How to cut a profile pipe at 45 degrees

Paper mold for pipe

One of the most common ways to make a pattern for pipes with a round surface is a method for which you will need a lined sheet of paper, a ruler and a pencil. To obtain a paper pattern, proceed as follows:

A Simple Process Of Cutting Steel Pipe In 45 Degree Without A Cut Off Machine

  • Draw a circle on a piece of paper with the diameter of the pipe to be cut, break the circle into 16 equal segments, each time dividing large segments into two equal.

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  • Measure the circumference by multiplying its diameter by the number Pi, equal to 3.14. Set aside this size on both sides of the axis of the circle in equal segments, each of which is divided into 8 equal parts.
  • Draw from segments on a straight line vertical mowing line up and horizontal from the points set on the circle.
  • The places of their intersection are connected with a smooth line and, as a result, a template applied to the paper is obtained, which is cut out and glued to the trimmed surface. For trimming, it is better to use an angle grinder with a small diameter disc. the surface will be curved and when using a large disc, the error will increase.

Thermal applications

In addition to mechanical methods, thermal methods are often used, where welding or cutting machines work as a tool. For example, an autogenous gas torch or conventional welding machine (AC / DC).

With the help of such devices, thick-walled metal pipes are available for cutting. However, it is extremely difficult to obtain a perfectly smooth high-quality cut using the electric welding or gas autogen method.

Cutting technology using electric welding and autogenous cutting is widespread. The technique does not provide high cutting accuracy, but when installing pipes, this factor is often not decisive

Cutting technology using electric welding and autogenous cutting is widespread. The technique does not provide high cutting accuracy, but when installing pipes, this factor is often not decisive

Usually, after cutting by a thermal method, the products are subjected to additional processing. The cut line is leveled, the values ​​of the required angle are adjusted. This approach is economically unprofitable, since it is accompanied by additional costs for machining.

As a rule, a thermal cutting technique is used in an industrial-production sphere. True, housing and communal services also often resort to this technique.

Thermal cut is also used for working with plastic material. There are devices. thermal guillotines. The sharp thin blade of such devices is heated to a high temperature, after which a cut is performed.

Thermal guillotines support bevel cutting, and this is their advantage. However, for work with more rigid materials than PVC, wood, chipboards, these devices cannot be used.

To cut metal-plastic pipes, pipe cutters are needed that can evenly divide products with a multilayer structure into parts. The article recommended by us is devoted to their varieties and methods of application.

Making a template for trimming a metal profile

If you need to cut a large number of pipes, you can make a template from a metal profile of a larger diameter on a paper sheet in the above way. The angle of inclination is checked with a protractor or a construction square. in this case, the two edges of the trimmed parts of the template are connected.

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Easy Way Cut Steel Pipe In 45 Degree Without Cut Off Machine

When working on the part to be cut, a template is put on in the right place and pressed tightly, the markings are applied with a sharpened scribe when tracing the template contour. The part is cut in several passes with a gradual deepening of the groove.

Cutting a shaped pipe using a pipe cutting device at forty-five degrees:

Conclusions and useful video

The video shows the calculations and shows a workshop for cutting a pipe at angles of 45º and 90º:

For each individual installation case, you can choose the most convenient and less costly cutting method. The specific choice depends on the material of the pipe, its diameter, wall thickness.

Using simple marking methods, you can get a fairly accurate angle at which you want to cut the workpiece. At the same time, referring to a complex calculation technique, it is possible to cut at non-standard angles with high accuracy.

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Cutting at 45 degrees

Usually, in order to turn the pipe by 45 degrees, fittings are used, bends with a 45-degree angle of rotation, made of the same material as the pipes themselves, if the pipes are steel, then the turns are welded from steel. For HDPE pipes, there are electrically welded or cast bends at 45 degrees (note that it is almost impossible to find compression fittings with such an angle of rotation in Russia).

But, if you still need to cut a round pipe made of steel or various types of plastics, then for this you need a piece for cutting pipes at an angle, the shape of which is calculated manually or by machine. The task is greatly simplified if at an angle of forty-five degrees it is necessary to cut a metal profile of a square cross-section.

For a quick cut, you can use a regular sheet of paper folded diagonally to mark the surface for the future cut. Using folded paper, proceed as follows:

  • carried out on a straight surface of the profile in the place where the cut is made, strictly perpendicular to the line;
  • apply a diagonally folded sheet of paper to the side surface with the sharp end to the mowing line so that the upper edge of the paper triangle is flush with the upper side of the metal profile.
  • draw the line with a pencil along the side of the sheet at an angle of 45 degrees, after which the paper corner is applied to the other side and outlined with a pencil (it is better to use a thin marker).

For sawing, you can use an angle grinder with a disc for metal, drawing a thin line at the beginning along the markings, and then gradually deepening it until the edges are completely separated.

When working with an angle grinder, the following factor must be taken into account. if the edges are completely cut, the disc can be damaged by an acute angle, which will lead to its failure, and in the absence of protection on the angle grinder, even to injury to the worker. Therefore, it is advisable not to cut the corner edges to the end, but to leave a narrow groove and then break off, subsequently grinding the protrusion.

