How to cut a round hole in the countertop. Properties of locksmith tools

How to make a hole in the countertop under a gas pipe

Plywood (and to a lesser extent other sheet materials, such as a wood-piece plate or oriented-brown plate) has a significant decorative potential. If you have a fairly simple tool and certain skills, you can cut from plywood almost anything you want. But so that the details obtained as a result of such threads look quite presentable, the master should have several tricks in stock. It is about them that we will talk in our article.

Starting to work with sheet materials, many masters have only an idea of ​​how to perform a cut in a straight line. Therefore, the question of how to cut a flat circle from plywood can be at a standstill. Indeed, a regular or disk saw with the task of not managing. Figure sawing is most often made using such tools:

  • The simplest device that is used for cutting. With the help of a jigsaw, even the thinnest work can be done with your own hands, but for thick material or long cuts it is practically not suitable.
  • Electrics. Here you can use two varieties of devices: ordinary, with a vertically located file;
  • artistic, in which the steel canvas plays the role of the cutting element.

Ordinary electrician will be useful to you when working with Tolstoy. But if you are looking for a way how to cut letters from plywood or make other complex elements (for example, details of a children’s designer), then it is best to use a model with a strip saw.

Advice! Naturally, for each type of jigsaw there are several varieties of files and canvases. The correct choice of cutting element is a necessary condition for the high quality of the product.

  • In addition to jigsaws for curvilinear cut, you can use a furniture milling mill. Despite all the difficulty in managing, in terms of quality of the holes made, it many times surpasses most of the models of saws for plywood. With the help of a milling.

Also, do not forget about improvised devices, but we will talk about their use in the corresponding section.

Cutting from plywood has several nuances that the master must be taken into account:

  • Firstly, you can cut out only by dry material. High humidity leads to an increase in the resistance of plywood, therefore, with excessive effort, either the veneer begins or the saw will break.
  • You need to change the saw or cutting canvas immediately after the first signs appear that the teeth have swept.
  • If we cut out of plywood using an electrician, then to obtain cleaner edges the main cuts of the cut should be placed along the veneer fibers. But it is easier for hand files to work across the fiber: there will be slightly larger chips, but less the risk of pinching the file or its departure from the intended line.

Advice! Turning drawings for cutting from plywood to the workpiece, try to place the template so that the removed elements fall into areas with defects: knots, chips, spots, etc.D.

Figure cutting technologies


As we noted above, the jigsaw will come in handy if we are looking for how to cut a word from plywood or make other details of a complex shape:

  • Pre.printed drawings or templates are transferred to the workpiece using copy paper.
  • If there are through sections in the design, we make the starting openings with a thin drill.
  • Insert a saw or canvas of the jigsaw into the hole. The free end of the file is fixed with a fixing screw or clip.
  • We make a drink on the intended line, pressing the workpiece to the workbench. The saw moves either automatically (in electric curd lines), or manually.

After all the arc elements are sawn, we remove unnecessary areas and process the finished part with a file or skin.

Milling mill

Furniture milling cutter is great for cutting from thick plywood. Of course, you can’t make a complex shape with it, but cut an arc or circle. easily:

  • We fix the regular line of the milling cutter in the center of the circle using a self.tapping screw.
  • If the length of the line is not enough, you can collect a simple bracket from a metal profile or wooden planks.
  • Rotating the cutter along the fixed radius, we select a dueling groove, resulting in an almost perfect hole.

note! When calculating the diameter of the circle, you should take into account the dimensions of the working milling cutter. Exact numbers will tell you the instructions for the device.

In this way, you can cut out not only circles, but also individual arcs. for example, in order to make grooves for furniture brackets.

Improvised means

For curly elements, it is advisable to have special devices, but to make a rounded hole in a stove made of glued veneer can be needed by any master. Below we will tell you how to cut a circle of plywood, when there is nothing at hand. Well, almost nothing:

  • For cutting from plywood, a wooden bar is used with two nails.
  • One nail is driven through the bar into the workpiece, just into the center of the opening.
  • We drive the second nail into the bar so that the tip goes on the wrong side of at least 5-10 mm. The distance from the first nail should be equal to the radius of the hole made.
  • Rotating the bar, we draw a groove on the faner, deepening it with each turnover.
  • Instead of a stick, you can use a durable cord. The principle of operation remains unchanged.

