pressing and the automatic brake system. The work should instantly stop when releasing the launch key. The lubricant for the chain is required when using the tool. The kit should include a protective casing and tools.

Safety precautions when using an electric chain saw

When using the electric saw, the following rules are required:

  • Before starting work, you need to check the serviceability of the tire, the brake of the quapi, engine, gearbox, connecting cables and cords. Defects identified during the test, it is necessary to eliminate.
  • When working with an electric saw operator, protective equipment, glasses, helmets and specialized shoes should use.
  • You need to work with a tool on a flat surface with a stable base.
  • During the operation of the saw, it is necessary to control the level of lubrication in the tank and the supply of electricity.
  • During sawing wooden blanks, it is necessary to hold the tool 2 with your hands tightly. It is important that strangers are not near the workplace. Operator’s hands should be dry. Otherwise, the probability of sliding the saw handle increases.

After completing the work, the electric saw must be turned off the mains. It is forbidden to leave the device in a connected state unattended.