How to convert a single axle tractor into a mini-tractor with your own hands

How to make a mini-tractor from a power tiller with your own hands: a breaker, Kentavr, Zubr, Agro, Neva, MTZ, Kaskad, Oka, Salut, Agat

Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the inconsistency of the original device to certain criteria will not allow the resulting unit to effectively and qualitatively cope with its tasks. For example, if the engine power is low, it may not have enough tractive force to bear not only the standard load when working with attached equipment, but also additional. in the form of not taken into account initially additional structures and body weight of the operator

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Therefore, when choosing a unit for the conversion, it is important to consider its characteristics:

  • power must be matched to the area of the plot and the planned loads on the machine;
  • type of fuel. it is best to be guided by the criterion of practicality, so for the mini-tractor will be optimal for diesel fuel, due to its cost-effectiveness in large areas;
  • Massiveness should be sufficient for the device to cope well with the hard ground. Unlike a power tiller, on the lightness of which depends on its maneuverability, in this case, the low weight will serve as a disadvantage
  • cost. an important criterion, given that one of the purposes of the conversion is just to save money. Therefore, if you choose a new single-axle tractor for conversion, it is better to choose an inexpensive domestic model with a quality and powerful engine.

Among small agricultural units of Russian production, such brands as Argo, Neva, Kentavr, MT3, Zubr are particularly well suited for the conversion from a power tiller into a mini-tractor. Most models of these manufacturers meet all of the above criteria. According to the demand for them and feedback from owners, we can judge that these devices have proven to be reliable and economical equipment, easy to operate and simple to repair, thanks to the availability of spare parts. Below we will consider as an example a mini-tractor, converted from a power tiller Agros.

Homemade tractors with a motor from a power tiller. Minitractor from the tiller with his hands

In order to make a miniature tractor from a power tiller with your own hands, you will need:

  • angle grinder;
  • Parts for mounting;
  • channels and pipes;
  • A device for drilling;
  • electric welding;
  • Measuring tools (angle, tape measure, caliper);
  • Small hand tools (screwdriver, wrenches, hammer, etc. д.).

It is also necessary to buy a ready-made kit for converting a power tiller into a minitractor. This will be the main item of expenditure, but you should not save on this equipment, so as not to compromise the quality of the future product.

It is also necessary to choose a comfortable and high-quality steering wheel, seat, wheels and pedals. When all the necessary components are chosen, you can begin to create a drawing. Do not neglect this step. with clear drawings and diagrams you will work much easier and faster. The photo below shows examples of the simplest drawings for self-rebuilding a power tiller into a mini-tractor.

A good homemade mini-tractor with an engine from a power tiller can be obtained only when the original unit has good power and productivity. Ideal for modification are heavy diesel power tillers. They are fairly economical, have a lot of weight, have considerable power, productive and hardy. All these parameters allow you to make a power tiller full-fledged minitractor that can plow heavy soils and work for a long time without interruption.

The conversion process in general follows the same algorithm, with minor differences for different models. The general scheme of converting the power tiller into a mini-tractor is as follows.

Preparing the frame

Since the mini-tractor will need another pair of wheels, the frame design will have to be improved and strengthened. Use sheet metal or metal tubing for the new frame. The thickness and size of the blanks should be selected based on individual preferences, taking into account the power of the future machine. Cut out the parts of the future frame with an angle grinder and weld them together. It is advisable to strengthen the construction with a crossbar. Also take care of the attachment point of attachments and a towbar if you plan to use a trailer.

Running gear

To mount the front wheels on a piece of pipe of suitable diameter. Finished wheel hubs with brake pads are in turn secured to it. A hole is made in the center of the structure through which it will be attached to the frame. Then the steering rods are attached to the frame via a worm gear. Finally, the actual steering wheel can be installed.

To install the rear axle, bearings are pressed into the bushings. The torque will be transmitted to the axle itself by the pulley. The wheels can be kept from the previous machine or new wheels with heavier tread and wider tread. It is recommended to choose the diameter of the wheel for the future mini-tractor size of 12 inches.