The more acute the nail is, the faster the hole will be made. It should be noted that although the price of such a device is small, it is worth using it only when other methods are not available: the edges are still far from the ideal.

If the holes made are similar to bullet holes, like in a movieboy, read these tips to avoid grief in further work.

Rules for installing a kitchen in a carcass of a sink

Before starting installation work, it is worth choosing a place where the design will be built. It is usually tied to sewage and water supply. It is possible to cut the device anywhere the headset. When choosing the installation site, it is advisable to follow the following recommendations:

  • The bowl is placed as close as possible to the working area, it is more convenient to cook.
  • The design divides the working surface into two parts: dirty and clean. The first is processing products, in their second serving.
  • You should not install it near the slab or refrigerator. This is impractical.
  • It is desirable that where the bowl will stand, it was light. If necessary, additional lighting is equipped.
  • For a functional kitchen, it is best to choose a deep device: it will be possible to wash large dishes and other overall objects in it. Low mixer. will give a minimum of spray during operation.

What to cook before installation

For a high.quality insertion of equipment into the countertop, in addition to the plumbing device, you need to prepare:

  • electric drill and electrician;
  • Screwdriver Set;
  • drill drill;
  • pliers;
  • a square, a pencil and a ruler;
  • fasteners if they do not come with the device;
  • rubber seal;
  • silicone sealant.

You need to carefully examine before buying. It should not have dents or scratches if it is made of stainless steel. If not, additionally you need to check for chips. Even small defects will not allow her to fit tightly to the base, and this is unacceptable.

It is optimal that there are good quality mounts in the kit. Otherwise, it is better to purchase them.

I drank holes

Cutting the seat for equipment in the countertop is more convenient with an electric jigsaw or manual milling machine. You will also need an electric drill. with its help, several holes are made on the circuit as close as possible to each other to form the first gap of sufficient width for the blade blade. During the cut, they make sure that the blade moves exactly along the contour with minimal deviations. The drunk sector must be supported or maintained so that it does not fall out and does not tear part of the countertop.

The cut is cleaned of sawdust, “try on” the device. it must freely enter the hole, the backlash of 1-3 mm is allowed. If the technique does not pass, you need to finalize the neckline. The roughness of the cut is protected by fine sandpaper, degreased with a special tool. I drank countertops for a sink (hob) is necessarily treated with a sealant to protect the end of the stove of the wood-brown plate from moisture penetration, glued with a sealing or thermo-insulating tape.

Before the final installation, a fuel supply hose is connected to the gas hob, and a hole for the mixer is prepared in the sink. The device is installed in a seat with processed cuts, tightly pressed and retained 15–20 seconds, check the level of evenness of the installation. If everything is done correctly, fix the device to the lower part of the countertop with fixing plates, remove excess sealants.

Fast and correct installation from professionals: services from TD Soyuz

I drank countertops for a hob and a sink. a time.consuming and complex stage of installation of a kitchen set with many nuances. A non.specialist is difficult to take into account all the subtleties and avoid errors. Incorrect marking or one incorrect movement of the tool is fraught with a spoiled countertop that will have to be changed. Therefore, the implementation of sawing work is best transferred to the hands of professionals.

Our experts will be able to do inexpensively drank countertops for a sink and a hob in. Use the proposal of TD “Soyuz”. Experienced installers have a special tool, will quickly and efficiently prepare seats and install equipment. The cost of such services is quite acceptable, and the quality will meet the highest requirements.

Installation of washing in a design from other materials

It is not difficult to install a sink in a woodbuilder made of wood or wood-bearing plate, having the required tool and the simplest skills of handling it. The countertop made of artificial or natural stone installed in the cooking zone will be more durable. It will look more solid, but it will be more difficult to put a sink into it on its own.

