How to Choose the Right Electric Trimmer

How to choose an electric grass trimmer

How to Choose the Right Electric Trimmer

A “smart” house with a developed “infrastructure” for comfortable living is a dream for any land owner who is building or just about to erect an object. Household territory is also of such importance, by which the ubiquitous neighbors judge the identity of the owners. It should be well-groomed, comfortable for relaxation, pleasing to the eye.

The main problem of the site is fast-growing grass. However, it ceases to bother if you purchase the appropriate "braid". a trimmer. The choice of device is rational.

Electric grass trimmer

The device is a rod with an electric motor and a cutting tool mounted on it. The principle of operation is the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical rotation. Correspondingly, the parts of the device. the engine and knives.

The main device, the heart of the trimmer. the engine. has a different arrangement. upper or lower. The choice, operation and price of the device depend on it.

The concepts of lawn mowing and trimmer are significantly different. This should be remembered when choosing in favor of the latter. It is designed to care for grass lawns, mostly soft. The device is low-power, however, successfully copes with its tasks.

In addition to electrical options, gasoline and battery types are offered to the consumer.

Braids are used in areas with worse conditions. vegetation stiffness, uneven surfaces, remoteness from the house adjoining area, which is why their working time is longer than that of trimmers. They are powerful, and at the same time cost more to operate than the described devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric trimmers

To work on the territory, the trimmer has the following advantages:

  • Light weight and mobility. Given that the area around the house is rather big, carrying a powerful braid with you will become problematic. The trimmer has special fasteners and even with long work it will not become burdensome.
  • The low noise level, and in some cases a practical silent device, does the job of cleaning the territory, which does not bother neighbors and relatives. This distinguishes the trimmer from lawn mowers and scythes.
  • Absolute environmental friendliness. Electric trimmers do not emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere, unlike gasoline. In addition, you do not need to think about storing fuel reserves, which makes ownership of the device also safe.
  • Smooth start-up and ease of operation, understandable even to amateurs.

Not a single mechanical and automatic design is complete without them. What are they:

  • Low power and limited time. Electric motors are moody and sensitive to any kind of overheating or network instability. Therefore, it is impossible to allow the "jungle" on your site. it is easier to get rid of low vegetation in an hour than to expose the device to damage during the whole day of work.
  • The inability to work in difficult areas. hard grass, shrubs, roots. If the local area is replete with such soils, then you first need to treat it with other equipment, and then monitor the condition with a trimmer. Otherwise, it’s important to have a powerful, permanent machine under your friend’s. a scythe or lawn mower.
  • Stiffness of movement due to trimmer power. requires a large cord length from the source. In addition, he may fall under the knife and disable the entire apparatus. The solution to the problem is the battery models, but they require time to recharge, and are heavy due to the extra device.
  • The main drawback of the electric trimmer is its power consumption. This is not an expensive pleasure, but considering that you do not need to use the device every day, it is fully recouped.

How to choose the right electric trimmer

Models of trimmers are diverse, so they make a choice by correlating the best qualities for themselves and the house area:

  • Convenience of work. The electric trimmer has a handle, the shape of which is D, T and J-shaped. The first is good for performing a small amount of work in short areas. paths, islands of flower beds and flower beds. The disadvantage is that the employee needs maneuverability, so for older owners or those with limited capabilities, such an acquisition is not rational. The second, T-shaped option is good for performing work in large volumes and cutting branches no more than 15 mm thick. The movements are like classic mowing. The disadvantage is that special belts cannot be neglected. the installation is, as a rule, impressive and rigid fixation is necessary for complete safety of the scythe. The J-installation is good for performing work when the plot is overgrown with "mixed-sized" plants. As a rule, the nozzle is included in the kit to the D-shaped handle. She also has a protective function. it prevents the knives from approaching the gear cone.
  • Shoulder straps are required to ensure a tight fit.
  • Battery capacity and power cord length. Naturally, large values ​​will ensure continuous operation for several hours. By the way, experts recommend giving the device a rest every 30–40 minutes.
  • Cutting part. It is important to purchase a machine with the ability to quickly replace fishing line.
  • Automata or semiautomatic machines do the job without owner intervention. It is recommended to timely assess the condition of the head and replace it.
  • Additional options. They include a 90-degree turn, support mechanisms to facilitate operation, a fixed cutting height. Multifunctionality, of course, affects the final cost of the device, but, nevertheless, makes the result better.

