How to choose the right battery screwdriver. Chacching

How to choose the best screwdriver on the battery: characteristics, pros, cons, in the rating 2021 (TOP 8)

A manual drill, like an ordinary screwdriver, gradually goes into the past. Today to tighten the screws and drill holes prefer a more effective technique. A powerful and multifunctional screwdriver working from the battery or the network comes to the fore. To understand which screwdriver is better to buy for home, you will have to study the corresponding segment of the building tools market, which abounds with a variety of models.

Choosing a screwdriver for the home, first of all, you should decide which model you need: working on batteries, or network. Such a technique performs the same tasks, drills, twists, twists various fasteners. However, the battery power tool has a number of significant advantages over models functioning from the electrical wire, these include the following:

  • Autonomous work. The main advantage and difference that allows us to operate the tool where there is no constant and free access to an electric outlet.
  • Compact dimensions and comfort of use, due to the rejection of wires.
  • Safe functionality, due to the lack of direct contact of technology with alternating current and voltage electric networks.
  • The ability to work in different speed modes. There is no risk of breaking the threads of the twisted screw.

The best screwdrivers with a 10.8 in battery

Squads with a 10.8 B battery allow you to assemble furniture and drywall structures and are designed for use at home.

Dewalt DCD710D2 24 Nm

  • Type of cartridge. Fast.Packed;
  • Maximum torque, (n m). 24;
  • Battery capacity, (ah). 2;
  • Type of battery. Li.Ion;
  • The number of batteries included. 2.

Corps and ergonomics. This screwdriver has a balanced design and weight only 1.1 kg, which is important with prolonged professional work. Its case is made of shockproof plastic. The handle thanks to the rubberized surface and convenient form confidently falls into the brush. The lower part provides a nest for attaching a strap that frees hands when moving at a height. With insufficient illumination, you can turn on the built.In flashlight.

Engine, gearbox, battery. The output power of the brush engine of 180 watts is enough to drill holes with a diameter of up to 20 mm in wood and up to 10 mm in metal. The gearbox has two gearboxes with a smooth acceleration of up to 400 and 1,500 revolutions per minute. A fast.Packed type cartridge allows you to work with shanks with a diameter of 1.5 to 10 mm, spending a minimum of time replacement.

The model is sold complete with a charger and two lithium-ion-i ion-type slider-type batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah each. Alternating their replacement during the shift reduces the duration of downtime.

Functional. With a smooth turn of the regulator with 16 standard provisions, you can set a torque up to 24 nm. The reverse key allows one motion to change the direction of rotation of the spindle. The engine brake prevents excessive pressing of the hats of self.Tapping screws when working with mild reasons.

Dewalt DCD710D2 24 Nm control buttons.

  • Reliable engine.
  • High performance.
  • Quality assembly.
  • Comfortable shape and small weight.
  • Backlight.
  • Two batteries included.
  • Sold with a durable case.

Makita DF333DWAE 30 Nm

  • Type of cartridge. Fast.Packed;
  • Maximum torque, (n m). 30;
  • Battery capacity, (ah). 2;
  • Type of battery. Li.Ion;
  • The number of batteries included. 2.
choose, right, battery, screwdriver

Corps and ergonomics. All elements of the outer shell of this screwdriver are made of durable plastic, which allowed the developers to meet the weight of 1.1 kg. Rubber overlays on the handle and protruding parts of the case not only contribute to the reliability of the grip, but also soften the blows in case of falling. There is a spring clip to wear a belt belt. Built.In LED lamp well illuminates the working area in the dark.

Engine, gearbox, battery. The screwdriver is equipped with a reliable electric motor with a good air cooling system. Power is enough for working with screws with a diameter of up to 5 mm. The model has two rotation speeds with a maximum frequency of 450 and 1700 rpm for operations with fasteners and drills. A rapidly packed cartridge holds equipment with cylindrical shanks with a diameter of 0.8-10 mm.

A pair of universal lithium-ion batteries for 1.5 Ah with an indicator of the charge level that can be used with other tools of the same brand. For the charge of each of them in a regular device it takes less than an hour.

Functional. The maximum torque is 30 nm. It can be lowered by rotation of the drum. There is an option of reverse and electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation.

