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Sliced ​​paving slabs: nuances and life hacks

The tile coating of the sidewalk looks beautiful if the bars are well fitted to each other, hatches and borders. There is a rectangular, square and curly tiles of different sizes on sale, and the bases in which the elements are laid have a variety of sizes and shapes. Therefore, to create a beautiful, correct layout of the bar site, you have to cut. Cutting paving slabs is carried out using a special tool and machine tools.

Before going to the store, you need to calculate the number of elements in the calculation. For this, the area of ​​the sidewalk is divided into Bruska Square. 10%are added to the resulting figure, if there are many bends on the site. 15%. Builders recommend buying all the material at once, since in different batches of goods the paving stones can differ in color, structure and other quality indicators.

Some builders first lay whole tiles, and then fill the corners and bends of the sidewalk with cut elements, others do it at once, in the course of work. Especially if laying is carried out on a large area.

Safety regulations

When sawing, you need to observe safety precautions. This will help to avoid cuts, other injuries and inhalation of dust.

  • For work, only serviceable equipment is used.
  • The cutting tool should not be blunt, broken, curved, only those canvases are used that are recommended by manufacturers.
  • The tile is sawn in closed overalls made of dense fabric, closed shoes.
  • The builder will need work gloves, a construction respirator, protective glasses, headphones.
  • During sawing, you cannot bring your hands to sharp and rotating details.
  • The tools are kept during operation as it is written in the instructions for instruments.
  • You can not remove protective casings that prevent the flight of sparks and dust.


Paving slabs are positioned as a material completely ready for installation. But in practice it often turns out that its dimensions do not correspond to the parameters of the ground. In this case, the most simple solution is the cutting of paving slabs for the specified parameters right during laying. True, this process has its own characteristics.

Experienced craftsmen usually first make an accurate calculation of the layout, consider the amount of reduced tiles, and then cut and polish it on machines without haste to get an aesthetic result without marriage and chips.

The process of cutting paving slabs is to remove excess length or width of the product. At the same time, the decorative paving stones itself:

  • has dimensions from 20 to 80 mm in thickness;
  • consists of solid and dense artificial stone;
  • may have a figure, relief;
  • can hardly be processed in the usual ways.

When using tiles with complex geometry, cuts are produced not only straight, but also diagonally or more complex trajectory. This requires accuracy and accuracy, any careless movement will lead to the formation of an uneven cut. The presence of granite crushed stone in the tile does not make the task at all.

The most difficult to execute is the angular cut, performed by a saw-cut with a canvas for metal.

What can be cut?

There are different opinions on the one, the better and more efficiently you can cut paving slabs. If we are talking about porcelain tiles and its street varieties, you can use a simple tool. Even mechanical tile cutter of the corresponding sizes, working on the principle of guillotine. Paving tiles with a thickness of 20-80 mm is already so simply cut. In this case, it is worth using more powerful tools. We list them.

  • Corner grinder. This tool uses a cutting diamond disk that rotates with a certain speed. on average up to 3500 rpm. The high hardness of the disk allows you to cut materials with a dense structure, cut a stone. Its diameter can reach 23 cm, the power of the tool may exceed 2 kW. When cutting a corner grinder, the tile must be firmly fixed with a clamp on a flat flat surface.
  • Gilotine knife. This is the name of a special machine, which includes a table for laying paving slabs, guides, handles and a knife dropping to the surface of the cut.out product. Unlike the operation of the corner grinding, the cutting of the guillotine occurs almost without dust, quickly and efficiently with any volume of work.
  • Pile on concrete. They can be gasoline or electric, but certainly with the possibility of cutting concrete. In this case, the material is also laid on a special work site of the machine, positioned, and then cuts down with diamond disks. The problem is only in the search for suitable consumables. The size range of the clamps is also limited. from 7 to 23 cm, which greatly narrows the sphere of use of the machine. There are pluses: such saws easily cut the material at an angle with an accuracy of a degree.

Using any of these tools, you can get a clean and even cut on the tile strictly along a given line. Depending on the volumes, the complexity of the work, the type of processing is selected. For example, corner grinding is well trimmed with small batches of material. Guillotine will help to cope with the streaming out. The machine-drill works well, where you need to make cuts at an angle, ensures the accuracy and purity of the resulting edge.