The use of sealant not only prevents the undesirable penetration of water

When buying furniture for a kitchen with such a surface, it is advisable to have a finished product that will only require connection to the water supply and sewage system.

Treaty containing alcohol is more often used to wood and plastic.

If the sink is purchased separately and its installation is required, it is advisable to entrust this work to professionals. In the stone processing workshop, the masters will perform the required work without damaging the surface. To do this, they have appropriate skills and have the entire set of necessary tools.

For different surfaces, its sealant is intended.

If it is decided to cut a hole for the sink in the countertop on the sink, then a special tool will be required. “Corner grinding” with a diamond circle. When working with this tool, increased attentiveness is required. You will need to put on protective gloves on your hands, and the face is protected with a special transparent mask shield.

The sealant serves to prevent moisture from getting into the places of contact of the sink and countertops.

It is better to do this outdoors, since there will be a lot of dust in the processing process. The sequence and ongoing manipulations are similar to cutting holes into the wood-based slab.

The place for the cutout is selected taking into account the minimum distance for driving water to the sewer and connecting the water supply.

Features of working with the tool

The principle of working with a circular drill is simple. The centering drill is filled with a hole, and then incisors are included in the work. They gradually make a narrow groove, gradually cutting out the material in a circle to the entire depth.

Materials used in the work with the ballerinka are different: wood, wood-fiber slab, wood-bearing plate, wood-fiber slab, drywall, plastic. The general one point-the thickness of the part should be no more than 15-20 millimeters. This parameter is limited by the length of the incisors. Typically, the manufacturer indicates the maximum depth of drilling on the packaging. When trying to drill material of greater thickness, problems with torn edges may occur.

The use of a tool with one cutter is characterized by a beating. This is caused by the lack of balancing regarding the longitudinal axis of drilling. Especially the beating will be felt when cutting holes of large diameter. Cut holes using a drill at small or medium speeds. When working on a drilling machine, such problems do not arise.

Also, an inconvenience during work can cause a laminated or veneered surface. After passing the decorative layer, drilling goes without problems.

A feature of the circular drill can be considered the possibility of adjusting the diameter. The distance between the incisors can be put on the scale on the rod or more accurately using a caliper. This is convenient if you need to make a hole without gaps under the pipe or round part.

The cutting of the incisors relative to the center is adjusted separately. It is necessary to set the cutting parts as accurately as possible. This will relieve unnecessary efforts during operation and extend the life of the tool.

Equipment and cleaning tools

To cut a hole in the countertop under the sink, special skills and experience is not required. But tools and equipment should be available.

  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • corner;
  • level;
  • roulette;
  • screwdrivers;
  • rashpil;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • divorce keys;
  • a set of wrench;
  • brush;
  • drill for wood work with a diameter of 10mm;
  • electric lobby;
  • electric drill;
  • PVA glue;
  • appropriate sealant.

The tools should be of high quality so as not to spoil the entire process.

How is the installation of the sink in the countertop?

Often installation of the sink is carried out by the manufacturer. But it happens that this service is not spelled out in the price list. Then this concern lies with your shoulders. But don’t worry. You can install the sink with your own hands, armed with the necessary tools and expert advice.

Survings of the sink contains a few steps. At the original step, you must make a hole in the center of the array, then process the edges. The next step is this insert of the sink, the fastening of its back side and sealing the distance between the canvas of the countertop and the sink. The final step is the supply of water supply and sewage communications.

The key to the high.quality installation of the sink is: reliability of fasteners, sufficient fit and high.quality sealing. Moisture is a rather brutal factor in the impact on the kitchen countertop, especially if it is made of wood-bearing plate. High.quality installation will not allow the countertop to dry or swell, which will extend the service life many times.

If we talk about quality, then out of five tools an unconditional and convincing victory receives a force drill. Using this tool, it was possible to get the most accurate diameter, the maximum even possible edges of the hole and the perfectly smooth inside.