Mounting the motor

Engine should be mounted on the frame front beam. This will improve the balance of the machine

It is important that the PTO is parallel to the rear axle pulley. This protects the belt drive from wear

Additional systems

When most of the work is done, the braking system and implement control system are installed. Installation of lighting fixtures is not superfluous.

After the tractor is completely assembled it should be run-in according to the requirements of the instruction manual for the power tiller.

Let’s consider in more detail how easily and quickly can be converted into a mini-tractor motoblocks of different models.

Recommendations for choosing a power tiller

The choice of the model of the initial technical device must be approached with maximum responsibility. Special attention should be paid to several characteristics:

  • Engine power. to work a large piece of land you need a more powerful single axle tractor.
  • Fuel. preferably choose models that use diesel. They are more economical and are great for working large areas of land.
  • Weight. the lower the figure, the easier it is to control the tractor. However, if the unit is the basis for a minitractor, then preference should be given to more massive models.
  • Cost. you do not need to focus on expensive units, because it is to save money that a single-axle tractor is purchased.

Instructions for making a machine

After deciding on the model of the tractor, you can start to upgrade it. This instruction will be useful to owners of Centaur, Agro and Zubr machines.

How to make a frame

This is the main element of the construction of the mini-tractor, and it is with its making that you should begin. By lengthening the frame you can install an extra pair of wheels, seat and steering. For the frame you will need metal pipes, channel and angle. The cross-sectional area of the billets is not of fundamental importance. The main thing is that the frame must not be deformed by the loads.

Making the frame heavier is good for the machine, because the grip on the ground will be better. All the material must be cut according to the required dimensions, and then weld them into a rectangular structure. To strengthen it the joints can be further strengthened by bolt connections.

It is also desirable to install the frame on a crossbar to increase the rigidity of the entire structure. Then it remains to fix the suspension on the frame, the device for working with attachments. If the mini-tractor will be used to move goods, you should also think about a towbar.

Running gear

The fabrication of this element of the unit should begin with the installation of the front wheels. This requires two hubs with brakes, which are fixed on a piece of metal pipe. A through hole must be drilled in the center of this axis. It is required for attaching to the transverse front member of the frame.

The next step is to install a gearbox fitted with a worm gear. It must be connected via steering rods to the front axle. After that you can assemble the steering column. The rear axle of the machine is mounted on bearings, pre-compressed into steel bushes. It is also used to mount a pulley that transmits torque to the wheels from the propulsion system.

Mounting the motor

In most cases, on homemade mini-tractors, the power plant is located in the front. To do this, special mountings are welded to the frame. Front-mounted engine allows the implement to be balanced. The drive is transmitted to the wheels through a belt drive. To tension the belt properly all fastening elements should be adjustable. Besides, when mounting the power unit special attention should be paid to the pulleys that should be in alignment with each other.

Additional equipment

When the power unit is mounted on the frame, there are only a few steps to be taken. Install the braking system first, and be sure to test its reliability. After that you should install the hydraulics for working with attachments and fix the seat. To protect the engine and other implement mechanisms, it’s worth making a cover out of thin sheet metal. When the device is assembled, it should be run-in. If there are no problems, you can check its operation under load.

The conversion kit

The above-mentioned differences somewhat complicate the conversion of power tillers into mini-tractors. A special conversion module comes to the rescue. Using it, you don’t have to look for single parts, or think about how to make individual tractor components.

Using the “KIT” kit, you can get three benefits, such as:

The peculiarity of “KIT” is the connection of the steering wheel through a worm-type reducer. Steering rods with standard tips are also used for steering.

The set includes the drum-type braking system operated by hydraulic fluid. The gas pedal is operated manually and the brake/clutch system is pedal-controlled. Developers of the module have provided the orientation of the gearbox to the driver’s side, it is placed on the frame.

