How To Cut A Pvc Window Sill

How to cut a plastic window sill?

Plastic is cut quite easily with standard sawing tools and equipment:

  • Angle grinder;
  • Circular;
  • Electric jigsaw;
  • Hacksaw for wood or metal.

It is most advisable to use a jigsaw for cutting PVC windowsill. The angle grinder also copes well with this task. A circular saw is less preferable. due to the high speed and large teeth of the saw blade, there is a high probability of destruction of the plastic product.

Wide window sill interferes

Many have encountered a problem when a wide window sill interferes with the implementation of some ideas for rearranging furniture. But, as in many things, there are no hopeless situations.

End plate for a non-standard window sill.

To close the radius of the window sill, you need to warm up the end plate in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, trying to get an angle of 90 °.

By the way, in the same way, if necessary, you can frame a round window sill.

Then quickly, until the pad is cold, reinstall.

The length of the sawn-off part of the window sill turned out to be longer than the end plate for the window sill, so two plates had to be used.

The problem is solved, the freezer door is now easy to open.

How to cut a pvc window sill. A wide window sill interferes. If the window sill prevents the refrigerator from opening

What to do if a window sill interferes with opening a refrigerator or cabinet door? The problem, in fact, is not as big as it seems at first glance. I want to share one of the solutions.

Before that, there was a refrigerator in the kitchen with a small freezer. After purchasing a refrigerator with a higher freezer door, problems arose. That is, the door rested against the windowsill. You can, of course, replace the sill with a narrower one. But, if repair with the replacement of wallpaper is not planned, this option is not entirely acceptable.

You can solve the problem as follows. We mark, relative to the window, the width of the window sill required for the unhindered opening of the refrigerator or cabinet door. We mark the rounding using any cup of a suitable diameter.

How to cut Werzalit window sills correctly. How to start installing a window sill

I will describe the process of installing a plastic window sill using the example of a window with a bal-window door. It is necessary to install two windowsills at once. One under the window, the other under the balconette door.

The old PVC window sill was dismantled. But first, it was necessary to dismantle the left slope of the window, since it was attached to the surface of the window sill. I will write about how to make slopes on windows later.

The surface for installation must be thoroughly cleaned of old foam, construction debris and dust, and then primed. Next, we proceed to the markup. It is necessary to cut both PVC window sills to the size we need. Everyone is free to decide how many centimeters the window sill will protrude relative to the wall, I think that this is not important. The main thing is that it does not block the heating radiator. In normal cases, I leave about five centimeters.

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Since, in the example I describe, the right side of the window sill does not go under the slope of the window, but remains open, it will not be superfluous to check with her that there is a right angle. This is easy to do with a square. If there is no right angle, then you need to create one. Draw the line with a pencil and cut off.


Let’s draw a line along which we will cut. Be careful if the film comes off the plastic, it is better to remove it completely. And glue masking tape on the windowsill, along which it is convenient to draw fishing line.

The native factory film is slippery. It’s hard to draw a line on it.

A pencil is not suitable for this purpose at all. The line from him is barely visible. The gel pen leaves a clear marking, but at the time of the saw it is erased. A ballpoint pen is better. it does not wear off, but people of the older generation will not see such markings.

Draw with an alcohol marker. The line will be visible and will not smear.

What tool to cut the window sill

I want to install window sills, not quite standard. The fact is that the slopes and walls are completely ready and the window sill needs to be brought not under them, but back to back. Which tool to use for a good straight cut? Previously, I solved similar problems by installing a guide on the clamps and pressing the jigsaw against it, but the perfect cut still does not work. Will a manual circular and also a guide on clamps give the desired result or do you need something else? The tool, in principle, is not important, the work is one-time, I will rent any for a day.

I think a hand-held circular will do. Better yet, trimming with a broach. You will never get a straight cut with a jigsaw

. It’s bad that it’s not going downhill. Not according to the canons. But if you do not want to shorten the slopes, or you cannot do anything, then there is nothing difficult to saw off along the mowing line. I would say it is more difficult to mark these mowing lines accurately than cutting them off. What is the depth (width) of the slopes ?? Probably see 60, no more ?? Most likely, the windowsill releases on the sides to the wall, see. 10 will be. THOSE. You need to cut not just a trapezoid. In general, there will be more fuss with circulars and guides than sawing (Mafel 400 systems, omit). We take a jigsaw in our hands, without any clamps and directions, and simply cut along the mowing line. If you screw up in 1.2mm. The sealant will fix everything.

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.Well, yes, if you repeat it like a mantra, instead of taking and sawing off.

What kind of window sills, plastic, wood?