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Final part

Do not think that an angle grinder with a cutting disc is a tool used exclusively for dismantling metal structures and does not require accuracy in work. Rather, the opposite is true. The angle grinder requires the utmost concentration of attention and accuracy in work. This is a rather traumatic tool, and therefore, when working with it, you should not forget not only about the correct markup, but also about safety requirements.

Only accurate calculation and cutting will allow perfect alignment of pipes at an angle

HouseChief hopes that the methods described in today’s article will help novice craftsmen in performing various repairs. All questions that have arisen during the reading process can be asked in the comments below. In the same place, please describe your experience in cutting pipes, which may be useful to other readers.

Finally, we suggest watching a short video that will tell you a little more about the working methods of the angle grinder.

How to cut along

Another frequently asked question is how to cut the angle grinder pipe straight lengthwise. Here the algorithm of actions will be approximately the same as for cross-cutting. It is important to pay attention to the marking. You can, for example, use a painter’s thread, which is usually used when marking walls. In this case, it is necessary to rigidly fix the pipe. The sawing process itself must be done carefully and slowly, since when sawing long elements, there is a high probability of the cutting disc slipping off the mowing line of the marking.

How to cut a profile pipe straight

Any suitable tool can be used for sawing. If you have to cut a lot of pipes, then it is advisable to make full-fledged templates from scraps. In this case, the measuring and marking work will have to be done only once.

How to cut a pipe straight angle grinder?

When dealing with construction or plumbing tasks, you need to know how to cut the pipe straight from an angle grinder. In the article, we will consider quick and easy ways of how to properly cut an angle grinder pipe so that the result is perfect.

7 ways to cut metal pipes

At least once, but you wondered how to cut the pipe exactly at least 45 or even 90 degrees. Either along or across. We give answers to these questions.

Quite often, when performing various construction or repair work, it becomes necessary to cut the pipe. It can be plumbing work, laying pipelines or installing heating systems, but in any case, it is necessary to know how to cut the pipe exactly. Some of the features of this task will be discussed further.

How to cut a pipe at an angle. marking options for round and profile pipes

When installing a pipeline, it is often necessary to cut the pipe at a certain angle. Accuracy plays an important role in this task. There are several easy ways to cut a pipe at an angle.

An incorrect pipe cut will lead to the impossibility of mounting a structure of the form that was originally conceived. For example, if you plan to rotate the system by 45 degrees, then you need to cut the pipe at 45 degrees. To complete the task, you will need marking tools and an angle grinder (you can replace it with a hacksaw for metal).

Marking the corner with a paper sheet

Layout on paper is one of the simplest ways to accomplish a task. A square sheet is required. It folds exactly diagonally. The resulting template for cutting pipes must be wrapped around the product so that the long side runs parallel to its section.

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Then an angle of 45 degrees is formed on the smaller side. It remains to mark the line of the cut using a construction pencil or marker on a sheet of paper.

It is recommended to wrap the marking area with narrow tape so as not to accidentally erase it. This method is great for long, large pipes with a cut in the middle of the piece.

Pipe cutting at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees

If you need to cut the pipe at an angle of 45 degrees, which is more often required when laying water, heating pipes. Steel, cast iron pipes that are cylindrical in shape are often used. In installation work, rectangular or shaped pipes are used. However, the angle grinder must be properly cut to allow easy connection later. Therefore, you should carefully mark the pipe.

Some craftsmen try to mark the place of the cut using a tape measure, but we warn you that the result is likely to be negative. And for a positive result, consider the following professional recommendation.

If you need to cut exactly at an angle of 90 degrees, then solve the problem quickly using paper or masking tape again. Wrap around the pipe so the ends match. Make even lines and saw off.

How to cut a profile pipe straight?

Masters advise using a square when cutting a profile pipe. To do this, apply the square in turn to the sides, and turn and mark with smooth movements. After action, fix the pipe and cut. Prepare yourself a template that will come in handy in the future and save time. It is better to produce an angle grinder, so the cut will be smoother.

How to cut a cast iron pipe?

When working with a cast iron pipe, keep in mind that it is a brittle material. Therefore, we will point out a way with which it will be possible to cut such a metal without damage.

Before starting work, make notes for the cut, just like with steel pipes. Place a piece of wood for support. Run an angle grinder around the circumference of the pipe making small cuts. Then take the chisels, insert into the groove and hit hard with a hammer. Note that bakelite-based cutting discs are used to cut cast iron pipes.

If you don’t have an angle grinder at hand to cut a cast-iron sewer pipe or other purposes, use a metal hacksaw, chisels or special pipe cutters.

How To Make A Template To Cut A Profile Pipe To Create A Triangle

How to cut a gas pipe?

Cutting a gas pipe is dangerous, so it is best to entrust it to professionals. But if you are confident in the strength, then to cut the metal, take an angle grinder, welding, hacksaw, gas welding.

  • Shut off the gas riser before work. Then release the rest of the gas from the pipe. To do this, set fire to the gas in the burners and wait for it to go out.
  • After the steps taken, cut. Using the welding method, the metal base burns out when exposed to high temperature. The result is fast and effective. But remember that cutting or rooting gas pipes again requires experience.