It is important to pay attention to the change of nozzles. then the owner will acquire, in addition to the trimmer, several more devices suitable for the household. a cultivator, a snow blower, and more.

Having assessed the upcoming work front, they make the choice of the device according to the requirements of the site, personal preferences in convenience and correlating with the cost. About the latter below.

Overview of popular models of electric trimmers

The financial issue is one of the main ones when it comes to equipping your own home with gadgets and devices. The cost of the trimmer is no exception. It is important to combine a useful acquisition with a relative price. this is possible. So:

Alpina T 1.0 EJ

A trimmer with a D-shaped handle, designed for gardening in small areas and with soft “material”. grass, foliage, leveling lawns and flower beds. The model is compact, lightweight. female owners will appreciate it. The trimmer shows quality even on uneven terrain. A long cable provides maneuverability.

Price. from 6500 rubles.

GARDENA EasyCut 400/25

The garden trimmer is equipped with a telescopic handle that adjusts for the convenience of the worker and the use of the machine in hard to reach places. Has a limiter to the height or distance to flower beds. The fuse provides protection against accidental switching on and strain relief from pulling the wire out of the network.

Price. from 4500 rubles.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer?

To make the summer cottage always look as well-groomed as possible, you will need to choose an electric grass trimmer, with which the lawn mowing becomes not a boring duty, but a pleasure.

To know how to choose the right electric trimmer for giving for mowing lawns and hard-to-reach areas, you will need to understand a little about the technical characteristics of this tool.

Fishing line or knife?

A manual electric scythe cuts vegetation in two ways. using a spool with a tense fishing line or a knife. In the first case, it is possible to replace the fishing line with a thicker or thinner one. In the second, you can buy either a plastic or metal knife, which will be more durable and productive, compared with fragile plastic.

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A trimmer with fishing line should be purchased when the grass grade to be mowed does not include a rough, dry stem, and also where the site has multiple grooves, potholes, knolls, or a rocky surface overgrown with grass. In this case, the fishing line will be a better choice, as it needs to be replaced.

But on a relatively flat surface, but with existing large weeds or even a young shoot of trees, a trimmer with a cutting three- or four-blade knife is useful. It should be noted that plastic will not last as long as metal.

Top or bottom?

In addition to the cutting part, where the engine is located is of great importance. If you purchase a trimmer with its lower location, then this will significantly reduce the load on the hands, since such a model is lighter and often equipped with wheels for more convenient movement. But such a lawn mowing is forbidden to use on wet grass because of the risk of electric shock, and the motor also crashes faster, as it becomes clogged with dust, grass residues and small stones.

The upper arrangement of the engine has its advantages. as a rule, it is a more powerful tool, but having considerable weight (up to 5 kg), so it is not suitable for every summer resident. But there is good news. this trimmer is equipped with a carry strap, which is hung on the shoulder, making work easier.


The price factor largely depends on the power of the trimmer. It starts with 500W and reaches 1700W. But it does not always make sense to overpay. For example, if you plan to regularly trim a small lawn with lawn grass, and the area in front of the gate, then a low-power tool will be enough. But for mowing large weeds over a large area, you will have to purchase a device with a sufficient power reserve.

When purchasing an electric trimmer, you should take care of a high-quality surge protector. After all, the site may be located far from the mains and you will need to use an extension cord for operation.

The main tool in lawn care is, of course, a lawn mower or a lawn mower. But other tools will come in handy for eliminating minor imperfections. compact mini trimmers or grass scissors. What they are will tell our article.

Hedges created by growing bushes can effectively decorate any territory. But in order for them to maintain their beauty, you need to periodically trim them. Garden scissors are intended for this. Their individual species are described in this article.