Likewise, marking up this whole thing is not a trivial task at all. Slopes at dawn. And yes, not a trapezoid, the ears will be in front. To do it with a jigsaw within 1 mm is not at all easy, even with a guide, let alone with your hands. A thick layer of sealant is fu. Plastic window sill moller.

.Angle grinder (125 mm) with fine diamond disc.

.And what’s the problem? Protractor, and cut with a Bulgarian from below. Like 2 fingers.

With a jigsaw, only materials that are rather small in thickness can be sawed off exactly. As the thickness increases, the saw blade pulls more and more. Tested multiple times. And at this forum this issue was raised more than once. The jigsaw is made for curved, circular sawing, and is king here.!

.Why is he thick. At the junction with a slope, it will probably be the same as the "slope above the windowsill." Mm. 3-4.

.Let it be 2mm.

.Bring it. I’ll cut it off right in front of you. On a stool.

. I say mantra. "

. Wrote down.

I don’t know what kind of Möller is there. The window sill is plastic. Well, what’s the problem. if you have already got an oscillating tool. saw and adjust it. If not. well, buy some. then it will come in handy on the farm.

It’s not a tree. In the end, you can do all this with an ordinary hacksaw if one-time. Just give some indent. well, a millimeter. and then slowly adjust.

The problem is honestly contrived.

I looked. Impressive! Only the price of such a jigsaw of 25 thousand or more? I was talking about ordinary lobs, for an ordinary consumer. And so the problem of cutting off a plastic window sill is really far-fetched. I completely agree

You can even do this with a clerical knife. Actually, after the word plastic, it is he who first comes to mind.

There is nothing unique about these molers, just a simple plastic window sill. With normal markings, you can adjust it with a regular hacksaw. The problem with the accuracy of the markup, make a template from pieces of fiberboard and transfer it to the windowsill.

Buy already a circular, at last I am kind, do not take it to heart

The most important thing. But better in a whole piece.

In general, I did not do everything according to technology before. Well, why not FIRST put a window sill, and THEN. slopes?

. What do you mean. And what to do with the three pieces previously purchased. I can give all three to you for one from 300.

.Yes, not close, not far.

Manually cut out)) more precisely, there is a spike just for plastic, I sawed through and sawed out more than 1000 windowsills, it’s all in my hands)

But it’s boring. When, on the contrary, it is immediately interesting. And the tasks appear unexpected. Work for the mind. And you propose to do everything according to the template. Boring.

How To Cut A Pvc Window Sill

Whoa! So, someone is not yet completely jigsaw-maniac: yu There is room to grow

.So in this particular case, one thing: The man asked how to cut the window sill. over, the irregular shape. Trapezium, ledges. Well, it started as always. Straight cuts means circular. THOSE. They immediately forgot about a specific task. Here’s a better circus than lobster and fsё. Well, where is it better if the inner corners are still cut with something else. Total: we count the time and tambourines, to set the directions for the circular, or take a jigsaw and saw at once. Two instruments or one ?? I personally would not think about the circular in the first place. Probably even (not counting the jigsaw) after a hacksaw, and everything else that was advised there above. Angle grinder, stationery knives.

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.Have you ever seen what window fitters actually cut window sills with? They have your favorite jigsaws. At the very bottom of the box are lying, otherwise. And at all. No. Or, we will retrain them?

Sereza, okay, I’ll answer. Or have you already read it ?? The angle grinder indicated above by you probably), I have it mentioned in the list above the circular. Did not notice?? It happens. When the goal is simply to object. It happens.

Just the other day. One window (namely the window sill. Three masters worked at the same time) was cut with a blackdecker circus. Some old one. The office did not stop working in other offices. Noise, squealing, shifting from one table to another. Dust. But that’s nothing. The second window was processed by an interskol angle grinder with a cutting toothed disc. All the same. Only plus the fear for past trickling office workers, and for yourself. On the third window, I just took a forehead out of the box, and sawed off the window sill myself. Rather, 80 percent of the cut. And gave it to the master, who finished the work. But I think he will not give up his habits and tools. Let him saw with anything. But I personally (if I have to) will not do this. Better to take your time and without dust and noise. Yes, I must say that they put the window sill, of course, before the slopes, and therefore the quality of the cut was on the drum. Here (in the topic) a completely different alignment.


You can cut with different files. Let’s see how each of them works.

Saw with coarse teeth and set (when the teeth look slightly in different directions). When cutting, the jigsaw twitches, chips will be visible on the plastic. With due experience, the quality of work can be acceptable, but still such a file is not well suited for plastic.

Medium toothed and unset. The cut is smooth, the jigsaw twitches less. Chipping little.

Metal saw with fine teeth and small set. It takes a long time to cut. The cut is shaggy, with small notches. They can be corrected, but it will take time.

The conclusion is this: take a blade with medium teeth and without setting. This is the best option.