  • High performance.
  • Large torque.
  • Convenient form.
  • Universal batteries.
  • Voluminous case made of durable plastic with compartments for tools and consumables.
  • Acceptable cost.

Network or battery drill-shuruvret: which one to take?

How to choose a drill-spray for the type of power? It all depends on the tasks. For example, a network model is suitable for those who plan to make repairs in their home and earn extra money from time to time. Over, this will be possible only at the objects to which the light is summed up. Which is better a network drill-shuruvret?

The main advantages of network devices over the batteries are higher power (with other equal parameters) and the ability to work for a long time (no breaks should be made). Although the second advantage loses its relevance if you buy a spare battery for the battery model. Among other things, network models are somewhat cheaper (if we consider the products of one brand).

Of the minuses, we note the lack of autonomy (will not work without electricity) and the need to carry a power cord (in hard.To.Reach places this can create real inconvenience). Perhaps for someone these factors will not be so critical: for example, for those who plan to use a drill-shuruvret at home or in a furniture assembly workshop. If this is your case, we recommend taking from network Makita HP0300. She has a good assembly, a decent torque of 56 nm and there is a drilling mode with a blow.

Battery models have good autonomy and mobility, it is convenient for them to work even in hard.To.Reach places. To work on different facilities, this is the best option. However, you need to monitor the charge of the battery, which tends to discharge at the most inopportune moment. You can buy a spare battery, but these are additional costs. If you use a screwdriver often, it makes sense to pay extra for the comfort of work, otherwise you can do with a network model.

How to choose a battery drill for home? It is better to take models with a lithium (Li-Ion) battery, since, unlike nickel-cadmium (Ni-CD) and nickel-metallogid (Ni-MH), it does not have a “memory effect”, and it does not need to be completely discharged for the reverse charging. Also, with the same dimensions, lithium batteries have a large capacity. To save on the second battery, we recommend taking Bosch GSR 180-Li, which includes two 18 18-volt lithium batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah. This model is often included in the rating of batteries of screwdrivers on reliability.

Type of battery

So, we decided that in most cases the battery screwdriver is more preferable for both home and professional operation. But you need to understand that there are a huge number of variations of batteries. Therefore, we offer to consider in more detail how to choose a battery screwdriver depending on the type of battery.

To date, the market offers three types of batteries, namely:

Nickel-metallhydride. A screwdriver equipped with nickel-metallhydrid battery is ideal for working outside the room, since such a battery holds a well at low temperatures. However, this battery also has a disadvantage: if you do not charge it to the maximum, then the memory effect will take place, and the battery capacity will decrease.

Nickel-cadmium. The high internal resistance of these batteries provides resistance to voltage surges. Units equipped with such a battery easily withstand workers overload. They can also be used at low ambient temperatures, and from negative points, experts note for a long time to recharge and quick discharge during intensive operation of the drill.

Lithium-ionic. Perhaps these are the most powerful batteries, so they are most often equipped with a professional tool. The lack of memory effect allows you to recharge the tool exactly as much as you need. But it is better to use such units in closed rooms, since at low temperatures their working characteristics are reduced.

When choosing a screwdriver, it is very important to evaluate such a parameter as a battery voltage. The higher this parameter, the more functional the device. It is worth remembering that the high voltage of the battery increases the mass of the tool, so experts recommend finding the optimal balance between the power of convenience.

How to choose a battery screwdriver

For high.Quality work in the field of construction, it is important to choose the right tools that are selected correctly. Today we will talk about the battery screwdriver.

So, the screwdriver is known as a special manual power tool that has an adjustable torque. Its purpose is to tighten and unscrewing screws, screws, screws and various fasteners.

Tool selection criteria

  • Manufacturer
  • Price
  • Dimensions and ergonomics
  • Battery capacity and type
  • Torque
  • Impact function
  • Diameter of drilling different materials
  • Voltage power
  • Equipment

Most often, stores have tools of such manufacturers:

  • Bosch (Germany)
  • AEG (Germany)
  • Hulti (Liechtenstein)
  • Sparky (Germany)
  • Makita (Japan)
  • Zad (Russia)
  • Dewalt (Germany)
  • Interskol (Russia)
  • Hitachi (Japan)
  • Metabo (Germany)
  • Black Decker (USA)
  • Skil (Netherlands)

Most of the models of these companies are produced, oddly enough, in China. Our opinion is this: it is best to work with a screwdriver of the Japanese brand Makita. It is believed that this tool is excellent in the context of and quality. There is information that this manufacturer produces screwdrivers for NASA astronauts.