How to cut a concrete border

Garden borders produced in factories have a length of one meter. In the markets, you can find half a meter borders, but usually the quality of borders made in the garages leaves much to be desired, since the amount of cement in them is minimal and such a border will begin to crumble after 2-3 years.

The installation of concrete borders is not complete without the need to cut them. This is necessary to obtain the curb of the necessary length or with the height drops necessary for the extension and when the site is irregularized. With the right approach, the cut of the curb becomes a very simple task.

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To begin with, we will need an angle grinding machine (corner grinder) and a concrete disk. Do not try to use metal disks, they will not be able to cut concrete. In stores they sell both ordinary concrete disks and diamond. Diamonds will last longer, but it is much more difficult to saw them than usual. Also, diamond discs with perpendicular cuts are prone to “snacking”, which leads to an overlapping tightening of the nut of a grinding machine and remove such a diamond disk will be much more difficult.

Swimming on the curb on both sides fishing line for a trimmer saw a graphite pencil.

Stand so that the wind blew on you, then all the dust will not fly into your face.

Sprinkle on each side of the border 1 slot.5.2 centimeters. There is no need to saw the whole border. Firstly, you will less often change the detachment disc, secondly, there will be less dust.

Put it under the part that there is more a piece of iron. Any flat scrap metal is suitable.

If you drank grooves from all sides, then the edges of the border will be neat enough so as not to resort to their processing with a grinding machine. The border is ready to install.

Pay attention to the correct installation of the border and paths. Be sure to remove the vegetable soil, put geotextiles, organize a sand pillow and compact it. It is also recommended to install borders in a concrete castle.

How can you replace a concrete border. In gardening, more economical options are often used: a curb of a profiled sheet chopped by stripes, a wooden curb, a ready.made border plastic tape.

Portable strip saw

Now we go to tools that are really well suited for cutting Prutkova steel. In almost any household store, you can purchase portable tape saws running from batteries, and they can also be rented often.

They are easy to use, make clean cuts, do not spark and are very portable.

The only real drawback. This is that they are a little bulky for use in narrow places. This is not a problem if you just cut the bar along the length before laying them, but if you are trying to cut the installed things already installed, then access to the bar may be difficult.

How to Cut/Install window trim molding.

Also, do not cut a portable strip saw too close to concrete; The canvas works well on steel, but is destroyed when concrete with concrete. Sometimes hard places in reinforcement can cause additional wear of the canvas, but in general it copes well.

In general, this is a good option for cutting steel rods of almost any kind.

Bolter cutters for reinforcement

I really like this tool, but its use is limited by a small diameter reinforcement.

I have bolt cutters 36 ″, and I constantly use them for cutting reinforcement, the diameter of which is 3/8 ″.

The reason I like this option is that it does not lead to the wear of the tool, and there is no need to pay for consumables. In general, if you do not object to physical exertion, the cutting itself will not cost you any money. Unlike other tools in which you constantly need to buy new canvases as soon as they wear out.

However, there are a couple of disadvantages. They can be a little awkward, and repeated cuts will probably be very tired. In addition, you will not get a clean, smooth cut, instead it will be sharp and it will need to be cleaned if you are going to weld it or process it in any way.

Smot technology

When installing paving stones from paving slabs, it is necessary to install a lateral stone (border, curb, br). These products have several functions:

border, necessary, install, borders, installing
  • distinguish between the pedestrian and roadway, pedestrian path and lawn;
  • prevent displacement and dispersion of paving stones, pollution of the soil with paths;
  • give the plot a neat look.

The most popular are BR from heavy concrete mixture. When buying factory production products, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Concrete characteristics from which products are made. High.quality products should have a frost resistance of at least F200. This material, capable of withstand up to 200 freezing / thawing cycles, lasts about 40 years. Water absorption. not more than 6%, degree of strength. M400 (strength class B30).
  • Production regime. The best characteristics are vibro.pressed products. durable, dense, durable, having an exact geometric shape.
  • A specific goal. Product BR 100.twenty.8 (length. 1 m, height. 20 cm, width. 8 cm) are recommended for laying borders along garden paths for installation along medium load roads. Br 100.thirty.15 (length. 1 m, height. 30 cm, width. 15 cm), for highways. Br 100.thirty.18 (length. 1 m, height. 30 cm, width. 18 cm). In the manufacture of massive borders for roads, they are reinforced with steel reinforcement.

