How To Choose The Right Trimmer

Pros and cons of the cordless trimmer

In fact, everything is simple here: there is not and cannot be a unanimous opinion and the right decision for all. And there are pluses and minuses; and this technique is not suitable for everyone, not for any conditions and tasks; and the models are far from the same in their parameters. In a word, as in any other business, you need to listen to everyone, and choose yourself.

By the way, I came across something curious. a test of a low-power cordless trimmer in various conditions, on different types of our real vegetation. Interesting, I recommend:

Well, we will return to the problem of choice. I tried to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of cordless trimmers in the hope that this will help find an answer to the question of whether to purchase a similar technique.

Benefits of the cordless trimmer

  • Light weight (depends on the model!);
  • Lack of wires (and, accordingly, higher security);
  • Lack of gasoline emissions (as a result. environmental friendliness, and just more pleasant to work);
  • Quite low noise level (compared to petrol models);
  • Ease of operation (in comparison with gasoline models);
  • Ability to handle hard-to-reach places (around trees, under benches, etc.).

Disadvantages of a cordless trimmer

  • Low power (there are quite powerful models, but they are heavy and expensive);
  • Relatively high price (everything is relative, see above);
  • Short run time on one battery.

How To Choose The Right Trimmer

Thus, a lightweight cordless trimmer (which is the purpose of my search):

  • Has a relatively low power,
  • Not suitable for mowing large areas and tackling tall, coarse grass,
  • Does not require significant physical effort when working,
  • Quite safe. even a teenager can be trusted with it.

Good or bad. everyone decides for himself.


Conventional wisdom: battery technology is expensive. I thought so myself until I started looking. In fact, it turned out that:

  • Everything is relative

Yes, in general, cordless trimmers are more expensive than similar electric mains-operated trimmers. On the other hand, if your farm (like me, for example) does not yet have a coil with a suitable extension cord, and its cost (3000-5000 rubles for a 50-meter, up to 2000 rubles for a 30-meter one) needs to be added to the price of an electric trimmer, then the difference between the total amount and the cost of the battery analog will not be so noticeable.

  • The price range is wide enough

Among the battery models (as well as among others) there are not only expensive equipment (from 30,000 rubles and more), but also quite budget options (from 5,000 rubles in a complete set and from 3,500. without a battery and charger). Just choose them carefully. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  • When buying, you can save

If you already have any battery technology, it is quite possible that its batteries (accumulator) and charger (charger) will be compatible with trimmers of the same manufacturer. And then you can choose a complete set at a very affordable price.


To begin with (as already mentioned), we look at the presence of the actual battery and charger in the kit. If this is the first battery device in your arsenal, it is advisable to choose a model with a complete set (when buying a battery and a charger separately, the purchase will cost much more). If you already have a battery technology of the selected manufacturer, it is reasonable to first make sure whether the existing batteries and chargers are suitable for the new device, and then make a decision.

Sometimes you come across very nice offers. for example, the delivery set of the Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-260 trimmer includes 2 batteries (at a price of 8,792 rubles, this is really a very good option). And it’s quite unexpected to see such a complete set in the model for 4991 rubles. that is how much the battery trimmer Patriot TR240 21V costs. However, keeping in mind exactly where free cheese is usually found, you need to carefully study all the parameters of such offers, so that in the pursuit of profit you do not miss something really important.

Cordless trimmer: how to choose and should you choose it at all

We will learn how to choose the right cordless trimmer and what to look for when buying it.

Grass in a suburban area is an eternal and immense theme. And this very grass needs to be mowed every summer, and not once and not from time to time, but preferably regularly. What to mow. everyone decides for himself, the choice is large enough. But most of the options are still designed for physically strong, healthy people. those whose capabilities are limited by age or ailment have much less choice.

Guarantee period

Taking into account the real quality of the tools on the market today, the warranty period given by the manufacturer is an important argument. For cordless trimmers, it ranges from 1 to 3 years. Most often. 2 years. My opinion: if the guarantee is less, it is better to refrain from buying: since even the manufacturer himself is not sure of his product, then should we experiment.


Nevertheless, the above does not negate the fact that a well-known manufacturer is likely to have better and more reliable equipment. In addition, it is easier to find consumables and spare parts for it (if required), it is easier to repair it in case of malfunction (products of unknown Chinese craftsmen are sometimes not taken for repair at all).

Finally, since we are talking about battery equipment, it is reasonable to think about the future: most of the major manufacturers have batteries of different devices interchangeable, so in the future, if you want to expand your arsenal, you can save.

How to choose

In order to choose the right trimmer for a summer cottage or garden, you need to clearly understand the goals and conditions in which the device will be used. This will help you choose a trimmer that will last more than one season.

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Cutting system

The trimmer’s cutting system is the main element that makes it work. It can be made of durable metals or soft fishing line.