For the home, the Russian manufacturer Interskol is best suited. This is an inexpensive and quite high.Quality technique. And its domestic use confirms this.

This item is rather relevant for professionals. So, a small tool, although convenient to use, does not allow self.Tapping screws.

For those people who work with wooden material or often drill, we recommend that large and powerful models.

As for ergonomics, it is worth noting that the angle between the “barrel” and the handle should not be sharp. Otherwise, you will constantly have a corn and your hand will get tired of work.

The Makita device, as can be seen in the photo above, after a year of use, looks as if they had been working with it for 30-40 years. Perhaps for someone it will be a significant drawback, but this does not affect work in any way.

In modern machines, one of the three types of batteries is built: nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal-hydride and lithium-ionic.

Pros Nickel-cadmium batteries:

  • Can be stored completely discharged.
  • Low cost.
  • Low temperatures resistance.
  • Recovery after long storage.
  • A small life of life. About 1000 charging and discharge cycles.
  • Small specific container of size up to 2 ah.
  • It can only be charged after complete discharge (“memory effect”).
  • High self.Discharge.
  • Causes the environment.

Pros Nickel-metal-hydride devices:

ENERTWIST Cordless Electric Screwdriver, 4V Max Rechargeable Power Screwdriver Set Review, Upgrades

  • Incredible in environmental terms.
  • Have smaller sizes in comparison with nickel-cadmium.
  • Almost do not have a “memory effect”.
  • Large specific container.

VESSEL Cordless Rechargeable Ballgrip Screwdriver

  • Life lifetime about 500 cycles.
  • High price.
  • Large indicators of self.Discharge.
  • Cannot be stored completely discharged.
  • Very sensitive to low temperatures.

Pros lithium-ion batteries:

  • Large specific container.
  • There is almost no “memory effect”.
  • Minimum self.Discharge.
  • Short charging time. Up to half an hour.
  • Long service life.

It is the lithium-ion battery that is best suited to professionals.

Hit. Torque. Diameter of the drill

The impact function will make you overpay about 400 hryvnias. So if you plan large.Scale and long work, do not forget about it.

But the maximum torque indicates how powerful the tool will work. Optimal indicators-24 nm (Newton-meters). 20 or 36 nm will be generally an excellent option. Devices with indicators above 36 nm are suitable for drilling wooden and metal structures.

For example, a device with a torque of 36 nm is capable of working with a tree in the presence of a drill maximum of 2.5 cm in diameter. The higher the “numbers” of torque. The higher and the indicators of the drill.

Remember the simple rule: the greater the voltage indicators, the higher the maximum indicators of the torque. Everything is quite clear in this matter.

But the delivery kit should include elements such as a bag or case for storing the tool, the device itself, 2 batteries, battery, 1 bit and user instructions.As a rule, a set of supply of screwdrivers includes a plastic case (or bag) for carrying, the tool itself, two batteries, a charger, a minimum of 1 bit and instructions. If there is no one of the above, it should very alert you.

So, we tried to make out the main indicators by which it is worth choosing a battery screwdriver. We hope our instruction will be useful for you and you will make the right choice in favor of a quality tool.

Where screwdrivers are used and how they are arranged

This tool is actively used by the owners of cottages and those who live in their own apartment. No matter what construction or repair work is carried out, you can not do without a screwdriver. Any home master who is accustomed to rely on his strength and skill will say about this. And professional builders also certainly have a screwdriver in their arsenal. It is convenient for them to fix plasterboard sheets during finishing work. And furniture without this tool is completely impossible to collect.

