How to Choose the Chain For a Chainsaw

We make the right choice when selecting a chain for a chainsaw!

Buy chain for a chainsaw today it will not be difficult for any summer resident and lumberjack, but it is quite difficult to make the right choice among the whole variety of parts.

How to Choose the Chain For a Chainsaw

In order to do this correctly. first of all, pay attention to the following:

  • You need to select the chain directly to your saw model, depending on its power and technical coordination with the chain.
  • Even if the element is combined with the parameters of the chain saw, then take into account the intensity of operation, its partial and complete wear. in general, compare for yourself its capabilities and maintenance.
  • Before choosing a chain for a chainsaw. consider the brand of the tool and the correspondence with it of non-original parts.
  • The step of the 3/8 inch component of the saw headset is ideal for users of a good-performance saw, and for those who use the tool at moderate potential, a step of 0.325 similar units will be sufficient.


  • Again, for large loads on the saw. it is worth choosing a sharpening angle of the element in question at 30, well, if you have to process a raw or frozen tree, then the optimal sharpening angle for the chain is 10.
  • Consider the matching tire length and chain dimensions. If it sags, then in this case it is possible to remove several links, worse when it is too tight.

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The manner of your work, the material that will be sawn in the future, as well as the sawing method — longitudinal or transverse, plays a huge role in choosing cutting equipment. For the first, it is better to choose a chain where the sharpening angle is smaller, and then it will last longer, although the productivity here will be less. To all important parameters, the tooth format should also be included. The cutting ability of the saw determines the angle of inclination of the teeth, their size and degree of sharpness, as well as other parameters of the chain.

It is rather difficult to say unequivocally which chains for chainsaws are better. Indeed, it all depends on the requested needs of the user, as well as his experience and ability to afford. Regarding the step of the chain, then, as we have already said, from the existing options: 0.325, 3/8 or 0, 404 inches. the last two are more stable and withstand regular loads.

In addition to the step, it is worth saying that the chain must be chosen according to the number of teeth and the length of the tire. Their shape also portends work with a certain material, for example, “chisel”. afraid of dirt, but perfectly cuts a fresh tree; “Half-bit” or “chiper”. copes with a dry tree and in bad weather. If you are not comfortable with crushing when washing down. you should choose a chain with a shock absorber that is placed in front of the tooth. This type of chain moves more smoothly on the bus. For Stihl chainsaws, for this procedure, the “heel” of the tooth must be raised above the tire track, which is very positively noted by users in many forums.

Which chain to choose for a chainsaw. we will briefly summarize the above, adding important parameters when determining the purchase. So, what to look for:

  1. Step. the distance between the nearest "tails" of the teeth. A smaller step is, accordingly, lower unit productivity, but a minimum of effort should be put to work.
  2. The thickness of the “tail” or the leading link should be compared with the power of the whole machine: the thinner the less productive the unit will be. Options exist from1.1 mmbefore2 mm.
  3. Chainsaws for chainsaws are characterized by depth of cut and profile height.
  4. The number of teeth, the length of the chain and tire. everything should be proportional to the capacity of the chainsaw.
  5. Type of cutting link. Fundamentally important only for professionals.
  6. The arrangement of each incisor is alternation: left-right.