How to install borders before or after laying?

It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously, since each of the options has its own pros and cons of.

  • Install immediately. This option is good for beginners. The boundaries clearly determine the area that needs to be improved, and simplify the task of observing the boundaries. To preserve the elements of the road surface, it is necessary to calculate the distance between the borders, which should be multiple of the width of the road surface. When calculating, it should be borne in mind that between the elements of the road surface there is a gap of 2-4 mm. It is better for beginners to use the dimensions of the already finished track.
  • Fastening after paving. This choice allows you to rationally use the tile and not cut it.

How to shorten reinforced concrete pipes.

Good day!) And now the conversation will go, about how and how to shorten (cut, cut, cut) reinforced concrete pipes.I decided to write about this, only because when I was looking for info on this topic, I never found anything.Only grandfathers, I was advised one way that I was afraid to apply, and he seemed stupid and very laborious to me.Let’s start with the background: about 10 years ago, we made a new sewer pit (3 rings), well, at the same moment my father caught fire: to bury the pipes, under the toilet, and the other under the well. They began to dig (an excavator) and at a certain depth began to rise from under the ground, began to dig deeper. even more water began to rise. And it was decided to directly bury these pipes ( the depth was already decent). They buried well, they stuck out of the ground by meter 2 reassured by the fact that; When the water leaves, it will be necessary to climb there, and there to dig up, and it will sit down over time.And it is worth noting that such a topic was with both pipes.Well, everything was dry there, they let a man there, he began to dig Baying shovels deepened: and water began to rise again.And all so they stood the portive of the whole picture of the courtyard, and even became a bit frightened.And then I decided to take up them! chop them off, and realize the ideas!The grandfather’s method was as follows: you take the peorator and hammer them! And then cut the wire with a corner grinder.Well, it somehow seemed to me tedious and long.Some “specialists” were called. they asked 10.000 for this work. But I only showed them a “bolt”: I was daring to destroy with a sledgehammer I dried my hands from Well, I took a peorator from my grandfather and began to destroy) The first one went into the collapse of the one that was intended for the sartyr 🙂 Armed: with a pencil, a sledgehammer (my beloved, 15kgg The place of the handle is welded pipe.), Determination, and with preparation to throw out all my nonsense (which is enough: D) I set to work). It took 2 days an hour, well, somehow I did not expect to do everything in one day and started to bomb.From the beginning we make an through hole with a penetrator. (then it is easier to bomb it easier) and move on some side.

Then I thought; what if you try to break through with a sledgehammer?1 attempt- I didn’t give anything 2 Activate the nonsense from the jump beat, and then I heard it began to crumble inside!) 3 just fierce again. And OPA! through hole, and so I went on) namely before the fence. There I had to sit with the penetrator You won’t swing a sledgehammer and when there is a little bit left. I took a corner grinder, sawed off all these internal wires, and just in case I pulled the rope from the opposite side of me. I simple understood how heavy it is, and I can collapse anywhere. And so I directed it.Then when he bought all the concrete, he inserted a regular jack of the car. to repel the remaining wire, bring it to the side. Dad helped me here. pushed her when I sawed.One thing I want to say: a very good wire there inside! The floor of the corner grinder disk went to saw off!And so she went to fall and we dumped her!)

It took me 2-3 hours) I immediately went to look at the satrirs right at the base, and the very next day they had already put it.)

When it may be required to cut or cut?

Concrete blocks are produced in standard sizes and the building materials market rarely concentrates attention on selling something not standard.

In the construction process, the master understands that it is required to find such a block that could finish the masonry in a certain place, while the standard material here will not work. In such a situation, you have to resort to a cut of block concrete material.

