How to cut a protector on a tire with your own hands

Chassis and propulsion system

This system in the considered home-made mini-tractor almost completely repeats that of tractors produced by the industry, and differs from the automobile in some important points. The main difference is the lack of a rear suspension. That is, the drive axle is not attached to the frame with springs, but is rigidly fixed to it. This must be done if it is planned to make not only the tractor itself, but also all agricultural implements for it, with which it is supposed to be used. Because such hinges as a plow, harrow, tiller, mower and other devices attached to the rear of a homemade mini-tractor load the rear axle very heavily and, if there is a rear suspension device on it, will quickly render it unusable. The front axle on a homemade tractor can also be installed without suspension. comfort will not decrease significantly. It is convenient to use the forks of the cardan joints of trucks (ZIL, KAMAZ, KrAZ) as pivot pins, spare parts for which can be found in auto services and at metal reception centers. Two forks are welded to the beam or directly to the frame, observing the alignment of the chassis, and the two counterparts are welded to the steering knuckles of the donor car. The steering linkage, together with the steering gear, is also borrowed entirely. The steering wheel is installed from a donor.

There is no point in using the brake system (disc brakes) in its “automobile form” on a tractor made with one’s own hands, since the speeds are not right. Only the parking brake is sufficient. However, the mechanism is driven not from the lever, but from the pedal with a fixed depressed position. Then the homemade product can be slowed down in motion and fixed in the parking lot. Wheels are best used from agricultural machines, since they have the right tread. But tires from SUVs or light trucks are also quite suitable, if you cut the desired tread pattern on them (better. “herringbone” for self-cleaning). Tire pressures are empirically matched to find the optimal combination of comfort and performance.


As mentioned above, it is advisable to install the entire power plant on self-propelled vehicles. In this case, what will later become a mini-tractor will already have at least four forward and one reverse gears. All that remains is to agree on the optimum tractor engine speed and the required speed. For this, a transfer case from any four-wheel drive car will be quite enough. The most suitable option is the all-wheel drive UAZ. By the way, the previously considered components can also be used from UAZ. But you need to understand that they are heavier, so the consumption of the resulting tractor will be higher, and all of its power will rarely be used.

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A good element for connecting the shafts is an elastic coupling, which is installed on the output shaft of the VAZ gearbox. Having made a flange to the transfer case, you can do without an intermediate cardan. But from the “razdatka” to the drive axle, the cardan is required, since the loads there are much higher, and the clutch will not withstand them.
When building a tractor on your own, it is best to use the drive axle also from a UAZ car with final drives. This will increase, firstly, traction, and secondly, ground clearance (which is desirable to bring up to 450 mm). The required track size of a homemade mini-tractor is obtained in two ways. The first way is to cut the bridge stockings (narrowing the track). The second way is to make a spacer for mounting the wheels (expanding). This has to be done because the nominal track of the UAZ is 1445 mm, which does not coincide with the accepted ranges for agricultural machines (1260-1285, 1350-1370, 1490-1515, 1790-1815).

Mini tractor designs

For the most part, amateur designers in the manufacture of a tractor simply alter some serial product, adding some components and eliminating others. This is an easy way, but it is not always feasible, since the complete machine must be available.
And the design of homemade tractors, created from scratch, is individual in each case. today the variety of solutions is simply off scale.
For example, a frame for a mini-tractor is made integral and breakable (called “breaking”), turning is made with steerable wheels and onboard, the layout is classic or in the form of separate modules that allow you to change the purpose of the device. Install the hydraulic system (hydraulic system) and the power take-off shaft. The cockpit is not a primary task when creating a homemade product, so it can be built up later.

A tractor from the manufacturer at the price of a homemade product. the entire model range is here. We buy a good hitch for a homemade agricultural machine by the link. We read in this article. the easiest way to assemble a mini-tractor from a tiller.

The homemade motorcycle tractor offered below is one of the easiest to manufacture and allows you to get by with the available materials and parts. The assembly of a homemade tractor is done on its own. Instruction and drawing below in the picture.