Consider the elements that make up the screwdriver:

choose, right, battery, screwdriver
  • Electric motor rotating at a certain speed.
  • Planetary type gearbox transfers an effort to a spindle, which is equipped with a clamping cartridge.
  • A clutch is attached to the gearbox, which regulates the torque.
  • To attach the nozzles called bits to the shaft of the engine, there is a clamping cartridge.
  • The electronic control system is equipped with a button for starting the device, as well as the reverse switch.
  • The battery is usually used as a power source. Therefore, this type of device is convenient to use where there are no electrical outlets, as well as in places where the cord will not reach.
choose, right, battery, screwdriver

Now let’s list for what work it is advisable to use a screwdriver:

  • Screwing and unscrewing a variety of fasteners. These are self.Tapping screws, bolts, and screws, and, of course, screws.
  • When installing this device, you can tightly tighten dowels and anchors.
  • The tree, both soft and solid, is perfectly drilled with screwdrivers.
  • They can and the metal surface can be drilled.
  • This device is quite possible to cut the thread in metal (and not only) details.

Choose a screwdriver

Choose the best screwdriver for your tool box? Perhaps you want the best battery model, or you want something that has a much larger torque.

I’m going to share how to choose the best screwdriver for your needs, and then we will discuss some of the best brands in the market today. By the end of this part, you can easily choose exactly the brand and model that you want.

Why do you need a screwdriver

When we are faced with a problem in the house, most of us pull out all the tools that are in our garage. If you are at least a little similar to me, you have a mixed mass of manual tools and power tools and for small tasks it’s just fine.

But what if your project is something big, for example, the construction of a deck or a warehouse? Perhaps you are building a new greenhouse and you need to screw something like hard plastic. You really want to exert pressure necessary for screwing into more rigid materials yourself?

Using models of electric screwdrivers guarantees that everything will be reliably fixed in place.

This is also the best choice for people who can have hands or problems with a power load on the hands.

Electric screwdriver with his set of bit is easy to store, and you will have everything at hand when you work.

Given all the circumstances, the screwdriver is a great thing to have tools in your chest, and make your life easier!

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How to find the perfect screwdriver?

The main rule when buying a screwdriver is not to chase the cheapness. Manufacturers of famous brands make quality devices, but also spend huge funds on advertising their goods, which affects its price. It is also not worth overpaying for unnecessary functions, it is better to determine the maximum power and the possibility of screwdrivers in advance in advance. Most often suitable on the following sides:

  • “Anything, if only I would not have to be twisted with a screwdriver.”. In this case, a conventional electrical office with a torque of up to 10 N m and a voltage of 3-6 V is suitable for you. It will help to repair toys, furniture in the house, but it is unlikely to be able.
  • You are going to independently make repairs or work with materials in the country? Then it is better to take a closer look at the domestic screwdrivers of the middle class with a torque of 24–45 N m and the voltage of the battery 9-15 volts.
  • To complete everyday tasks, including drilling, 1200–1500 revolutions per minute are enough. If you plan to drill not very hard surfaces, take a closer look at the models with the shock mechanism, but you still do not have to buy a screwdriver as a drill. Also, the speed of speed switching will not be superfluous, since there is no need to wrap the screws of large revolutions.
  • The most convenient cartridge for home use is fast.And.Packed. It is more reliable than magnetic and allows you to change the nozzles as quickly as possible.
  • There is a restrictive clutch in good screwdriver, which will save from a self-tapping screw and a breakdown from a hat from a hat due to a sudden stop.
  • It is better to give preference to models with food from the battery, so that you do not have to wear extension cords in the apartment or summer cottage.
  • Some screwdrivers have an additional impulse regime. It will help unscrew even strongly protracted and rusted screws.
  • For professionals, powerful screwdrivers at a speed of up to 3500 revolutions are suitable. Almost all such tools are equipped with a shock mechanism for more productive drilling. Twisting the moment in a professional tool should be from 100 to 200 N m, and voltage from 18 V. If we are talking about professional gayworms, their torque can reach 2500 n m.
  • Many people prefer reliable power supply from the mains, but in modern professional screwdrivers, batteries are charged very quickly, and their containers are enough for a long time.
  • It must be remembered that the more powerful the device, the harder it is. For example, when installing suspended ceilings after a working day with a heavy screwdriver, fatigue will be incredible, so it is better to find a balance between mass and power.
  • It is better to choose a device with which pleasant additions in the form of a set of necessary bit (nozzles), dowels, additional batteries, charger and a case for all this good are already in the kit.

High.Quality screwdriver with careful handling will serve faithfully for many years. Do not forget about regular maintenance, check the condition of the batteries, and then the new purchase will make your home more comfortable, and life is easier.

