How to cut a board without a saw

Homemade nozzles

Masters have long learned to do a lot with their own hands. There is a huge variety of frame structures on the Internet that allow a chainsaw to cut logs into planks. There are simple options for the manual type, there are large complexes of the bed, guides with the help of which the tool moves or the log is raised / lowered. One of them in the video below:

Please note that the structure is assembled from metal profiles, which makes it reliable and stable. At the same time, the machine (it simply cannot be called in another way) is equipped with mechanical gearboxes that simplify the processes of moving the workpiece barrel and the chainsaw. No effort with your hands, just twist the handle from the gearbox. In this case, the thickness of the boards is adjusted by raising the log, and not with a gasoline tool.

Another option is a nozzle, which helps to make a cut not in a horizontal plane, but in a vertical one. The design is simple, but it is more difficult to work with it, because you have to make an effort to hold the chainsaw. In addition to the device, it is necessary to prepare a bar of metal or a board, which is attached to the log in the longitudinal direction. It is on it that the nozzle frame rests on when cutting is carried out.

In addition, this option is more dangerous, because nothing holds the board to be cut. She can hurt her leg when she falls. So the process must be carried out carefully. The video below clearly shows how this option works.

Another installation, which the manufacturer called the carriage. For this, such a frame structure was made from a profile pipe and several wheels, which will give the device some mobility in terms of moving the workpiece along the barrel. They are also a kind of stops that do not allow the chainsaw to move from side to side.


In addition to the carriage, a conventional aluminum ladder is used as a guiding element. It is attached to the log with clamps for nails or self-tapping screws.

Please note that the width of the ladder must match the distance between the carriage wheels located at different ends. The staircase must be placed in a horizontal plane with a building level. Align with pieces of boards of different thickness placed under it.

The prepared chainsaw with a carriage is installed on the ladder. Turn on the engine and push it with your hands along the workpiece, cutting off its upper part.

The process is better seen from the side. Here you can see a carriage with wheels, a ladder, a log lying under it, how the cutting process is carried out.

The design of this type of device is quite complex. But of the many home-made options for the manual type, it is better, more convenient, more reliable. Now it is possible to adjust the height of the cut horizontally, pre-setting the ladder along the horizon.

Options for sawing logs on boards with a chainsaw

recently, a chainsaw was only used to cut logs across. Craftsmen could use it to make boards, rectangular bars, all kinds of wooden sculptures. For the townsfolk, it was not half the strength. Experience, skill and talent were required. Today, chainsaw manufacturers offer various attachments as an addition, which have turned the tool into a universal device with which you can cut not only wood, but also other building materials, such as stone. In the article, we will deal with one question. how to cut a log into boards using an ordinary chainsaw.

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Cross-cut secrets

The cross saw is used to obtain firewood or decorative elements of the interior. Sawing is carried out according to the following principles:

  • Place the log in a horizontal position on wooden supports, the height should be 0.5 m.
  • Clean it from the bark.
  • Using an ax or a saw, make small marks along the entire length, they should be located at the same distance from each other.
  • Make a cut along the cuts.

Cross-cutting does not require the use of special tools or attachments. An ordinary chain is perfect for such work, but its rings must be strong.

Rip saw attachment

It is used for sawing a log lengthwise, the process takes place in a horizontal position. After work, the master gets the same thickness for the product. The finished materials undergo a drying process, after which the boards are used in construction.

In appearance, the device is a small frame, it is attached to the tire on each side.

How to cut a log into planks at home

Greetings, readers of Andrei Noack’s blog. How to cut a log into boards at home with your own hands? this is a question that torments many people with “golden hands” and interesting ideas! It was not in vain that I turned to this topic today, as I want to offer several interesting options. I think I will be able to tell in the smallest detail about them so that you can fully understand how the sawing is done.

Calculation of a log for sawing into a bar.

So, let’s get over, first you need to decide what size the timber will be, as well as the dimensions of the material (boards) that we want to get to the timber.

Let’s start by taking the required timber, for example, 150 x 150 mm, unedged board 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm.

Cutting wood without a saw just using a normal kitchen knife

For those who do not know what a non-edged board means, we explain that this is a board of various widths that does not have certain boundaries due to the presence of bark at the edges, but has a certain size of thickness.

Next, take a 25 mm, 50 mm edged board. We think here it is clear that an edged board is a board that has a certain size, both in width and thickness, and does not have a bark, or, as they usually say, without wane.

Cutting the board at home

You can cut a board at home with tools and equipment such as:

  • a circular saw;
  • hand saw;
  • angle grinder (“grinder”).

Each of these options has its own specifics, which is important to consider before starting work, that is, you need to know how to cut a bar or board with this or that tool so that the cut quality is acceptable.

Wood balance when sawing

Diameter of logs

Volumetric output,%





piece. ex.

Design of various nozzles for longitudinal cutting of logs

Let’s start with a simple one, with the construction of a gas cutter. Visually, it resembles a bearing assembly, supplemented by a pulley and a movable shaft (performs rotational movements). This device drives the belt drive. The unit is equipped with a special mechanism designed to fix the disks. The latter must be chosen from an assortment designed for cutting metal, wood, stones. With the help of such discs and attachments, it is not difficult to transform a gasoline saw into a multi-tool.

An alternative version of the device for ripping is a debarker. This is popular not only for its ability to increase the efficiency of making boards, but also due to its ability to remove bark from logs. It can also be used to cut grooves in the material to be cut. These are just a few examples of why the debarker is being exploited. Such nozzles are found in two varieties:

  • drum;
  • disk.
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They differ from each other mainly in functionality.