Attachable and hitched up implements are attached by means of a separate attachment. Kit “KIT” includes a mount that allows you to install a lawn mower and shovel (snow blade). And it also includes the front Giga wheels.

It is also necessary to mention such parts as:

  • frame;
  • base for the seat;
  • the seat itself;
  • driver’s protection;
  • backrest;
  • fenders of the mini-tractor;
  • levers to lock and unlock one of the half axles;
  • brake cylinder;
  • hydraulic tank;
  • drum and support disk.

Rear axle and auxiliary attachments as well as front wheels are not included in “KIT” set. As for tools, they are selected individually.

But in any case, the following are needed:

  • hammers;
  • power drills;
  • wrenches;
  • A welding machine and electrodes for it;
  • angle grinder;
  • fasteners;
  • clamps;
  • an angle piece;
  • drills for working steel;
  • metal discs.

The choice of wheels is at your discretion. Both automotive wheels and wheels mounted on a similarly sized power tiller can be used.

Of course, additionally purchased equipment can significantly increase this amount. Varying the set of auxiliary components, you can change the total cost.

How to rebuild

A tractor from a power tiller can cover a small area. Everyone with at least a little knowledge about the structure of machines is able to assemble it. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the conversion of different models is carried out according to different schemes.

From Agro

If you are building a machine based on an Agro, you should take into account that the standard axle has a low fracture strength. It is possible that these parts break even when using a power tiller without extra weight, and if you increase the load, the risk of the outcome increases several times. To reduce to zero the probability of failure, you can install a wheel gearboxes from the UAZ or LUAZ trucks. In this case, the transmission ratio can be changed to increase the traction range.

convert, single, axle, tractor, mini-tractor

Before making a homemade tractor, decide in advance whether the engine is to be installed at the front or the rear. In the first case, the unit will become more maneuverable, but the pressure on the wheels will increase. There may also be problems with the drivetrain.

  • Build the frame and the front axle from profiles according to drawings.
  • Attach wheel hubs to the front axle. They have brakes, driven by a mechanical or hydraulic type.
  • Assemble the axle. With a composite frame, it must be rigidly attached to the front half. All part of the frame will tilt to turn.
  • Put the steering gear on it and connect the knuckles to the steering link rod.
  • Assemble steering column and check how steering works.
  • To place the rear axle in its regular place. Its attaching to the frame by means of two shafts with bearings. The axle has a pulley that transmits torque from the motor.
  • Install the engine and wheels.
  • Place the driver’s vision and pedal assembly according to the drawings.
  • Make adjustments to the tractor components.

What to watch out for when converting

When creating a minitractor, you should choose a power tiller with a construction weight of at least 100 kg. In this case it is possible to create a complete four-wheeled vehicle. A larger wheel track is recommended, since the machine has a high center of gravity and can tip over easily. This is especially true for a four-wheeled mini-tractor with a moblock engine.

Do not increase the wheelbase too much, because there will be problems with the geometric cross-section and torque transmission. The use of long belts is undesirable because they can easily come off the pulleys.

Various tools and welding equipment are needed for independent performance of works. Observe safety rules when carrying out welding and assembly work.

Remember that there is no single standard for the construction of tractors. Each author develops an individual layout scheme, borrowing solutions from similar designs.

For owners of land, undoubtedly, a minitractor is a more desirable purchase than a single-axle tractor, because it is much more powerful and convenient. But, unfortunately, not everyone and not always manages to get just this unit, citing its cost, size and a number of possible reasons.

But if you already have at your disposal such equipment as a single axle tractor, you can easily convert it into a mini tractor with their own hands. For this you will need some tools, materials and desire.

Choosing a power tiller

Of the important parameters for these devices, it is worth listing:

Detailed consideration is relevant for each characteristic.

Power. Usually it depends on the area that needs to be processed in a particular area. The more land. the more powerful single-axle tractor should be taken.