Guide, how to choose a good screwdriver correctly

The first thing to consider when buying an unit is what amount of work will be carried out using the tool. For work within the house or cottage, household screwdrivers are suitable for irregular use. If the unit is needed for serial assembly of furniture or performing particularly complicated works, then it is recommended to choose a professional type device.

When considering the technical characteristics of the battery tool, you need to evaluate the type and capacity of the installed battery, with what voltage it works.

According to the first parameter, the following types of batteries are distinguished:

  • Nickel-cadmium. Are considered the cheapest, are able to charge at low temperatures. Minus the loss of container is distinguished when the procedure is carried out with incomplete discharge, more overall dimensions and weight.
  • Lithium-ionic. Their popularity when assembling professional models is due to a minimum self.Discharge, a large number of charge/discharge cycles, lack of memory effect, low weight. Over, the price of such options is higher, and resistance to frost below.
  • Nickel-metallological. The most compact and lightweight batteries are characterized by a smaller number of charge/discharge cycles. Another minus is highlighted by a high price.

In professional versions, the battery voltage should be at least 12 in. A good screwdriver for work is equipped with 2 power sources with a capacity of at least 2 Ah, which provides long and continuous operation.

Lithium ion batteries have a low weight

Why do you need a screwdriver?

Initially, choose what function this device will perform in your house or at work:

  • For screwing or unscrewing a variety of fasteners;
  • A more powerful puff of dowels or anchor, cutting a screw, etc.D.;
  • Drilling soft or solid material;
  • Thread cuts;
  • Stirring building mixtures.

Based on the above tasks, study the most relevant technical characteristics and differences between screwdrivers for your needs.

Black Decker KC2002FK

A universal screwdriver with the nozzles of Black Decker KC2002FK will be a good choice for operating it at home. It may not be entirely correct to use such a device in production, since in a professional environment the tool with the same battery block and with one well.Performed function have great importance.

One of the modern firms of a screwdriver, and a specifically good Bosch company, has released a line of screwdrivers with a nutrient element of the GSR 18 VE-2-LI Professional brand. When using this type of nutrition, there is a significant savings in the means. Since when purchasing additional tools of this company, the same battery will be enough.

How to choose a screw for the home correctly, dwelling on the fact that it can be used both at home and in production:

Consider products that are widely used and equipped with nicd brand batteries. This brand is in demand, although this type of type is not very in demand. The main qualities that the goods should have when your choice should have:

  • It should be equipped with two batteries with a voltage of at least 12 volts.
  • The presence of a charger that will be able to restore the working condition in one hour.
  • The presence of different stages of amplification or reduction of speeds, which allows you to better adjust the tool when working.
  • High torque values.
  • Cartridge that is in the tool.
  • The ability to use several speed speeds.

You should also pay attention to the warranty, as some companies may not provide guarantees for the battery. It is desirable that about three more batteries and a flashlight would also include a set.

You can also examine a couple of professional screws for professional purpose for example. The screwdrivers of this species are high.Quality and reliable. At the cost they can be quite affordable to an ordinary user. Consider several screwdrivers and determine which one is better to choose:

How to choose a good screwdriver?

When choosing a particular model for the home, be sure to read the passport of such a device. It is there that the most important technical characteristics will be reflected. Among the number of these: rotation speed, torque and type of battery. On our site you can see the 2018 battery rating rating.


This indicator determines the force with which the screwdriver resists the load or attaches it to the wrapped screw. As a rule, for domestic purposes, this device is equipped with a torque between 10 to 15 new meters. Professional screwdrivers have a torque up to 130 Newton meters. Such functionality is allowed to drill fairly solid materials. The engine shaft of professional screwdrivers per minute makes 1300 revolutions, in household data devices, the indicator is 500 revolutions. The spectrum of screws (diameter and length) of screwed screws, as well as the hardness of available work surfaces, depends on what the torque is. The important difference between the screwdriver and other power tools is that you can adjust the torque due to the presence of a special limiter (the ring that is located after the clamping cartridge). Thanks to this functionality, you can reduce to the absolute minimum the likelihood of wear of the bit, too deeply linked to the surface, as well as a breakdown of a slot of a slot. From overloads, the screwdriver protects the ratchet at the engine coupling. It is she who allows you to freely slip to the torque. Thanks to the maximum torque, you can not overload the engine and turn out the tighter screw.