There are other devices for longitudinal cutting of logs. Most of them are developed by large companies, but homemade gadgets can also be seen on the net. From those made at factories of famous brands, they differ mainly in design features.

In this regard, homemade nozzles are much simpler. The most common option is a hand-held sawmill. At the heart of such a small sawmill is a gasoline chain saw, supplemented not only with guide elements, but also with wheels designed to move along the log (in order to reduce the resistance indicator). The wheels of this device are no more than 2 pieces, one piece on different sides of the workpiece.

The manual sawmill is a simple and convenient device. With its help, you can, without making any special efforts, make a large number of even and neat boards. The only essential condition is the correct installation of the chainsaw. It should be positioned horizontally (unless the operator needs a bevel cut).

How to cut a board with a chainsaw: sawing attachments and methods

Until recently, gasoline chain saws were used exclusively for the purpose of cross-cutting logs. Other methods of processing the material were simply not available. However, modern operators know how to cut a board with a chainsaw, a common universal tool that is used not only by construction professionals, but also by amateurs, summer residents, and homeowners in the private sector within the city.

In order to get neat boards, it is enough to use a special attachment. There are many of them on the market. You’ve probably heard of at least one of them. The most popular option is a petrol cutter attachment. However, it is not only with its help that you can turn a gasoline chain saw into a grinder. Just one addition can radically change the functionality of the device, significantly expand it.

Cutting technology

To cut a log into planks, it is not enough to use one attachment frame. Additionally, an emphasis is required. You cannot do without it, especially in those cases when you need to cut the upper part of the material, the one that is close to the bark. In other words, the emphasis is needed to turn the log into a bar. The necessary device is usually made from boards in the amount of 2 pieces.

Each board must be at least 40 mm thick but not more than 50 mm thick. They are fastened by placing both in a perpendicular plane. After the board is fixed on a log using self-tapping screws. The stops must be placed on the sides, for which the same fixtures from the boards are needed.

Much attention is paid to the attachment procedure. It is imperative that the top end of the vertical plank is lower in relation to the top edge of the log. The distance between these two points should correspond to the thickness of the piece of material to be cut.

At the end of the preparatory stage, the chainsaw is installed directly. Part (only one) of its frame should abut against the board installed across. After that, it will be obvious to the operator why the installed board fixtures are called a support. The base of the frame literally rests against it, in its vertically part.

After that, it is enough to start the tool and start ripping, focusing on the gap between the end of the vertical board and the upper edges of the log. An important point is that you do not need to exert a lot of pressure on the gasoline saw with your hands. There is no need to push the device, the cut will be smooth and accurate. Upon completion, it is enough to dismantle the device from the boards. After that, the log is turned over (90 degrees), and the supports are re-installed in the same way as described above.

If we are talking about sawing a log into ordinary boards, you can do without a wooden stop. But when cutting slabs, it must be installed. Once the material has been converted to timber, the plank fixture can be set aside. By “bar” is meant lumber with a rectangular cross-section (with 4 smooth outer surfaces, which in themselves will serve as a support for a gasoline chain saw with an attachment). The technology for working with such a tool (with a frame) is simple:

  • The frame is pressed against one rectangular section.
  • The working device is moved along the workpiece, thereby cutting the bar.
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In order to change the thickness of the board to be cut, it is enough to use a thrust element placed in relation to the entire structure perpendicular to the entire structure (it is simply shifted across the cut).

How to Make Rip Cuts Without a Table Saw

How to cut a log with your own hands

It is not necessary to purchase a device for sawing boards with a chainsaw. You can make it yourself. The simplest option is a device made of metal profiles. Such a nozzle will be not only convenient, but also stable, durable and reliable. Are you planning to make the most functional frame? Use mechanical gearboxes.

With them, the device will turn into a kind of machine for longitudinal cutting of logs. Mechanical gearboxes are needed to simplify the process of moving the chainsaw along the trunk. There is no need to apply force (to put pressure on the tool manually) to process the material. All you need to do is turn the gear knob. As for adjusting the thickness of the boards, it is convenient to adjust this indicator by using a nozzle made of metal profiles, raising the workpiece itself, and not displacing the gasoline saw in relation to it.

At home, you can also make a device that will cut a log not horizontally, but in a vertical plane. The only significant nuance is that it is more difficult to work with it compared to the previous frame (despite the fact that its design is simpler).

The difficulty lies in the fact that the operator has to apply force to move the tool along the workpiece. In addition to the chainsaw and the attachment, you will have to use a board and metal addition. This kind of support is attached to the log.

Important! Only experienced operators should make this kind of nozzle and support, since its operation is partly dangerous due to the fact that the board to be cut remains unsecured.

An alternative option is a carriage installation. To create such a frame structure, you need a pair of castors and a profile tube. This device differs from others in its mobility (ease of movement along the workpiece). In addition, the wheels will simultaneously serve as stops for the chainsaw, which means that additional devices will not be needed. In addition to these parts and the profile pipe, the only thing that is needed is an aluminum ladder (it will play the role of a guiding element).

It is necessary to select a ladder, taking into account its width, which should coincide with the distance between the wheels of the frame structure, which will be placed directly on its ends. The best option is attached to the log to be sawn using self-tapping screws, clamps or nails. The created device for cutting a board with a chainsaw with your own hands is placed horizontally.

It should lie as flat as possible. You can make sure that it is placed correctly using a building level. It is easy to align a ladder with a log, using boards (pieces) of different thicknesses. As for the tool itself with a nozzle, it is installed on a ladder, moving the saw along the workpiece, putting pressure on it with your hands.