The most inappropriate and those that even newcomers do not want to recommend a horgod (aka a “ballerin”) and a crown with a hot tooth. Interestingly, the “ballerinka” with such a disgusting quality of execution and performance in Poland costs a little more expensive than the Drill of Forester.

hole, countertop, tools

It is possible that a certain role was played by the fact of using a hand drill. It is difficult to hold the tool strictly perpendicular to the wood-based stove and probably it also gave its errors. We can also assume that when drilling thin materials (plywood, wood-fiber plate or plastic), the results can be much the best even for those tools that could not worthy and qualitatively drill the hole in the wood-based stove.

Depth and width of the hole

When you usually use a 6.450 confirmation. The diameter of the thread is 6.4 mm, and the diameter of the confirmation of the confirmation is 4.4 mm, then for high-quality mounting parts the diameter of the hole should be within 4.5-5 mm and a depth of at least 50 mm.

The Locksmith Tool

If the thickness of the hole is larger than the indicated-the confirmation will be poorly held by the details, if less-it can break the wood-based stove with its thickness.

For drilling, use a confirmation drill with a diameter of 4.5 mm, which is equipped with an additional head to drill an enlarged hole under the neck of the confirmation, which also makes the zenkovka under its hat.

Of course, you can use a conventional drill with a diameter of 5 mm, but for high.quality fastening in the hole, you will need to make a place under the neck of the confirmation and its hat.

To perfectly fasten two parts, it is necessary to mark the places of their fasteners as accurately as possible.

On the details that will be applied to the end (the one on which there will be a through hole), you need to make two measurements-along the length (usually 5-10 cm) and from the edge-exactly 8 mm (this is if the thickness of the plate is 16 mm).

On the details that falls perpendicular, we mark the point of drilling at the end. Here you need to withstand the same distance in length (5-10 cm from the beginning), and in width-strictly in the center (8 mm from the edge).

Marking should be done as accurately as possible, especially in length, With improper markup, your details when joining may have extra gaps or protrusions.

It is better to make a through hole in the first detail, attach it to the second. and immediately the drill to outline the place of drilling in the end of the second detail. And then, separately, calmly finish the hole.

We make a hole at a distance of 8 mm from the edge.

The drill should always be kept strictly perpendicular to the surface

Before you make a through hole, put a piece of unnecessary wood-based plate under the part. So you will prevent the appearance of chips on the back.

When the through hole is made, to drill holes under the neck and the confirmation hat, the part can be drilled by weight.

The main rule. when drilling in the end, the drill should be strictly perpendicular to the end of the part. If you do not hold the drill smoothly, the drill can go aside and go outside, thereby spoiling the detail.

When drilling, you need to stretch the drill several times so that the chips do not clog in the hole.

This option is considered the most accurate and, moreover, the fastest. But in order to make a hole in two details at the same time, before drilling, you will need to fix them. For this, special clamps, clamps and other devices may be needed.

Holes drill

In order not to mark 8 mm from the edge of both the layer and along the end each time, you can use a special device, which, by the way, is easy to make yourself.

It is a certain wooden template with a metal sleeve for a drill inside.

And this is a more professional thing:

Watch a short video on the exact drilling of holes in the wood-based stove for confirmation and assembly of furniture parts:

Connection of communications

When the sink was installed, you can start connecting all communications. water, mixer, sewage drainage. The sequence of work is not fundamental here. you can first connect hoses for water supply, and then a siphon. But more often, the sewer part is first connected, so that after connecting the hoses it is possible to immediately check the operability of the system.

It is quite simple to fasten the hoses of water supply to the pipes, and then you need to install the mixer. In some cases, it can immediately be fixed on the sink, representing a single design with it. If the mixer was purchased separately, then first you need to fix it on the sink, screwing it into a special hole.

Next, a siphon is installed. Its release is brought to the sink, a corrugated pipe is connected, which is then brought to the sewer pipe, to the plum. All compounds need to be compacted with elastic bands that come with a siphon.

On a note! If the diameters of the sewer and drain pipe are different from the siphon, then you should purchase and use a special sealing cuff of a suitable diameter.

Before using the sink, you need to make sure that there are no leaks in the system. To do this, you need to open water and see how the system works.

