How to connect a circular saw in Voxel Tycoon. Transportation

Early access

Note: This game in early access is under development. It can change in the future, or it can remain in the current state, so if you do not like what the game can offer now, we recommend that you wait for its further development. To learn more

“AFTER Working on the Game for A Few Years, We Feel Its Ready Enure to Let People Get Their Hands on it IT. It’s Alread Playable and Fun, But We have a Lot of New Content Coming Until We Can Call It A Complete Game.”

How much this game will be in early access?

“OUR Roadmap Consists of Many Interesting Features We has yet to implement. Most Notable Are: Multiplayer and Other Game Modes, Railway SHUNTING, Weather CONDIONS, and MORE MODES OF TRANSPORT (SUCH AS AS Sea and Air). ALSO, IT Will Contain Much Base Content: Rail Equipment, Vehicles, Biomes, Buildings, Production Chains, and Resources.”

“It’s Alread Playable and Fun, and Has Plenty of Content: Dozens of Train Types, Diffferent Biomes and Resources, Growing Cits, et Ceteraa. Not to Mention Fully-Featuding Support from Day One.”

Download the game Voxel Tycoon (2022) A new version in Russian

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  • Exit date: 2019
  • Genre: Indie, Simulator, Strategy, Economics
  • Developer and publisher: Voxel Tycoon
  • Text: Russian, English, Multi
  • Windows: 7, 8, 10 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor: two-core 2.0 GHZ
  • RAM: 4 Gb
  • Video card: 512mb vram
  • Disco place: 2 gb

Type of publication: Repack game updated 17.09.2022 to v, this is the last hacked version for 2022.

Voxel Tycoon is similar

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Better to wait

The comparison, however, will not be in favor of Voxel Tycoon. how good this game looks externally, it is just as inconvenient to engage in construction here.

For example, there is no planning tool. if I made a mistake with the placement of a road or building for one cage, be kind, redo it, demolishing everything cleaned up. Roads and without this behave quite capricious if it comes to joining the existing path or building at a difference in heights. A separate torment is the creation of railway interchanges: I want the game to help create symmetrical and correct forms, but instead you have to pretend to be a peephole, where and how to start turning the rails. There is no need to talk about such luxury as preserving the patterns of ways. all this is there, in the plans for the development of early access.

In general, there is much more deficiency here than it seems at first glance. Kutsey training does not disclose the depths of the game at all. VT is definitely not created for beginners in the genre, despite the simple design that has the realism of Transport Fever or the Openttd monstrous). Statistics are very poorly represented, and there are no graphs at all, which is very strange for Taikun. About the absence of multiplayer and pleasant little things, such as a sandbox mode or mini-card, you can also mention, for nothing that they promise to finish all this sooner or later.

A small narrowing of the tracks at the bend before the intersection turned out to be a rather insidious thing. it does not interfere with trains, but the signals on this site can work incorrectly, so it is better to spread the track away from each other.

I was a little upset that the same “station” does not participate in the gaming process. I would like to see how mining mines gradually “eat” the cube ore behind the cube, changing the landscape, would not have prevented at least some semblance of simulation of water and earth physics-such terraforming is always interesting. In the meantime, you can only dig and pour the ground with a separate tool and indulge in a “bomb”, immediately destroying a huge piece of surface.

With the help of the first.person species, you can “ride” on any train or car, or even “walk on foot” at all.

It’s funny that Voxel Tycoon arouses interest in virtual railway construction, but in the end I would like to postpone this strategy for the time being and go to master this science in time.tested Openttd or Factorio.

Here, at the moment, you can unequivocally praise only the design: the game instantly has a cozy appearance, a convenient integration and pleasant music. At first, it seems that it will fit, but in fact, signs of early access are noticeable literally everywhere. the developers have to work a lot to bring their project closer to the ideal.

Mind and processing

Automate open and underground production using quarries or mines, and then process raw materials using crushers, furnaces, oil refineries and other equipment. Renewable resources, such as forest and water economy, are also the subject of interest. Complex production chains require complex logistics! Create unique your own factories, connecting cars, buildings and storage rooms with conveyor ribbons and pipelines.

Do not forget that your factories will also need energy for work! This can be ensured by the construction of power plants and power lines or a simple connection to local communal enterprises and buying electricity. Finance and supply research on new technologies, open new buildings, drawings and vehicles or update existing.

The endless world

Explore the limitless procedural world filled with unique bioms and amazing views. Prospects for rare resources and opportunities, as well as find new cities for development. The world is endless, so you never exhaust the space. And space not only on the surface. You can explore, dig (or simply blow) every statesl, up to the cliff. For the most successful magnates, we offer full.functional terraforming: turn the world into what you want and everything in accordance with your perfect plan!

Each city has its own needs that you can satisfy to start growth. The more the city becomes, the more passengers and passengers, which means great potential profit! cities not only increases the number of necessary goods. Higher stages of development will move away from the foundations requiring more complex and expensive products. Do not concentrate all your efforts on the cargo transportation. People also have where to get! Control the passenger flow between the cities and do not forget to treat them with caution. Different passengers are sent to different places and have different comfortable preferences.

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Trainer (4) from 19.12.2021 [Wemod]

During the gameplay, click on the necessary keys (which can be edited) and get the desired result.

Attention: for using a traineer, you need to install a WEMOD system (online connection is required).The download of the traineer is carried out only through the WEMOD, using the launcher attached to the post.False anxiety of antiviruses on the launcher is possible, do not forget to turn off AV before the game to avoid conflict situations with it.