But, of course, those who are going to do something on their own, with their own hands, are advised to have technical skills, the ability to work with a tool and read drawings. And, most importantly, have a lot of time and a great desire to do this.

It is made from rolled metal. Strength calculations are a thankless task (and in this case, not necessary). Therefore, you just need to lay down a multiple stock in advance. Based on this, using a channel from to 12 is the best solution for a homemade mini-tractor. It is not worth making any “notches” and “bends” of the units, since this will greatly complicate and increase the cost of the project. The usual flat “ladder” is simple and accessible to many.

As practice shows, for a homemade tractor, it is more useful to use a channel of a larger rolling size (up to 20) as a front and rear traverse (cross member), since subsequently various working bodies and auxiliary equipment are attached to these cross members. over, it is better to place it with shelves inside. And the channels of the side members (longitudinal beams) can be placed both inward and outward. Fuel lines and lines are laid inside the side members, which are naturally protected.

In shape, the simplest home-made frame design is a rectangle with two or more traverses. But the frame in the form of a trapezoid will have much greater rigidity. The width at the front should be less to accommodate the minimum dimensions of the steered wheels, as well as to be able to observe traffic strictly along the arable row. The joints of the spars and traverses must be welded or reinforced by welding the gussets. Please note that everything is in order with the body of the mini-tractor, because all other units are fixed to it. To connect the trailer to the frame, you can weld the hitch.

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DIY mini tractor: how to make, the best homemade options

A mini tractor is exactly the same agricultural technique for farmers as a tractor, but with a slightly lower performance that is sacrificed for agility and economy. In addition, some examples are so light that they can be transported in a trailer. Small tractors perform all the same tasks as their higher-end counterparts. You can also attach attachments to them for processing and fertilizing the soil, cleaning the territory and transporting various goods. In addition, many tractors, even those made independently, have a rotary drive for auxiliary units and hydraulics.

They differ from tillers, first of all, in that they are full-fledged agricultural machinery. Of course, a powerful tiller also has a lot of functionality, but when driving, they have to walk all the time. This is very tiring, especially when working on a large arable land. And working with a self-propelled machine, even the smallest, the operator gets tired much less. after all, the steering is installed on the homemade product.
Realizing all the advantages of mini-tractors, domestic inventors sometimes create first-class copies with their own skillful hands. On the Internet, you can now find many descriptions, diagrams and even ready-made drawings of such homemade products.

Electrician on a homemade tractor

You can use any parts from anything, the main thing is that the voltage of the generator and consumers match. Do not forget that a rechargeable battery is a container with acid. Therefore, it must be very firmly fixed. The recommended solution is to place it under the seat of the mini-tractor in a special box or just in a fence. A detailed description of the electrician in the pictures below.

Headlights and side lights, as well as brake signals, are desirable but not mandatory elements, since the result of your work can only be exploited away from other vehicles.


The relative arrangement of the units of any tractor has developed historically.
The classic layout of a self-propelled vehicle is as follows: the engine is located in front, longitudinally, above the front axle. A gearbox is connected to it through a clutch, followed by a transfer case and a drive axle behind it. The shafts of the units are interconnected by means of cardan shafts and (or) couplings.

Compliance with this scheme will be the best option when creating a mini-tractor, since it will allow you to apply existing units without changing them.
According to the experience of many creators of home-made tractors, it is better to assemble the units “in place” without unnecessary drawing and calculations. The best option is to place all the main components and mechanisms of homemade products on the finished frame, installing them on temporary supports (conveniently. on wooden blocks) and finding the best mutual position. After that, you can start making the brackets and fasteners of the tractor units. But we must not forget that all units on self-assembled tractors must be fastened through supports that damp vibrations (rubber cushions). It is best to borrow them from the same technique from which the unit is taken. Another important factor that must be taken into account is weight distribution, i.e. distribution of the total weight of the mini-tractor on the front and rear axles. The most acceptable option. 60% of the weight falls on the drive wheels, 40%. on the steered.