Heavy-duty knives are ideal for unkempt lawns. The line will work wherever the cutting system is likely to come into contact with something other than the lawn. When hitting hard surfaces, the line will not break like knives. However, thick grass can be a problem for them, as the grass will get stuck in the line.


The electric unit is suitable for female representatives due to the ease and convenience of maneuvering. In addition, there are the largest number of electric trimmers on the market, so you can find the most convenient option. Due to the fact that the device is powered from the network, it has low mobility, there is also a danger of cutting the wire by carelessness.

Gas powered trimmers use city services to keep lawns tidy. Due to the fact that the tank with gasoline is attached to the device, it becomes heavier. Thus, not all owners of a summer cottage will be able to cope with the trimmer.

There are also models with a higher battery capacity, but the price for them immediately rises so significantly that it becomes unprofitable to buy such a unit. However, if you have a small area and you are worried about the environment, then the battery option will suit you.

Convenience of holding

This criterion includes both the number of straps, the shape and number of handles, and the balancing of the unit. If you choose an electric grass trimmer in your own small garden, then one handle will be enough, but if you are mowing a large area or for a long time, then it is better to give preference to an apparatus with two handles or with crossed ones.

Positioning the motor at the top of the stick is better for long mowing than if it is at the bottom. The lower it is, the more pressure is put on the back.

Autonomy and charging time

Battery models are lighter than gasoline ones and are more autonomous than electric ones, however, the charge of such devices is enough for no more than an hour of operation. The indicator is measured in amperes. For example, 1 amp per hour is enough for 15 minutes of continuous operation. However, to justify the battery models, we can say that they charge quickly.

Line diameter

This marker shows how thick the stems of individual plants the equipment can cut. Similar to the cut width, the lower the value, the more effort will be required to remove the lawn. The minimum line diameter is 1.5 mm, the maximum is about 3.5 mm. It makes no sense to buy a trimmer with a larger line diameter than 2 mm for a summer cottage where the lawn needs to be kept tidy. If it is necessary to improve the area with a lot of weeds, then you can choose the diameter of the fishing line with a larger diameter.

How to choose a grass trimmer. comparison of all modern types with each other

Since time immemorial, the lawn has been considered an elite element of the site, a privilege of the highest class. However, it will look like a king only with proper care: regular watering, fertilizing and, of course, a weekly haircut. If you do not follow the last condition on this list, then a beautiful meadow will quickly turn into dense wild thickets. Fortunately, mowing grass has long ceased to be a dull duty forcing the lawn owner to get a scythe from the back room. It was replaced by another tool. a trimmer that works on the principle of the same scythe, but mechanized and equipped with a motor. This compact and maneuverable machine will easily cut a small lawn, remove weeds near the wall of the house, trim the grass between trees in the garden.

A grass trimmer will give your lawn a neat look

. Gasoline or electric trimmer: which is better?

The design of any trimmer provides for the presence of an engine. gasoline or electric. The gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine provides the trimmer with complete freedom of movement. It does not plug into an electrical outlet, so you can mow the grass anywhere on the site. Lawn mowers, for the most part, have significant power, therefore they are able to cut stalks of tough weeds, overgrown vines and bushes. The best pet hay trimmer is also a petrol powered scythe.

The disadvantages of a gasoline trimmer include high cost, the need for regular refueling with gasoline and oil, significant noise during operation, emission of exhaust gases.

The gasoline trimmer is a stand-alone tool for large jobs

An electric trimmer is devoid of all the disadvantages of a lawn mower. It is a small, compact tool that is virtually quiet and does not require refueling. However, in some respects it is still inferior to the gasoline trimmer. First of all, it is low power, which does not allow cutting off thick tree branches.

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This parameter of electric trimmers is in the range of 200-1400 watts. Naturally, the 200 watt tool is only suitable for cutting the delicate lawn grass. For weeds, choose something more powerful. If you are not faced with the task of cutting thick stems, then the best choice would be a trimmer with a power of 1000 W, which will cope with both grass and dense thickets of weeds.

The scope of application of electric braids limits the cable

Do not forget that the electric trimmer is equipped with a cable that connects to the mains. If it happens that the place where the grass is cut will be at a great distance from the outlet, then the cable will have to be extended with various electric carriers, which is not very convenient. So it is rational to use a conventional electric trimmer with a cable only in the yard of the house.

Thinking about the question of how to choose a trimmer with an electric motor, you should know that there is a tool with a lower and upper motor location. Although the lower position of the engine makes trimmer cheaper and more maneuverable, this design poses a risk of water entering the engine, for example when working on a wet lawn. It is more optimal to choose a tool with an overhead motor, which is not afraid to work under any conditions.