Good battery

Thinking about how to choose a screwdriver, you will certainly carefully take the battery. After all, it is not entirely comfortable to run every half hour to recharge such a device. In principle, it is not difficult to stop the decision on a particular option. It is enough to choose a more powerful analogue. In an ideal case, you can also buy a spare battery. In some models, such a battery includes. The time required for recharging differs depending on a particular device. For example, for a professional screwdriver. This is about an hour, for an amateur. About seven hours.

Varieties of batteries

As a rule, several types of batteries are used in screwdrivers:

The most popular at the moment are screwdrivers equipped with ecological batteries of the NI-MH type. They have several advantages, in addition to environmental friendliness: compact dimensions, insignificant weight, lack of memory effect. But there are shortcomings: such batteries do not like electrical overload and low temperatures. In addition, their cost is quite high. But they are more powerful and do not have such a large memory effect as nickel-cadmium. The number of recharge with a stable capacity is 1500 times. Important: it is impossible to store these batteries in discharged form, only in charged. Another option for batteries is nickel-cadmium. They are more toxic. The number of reloading here is twice as much as Ni-MH (nickel-metallological). This option is cheaper, it is not at all afraid of frost. But there are shortcomings: accumulators of this type suffer from a strong self.Discharge and memory effect. For storage it is better to completely discharge them. Otherwise, there is a chance of risk to get a battery with a lower capacity.

Best Electric Screwdriver in 2019. Top 6 Electric Screwdrivers Review

Sometimes there are models with lithium-ion batteries. This type is sensitive to low temperatures. They do not have high power. Number of recharge. Within 3000. There is no memory effect. The cost of such batteries is quite high, although this option is quite convenient to use. The service life and the permissible number of charging cycles in this case, at least two or three times higher than the same indicators of nickel-cadmium batteries. When deciding how to choose the right battery screwdriver, do not spare time to choose from the battery. After all, it is precisely such a component of the device that is almost half of its value. Therefore, it is important to compare the following parameters:

The battery is a removable element consisting of several power sources, concentrated in the general case. Such elements are fastened together using the plates. The output is summarized by the total voltage, which is 18, 24, 12, 10 volts. The capacity depends on the volume of the element installed inside the battery. It is she who determines the time of work and the total number of reclaims. The capacity is reduced over time. The effect of the charge of charge is the ability to lose capacity in the case when the battery was not discharged, and then completely charged. That is, you need to discharge it completely before charging. Idle charged battery loses its charge anyway. At the same time, it is important not only the output voltage of the battery, but also the ratio by the time of operation of the current strength. This value is measured in amperes per hour. Higher indicators provide a longer period of time when the battery will hold the charge.

What to choose a cartridge for a screwdriver?

There are several types of rounds for screwdrivers: key and fast.Packed. For a key use a special gear key is used. Such a cartridge can have one or two couplings. In the second case, we are talking about a rapidly.Packed mechanism. Quick-packed cartridges can be two- or one-luminous (with this option it is much easier to work, because the entire operation can be carried out with the movement of one hand). We recommend taking a screwdriver with a quick.And.Sound cartridge, they are much more convenient and easier to operate.

The presence of a reverse

Reverse or reverse move helps to pull out of solid material a hopelessly stuck drill or display a tight screw. The switch to the return mode for convenience is placed directly with the starting button. He has two provisions. Thanks to the position between them. The device can be blocked.

Design and comfort of use

If it is important for you to purchase a good device, you should not trust viewing beautiful photos, because it is difficult to determine comfort visually. It is better to hold such a device in the hand, check if the buttons are tight, is it convenient to switch them.

Battery screwdriver which company is better to choose

To choose a good battery screwdriver capable of serving for a long time, you should FOCUS on trusted brands that have managed to prove themselves from the best side. At the moment, there are several leaders in this category. Their products are the best due to the quality of the assembly, durability of materials and wide functionality:


German brand producing accumulative screwdrivers of domestic and professional purposes of premium class.

Another popular brand from Germany, which produces construction equipment from the end of 19 in. Today, AEG produces high.Quality screwdrivers that differs in high speed and an innovative tool cooling system.