Gasoline trimmer (lawn mowing). an indispensable tool for any summer resident. But, like any other equipment, lawn mowers periodically "act up." One of the most common complaints is that the trimmer will not start. Why such situations arise will tell the article.

Immediately after buying a grass trimmer, we are faced with a lot of questions. how to use it correctly, how to refuel (if we are talking about a gasoline tool) and, of course, which line is best to choose. Look for the answer to the last question in the article.

Choosing a grass trimmer

  • Choose a suitable trimmer
  • Electric, gasoline and battery types of trimmers
  • Trimmer Handle Type
  • Drive Shaft Features
  • Trimmer Cutting Body and Functionality
  • Tips to help you choose the right device

Timely care of the cottage area involves the systematic mowing of grass.

The trimmer can penetrate into inaccessible places where an ordinary lawn mower does not pass; it easily copes with mowing grass in the country: around trees and bushes, along walls, paths and fences.

To determine the correct trimmer for cutting grass, you need to pre-designate for it the maximum amount of work and the limit of planned loads. In this case, it is better to start from the maximum, so that the operability and power of the device is guaranteed to be sufficient, even if the plot specifically overgrows with grass. When choosing a trimmer, note that a simple garden cordless trimmer with an elementary cutting tool can handle a good grade grass. A large area with an active growth of shrubs will require the use of a powerful and reliable unit with a set of different devices. Before buying, you need to hold the trimmer in your hands, assess the degree of convenience and weight, make sure that this device suits you, feel it.

Some options when choosing a trimmer:

  • choice. electric or gasoline;
  • the role of the trimmer in lawn care;
  • how to choose the trimmer, parameters;
  • the price of a good device;
  • subtleties of care and maintenance.

Wrong choice of trimmer can bring enough inconvenience instead of comfort, therefore, oil should not leak in a quality trimmer, it should be reliable and quiet during operation. Your arsenal should always have a spare set of knives or fishing line, gear lubricant should also be available. Choosing more expensive models, you don’t have to worry about overheating, as they are equipped with an automatic shutdown function and have self-lubricating casing, which increases the life of the device.

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Types of lawn trimmers.

The grass trimmer is, in fact, an ordinary electric scythe, the word trimmer is literally translated as “trim” or “trim”. Sometimes an electric trimmer is called an electric scythe, and a gas trimmer is called a lawnmow. These machines are designed for quick lawn mowing and are mainly suitable for soft grass. Often these are simple low-power devices with a simple electric motor and simple design features.

In the modern market there are models equipped with a gasoline engine and battery models. The electric trimmer is used for work in areas of the summer cottage, which are located next to structures where there is a standard source of electricity. If you want to choose a good electric trimmer, then you should be aware of its advantages: low noise, environmental safety, low weight, lack of regular refueling. As for the limitations. this is a dependence on the electric source, relative restrictions on movement, less power compared to a gasoline trimmer.

If you aim to choose a quieter trimmer, feel free to take the electric one: it is almost silent, starts up with one button press, does not pollute the atmosphere. If you consider trimmers with a built-in rechargeable battery, you need to know that the process of mowing the entire area of ​​grass per day is possible only within 20-30 minutes. The rest of the time takes recharging a low-power and capricious in operation battery. Electric trimmers are divided into 2 types: when the engine is located above and when the engine is located below.

Trimmers, in which the engine is located on top, are more powerful and productive, but also more expensive. They are equipped with reinforced thick fishing line and can handle even very thick and tall grass. The trimmer with the lower engine is designed for mowing the area with soft, lawn and often trimmed grass, it has a shorter working time and often needs breaks. An important nuance: the trimmer, in which the engine is located below, should in no case be used for mowing wet grass.

The operation of gasoline devices is characterized by high performance and increased power. If we are talking about working on a section of a summer residence with tall and hard grass, then without a doubt it is worth giving preference to gasoline trimmer models. The next indisputable advantage of gasoline units is the complete absence of electrical wires, thereby providing greater freedom of movement. If the household plot is located at a considerable distance from sources of electricity, then the only way out of the situation is a gasoline trimmer. Among the shortcomings, it should be noted a high level of vibration, noise during operation, significant weight and the need for refueling.

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Types of trimmer knobs.