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Lightweight Electric Top Motor Trimmer

Mowing grass in areas without access to power outlets is also possible with an electric trimmer. However, for this, a battery must be provided in the design of the tool, which will allow a low-power engine to work for 20-30 minutes. These trimmers are not used as a regular tool for mowing lawns or lawns. They may be needed in extreme cases, for example, to trim the edges of the lawn after using the mower.

How to choose a cutting tool?

The main function of the trimmer is to mow the grass, so special attention should be paid to the structural detail that performs this function. In most electric trimmers, this responsibility is assigned to a spool of sharp line. During operation, the plastic line rotates at high speed and easily cuts through grass and plant stems. As the line becomes thinner, it needs to be replaced.

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In most modern models, this happens in a semi-automatic or automatic mode. In the first case, it is enough to press the trimmer head to the ground and the reel will unwind the required amount of line. In automatic mode, everything is even easier. a new "portion" of the line is added each time the engine is turned on.

Line reel in electric trimmer design. optimal cutting tool for grass

In powerful gasoline tools, the cutting part in the form of circular knives is often installed, which can work for a long time without replacement. At the same time, plastic knives can only cut grass and dry stems, and metal knives can even cope with branches of trees and bushes without problems.

Petrol trimmer with metal blade will cut any branches

Ergonomics. focus on convenience

Working with any tool should not turn into hard work, all details should be carefully thought out for your convenience. To begin with, you should pay attention to the trimmer handle. it can be made in the form of the letters D or T. Holding on to the D-shaped handle, it is convenient to cut grass in small areas where good maneuverability is required.

Electric D-Handle Trimmer. a manoeuvrable tool for small lawns

For large volumes of work, the T-handle is more suitable, in which the trimmer movements will be similar to those performed when working with a normal scythe.

Trimmer with T-handle for easy mowing of large areas

Vibration damping is another design feature that is designed to minimize vibration in the trimmer parts that the user comes into contact with.

To improve ergonomics, many manufacturers are equipping the grass trimmer with a telescopic boom that can be adjusted in length to suit the operator’s height.

Helpful advice from a knowledgeable person.

Now that you know the basic rules for choosing a trimmer, it’s time to see it in action! Below is a in which an operator-consultant will give some more important tips for choosing this useful garden tool.

How to choose the right trimmer?

How to choose the right trimmer?

Almost any owner of a personal plot, vegetable garden, garden or just a lawn located near the house sooner or later faces the problem of lawn care. It can be just getting rid of weeds or cutting wildly overgrown grass, removing small shrubs, getting rid of vegetation along the walls of buildings and paths, around trees or any other stationary objects located on the territory.

Someone for these purposes actively uses purely manual mechanical tools, for example, scythes and sickles. Some use more advanced machines, that is, lawn mowers. The first option takes a lot of time, besides, it is tedious, has low productivity, and requires certain skills. For the second option. An extremely flat relief of the cultivated area is required, and there is also no opportunity to work in hard-to-reach places. Therefore, it is here that option number three appears, so the type of equipment for high-quality lawn care is like. Trimmer.

What is this device like? What are its main advantages and disadvantages, which is very important to know for the correct choice of such a device? We will try to understand all these questions in this article.

The name of the tool comes from the English word trim. "haircut", "cutting". It appeared back in 1962 thanks to an inventor named D. Bolas, and at the very beginning it bore a rather bright and at the same time original name "Weed Eater". that is, "Weed Eater". Today, depending on the type of engine used, it can be called an electric or gasoline device.

This tool allows you to cut grass or small shrubs in large enough areas with rugged and difficult terrain, near various objects, as well as in hard-to-reach places. The trimmer has undergone many changes since its inception, but the basic principle of its operation has remained the same.

Trimmer design features.

Trimmer head. It is the main cutting element of the unit. It has the form, most often, of a coil of wire, which is wound in it in such a way that two ends remain free. Depending on the internal structure of the coil, you can choose a model with two, four, six or more wires. Accordingly, the number of their free ends will also increase so many times.

During the operation of the tool, the trimmer head rotates, and the wire "tails" moving at high speed cut off plant stems and small branches. The movement energy is transmitted to the reel by means of a shaft or cable from the engine. It should be noted that instead of spools of fishing line, metal or plastic knives of various shapes or discs can be installed.

The movement of the head can be transmitted directly from the motor, if it is located at the bottom of the tool, or through the shaft inside the rod, if the motor is on top. Another exotic option is the transmission of rotation by means of a flexible shaft, when the engine is located in a backpack on the operator’s back.

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Barbell varieties.

Today, there are models with a straight or curved bar.

In the first case, the rotation from the motor to the coil is transmitted through the gearbox and rigid shaft system. The reducer can be single (top), or in combination with the bottom. This type of device is typical for almost all powerful gasoline models; most consumers consider it optimal in terms of its reliability and performance.

