How to Connect a Punch Button Directly

Necessary tools and materials

Repair of the drill can be done on its own, the main thing is to know the causes of breakdowns and methods of their "treatment". Today we will talk about how the connection diagram of the drill button looks like, we will not ignore other malfunctions, so you will be the happy owner of a working tool.

Possible instrument malfunctions. we carry out repairs ourselves

If your tool began to work worse, or completely ceased to fulfill its direct responsibilities, it’s time to diagnose malfunctions and try to cope with them. First, we check the wire for damage and voltage in the outlet, for which you can turn on any other device. a TV or a kettle.

How to Connect a Punch Button Directly

If you inspect devices that are running on battery power, you need to check them when using the tester. in this case, the voltage indicated on the case should have the same value with the battery voltage.

If the voltage is less, you will have to replace the batteries with new ones. If the battery is working properly, the power is normal, look for problems in the hardware. The most common failures are:

  • Problems with the engine;
  • Worn brushes;
  • Problems with the operation of the button.

Knowing how the electric drill button is connected, you can quickly solve the problem. In addition, a problem with the operation of the drill can also occur due to the dustiness of the tool, because the drill “takes” both wood, brick, and other materials. So, you should take care to clean the device after each use. this is the only way to reduce the risk of malfunctions due to contamination of the tool. That is why after you made repairs in the apartment, immediately clean the drill.

Drill button connection diagram. how to fix the problem?

Unfortunately, to check the operability of the tool, the tester will not be enough for you, due to the fact that most of the buttons on the device are equipped with infinitely variable speed control, and therefore a regular tester can give you incorrect data. In this case, you will need a special circuit for connecting the drill button. Often in tools, one wire is connected to the terminal, and therefore, simultaneous pressing of the button leads to ringing of the terminals. In the event that the light comes on, everything is fine with the button, but if you notice a malfunction, it’s time to replace the button.

When replacing, keep in mind that the circuit can be either simple or reverse. Due to this, all work on replacing the button should be carried out exclusively according to the scheme, without adding anything “on my own”. So, the part should fit in size and match the power of the tool. At the same time, counting power is a fairly simple task. We use the formula P = UI (taking into account that the power of the drill is 650 W), I = 2.94 A (650/220), which means that the button should be 2.95 A.

Video: How to Connect a Punch Button Directly

How to connect the drill button yourself?

Despite the fact that this process is quite complicated, you can do all the work yourself, observing some important rules. For example, remember that opening the case may cause all parts and loose parts to simply fall out of the case. Naturally, this should be avoided, because then it will be quite difficult to assemble the device together. To do this, you can gradually lift the lid, noting the exact location of the parts on paper.

The button is repaired as follows:

  1. First, latches for the casing are picked up, after which it is carefully pulled together;
  2. All rusted and darkened terminals are cleaned of soot, for which you can use alcohol or sandpaper;
  3. We reassemble the tool, making sure that all the parts of the device are in place, and check the performance of the drill. if nothing has changed, we change the part;
  4. We fill the turnover regulator with the help of the compound, and therefore, when the part fails, we simply replace it;
  5. A frequent breakdown is the erasing of the working layer under the rheostat. it is better not to repair it, just waste your time in vain, it is better to purchase a new one and replace it.

Many are interested in where to get a similar scheme? First of all, it should go along with the tool when buying it, but if there is no scheme, or you have lost it, you will have to search the Internet. After all, only with its help you can carry out repairs competently, without errors. By the way, the speed control button and the reverse control button are located in different places, and therefore they will have to be checked separately.

Motor Check: Causes of Damage and Repair

There are several reasons for the breakdown of the anchor or stator of the drill. First of all, it is the illiterate operation of the device. For example, many users simply overload the tool, performing work without interruption. This leads to the fact that the drill motor does not have time to "rest". The second reason lies in the poor winding wire, which are often found in cheap models. That is why breakdowns of cheap tools are much more common. Repair in this case must be carried out using a specialized tool. And it will be better if you entrust this work to professional specialists.

However, if it was decided to carry out repairs on your own, you will definitely have a question. how to do it right? As you already understood, an electric drill “suffers” breakdowns of the armature and stator, and this can be checked with several signs, for example, when the tool suddenly sparks during operation. If there are no "bright" signs, you can use an ohmmeter.

The stator is changed like this:

  1. First, carefully disassemble the device case;
  2. We remove wires and all internal parts;
  3. After finding out the causes of the failure, we replace the spare part with a new one, we close the case again.

How to replace brushes: work in a couple of minutes

But the drill may not work due to commonplace malfunctions. for example, due to brushes inside the engine. So, brush repair is indispensable here, and this work is quite simple. you don’t even need to have special knowledge and tools. To do this, we disassemble the device, remove the brush holders from it and change the parts that are broken. By the way, there are models whose case can not be disassembled. you just need to remove special plugs through the installation window, then change the brushes.

As you can see, there are a variety of breakdowns, many of which will be subject to you, while others will be feasible only to specialists in service centers. And to reduce the risk of such breakdowns, you need to take care of your tool, clean it after work, check the condition of parts and brushes in order to replace them with new ones in time. However, if you see that you cannot handle it yourself, bring the device to the workshop.