Weight is determined by the type of soil to be worked. For hard soils do not choose too light equipment. Otherwise the mini-tractors just don’t do what they’re supposed to do.

Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines are much quieter. They have low compression, so they can be started even in severe frost without additional problems. But the diesel engine wins in cost-effectiveness. It has stable revs, and increased traction. With heavy soils and large areas it is the diesel engine that will cope better.

Preparedness for physical exertion, depth and patience are factors to consider when determining the right size for a future purchase. The optimal choice is considered to be collapsible models, which are adjustable in width, then the plow will be easy to adjust to your needs at a particular time.

There is a close relationship between factors such as cost and manufacturer. If possible, it is better to choose products from companies that have long been in the market. But you can do with cheaper counterparts, if the financial capabilities are limited. Russian products will also be the best option for most.

Chinese motor blocks

Basically, they are copies of Russian models. Their cost is lower, but it is achieved not only due to cheap labor, but also due to savings on materials for production, processing equipment. This has a negative impact on the quality of finished products.

At the same time the functionality is not different from their Russian counterparts. Buyers have also long formed the view that products from China. disposable. Production of motor blocks is no exception. Recently, in this direction there are also products of acceptable quality, but even before they are analogues of Russia is still far. The Chinese machines are designed primarily for those who have the skill of locksmith work and the stock of almost professional level tools.

Russian-made products

The optimal solution at a reasonable price. Variants with V-belt transmission or torque transmission to mower, snowplow or brush are popular among customers. In any case, the process is not complete without a special belt.

The peculiarity of our development is a simple structure of the clutch system. It makes operation and repair easier. Only belt replacement remains as a maintenance procedure. Even Soviet engineers designed the gearbox, which is recognized as one of the most successful on the market. Professional engines from foreign manufacturers are used. These machines are functional and reliable. They are a bit inferior to imported ones, but their price is far ahead.

How to make a mini-tractor from MTZ power tiller?

To remake a motorized tractor of this brand should also take into account their design and capabilities. MTZ units have a fairly high power, which makes it possible to turn them into a full-fledged crawler mini-tractor. He will be characterized by high cross-country ability and excellent traction with the soil, so the quality of plowing such a machine will be many times higher than that of wheeled mini-tractors.

Before you get to work, be sure to study the drawings, in which you will find all the information required for the remodeling. The procedure for assembling the mini-tractor is as follows:

  • First, put the single-axle tractor into operation with a mower;
  • After that, completely dismantle the front platform of the unit;
  • In the front part of the minitractor to be made, install the track drive;
  • In the recess designed for the installation of the steering rod, install the adjusting rod. This element will increase the rigidity of the whole structure;
  • To the top of the frame, weld a seat for the driver;
  • Next to the motor, arrange a platform for mounting the battery and hydraulic distributor.

Such way of production is suitable for MTZ 05, MTZ 09 and MTZ 12 small tractors modification. Each of them has enough power to work together with a trailer and attachments at the same time.

Homemade mini tractors with their own hands

Self-made tractors are ideal for tillage, transportation of goods and other household needs. To assemble them can almost anyone who understands technique even at a minimal level.

How to make a mini-tractor from a Neva power tiller

First, we purchase the single-axle tractor itself, on which a factory or homemade hitch is already pre-assembled. Then it will be possible to attach a plow, a trailer with a body, a harrow, or other attachments. Other additional parts are needed:

The volume of “Neva” power tillers is usually within 6-8 liters, so a mini-tractor with such a base requires a minimum amount of modifications.

Homemade mini-tractor from the Zubr power tiller

  • Frame.
  • Cylinder with brake.
  • Foot-operated mechanisms, pedals.
  • The steering rod and the steering wheel itself.
  • Front axle with brakes and hub unit.
  • Wings on the rear wheels.
  • Rear linkage.