DIY engine

From the point of view of thrust-to-weight ratio, weight, availability and low cost of repair, it would be most logical when making a tractor at home, to take the engine from the classic VAZ car models, from 2101 to 2107, or supply it from a motorcycle. They can be found in good condition for the price of scrap metal. If you’re lucky, one machine can donate most of the parts for a mini-tractor. Or can be equipped with a new Chinese diesel engine.

The motor with clutch and gearbox is fixed as a single unit, which makes it easier to work on a homemade tractor and saves the creator from many difficulties. It is imperative to install a fan impeller on the shaft of the water pump (“pump”), even if it was not there. After all, the speed of agricultural machinery is much lower than that of automobiles, so the operating mode of the motor of a mini-tractor is the same as when standing in a traffic jam. And this is considered difficult for any engine. Therefore, the radiator of the cooling system of a homemade tractor needs forced airflow.

Road traffic

Not all home-made mini-equipment of designers travels to public roads. And this is correct, since in our country a number of stringent requirements are listed that must be met by transport moving along them. Even if everything worked out well and the product meets all the requirements, certification will be needed to confirm this, which is very expensive.

Therefore, it is forbidden to drive on the roads on a homemade tractor. If it needs to be delivered to the place of work, then it is better to do it on a trailer. This, by the way, is one of the reasons why they are trying to make it easier to make homemade products.

The main purpose of the tire tread

The primary role of tire treading is to maximize the performance of the tires themselves. There are circumstances when buying new tires is not possible. However, there is a way out of this situation, and it is quite simple and not too expensive. Basically, the groove on the tread is nothing more than a special pattern that significantly improves traction. Among other things, you need to understand that protectors are cut in specialized companies, however, you can perform this procedure, including at home.

Correctly grooved tires will significantly improve traction, even on difficult terrain. It should be understood that this procedure is only possible in certain situations. If your rubber is too worn out, then such a procedure will help you for a short period of time.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

There are certain pros and cons of using this procedure, which you should definitely pay attention to.

Among the main poles are the following.

  • A significant increase in service life. In some cases, due to the incorrect execution of the procedure, certain problems may arise. For this reason, you must strictly follow the rules that will be presented below.
  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption. With a good tire, it is possible to save up to a quarter of the fuel used, which is certainly very important. The tread depth and width must be selected individually.
  • There is, in fact, only one minus. This is a rather dangerous movement in such a car. Wheels with a road surface must be made especially well. This is especially true for trucks.

Which tires should be cut

This procedure is performed primarily on trucks. Cutting of all-metal tires is made, made with an additional layer of rubber and a specialized reinforced frame. On a passenger car, this procedure will not work for the reason that an additional layer on the rubber simply does not exist.

It is possible to perform the cutting procedure if the tire has a special regroovable marking. It is worth operating the tread on trucks until the moment when you can change old tires for new ones.

How to determine if tires can be chopped

Slicing solid tires is only possible if specified by the manufacturer. Among other things, you can use this service in Russia only in specialized companies. Although some non-professional companies are also willing to offer you this service, the quality may not please you.

It is imperative to know that the standard tire pressure is 22.5 radius and 8 atmospheres. If there is even a slight deviation in depth, there is a high probability that the tires will last you significantly less. If everything matches the specified parameters, then this procedure can be performed without any problems.

DIY car tire tread cutting

Quite often it happens that even a fairly frayed and bald rubber can serve as faith and truth for a period of time. It’s worth noting that grooving your tires is the only way to slightly extend the life of your already worn rubber. It is imperative to follow certain rules and features in order to perform this procedure as correctly and reliably as possible.

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How to Fix Tire Rub on a Truck

  • The main purpose of the tire tread
  • Is it possible to cut the tread
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
  • Which tires should be cut
  • How to determine if tires can be chopped
  • Slicing technology
  • How to cut tires with your own hands
  • Nuances of the procedure

Slicing technology

Truck cutting should be done on tires without significant abrasion of the rubber. A high-quality result is possible if the correct design specifics are used. A gap of a few millimeters is required, which can allow the tread to deepen without too much trouble.