Demonstration instruction for inserting the washing in the countertop

Let’s see the example of how the ordinary kitchen washing is inserted into the countertop. The sink is made of stainless steel.

First of all, you need to make markings on the countertop that is necessary to correctly install the sink. First you need to turn the sink upside down and determine its location on the countertop, given the orientation how it will stand in the future, that is, the location of the mixer and its outer edge.

Next, using a pencil, you need to circle the sink along the outer contour. You need to use a pencil when drawing this line, since then traces from it can be easily erased. During drawing the circuit, it is important to ensure that the sink does not move.

The sink is circulated with a pencil. The marking is applied

Now you need to take a ruler and make small ones with a pencil of 12-14 mm with a pencil of 12-14 mm along the line applied. It is necessary to draw lines of this length extending from the edge of the circuit to the center of the drawn circle. By the way, here you can draw already with a marker for better lines visibility. They will no longer be noticeable on the countertop after the end of work.

Now the ends of these short lines need to be connected. It will turn out a single circle of smaller diameter than previously drawn.

Next, it is required to enter the linen of the jigsaw. You need to take a thick or pier drill, install it on the drill and drill the hole through the inner circuit.

for popular driving models

Now you can arm yourself with a jigsaw, insert its canvas into a previously made hole and just cut out the cutout for washing.

Dis cut out the result of the work

Further, the sink must be tried on the hole. it is required that it be easily inserted into it. After that, the inner edge of the hole must be coated with sealant, put the sink in the neckline, align it and fix it with mounts. It is better to tighten the fasteners with a screwdriver, and not with an electric screwdriver, so as not to damage the sink. After that, you can connect communications and start using the sink.

The washing is trying on the fastening better to tighten the screwdriver

How to install a sink

Self.installation of the sink should be started only if this service is not included in the price list of the manufacturer of the countertop. At home, such work is quite realistic, but you should pay attention to some non.obvious moments that are known only to professional furniture collectors.

So, the sink is installed in the countertop by insertion. First, the hole is cut out in the center of the array in the center of the array, its edges are properly processed. Then the sink is inserted, its case is fixed to the back of the special mounts, and the gap between the metal and the countertop is thoroughly sealed. At the end of the installation, finishing plumbing, sewer siphon or waste grinder is installed.

There are three basic requirements for the installation of washing: fastening strength, fit density and thorough sealing from moisture. Most often, as the basis of countertops, a wood-mounted stove is used with a thickness of 40-60 mm. This material is very sensitive to high humidity, which is very characteristic of the sink zone. Due to a poor-quality installation, the edges of the hole are dry, which may require replacing the countertop whole or even the whole headset.


The sink should be placed in the middle of the depth of the countertop, shifting to the left and right for the most convenient location. The distance from the sill of the sink to the edge of the countertop should not be less than 50–70 mm, otherwise the sink should be slightly shifted deeper. It is not recommended to make the indentation from the angular skirting board less than 30–40 mm, otherwise it will be difficult to wipe the surface in this place. When installing the washing in the corner section, it is useful to leave the indentation 100-140 mm from both walls to get a small space for convenient placement of household chemicals and detergents.

Letterbox Tool For Locksmiths. A MUST HAVE Tool (Non Destructive)

Some manufacturers supply their products with installation templates, some do not. If there is a template, it must be glued to the front side of the countertop, slightly moistening the surface with water. This will help to avoid random shift and mark without outside help. The template usually indicates the width of the sink side, otherwise it needs to be measured and marked for visual control of the narthex.

If the template is absent, the sink needs to be turned and installed on the countertop, carefully observing the indentation. The sink should be circled in a circle with a water.soluble marker and removed, and then shift the fishing line for the trimmer of the circuit inside to the width of the side. If the bowl does not repeat the external contours, which is found in sinks with a drying pallet, the marking line must be shifted to a certain distance on each side. If two sinks or a waste compartment are combined in one block, a common hole is cut under them.

How to cut a countertop under a sink

To install the sink in the countertop, you need to spend a lot of time and labor. But if you correctly cut a hole in the furniture unit and install it, washing the dishes will not seem so burdensome. Next, we will talk about how to cut the countertop under the sink.

