How to Choose Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower or a gas trimmer is a convenient, mobile, practical and therefore very popular tool with which you can mow grass, numbed shoots, overgrown with a small shrub in your summer cottage, near the house, in the garden before harvesting potatoes. Recent times Lawn Mower became very popular in agriculture for harvesting hay. However, a large selection of models with various technical indicators and a wide range of prices raise a natural question for the consumer: which one choose a Lawn Mower in the ratio of price and quality, and so that its technical characteristics as much as possible meet the tasks that will be performed. In this article we will try to tell you what are Lawn Mower, for what types of work they are suitable, as well as the basic rules for operating a gas trimmer.

Types of motokos

Depending on the technical characteristics, as well as on the operating mode, all Lawn Mower can be divided into:

Professional Lawn Mower It is designed for industrial use, performing a large volume of work for a long time, and is perfect for operation by public utilities or in agriculture. Natural for this Lawn Mower must have not only high technical performance, but also the appropriate build quality. As a rule, professional models have engine power from 1.8 hp. and higher, they are equipped with both a trimmer head with fishing line and a steel knife. over, the thickness of the fishing line is more than usual (from 2.4 mm), and the knife can be 3, 4 and 8 scaffolds (the latter is used for mowing tall, weaving grass and for haying). There are also knives for a large number of teeth, they visually resemble saw blades and are used for mowing shrubs. In addition, a distinctive feature of professional Lawn Mower is a non-demountable rod in the middle of which a shaft moves. On the one hand, this is not very convenient especially when transporting and storing the instrument, since the device is quite large, and on the other hand, this design prevents sand, dirt, dust from entering the middle, which significantly extends its life. over, the connecting mechanism of the two parts of the shaft can become loose over time, which causes a backlash. Separately, it is necessary to stop on the shaft, which is located in the middle of the rod and transmits engine torque to the cutting headset. It can be of two types: flexible and rigid. The flexible shaft has the appearance of a cable and prevents damage to the gearbox when the knife hits a stone or tree trunk. He simply amortizes this blow. At the same time, a rigid shaft (metal pin) cannot be deformed under load. Such Lawn Mower used for mowing thickets and shrubs.

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Household Lawn Mower designed to work near the house, in the garden, in the garden. Their power rarely exceeds 2 hp, they can also be equipped with a trimmer head with fishing line and a steel knife. Structurally, they are similar to professional models, but there are some features:

  • a number of household models are equipped with a curved bar, which is convenient when working in hard-to-reach places (under benches in the garden, near flower beds, between trees), since such Lawn Mower less overall than its analog with a direct barbell;
  • type of handle, which can be a bicycle type (like professional models), and can be D-shaped. In the second case, on the bar Lawn Mower the handle is fastened, which the user holds with one hand, and the second hand holds the tool by the rod near the engine. The opinions of users are divided: which design is more convenient. It’s a matter of habit, as it will be converted from a bicycle handle to a D-shaped one or vice versa, as practice shows, not everyone can
  • household models are more likely to come with a collapsible bar, which is very convenient for storage and transportation, since disassembled Lawn Mower two times less, and to assemble it back is not difficult and takes a minimum of time.

Another feature that significantly distinguishes a household model from a professional one is its cost. The latter will be much more expensive. Therefore before choose a Lawn Mower it is necessary to determine exactly what tasks you will perform with its help. If you have a plot of up to 15-20 acres, it is completely optional to overpay and buy a professional tool, since in this case household Lawn Mower perfectly cope with this amount of work.

We work Lawn Mower: basic rules

The main requirements that are put forward to work with a motocosa directly depend on the operating rules of a gasoline 2-stroke engine. Such a motor runs on a fuel mixture of gasoline and 2-stroke oil, which is prepared in a proportion of 1:50, that is, 1 gram of oil is added to 50 grams of gasoline. It should be said that when starting work with a new tool, it is recommended to add a little more oil. Let be Lawn Mower on one tank, such a mixture will work at 50% of its capacity, then safely fill in the usual mixture. When preparing the fuel mixture for your Lawn Mower it must be remembered that it is suitable for use for no more than two weeks, after which its properties change, which negatively affects the operation of the tool as a whole. Therefore, do not rush to cook it in large quantities, and also drain fuel from the tool during long breaks between mowing. There are also models with 4-stroke engines in which oil is poured separately with gasoline, they are more economical and have a greater motor resource. But such Lawn Mower have more weight and are more expensive.

Before starting work, we recommend that you carefully inspect the site and remove stones, branches, and other debris from it that you may not notice in the grass during operation, which can lead to breakage or premature wear of the cutting tool. When working with a gas trimmer, you must remember that this is not only a practical and convenient tool, but also quite dangerous. Since the trimmer head with fishing line or steel knife wraps around at high speed, the following safety rules must be followed when working:

  • do not use the tool without the protective shield that comes with each Lawn Mower
  • wear glasses when working to prevent particles of grass from getting into your eyes
  • the engine heats up during operation, so when you remove the tool in between mowing, it is better to hold it by the rod or by the handle.