The tread is cut not only on new tires, but also on used ones.

How to cut tires with your own hands

If used correctly, a truck tire can last for at least a couple of years. You need to understand that cutting should be done only if the depth is already less than 1.6 millimeters. The slicing process is simple enough.

Before performing this procedure, you need to select the required depth. The work should be done by the regruver. The cutting is carried out exclusively on the old tracks, there is no need to invent something new. Also, the tread depth must comply with the regulations.

Types of tire tread cutters

The tread can be cut on both passenger cars and trucks. Today there are a huge variety of options for homemade cutters, however, experts recommend abandoning them and using only a certified tool. For tire tread cutting, the range of cutters is represented by a huge assortment from simple ones with a limited number of blades to “advanced” ones with numerous functions. Several models are worth considering:

  • S125B. German regrover machine, one of the simplest and quite high quality. Applicable to work with lightweight tires only.
  • S146B. Also a representative of German production, however, with a large set of functions. Such a device is equipped with a special thermal sensor, as well as a toroidal transformer, which significantly increases labor productivity. Cutting truck tires is easy with this cutter.
  • Rubber Cut RC400 TipTop. The German manufacturer TipTop presents its regrover machine that provides fast and accurate slicing.

It should be noted that when choosing a cutting machine, it is necessary to give preference to proven and high-quality brands. The price for them will be slightly higher than similar cutters, however, quality and safety are above all.

Tire tread cutting. do it yourself retreading

Date: 2017-05-31

Easy and safe way to break a tire bead

Over time, any tire falls into disrepair, but there are times when cutting the tire tread helps to give life to an old tire. Today, the cost of new rubber makes it not a cheap pleasure to replace it. Retreading tires is much easier. This article will just talk about how to perform these works.

  • What is a protector and its types
  • Types of tire tread cutters
  • The process of cutting, retreading a tire
  • Outcomes

The process of cutting, retreading a tire

It is recommended to restore the tire tire at professional tire shops, because they have specialized equipment. Before starting to cut a tire, you should make sure that this model is designed for this. It is necessary to find the inscription “Regroovable” or “U” on the side, if there are no such marks, it is strictly forbidden to perform cutting. The slicing process is as follows:

  • The tread depth is measured, this is done at the most worn out point.
  • Using a tire fitting machine, the tire is dismantled from the rim, and the inner surface is inspected.
  • After the measurements. the required cutter is selected and the cutting process is performed. Small strips up to 15 cm long are cut and the cut material is immediately removed.
  • Upon completion of the work, the grooves are cleaned from the stuck pieces of rubber, the tire is installed back on the disc.
  • Installation is allowed on both the rear and front axles.

The tread of truck tires is cut according to the same principle, differing only in some inconveniences due to the dimensions of the tire itself. Using a regenerative slicing process can extend service life by 20-25%.

Cutting can be done on both summer and winter tires. One has only to take into account the permissible tread depth standards, which comprise the following indicators:

  • Summer. Here, the indicators vary between 7.5-8.5 mm.
  • Winter. The tread depth of winter tires is 8.5-9.5mm.

The difference in these indicators is due to the intended use of the tires for certain weather conditions. Summer tires are mainly designed to drain water from the contact patch with the road surface. Winter tires are designed to provide reliable grip on ice, as well as increase cross-country ability in loose snow. You should be guided by the rules and choose winter tires in winter, and summer tires in summer.

What is a protector and its types

To understand how to properly cut the tread of tires, you should first understand the terms.

A tread is a part of a tire whose main purpose is to purposefully increase the contact of rubber with the road surface. Also, in addition, it performs a protective function of the inner part of the tire from all kinds of damage.

  • symmetric;
  • asymmetric;
  • directed;
  • undirected.

Tread cutting is the process of indenting and grooving a tire.