Production and application of the template

Готовый шаблон для мойки

The process of installing washing in the countertop consists of several stages. In order to correctly perform this laborious work, it is necessary to carefully cut the hole in the countertop, while it is advisable to adhere to the instructions below.

  • First you need to purchase a clean sheet of cardboard of the required size from which the template will be cut out. This working stage will be simplified if the manufacturer, which often happens, himself made a template and put it in a package of goods. It remains only to cut with scissors the template along the drawn contour. If there is no template, you need to take the sink, turn it upside down, attach it to the cardboard, and then apply the required outline with a pencil and cut the template along the finished contour. If there is no packaging with a pattern, and there is no necessary sheet of cardboard, the outline of an inverted plumbing product is carried out right on the countertop.
  • Next, you need to evaluate the future location of the furniture unit. It is necessary to know in advance where the mixer will be installed, how to make pipes wiring, whether the cutter is expected before the final installation. It is also necessary to look at the design of furniture from the inside. This will determine which elements can still be cut, and which cannot be touched, the supporting fragments of the countertops should remain intact and untouched.

Необходимо сделать отступ

hole, countertop, tools

It is recommended to have a sink at a distance from a wall of 10 cm, which in the future during installation will protect vulnerable places from possible breakdown.

  • If the template is ready, time comes to use it. To make a countertop marking, you need to attach a template to its surface, while it must be motionless. After this operation, the contour is drawn. The same work is carried out if there is a factory template in stock. On the circled line can be cut immediately. If a cardboard is used or an inverted sink was circulated with a pencil on the countertop, additional work is ahead. The fact is that the drawn line for the trimmer will repeat the edges of the sink, and its bowl will be inserted into the future hole. Therefore, you need to draw another contour. internal. When drawing it, you need to take into account the distance from the edge of the sink to the elements of the mounting of the plumbing device. The result is a new template that is focused on the size of the bowl. It is applied to the surface of the countertop and a new circuit is applied, along which it will be possible to cut the hole.
  • There is an option in which a cardboard template is attached to the surface of the countertop and a hole is sawn at its edges. If you look at such work on the practical side. this is inconvenient. it is better to apply the contour with a pencil. When cutting along the drawn line, there is a real probability of chips on the inner parts of the countertop. To avoid marriage, it is recommended to glue the painting tape on the surface in the area of ​​the intended circuit, which in the future can be easily removed. In order to start sawing, it is necessary on the inside of the drawn line to make a hole in the body of the countertop. A jigsaw file stretches into a drilled hole, after which it is fixed in the tool. You need to cut carefully and without haste, since when pressed, the canvas can go away from the intended circuit.
  • The resulting cut is cleaned with sandpaper, blown and carefully lubricated with silicone. Thanks to this composition, the destructive effect of moisture on the cut surface will minimize. If the installation of the sink bowl will interfere with some fragments of the furniture unit, they must be carefully trimmed. Measurements for cutting need to be done exactly. it is not recommended to perform such work “by eye”. You need to know that when using the manufacturer’s template, cutting internal elements is much easier and easier, since such nuances are also provided for in its manufacture.

Installation of the sink in the countertop


  • To begin the final installation of the sink, you need to do some of the mandatory work. First you need to try on pipes and collect a siphon, then in the internal design of the countertop you need to make holes for the sewer and water supply. All these works are performed by a jigsaw or crown. After that, the mixer is installed if a place on the countertop is prepared for it. In addition, if necessary, hoses are cut. If the mixer is installed on the sink itself, the place for equipment is determined on the plumbing device and the hole of the desired diameter is drilled.
  • Before installing the washing, a sealing tape is put on the plumbing product. it usually comes with the device. The tape is fixed near the edge, while a special groove is left free, into which silicone will be flooded. Then fastenings are installed in their places, which are not available during tightening. they will be fixed tightly after the entire structure is finally combined. If the mixer should be fixed on the sink, there is a queue for its installation. The hole is abundantly smeared with silicone, after which the plumbing product is installed in the hole for the sink. Before installing the mount, it is necessary to bend. So that the sink sits in its place and fit well into the circuit circuit, a plumbing device must be slightly moving. After that, you need to climb under the sink and finally tighten the fasteners. While the sealant is in a liquid state, it wipes. after some time the composition will grasp and freeze. If the gaps remain somewhere, they also need to be sealed with sealant.