In the second case, that is, when the rod has a curved shape, the problem of transferring rotation from the engine to the line reel is solved by using a small steel cable. At the same time, gearboxes are usually absent. This technical solution is most often found in low power trimmers, battery or electric type, naturally considered less reliable.

For domestic use or professional use?

Before you start comparing trimmers, first of all decide on the class of technique. Tools intended for professional use are usually powered by a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, with an overhead engine. These devices are distinguished by good power, performance, the presence of many attachments.

Household models are usually equipped with either a two-stroke gasoline engine or an electric motor. Often this work unit is located at the bottom in the immediate vicinity of the trimmer head. This class also includes all cordless trimmers.

The choice of a particular class depends directly on the planned intensity of use and the amount of future work. If you only need to trim a small front lawn once a month or mow the grass along the garden path, then a battery or electric household appliance is enough. But if you need a trimmer, for example, for serious hay making or intensive, besides daily lawn care, then, of course, in this case you should purchase the model of prof. Class.

Varieties of trimmers.

Having decided on the class, decide what kind of this tool you need. Each of them has its own disadvantages and advantages. There are three types: electric, battery and gasoline.

The electric trimmer is affordable, eliminating the need to constantly worry about periodically refueling the unit with a fuel mixture or gasoline. In addition, the electric model is lighter than the gasoline one, but it is inferior in power. The scope of her activity is limited by the length of the electrical cord, and she herself depends on the availability of a nearby power supply.

The cordless trimmer has good mobility, it is autonomous, does not need power cords, and does not need power sources. But at the same time, there is always a need for periodic charging of the battery. In addition, these devices have the lowest power compared to electric and gasoline counterparts.

The gasoline trimmer is endowed with the highest power, it is absolutely independent of external energy sources, and allows you to work in almost any weather conditions. However, it is heavy, requires frequent maintenance and periodic refueling, and is more expensive for its price.

The choice of this or that type of trimmer will entirely depend on your tasks. For example, for trimming the edges and periodically mowing the lawn in front of the house, it is not advisable to purchase a powerful gasoline unit, but it will be the best option for harvesting hay, clearing vegetation from suburban areas or mowing lawns in public parks or squares.

What are trimmer blades made of?

Durable titanium clipper blades. the most durable, diamond-coated blades. for a clean cut of hair, whether coarse or fine, wet or dry.

Trimmer motor is everything

Vibrating trimmer. the principle of operation is based on the action of an electromagnet.

Plus: Power 8-15 W, can be controlled by adjusting screw.

Minus: When working, it vibrates slightly, poorly cleaned. To release hair and grease, you need to unscrew the knife blocks.

Rotary trimmer. professional hair clipper; it is powerful enough (20-70 W).

Minus: the rotary engine heats up quickly, so it is necessary to periodically turn off the machine, allowing it to cool.

A pendulum trimmer is a kind of horizontal scissors. an ancient "pre-electric" version of a hair clipper.

Minus: when working with it, you need to alternately squeeze and unclench the handles of the machine until it stops.

Usually, trimmers come with several attachments that regulate hair length, especially popular attachments for trimming mustaches and beards, There are also home trimmers for cutting hair in the ears and nose.

Trimmer (Clipper). Vibrating or Rotary? Nicd or NiMh trimmer batteries?

You don’t have to be a professional hairdresser to cut your family and friends with a modern trimmer. With the help of the trimmer, you can quickly and easily make short men’s or children’s haircuts, perfectly align the temples and make a flawless edging. A wide range of attachments limiting the length of the cut hair (0.1-70mm) will allow you to model more options for haircuts, profile the ends of the hair.

Mains trimmer

Plus: will not fail due to untimely dead battery.

Minus: it is inconvenient to work with a trimmer with a wire always dragging behind it, a haircut with a machine may end unexpectedly due to power outages.

Cordless trimmer

Usually cordless trimmers are available with nickel batteries: nickel-cadmium (NiCd) and nickel-metal hydride (NiMh).

Plus: it can work both from the power cord and from the charger in autonomous mode for about an hour.

Larger capacity nickel metal hydride batteries, i.E. Can last longer on a single charge.

Nickel-cadmium batteries retain energy better than nickel-metal hydride batteries, even if the trimmer is idle for a long time.

Minus: Nickel batteries take a long time to charge and for a long service life it is better to charge them only after a complete discharge. Again, you will either have to discharge the battery either at work idle, or measure that with frequent use strictly as needed, the trimmer battery will run out completely after 10-12 months of active use.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries run out faster if the trimmer is left idle for a long time.

Nickel-cadmium batteries drain faster with heavy use of the trimmer.

In fact, nickel-cadmium batteries have long outlived their usefulness. However, you can always replace nickel-cadmium batteries. with nickel-metal hydride.