How to Choose the Right Screwdriver Adapter

The rivet head on the screwdriver is a convenient addition to the standard equipment of the power tool. With its help, it is possible to ensure fast and high-quality installation of rivets on household items or during the installation of metal structures. The fixture with a clip is mounted in a standard cartridge of a manual power tool. Unlike the not too cheap rivet, the nozzle is relatively inexpensive, you can vary by the type of clamps used. Read about the criteria by which to choose an adapter for threaded rivets and nuts for a screwdriver.

An industrially manufactured rivet nozzle on a screwdriver is used to fix various additional devices on the metal surface, and fasten the parts together. The main purpose of the product is its use in:

  • assembly of furniture designs;
  • car repair work;
  • installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems.
How to Choose the Right Screwdriver Adapter

Main purpose

Depending on the functionality, riveters can handle the fastening of elements of various diameters. They are suitable for the chucks of most cordless and mains powered screwdrivers with an operating voltage of 10.8 Volts and a torque of 11 Nm. When choosing and buying, attention should be paid to the supported size of the rivets. The most popular are M6, M8, M10. To work in particularly difficult conditions, it is worth getting not only straight, but also angled nozzles.

All nozzles designed for mounting rivets with a screwdriver are suitable for working with tear-off metal, traction and threaded elements. These types of fasteners have a certain classification.

  1. According to the shape of the edge. The side can be insulated or standard, have an increased area or a narrowed edge. It all depends on the specific application conditions and product features.
  2. By size. The diameter and length of the rivet can have various parameters. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the size of the hole in the parts matches the diameter of the connecting element.
  3. Optional material. Copper, steel, aluminum, stainless. the choice is wide enough. It all depends on the operating conditions of the product, and a number of other indicators.
  4. By the method of flaring. Threaded elements are considered detachable; they allow, if necessary, to separate parts without special efforts. Extraction rivets are traction and tear-off, they are quick and easy to install.

Having decided on the types of fasteners, it will be much easier to choose a rivet nozzle for a screwdriver.

Principle of operation

When choosing a nozzle for rivets, you need to pay attention to the method of fastening it. For the successful functioning of the product, it is necessary to check the conformity of the sizes of the adapter landing pad and the rivet itself. If they match, you can proceed to installing the nozzle. To do this, it is placed in the hexagon of the cartridge, turn on the reverse mode in a screwdriver and simultaneously hold the clamp with a key.

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After that, you can insert a rivet into the hole, and switch the screwdriver to direct rotation to the right. The nozzle is tightly pressed to the head of the installed product. Rotation is performed until the edges are finished rolling. It will be reported by a click that sounds quite characteristic. After that, the shaft rotates again reversely for several seconds (until the rod is removed from the nozzle). The adapter is ready for use again.

How to choose a tool for threaded nuts?

The rivet nozzle, designed for installation on a screwdriver for nuts with a threaded connection, is oriented to use when connecting sheet materials. It is convenient for the installation of fences and roofing, where the creation of a sufficient number of turns of thread in other ways is impossible. Among all the available options, the most relevant are professional-oriented models. The range of sizes of domestic riveters is most often limited by indicators M2-M4.

The principle of action also matters. Most often, for threaded nuts, options are selected for installing the rivet by screwing it through the threaded channel. In addition, there is a variant with the translational action of the rod introducing the product into the thread. When choosing a nozzle, you need to pay attention to the softness of the material for which it is intended. Options for non-ferrous metals can not cope with steel structures.

Characteristics required for work

A special rivet nozzle for a screwdriver should have the following set of characteristics:

  • adaptability to work with elements of various lengths (on average, this indicator varies from 100 to 200 mm);
  • admission to work with materials (highlight options for soft alloys and hard steel);
  • the corresponding diameter of the rivet to be installed (may vary in the range of M2.5-10);
  • the optimal type of housing (all-metal or combined, with polymer inclusions, lighter);
  • proper adapter mounting (usually it is standardized for a standard screwdriver head seat).

The screwdriver itself must also meet certain requirements. It must have a reverse function. Operating voltage ratings should reach 14.4V. Facilitate the work by the availability of opportunities for mounting the nozzle directly inside the shaft hexagon. The equipment itself turns out to be smaller and more functional.

How to choose an adapter?

When choosing an adapter, you should pay attention to its tail element, which will be mounted in the cartridge of an electric screwdriver. If this mount does not match, you will need to install an additional adapter. Universal models are produced mainly by European and Asian manufacturers. Among the most popular brands Absolute, Rivedrill can be distinguished in convenient unified cases that do not burden the chuck of a power tool. The type of drive does not matter. even pneumatic models will successfully carry out their tasks.

Care Features

In order for the selected rivet nozzle to remain operational for a long time, it is worth paying attention to carefully caring for it. The maintenance process includes a number of actions.

  1. It is important to carefully remove all residual rivets from the nozzle body after each operation.
  2. Periodically lubricate the area of ​​the clamping jaws used in the nozzle design to prevent their accelerated wear.
  3. It is necessary to study the level of wear that determines the suitability of the clamping unit for further use. When grinding metal, the reliability of fastening is reduced.
  4. At first use, thoroughly clean the surface of the product from preservative grease. This is necessary to prevent jamming of the leg of the rivet used inside the cartridge design.

Proper care will extend the life of the adapter. In addition, it is necessary to study the additional recommendations presented by the manufacturer in the passport of a particular model.

A correctly selected rivet nozzle will significantly diversify the functionality of an ordinary household screwdriver. With its help, you can do homework or perform simple tasks on the site. Such an additional device is inexpensive, while it fully covers the needs of a lay professional in a specialized tool.

About the rivet heads on the screwdriver, see the next video.

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