Trimmers have 3 types of handles:

The D-type handle is extremely convenient for small amounts of work, although it requires great maneuverability when working with it, for example, when processing a section of hedges, shrubs and trees, paths. For these purposes, the fishing line is ideal, with most trimmers, the line feed is automatic. In order to cope with the lush thickets, it is worth choosing a trimmer with a D-shaped and, in addition, a J-shaped handle with the function of installing the knife. The J-type handle prevents approaching the bevel gear, it needs to be attached in cases where the trimmer is equipped with a grass knife, the presence of a shoulder strap will greatly facilitate the work.

The T-shaped handle is also very convenient for work, in most cases it is intended for open spaces, and the trajectory of movements in the process will resemble actions when mowing oblique. This trimmer is most often chosen for large volumes of work, its more powerful models are equipped with a three-blade knife that can handle even thick branches. When working with such a trimmer, it is extremely important to have a special harness for more reliable fixation on the body. You should know that the more power a trimmer has, the more work it can do.

Before finally choosing a good type and model of trimmer, you should pay attention to the capacity of the fuel tank. The fuel tank volume for different models varies between 0.5-1.5 liters, this fact has a significant effect on the weight of the product and its duration. It is worth paying attention to the advice of manufacturers and giving the unit a break every 35-40 minutes to cool the motor. If you do not, the life of even the highest quality and most expensive trimmer will be significantly reduced.

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Electric trimmers are equipped with a curved rod with a flexible shaft, which directly transfers torque to the cutting part from the engine, which increases the likelihood of engine overload. Therefore, only the fishing line head is used as the cutting element. “older” models are equipped with a straight rod and a rigid drive shaft, which redirects torque to the gearbox installed in the lower part. This ensures increased reliability of the device, its wear resistance and a reduced level of vibration. In addition, it becomes possible to use various cutting organs (a metal knife and a head with a fishing line), the accessibility zone of the tool increases and the visibility improves.

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Forms of trimmer knives.

The basic cutting body of any trimmer is a head with fixed segments (or one segment) of high-strength plastic fishing line, it is she who provides repeated care for the lawn. In the process, the head rotates at high speed, and the fishing line easily cuts not only grass, but also weeds with small bushes.

As the fishing line deteriorates, it needs to be replaced, in modern machines this happens in a fully automated or semi-automated mode. If the semi-automatic device does not hit the head slightly on the ground, then its mechanism will independently measure the required amount of fishing line. If the feed is automatic, then the fishing line is replaced during each engine start, without outside interference. To reduce the wear of the fishing line in the electric trimmer, a special safety bracket is often placed above the cutting element, which prevents too close approach to the tree trunk or to the flowerbed.

Some "advanced" models of electric trimmers can easily cut the edges of the lawn because they are equipped with a 90 ° turn of the cutting system, there are also models that have support rollers or wheels that help maintain a certain height of the bevel and ease the load on the hands during operation.

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Some electric and petrol trimmers are equipped with split heads for attaching various nozzles to them. Thus, the buyer acquires the so-called multi-tool, which, if desired, becomes a delimber, brush cutter, cultivator and snow blower. It is very convenient to disassemble and wash after work, it easily fits in the trunk of any car. When buying a trimmer, pay attention not only to the price. Check the design and make sure it is easy to use, that you are able to handle it. This is done so that regular care of the household plot does not turn into hard labor.

It is worth considering that the convenience of the handle and rudders, the ability to maintain balance during operation affects the quality of mowing. It must be remembered that shoulder straps significantly reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system, and the presence of a detachable long rod increases the coverage area during mowing. To select the trimmer with the greatest efficiency, it must have more power and fast acceleration. The trimmer must have a minimum weight relative to its power. Choose an instrument with an effective vibration absorption system or reduced vibration of parts that you will work with directly. Starting the engine should be easy.

Summing up, it can be argued that today it is quite affordable to choose a device that will optimally meet the goals of the work and have the maximum set of required additions, so before choosing a trimmer, consider all the parameters and technical characteristics ratios to your suburban area or the cottage always had a well-groomed and exemplary appearance.