Treiner installation instructions

In 95% of cases, games for games are presented in format.Rar or.Zip. The former can be downloaded and unpaved using the Winrar Trial version of the program. To do this, open the archive using this program with the “extract” button in the English version) and select any folder on the hard drive, but do not choose the game folder, as the archive can be nested, and then The file will not work.

If the file is packed in a ZIP archive, it will be enough to open it through the standard “conductor” Windows. Sometimes archives with expansion may occur.7Z to unpack them, you need to download the 7-ZIP archiver. It is free and quite convenient, and besides, it can work with.RAR and a bunch of other, less popular types of archives.

Voxel Tycoon. CRAZY CONVEYOR CONVERSIONS. Let’s Play, Early Access Ep 8

When you unpacked the archive, find it through the “conductor” and view the contents of the folder. Usually a traineer is a single file with an extension.Exe, but sometimes it can include others, as well as instructions (usually called Readme.txt).

The method of installation for all trains is similar and is to place all the files in the distribution of the game, in the same folder where the executable file is located, which is responsible for the launch of the game. Sometimes it is not so simple to find it, but if you have an icon on your desktop with which you can start the game, then you can use the following way:

Press the right button on the icon; 2. In the context menu that opens, select the “Properties” option; 3. In the window that opens, go to the “Label” tab and click on the “File Location” button.

After that, a folder will open in the “conductor”, in which the exe file of the game is located. The trainer needs to be copying to the same folder, if in the instructions attached to the traineer it is not said otherwise.

After that, it remains only to start the trainer and get acquainted with the combinations of keys to activate its capabilities, and then, without closing the trainer, start the game.

Voxel Tycoon

We are developing an economic strategy about transport, factories and resources in the pretty station world.

We love Openttd, Factorio and Minecraft with mods like BuildCraft, trains, and also appreciate the style and quality.

If you are close to you, join you!

Voxel Tycoon Record is fixed

connect, circular, voxel, tycoon, transportation

Maxim Vorobyov

road crossings were never brought?

Until the moves plays the game, it makes no sense, it’s just a game of the fence not to make moving to the railway tracks in the game about transport))))

That you all need moves so much? I’m waiting for the possibility of one.sided traffic on roads. Constantly traffic jams due to the impossibility of organizing. I come up with crutches.

Voxel Tycoon Record is fixed

A little over a year ago, Voxel Tycoon entered the early access Steam!

Egor Manulov

Ilya Stanis

Voxel Tycoon Record is fixed

New post (in English) about the current state of affairs in development: https: // voxeltycoon.XYZ/Devlog/2022-Spring-Developmen.

Vladislav Vergazov

Maxim Stepanov

connect, circular, voxel, tycoon, transportation

Voxel Tycoon Record is fixed

An intermediate update has been released, including a set of improvements, new opportunities for modding and correct errors.

Yegor Brown

Guys please tell me there are no road textures, railway and automobile, also teksuras are stretched, what to do?

Timur Belsky

Timur, a mistake with a memory leak is still preserved, we are looking for ways to solve it. You can temporarily switch to the M1_Test branch, there is no leakage in it (but there is a slightly more old version of the game).

Voxel Tycoon Record is fixed

Mass replacement of transport, riding a depot, Steam Cloud support and other improvements are already available in update 0.87!

Vadim Aivazov

Voxel Tycoon. Train Signal Tutorial

How to connect a circular saw in Voxel Tycoon

Voxel Tycoon. This is an open and endless world to create a transport and economic system. The game vaguely resembles Factorio, only with Vokselnaya graphics and other interesting solutions. As it develops, more than 50 different vehicles will be available to the player, starting from steam to the electric era. It is also worth noting that when organizing logistics, you will be provided with extensive opportunities that allow you to subtly organize the delivery of various cargoes. Build processing plants to create all the necessary resources for the prosperity of the city. Together with your development, cities will develop that will require more and more resources. An important part in the game is occupied by an economic system that requires a thorough and thoughtful approach.

Voxel Tycoon. Strategic game of transportation, factories and mining in beautiful station landscapes. Inspired by the most famous transport games in history, complemented by completely new functions that were previously unprecedented in the genre.

Key features of the gamevoxel type (Russian version):

connect, circular, voxel, tycoon, transportation

Minimum systemic requirements of the gamevoxel type (Russian version):

Genre: Taikunazyk Inte Wee: Russian / Multi 7 Narrower. Version of the game: 0.87.1 size: 274 MB

Download the game Voxel Tycoon on PC (Russian version)

Voxel Tycoon is an exciting strategy in which you will have to build routes for trains, engage in resource delivery, establish infrastructure and do much more.

And it is worth saying right away that in this game there is no as such a plot, and it is the gameplay that is based on everything. And he, in turn, is based on the construction of a real infrastructure, a route network, thanks to which cargo should be delivered by all possible ways to the necessary points of the local world.

The first case will have to be engaged in trains. All factories and production need resources, and in the same way they need to be delivered ready.made goods to the right points. You need to make these processes continuously. Download Voxel Tycoon torrent for free and build a railway, create the routes along which trains will follow, put the delivery of goods to the factories and make the finished product to be delivered in time to the right place. And also keep in mind that not every locomotive can master the transportation of the tonnage that you need. Will have to buy cars, good locomotives, and not a few, but dozens. In other words, in Voxel Tycoon you will find painstaking and very difficult work.

You will have to do not only railway routes, but also many others. For example, you will need to automate production, make the goods continued in continuous mode and immediately delivered to cities and other destinations. They will have to deliver them mainly by trains, and in some cases you will have to create routes for trucks. And in the future, developers promise to add the opportunity to engage in the transportation of resources and goods on ships, aircraft and not only. So, master the existing mechanics, build routes, and get ready for new trials Here you can download Voxel Tycoon torrent the last version for free on a computer.