How to cut a hole for a sink in a countertop?

The furniture production industry provides a huge number of different furniture for the kitchen to choose from. Sometimes a sink for dishes is offered separately, and is installed by the buyer on its own. This does not require any special knowledge and skills.

If the sink is purchased separately and its installation is required, it is advisable to entrust this work to professionals.

Tool in order to make a hole correctly, you need the simplest. The question of how to cut a countertop under the sink is not very complicated. However, if you do not follow certain requirements for installation, the installed equipment can be ruined.

The sequence and ongoing manipulations are similar to cutting holes into the wood-based slab.

Tool in order to make a hole correctly, you need the simplest.

The place for the cutout is selected taking into account the minimum distance for driving water to the sewer and connecting the water supply.

It is better to do this outdoors, since there will be a lot of dust in the processing process.

Regarding the level of the working surface, the sink can be set in the following ways.

  • Below countertops. This location looks very impressive, but additionally requires the use of a special tool. The sink itself should have a certain shape. In this case is attached from below, special mounts. They are usually sold in the kit. The open end must be impregnated with a water.repellent agent. In this case, it should have a sufficient thickness.
  • On the same level. In this position, it is very important to correctly make the right deepening equal to the thickness of the side. It should be perfect around the perimeter of the installed sink.
  • Above the level of countertops. A tool for this type of installation needs the easiest. Special efforts with this installation will not be required.

You will need to put on protective gloves on your hands, and the face is protected with a special transparent mask shield.

Sometimes a sink for dishes is offered separately, and is installed by the buyer on its own.

Necessary materials

The sealant serves to prevent moisture from getting into the places of contact of the sink and countertops. Water can greatly ruin the wood-based stove. For different surfaces, its sealant is intended. When working with artificial stone, only silicone is used. Treaty containing alcohol is more often used to wood and plastic.

If it is decided to cut a hole for the sink in the countertop on the sink, then a special tool will be required. “Corner grinding” with a diamond circle.

The use of sealant not only prevents the undesirable penetration of water. This also serves as additional strength to the connection.

If the sink is purchased separately and its installation is required, it is advisable to entrust this work to professionals.

  • electric drill
  • Electric jigsaw
  • Drill on wood with a diameter of 10 mm.
  • set of wrenches
  • brush
  • Divorce key
  • rasp
  • Electric screwdriver

When buying furniture for a kitchen with such a surface, it is advisable to have a finished product that will only require connection to the water supply and sewage system.

Before cutting a hole for the sink in the countertop, marking the desired hole is carried out. To do this, a template is made from cardboard or thick paper. Some manufacturers and manufacturers of sinks attach a template with the product itself. If the installation option on the countertop and the sides have a sufficient width is selected, you can mark without a template. For this, the sink is used as a template. The upper surface it is applied to the plane and a marker or pencil is circled along the contour. For ease of installation, it is advisable to remove the countertop. Retreating 0.5. 1 cm. From the line, a working circuit is carried out, on which the drink is done.

It will look more solid, but it will be more difficult to put a sink into it on its own.

Having designated the fishing line for a cutting trimmer, the template is removed and you can proceed to the process of cutting the place for washing. A drill is drilled for a saw of an electric jigsaw, about 10 mm in diameter. For a quadrangular or triangular sink, holes are made in all corners. If the product has a round or oval shape, one will have enough to work.

It is not difficult to install a sink in a woodbuilder made of wood or wood-bearing plate, having the required tool and the simplest skills of handling it.

The hole and cut are made from the side of the laminate, this will prevent it from chips. The jigsaw should carefully cut the required hole along the drawn contour. The electric jigsaw must be pressed tightly to the surface. The canvas of the file should go exactly at right angles.

A sealing tape supplied with the product is superimposed on the sink.