Is it possible to cut a tire is a question that many car owners are asking. On this score, there are quite opposite opinions. Some experts recommend performing tire retreading, citing the economic benefits of these actions. Others, on the contrary, do not recommend cutting the tread, justifying this by the fact that the cord can be damaged and the rubber will be irretrievably damaged.

You can cut the rubber, however, you need to do this only with those products that are marked with one of the following markings:

  • Regroovable;
  • U.

These marks on the tire indicate that the tire is grooved by the manufacturer. At the factory, during production, a special layer of rubber is applied, which allows you to perform such actions.

Easy Regrooving a Tire. Using a Tire Groover and other Tools

The main problem of disagreement in views lies in the fact that local craftsmen do not pay attention to such markings and begin to cut rubber all in a row. Naturally, such actions can damage the cord and at high speeds the consequences can be dire.

Deepening grooves (rubber cutting) are possible on tires with a residual tread depth of 2-3 mm. Failure to observe this rule can damage the cord, which is the supporting structure of the tire, its damage leads to a rupture of the car wheel.

Regruver for cutting a tread with your own hands

Self-made device for cutting a tread on a tire (regruver) with your own hands.

I wanted good off-road tires for the summer, but not very noisy, I wanted something in the A / T style. Looked at the for my size 215/65/16. about twenty thousand per set!
Now there are no such days! Regular new road tires cost about 12 thousand rubles, and if you find used tires, then from 3 thousand rubles. per set!
I compared A / T tires and road tires and understood the difference only in the tread, or more precisely, in the number of transverse cuts and the width of the cuts! On off-road tires there are more transverse slots, the width of these slots is larger, there are no longitudinal slots and, most importantly, side soil hooks!

I watched several videos, with the help of a regruver cutting machine, they change the tread pattern and realized that this is what I need! I looked at the for Regruvers and was also a little upset! The cheapest 10t.r., And the normal 20tr.

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Without hesitation, I decided to make this regrover with my own hands.

I just had a non-working microwave, I pulled out a transformer from it. I removed the secondary winding and wound a thick copper wire instead. There were not many turns of the secondary winding, about four.

First, I tested a homemade device on an old tire, almost bald. It is best to cut on an inflated wheel and pre-plot the cut line of the mowing line!

Also cut a new tread on a bald winter tire. With the help of a regruver, you can cut any pattern on an old tire. Of course, it is better not to ride on such tires on the highway, but such tires can be used for off-road trips. Thus, you can make tires for a homemade buggy, mini tractor and other homemade equipment.

We decorate the cottage with flower beds of tires: interesting ideas and options

  • Features and Benefits
  • Design
  • Unusual
  • Flower
  • On the leg
  • Swan
  • Required tools
  • How to make?
  • View
  • Material
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Successful examples and options

To ennoble your site with beautiful flower arrangements, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive outdoor flowerpots. You can make a unique frame for flowers of various shades and shapes with your own hands. We decorate the dacha with flower beds made of tires: interesting ideas and options for making flowerpots will help make the garden plot unique and inimitable.


The ease of making a flower bed, as well as its appearance, will depend on the material chosen. When choosing car tires, you need to consider the following features:

  • the process of making a flower bed will be easier from old tires, worn rubber is more pliable;
  • imported tires are thinner than domestic ones and are easier to cut;
  • winter tires are more flexible than summer ones;
  • tires with a metal cord are more difficult to cut;
  • if, when making a flowerpot, it is necessary to turn the rubber inside out, you need to select a tire with the most worn out tread.

A flower bed can be made from rims or solid (rims with a tire) wheels of a car. This material is used much less often than the usual tires, but the flowerpots from the disks look no less attractive. Whatever material you choose for making a flower bed, it must be thoroughly rinsed from dirt. This can be done with a garden hose.

Clean material will facilitate the process of making the flowerpot and will not spoil the cutting tools.

On the leg

From a one-piece wheel (tires with a disc) you can make a magnificent flowerpot with a leg.