If concrete blocks of non.standard size are necessary in large quantities, then it is better to cast them yourself using homemade forms. You can also order non-standard blocks from the manufacturer, but this will cost more.

Often, the builder may need half or a quarter from a whole concrete unit. Then it is necessary to make a cut.

Similar situations often happen when pouring a strip foundation, when all blocks should be of the same size, and when it is completed, several elements are not enough for its arrangement. The same situation may arise during the construction of the building according to the established project, when the wall thickness is already clearly spelled out and it is impossible to retreat from the values.

Often, when laying the corners, it is not possible to correctly enter the concrete block and the cracks between the stones remain. Many builders fill them with fragments of the material, which is also not completely true. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the tools and methods that can quickly and easily cut the concrete block material.

How and what is better to cut. the main methods

At the moment, by experimental experiments, several methods of cutting a concrete block have been established. This includes a manual method where you can use an angular grinder, wedges, codes, as well as a method in which specialized technology is used. Each of the methods requires a detailed consideration.

Manual method

The use of the manual method of sawing involves the absence of automated equipment, the master will have to cut the block with his own hands.

To do this, use it:

It is impossible to break or split even the most lightweight concrete block. The material has a good margin of strength, so you can not do without the use of auxiliary tools.

The manual method is chosen when the entrance of special equipment to the site is impossible due to obstacles. This technique is also suitable if it is necessary to cut a small amount of block material and call the team of workers with equipment costly and does not make sense.

Creaming a corner grinder

The first and most relevant method is working with a corner grinder. It is known that with the help of this tool you can easily cut foam concrete, aerated concrete and other light materials.

But whether the corner grinder will cope with the concrete block? To do this, you need to choose a powerful power tool. it must be completely serviceable.

Before starting work, it is recommended to take care of personal protective equipment.

border, necessary, install, borders, installing

It is worth buying a gas mask or a respirator in advance, you can use building gloves. The use of glasses will be a mandatory point: fine dust from concrete will fly in all directions and may be in the eye.

You need to choose a good cutting disk for a corner grinder. Since concrete is considered a strong material, it is difficult to work with it. For the saw, it is better to use a diamond disk. They are segmented, continuous and combined.

The segment is not suitable for such a durable material, and is continuous heated during the cut and it should be watered with water. It is better to purchase a combined diamond disk for a concrete unit cut.

It is important to find out if there are reinforced rods in the concrete block. If the cutter of the disk stumbles on them during operation, a failure may occur. Therefore, it is better to choose turbocharged discs if the thickness of the block is more than 10 cm.

border, necessary, install, borders, installing

When all the tools are ready, you can start work:

  • Marking. Before making a cut, it is necessary to make a line of the line where the cut will pass. It is better to do this with a contrasting marker, so that even with glasses the master can be seen for a trimmer. So that the trimmer fishing line is perfectly even, along it you can put a wooden block.
  • Incision. After turning on the corner grinder, it is necessary to make a cut with a depth of 0.5-1 cm.
  • Cut. After that, the bar is removed and begin to carry out a cutting disk deeper. So far, it is not possible to completely cut the concrete block. If the tool is heated a lot, it is necessary to make stops and breaks for several minutes. Most likely, the cutting disk will also heat up: it can be periodically watered with cold water with a thin stream.

The advantage of this method is speed and minimum of effort, as well as the ability to cut even those blocks inside which there are reinforcement from metal.

The split with wedges

You can cut a foundation or wall block made of concrete using a split with wedges.

This method allows you not to hire specialized equipment and do it on your own, while saving money.

But there are disadvantages. the method is less accurate, and if technology is not observed, the unit is split diagonally.

In this case, the concrete block will become unsuitable for the goals of the master and will have to use another raw material.

To split with wedges, you need to prepare:

At the first stage, builders make markings, and it is necessary to do it along all the faces of the construction unit, regardless of its thickness. The marking should be clear, so it is best to use a ruler or a special long square.

Further, the peorator is taken for business: with this electrical tool, it is necessary to drill 7-10 holes along the marked line. You can only mark it on the side that is available, if possible, you can mark all sides.

Когда отверстия по 7 см глубиной высверлены в них вставляют металлические клинья. When buying wedges, it is worth considering that their end should be sharp. When the wedges are inserted, you need to score them a little inside with a sledgehammer.