When all parts are assembled, you need to connect them with a hammer and drill, wrenches and welding. Front steering axle with special wheels instead of standard wheels, or leave “native” wheels. The engine is located on the frame in the front part, so during the work the tractor keeps its balance. PTO shaft is located on the same axle with a pulley on the rear axle. Belt drive helps transmit power from one part to the other. Belt tensioning and alignment is made easier by floating the motor.

Minitractor on the basis of MTZ power tiller

This single-axle tractor has one difference from other standard models. it is equipped with a two-cylinder diesel engine. This can lead to complications in the process of operation of a homemade mini-tractor, if we make it three-wheeled and put the motor in front. That’s why it is recommended to make a 4-wheeled vehicle.

The manufacturing process is approximately as follows:

  • Weld the frame with metal profiles and pipes.
  • The native wheels can be changed for motorcycle or automotive (depending on the size and purpose of the future minitractor), but you can leave the. The main thing is that they should be placed on the front axle, where the steering gear is mounted.
  • Electric welding connect the frame and mount for the driver’s seat.
  • Accumulator and hydraulic distributor are installed near the engine on a specially welded platform.
  • The rear end is connected to an additional frame made of metal for the hydraulic system.
  • we put the brakes on the rear wheels, which we mount on the rear axle. It’s better to make them with a foot pedal.
  • We conduct the electric installation, install the seat, and, if necessary, mount the fenders on the wheels.
  • On the power tiller we use the mower mode.

Let’s get a compact mini tractor with MTZ engine with our own hands.

Minitractor from Agro power tiller

We prepare a few basic details: steering, brake system, additional wheels, hydraulic system. The hydraulics are needed for the system to work normally with the attached equipment. It’s easy to get extra wheels from a regular car.

If the Agro engine will be located at the front of the minitractor, it will be necessary to reinforce the front half-axles with gearboxes. To avoid unnecessary work and parts, you can mark the motor at the back. the load will be distributed evenly. The rest of the assembly process is similar to other models of power tillers.

The mini-tractor from the Kentavr motorblock with his own hands

Pentavr engine with a capacity of 9 liters.с. Refer to the varieties of professional equipment, so a mini-tractor from it will have the highest performance.

The manufacturing process is not much different from other models of power tillers: we weld the frame from metal profile, install additional two wheels, steering and a driver’s seat. As an option, the engine can be placed in the back of the homemade mini-tractor.

Block: 4/6 | Character number: 3802

How to make a minitractor from a MTZ motoblock?

To develop a quality and fairly productive tractor use a motoblock MTZ 05, MTZ 09, MTZ 12 or other models. They are equipped with a two-cylinder engine, which shifts the center of gravity forward.

When redesigning, the main task is to eliminate the problem of shifting the center of gravity:

  • Set up the unit for mower operation.
  • Remove its front plate and install in its place the front wheel from a motorcycle, as well as the steering wheel.
  • On the top of the frame, attach an adjusting rod, which will make the design more rigid.
  • Weld on the driver’s seat.

Install the motor and don’t forget to install another platform, which will house the hydraulic valve and the battery. In the rear you must install an additional steel frame for the hydraulics, and the handbrake is mounted on the front. You’ll end up with a compact three-wheeled tractor with high productivity. You can see how it looks in the photo.

Homemade mini-tractors

Ideal for working small areas. They can be assembled by almost anyone with even a minimal understanding of machinery.

How to make a minitractor from a Neva power tiller

First we get the single axle tractor itself, on which the hitch is already pre-mounted, factory or homemade. Then it will be possible to attach trailers with a body, on which it is easy to transport a load, regardless of size. There are other additional details that give comfort in use:

The volume of power tillers “Neva” is usually in the range of 6-8 liters. Because a mini-tractor with such a base requires a minimum amount of modifications.

If there is an electric welder and an angle grinder together with additional tools, the dump truck can be created by your own efforts. The main thing is to give a special design to the frame attachment, and to make a mini-tractor from a power tiller can tilt the trailer, turn it. The controls of these devices duplicate each other, so the single-axle tractor can be used separately, simply by disassembling the small tractor.