Screwdriver||cordless screwdriver||ingco tools||tools reviewer||screw driver||best screwdriver


Japanese company, which in production uses modern technologies and quality materials. Produces universal screwdrivers, suitable for both professional and domestic use.


Domestic manufacturer who produces good inexpensive screwdrivers. Products are distinguished by wide functionality and high performance. Optimally suitable for home use, but they cost cheaper than foreign analogues.


A brand from Germany cannot boast of a wide range of products, but this is compensated by the high quality and duration of the operation of screwdrivers. Each model is distinguished by high speed, compact dimensions and the quality of the materials used.


Also, a German company that confidently occupies leading places in the market of construction equipment. Metabo screwdrivers are distinguished by a wide range (professional and household appliances), as well as ease of operation and reliability.

Better model for home and “shabashki

Makita DF033DZ

A small pistol model from the Japanese manufacturer is suitable for the performing infrequent work on twisting/twisting screws, as well as for drilling holes in wood and metal. In the tree it can be maximally drilled 21 mm, and in metal 10 mm. At the same time, with self.Tapping screws of 50. 60 mm, it copes with a bang, thanks to a torque of 30 nm. The torque can be adjusted in 21 positions. We also note that the user can set the speed of the cartridge at 450 and 1700 rpm, depending on the material with which.

There is a good backlight for working in hard.To.Reach places or where poor illumination. The device weighs only 930 grams (without a battery), so they can work for a long time without fatigue in their hands. We also note the relatively low cost of the unit. This device is supplied without a battery, so it will have to be purchased separately. Black 1015, 1016, 1020V, 1021V, 1040V, 1041V are suitable for it.


Another inexpensive “hard worker” that will work without fail for many years. He has a torque of about 35 nm, which allows him to drill holes in a metal of 10 mm and in a tree 25 mm. If desired, you can adjust the speed of rotation of the cartridge in two positions: 350 and 1350 rpm. And, to better see the place of drilling, there is high.Quality illumination here. After the power is turned off, the engine immediately stops and you do not have to keep the device on weight, waiting until the bat stops.

Note that in the kit with a screwdriver, two interchangeable batteries per 1.5 Ah are included. On average, the full charge of the battery occurs in an hour. Also here is an additional bilateral bit and a convenient case for storage. In general, this is an excellent inexpensive household device for home repairs.

Black Decker BDCDC18K

This device belongs to the so-called class of drums, although it performs the same functions as the usual “Shurik”. It works from a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.5 ah. By the way, it is included, so you do not need to buy separately. If you want to buy an additional shark, then the following components are suitable for it: BL 1518, 2018 and 4018.

The device is able to drill holes in the metal with a size of 10 mm and 25 mm in wood. The maximum screwing force of screws is 30 nm. It can be adjusted in 10 positions depending on the processed material. As in previous models, there is a backlight of the workplace. This device is equipped with a plastic case for transportation.

Bosch GSR 10.8 V-EC YX

A compact baby from the German company Bosch is designed to constant at home and on “Shabashki”. It is very light. Only 700 grams, so it is perfect even for a female hand. Here is a relatively small torque of 20 nm, which is enough for attaching gimwarton and profiled sheet iron. Depending on the “delicacy” of the material, you can change the speed of rotation of the cartridge using a switch.

The main advantage of the model is a brilliant engine, which, with a slight power of the device, gives out excellent efficiency and eliminates the regular replacement of coal brushes. If the unit is overheated or the drill is jammed, then the protective system will turn off the engine. As required from a high.Quality device, there is a backlighting of the working area. Boshevsky “Shurik” costs not cheap, but you need to pay for German quality.

Dewalt DCF887N

Well, we could not bypass the powerful shock screwdriver from DeWALT. This professional unit is designed for hard work on twisting/unscrewing the screws and screws. Twisting the moment in 205 Nm allows you to use the device as a gaykowert, which will come in handy during the repair of the car. In this case, you can adjust the KM by adjusting it to materials of different densities. There is also a 3-position speed adjustment.

Like the previous model, DCF887N is equipped with a browned durable engine. Three LEDs located on top of the case will provide high.Quality illumination of the working area. Users note the excellent quality of the assembly. Nowhere is there nothing to play and creaks, the bat holds in the cartridge tight. However, the high quality of the device affected the price.