The workflow for creating such a flower bed consists of the following steps:

  • petals of the desired shape are cut out in the tire, reaching the tread with the cutting tool;
  • then the upper and lower parts of the tire are turned out (the disk does not need to be removed. it will be the leg of the flowerpot);
  • the upper part is painted in saturated colors, the lower will be a kind of stem if it is painted green.

Features and Benefits

By making a flower bed from a tire, you can realize almost any creative idea. Making such a budget option for framing flowers on a site is quite simple. just show a little imagination and make a little effort. Tire beds have a number of advantages:

  • car tires are durable;
  • tires tolerate temperature extremes well;
  • almost any paint fits well on the rubber surface;
  • no need to spend money on material: almost everyone has an old tire;
  • improvised items can be used as decor elements.

Due to the fact that rubber is a fairly pliable material, the tire can be given a wide variety of shapes. You can paint the product in absolutely any color. Such a product can be used not only as a decorative element, but also as a functional attribute of the site. For example, small seedlings can be planted in such flower beds.


One of the most common options for a flower bed of tires is a product in the shape of a swan. Such a flower bed is made in the same way as a flowerpot. The only difference will be in the more complex cutting. You can use the ready-made scheme, which shows the wings, tail, neck and head of a swan to be applied to the tire of the mowing line.

After applying the markings to the tire, the very shape of the swan is cut out. Next, you need to unscrew the tire and complete the formation of the swan. The beak can be made of rubber or any other convenient material, painted with orange paint and attached to the head with self-tapping screws. Swan eyes can be made from pieces of electrical tape.

Usually the figure is painted white, but no one forbids the use of other shades (you can make multi-colored plumage).

Workshop on making a swan from tires, see below.

Required tools

To start making a flower bed from tires, you need to prepare the necessary tools. First of all, this is a tool that will be used for cutting rubber (knife, electric jigsaw, angle grinder). If you decide to use a knife, the blade must be sharpened well. It is worth considering that it is quite problematic to cut dense rubber with a knife. To make it easier for yourself, the blade must be greased with grease before cutting. If the knife will not be used as the main tool for cutting the tire, it may come in handy for making small cuts.

Using an electric jigsaw as a cutting tool will be the best option. The more powerful the jigsaw, the easier it is to cut the wheel. A good quality steel blade with a reverse tooth is ideal for cutting tires. Cutting a tire with an angle grinder is much easier than using a knife or jigsaw. The disadvantage of this tool is that the rubber along the edges of the cut will be melted, the cutting procedure will be accompanied by an unpleasant pungent odor.

If it is necessary to cut the protector to make a flowerpot, it is better to do this with an angle grinder.

Then it is worth deciding on the type of paint for the flower bed. Almost any paint fits well on rubber. The following types are mainly used:

  • aerosol;
  • oil-based enamel;
  • nitroenamel;
  • auto enamel.

If necessary, prepare a brush for painting the tire. You will need gloves to work, they will protect your hands from paint or other possible contamination. You will need chalk, a marker, or soap to draw the line. When making complex figures, some elements will have to be made from scrap materials. To fasten additional parts to the main figure from the tire, you will need staples, self-tapping screws.


You can make a flower garden according to ready-made examples, or using your own original ideas. You can supplement the finished structure with any available materials: it all depends on your imagination and skill. The process of creating a flowerpot is often not completed after cutting and painting the tire. A product of a complex shape in the form of an intricate figure must be supplemented with decorative elements. When decorating a flower garden, you may need the following materials:

  • decorative and natural stones;
  • construction metal mesh;
  • plastic bottles;
  • remnants of various building materials;
  • colored glass.

From several flower beds, you can form bright compositions. A combination of multi-level flower beds of various shapes looks more impressive. A popular option is a composition of flower beds in the form of cups and a teapot. To design it, you do not have to turn the tire out and cut patterns on it. It is enough just to assemble several tires of different sizes, form handles from pieces of rubber and paint finished products.