Self-made mini-tractor from a Zubr power tiller

  • Frame.
  • Cylinder with a brake.
  • Foot-operated mechanisms, pedals.
  • Steering column, complete with tie rods.
  • Beam in front, connected to hubs and discs for brakes.
  • Wings in the rear.
  • Rear linkage with a manual elevator.

The last step is the joint assembly, using a hammer and drill, wrenches with a welding machine. Additional front wheels are installed. The engine is attached to the frame at the front, so the mini-tractor maintains balance during operation. On the same axis with a pulley on the rear axle of machinery is a power take-off shaft. The belt drive helps to transmit the force from one part to the other. Belt tensioning and adjustment will be easier if the motor mount is floating.

Minitractor on the basis of MTZ power tiller

This single-axle tractor has one difference from other standard models. it is equipped with a two-cylinder diesel engine. This puts the center of gravity in front when the unit is actively working. This makes the work process much more difficult. But it is possible to eliminate the problem by acting as follows:

  • Using the mower mode of operation.
  • The front platform is completely dismantled.
  • It is replaced by a wheel from the front of the motorcycle, for which we use bolts. At the same time the steering wheel is put.
  • There is a recess in the upper part of the frame, where the steering linkage is installed. Here it is necessary to fix the rod of regulation, and then the structure will receive an increase in strength and hardness.
  • We weld together the platform and the mount for the rider’s seat.
  • Near the engine there should be an additional platform, where a hydraulic valve with an accumulator is located.
  • We connect the rear part with an additional frame made of metal, for the hydraulic system.
  • The front motorcycle seat is ideal for the location of the handbrake.

We’ll get a compact mini-tractor with three wheels.

Minitractor from a power tiller Agro

As always, we prepare a few basic parts in advance. this is the steering and braking system, additional wheels, hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is needed for the system to work normally with attached implements. Additional wheels can be easily borrowed from an ordinary car.

In the case of the Agro power tiller it is necessary to reinforce the drive axle with wheel reduction gears. Let’s assume the variant when the engine of the device is located behind. Then the load will be distributed as evenly as possible.

A kit for converting a Moto-Block into a mini-tractor

To simplify the mechanism of conversion, you can buy a ready-made kit for converting a power tiller into a mini-tractor. Such a set will give you the opportunity in a short time to remake one type of equipment into another. Often this kit for converting a power tiller consists of:

  • ready frame;
  • front beam;
  • linkage;
  • Levers;
  • pedals;
  • rudder;
  • fenders;
  • driver’s seat.

This kit will be very useful for those people who are interested in how to make a mini-tractor from a power tiller in a short time.

But those who like to do everything themselves, and have the necessary elements at home, can construct everything with their own hands. The prerequisite is to fully adhere to the drawing.

Sketch for construction of a mini-tractor

At the very beginning of the work is required to disassemble the schematics of your planned mini-tractor. You can create drawings and calculate the dimensions yourself, it does not require special skills, just a pen, pencil and logical thinking. The most important thing is to keep a clear balance, so that no accidents occur in the future.

Features of the installation of electrics

The key factor is to match the voltage directly in the generator of the device and those places where it is to be consumed.

The battery itself, which is called a battery, is a certain container with liquid, so it is important to form its mount firmly.

It is most convenient to do it, for example, in the place where the driver’s seat is supposed to.

Installation of the brake system and electrical equipment

As soon as the engine is installed, the braking system has to be dealt with. Brakes can be used new or use this component l passenger car.

Initially, according to the scheme, you need to determine the place where the brake pedal will appear in the homemade mini tractor. On it should be installed a mount for it and the main brake cylinder. then connect it to the brake drums on the front wheels with hoses

Immediately after the procedure, you need to check the system for tightness. In the event of a malfunction, it must be realigned.

But to make a home-made mini-tractor full-fledged, you will need to connect the electrical equipment, and bring the sensors to the dashboard. This is to ensure the operator’s safety when operating the machine.