As a result of the blows along the entire length of the marked line, a crack is formed. If everything is done using technology, then the crack will be even. The concrete block is split into 2 parts. At the final stage of work, builders using a sledgehammer and saw align the block so that it can be used as intended.

One of the disadvantages of this method is the duration of the procedure. Not every time it will be possible to get a perfectly even crack.

Shplintami split

Clicks are special pegs made of wood or metal. For the split of the concrete block, it is necessary to use wooden craps. This method works on the principle of expanding the material due to its wetting. To split the block, you need a peorator with a drill, marker for marking, wooden craps with a thin tip, as well as a sledgehammer.

  • On the three sides of the concrete block, marking.
  • With the help of a pedorator, holes are drilled about 7-10 pieces.
  • Wooden codes are inserted into the holes.
  • Clicks are watered with water.
  • Когда шплинт набирает влагу он начинает размокать и набухать. As a result. the tree expands, from the inside it presses on the concrete block.
  • The body of the block will be split in half.

Then, using a sledgehammer and saw, you can adjust the evenness of the surface of the block. The peculiarity of this method is that it is necessary to disperse holes exactly in the diameter of the Shplint, no more than.

Topic: What kind of tool can be sprouted exactly the curbstone?

We decided to make paths in a summer cottage with his wife, we will use the curbstone as limiters (the left and right edge of the path). Everything seemed to go, as it should, until the path began to “turn”. It is necessary to somehow cut the border stone into smaller parts evenly. The question is how to do this, more precisely than. The diameter of the disk of the corner grinder does not allow you to saw it all over the depths of the curb stone. Tell me how to get out of the situation?

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You did not indicate the height and width of the curb stone, which must be cut. It is possible to purchase a universal disk for an angular grinder with a diameter of 150-180 mm. And if this is not enough, then it is necessary to use a professional cutting machine with a disc more than 180 mm.

Yes, indeed, it would be easier to advise something, knowing the size of the border. If the corner grinder does not work, then try to take special diamond discs by concrete (with slots). And again, it all depends on the thickness of the curb stone.

At home, you will be able to cut the curb stone only with a large corner grinder with a diamond circle. In this case, undercut concrete is easily cooked and cleaned. A larger disk on a standard angular grinder cannot be placed.

If there is a corner grinder in stock, then buying special equipment is impractical. Need or buy a more disk with a diameter. or apply the tapestone method. This is when I drank more than two.thirds, the bar is placed under the bottom with the same radius of the cutout and sharply knock on a wooden clay. It turns out of course not a very even edge, but it is precisely buried in the ground.

You can put a large disc into the circular and so try to carry the curb stone, only you need to call the subpersoners One person will not cope with such sawing for sure. There are still (cost more) diamond saws, they look like circular.

What is necessary for cutting concrete in domestic conditions?

Many might think that the penetrator and sledgehammer will be enough for cutting reinforced concrete. They are deeply mistaken. We advise you not to try to cut concrete with ordinary detachment circles.

It will be scattered into small parts with the first minor distortion. Experts strongly recommend using all possible protection measures:

Without a sledgehammer and chisel still can not do. Initially, concrete should be cut on both sides of the reinforcement. This is done using a specialized cutting diamond circle in concrete.

Further, concrete is knocked out with a bite and a sledgehammer. All that remains is to cut the reinforcement. However, do not forget that it is under mechanical stress.

Reinforcement cutting: use ordinary circles

After the reinforcement is freed from concrete, you can use ordinary cuts for corner grinders. This is done to maximize the maintenance of the cost of concrete disk.

If we are not talking about cutting concrete structures, but about creating a bar in the walls, then for these purposes there is a separate tool today. We are talking about a strobeza. Its advantage over the corner grinder is that it is equipped with a vacuum cleaner.

That is, when cutting a strobe, all concrete crumbs will immediately be removed. No dust and dirt! You can use a gap even in a room in an apartment building.

If we talk about industrial analogues, then whole installations are used there. The fact is that when cutting concrete, the disk is significant. It must be cooled with water.