How to cut carpet at home

Recommendations for carpet cutting

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How to easily cut carpet

How and with what to cut the carpet at home? Instructions, tips, videos

When laying carpet, it always has to be cut in accordance with the geometry of the room so that it can lie flat and free on the floor. And here the proverb “measure 7 times. cut 1 time” comes in handy.

  • Recommendations for carpet cutting
  • Carpet cutting tool
  • Carpet knife
  • Electric shears
  • Other fixtures
  • Carpet cutting procedure
  • Cutting carpet under the skirting board
  • Carpet cutting tool

    For high-quality cutting of the carpet, you will definitely need a special very sharp knife and a template with which you can carefully cut the edge.

    Carpet knife

    Professionals who know well how to trim carpet claim that this cannot be done well without a specialized tool. At the same time, there are different models of knives on sale with which you can cut linoleum and carpet. They are average, although you can find a more expensive product.

    Cutting carpet under the skirting board

    The greatest care should be taken when cutting carpet that has a looped pile structure. The knife can imperceptibly catch on the loop, which will begin to bloom, and hopelessly ruin the floor covering, on which the line-bald spot will immediately appear.

    How do you cut the carpet? Are you able to cut this floor material evenly? Tell us about your problems and solutions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

    Carpet cutting procedure

    As for trimming the carpet, it must be done carefully and carefully. First, you need to make clear measurements of all cutting lines, for which you need to follow a series of steps:

    • Determine the area to trim.
    • Turn the material upside down, and measure at three points of the cut line (top, middle and bottom).
    • Attach a level or long flat bar to the marks and connect the dots with a felt-tip pen.
    • Then, armed with a sharp cutting tool, make an incision along the ruler exactly along the mowing line.
    • Sequentially cut off unnecessary pieces of material from the workpiece.
    • Repeat the same manipulations with other parts of the flooring.

    Other tools

    Of course, you can use scissors or an ordinary sharp knife, but you should only take into account the fact that the carpet can be of different thicknesses and may not succumb to these tools. Also, when cutting the flooring, use a boot knife, a stationery knife with replaceable blades, or a scalpel.

    The choice of the cutting tool will depend, of course, on the preferences of the owner, but the consequences can also be different, because irregularities can ruin the canvas.

    CAUTION Do not cut too much around the edges of the carpet.

    Electric shears

    This versatile tool is specially designed for trimming carpet and linoleum. His, at least. Unlike an ordinary knife, electric shears have the following properties:

    carpet, home
    • safety while working with floor material;
    • ease of use and high quality of work;
    • compactness;
    • ergonomic design;
    • This tool is powered by rechargeable batteries, so it does not depend on the mains.

    How to cut carpet at home

    In order to cut the carpet at home, first you need to make clear measurements, and then carefully and carefully cut off the excess material. In order for the carpet to be well laid on the floor surface, it is necessary to take it by the edge and clamp it between the legs, performing blows with one foot. Then pull the material to the desired place so that the carpet lies firmly on the floor. The approach to the walls should not exceed 5 centimeters, the excess is then cut off.

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    ❓❓❓ What Is The Best Tool To Use To Cut Carpet ❓❓❓

    There are several steps to be taken to circumcise. First of all, spread the carpet on the floor and mark the seamy side of the floor covering.

    To cut the carpet correctly, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

    • It is necessary to cut the floor covering along the base of the threads, from the wrong side.
    • The layout of the perimeter of the room must first be transferred to the carpet.
    • For an accurate fit, leave a margin of about 10 centimeters. You can always cut off excess.
    • Carpets with loop pile should be cut very carefully, otherwise the canvas may open up.
    • lay the material with the wrong side up and use a meter ruler to draw the appropriate dimensions for the perimeter of the room;
    • use a cutting tool to cut off excess pieces of flooring;
    • lay the carpet on the floor according to the markings.

    There are several ways to cut the carpet, so let’s consider another option.

    How to cut carpet at home

    Carpet is an important element in the interior of the room. How to mark it correctly and what kind of crop tool we will consider in this article.

    Carpet tips. 3 ways of cutting carpet before tucking

    What is better to use for trimming carpet

    In order for the flooring to lie flat, first it must be properly cut. Cutting should only be done with special tools, we will consider each of them.

    Carpet knife

    In everyday life, it is necessary to have a cutting tool such as a knife. It is perfect for trimming flooring, opening boxes, etc. There are many models of this tool, and you can purchase it for a price of 300 rubles.

    Cutting carpet under the skirting board

    To trim the flooring under the skirting board, you need to spread the carpet along the longest wall in the room, back to back without overlap.

    IMPORTANT! Before you are going to adjust the carpet to the size of the room, it is recommended to spread it out and let it rest for about 2 days. During this time, all irregularities and bumps will be smoothed out.

    The material should be well smoothed, while eliminating all irregularities and waves, you can even crush some places with the load. Then fit the canvas along three other walls and, using a cutting tool, carefully make a puncture at the junction of the wall and floor, moving from bottom to top.

    After the cut, you will be able to mark the points to cut the excess material along the walls. Further, carefully pressing the floor covering to the floor, we cut off the excess, while every 10 cm we check the correctness of the measurements.

    In doorways, carpet trimming is done in the same way.

    How to cut carpet at home: choosing the right device

    Before cutting the carpet at home, you need to choose the best tool for this task, having previously considered the available options, as well as finding out important related nuances for high-quality work.

    Electric shears

    With their help, it is convenient to cut carpet and linoleum, as well as many other flexible materials. Unlike a regular knife, electric scissors have the following positive qualities:

    • Safe use when working with materials intended for installation as floor coverings.
    • Compact dimensions and ergonomic tool design.
    • Ease of use and high quality cut.
    • Electric shears operate on rechargeable batteries, so they can be used freely, regardless of the presence of an electrical network.

    Due to its multitasking ability, after carrying out repair tasks, the tool can be used at home for a number of other purposes. In addition, electric scissors have replaceable attachments that can be easily replaced if needed.

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    Carpet cutting tools

    For cutting this material, there are a variety of cutting devices, therefore, in order to determine the best way to cut carpet at home, you should consider each of the available options in more detail.

    Carpet cutting process

    Before cutting the carpet, it must be spread all over the room so that it spreads out and at the same time after that it will be possible to specifically decide on which side and how much further shortening is to be carried out. The cutting process itself must be performed as follows:

    • After finding out the area or several that will undergo cutting, the spread material must be turned over in such a way that, as a result, its wrong side is on top.
    • Following this, it is required to take measurements at the upper, middle and lower points of the mowing line of the cut.
    • A building level or an elongated flat bar must be attached to the marked marks to combine them into stripes using a felt-tip pen.
    • Then, using a tool with a sharp blade and a ruler laid at the edge of the cutting line of the cut, you should make an incision.
    • Cut off excess pieces of material from the canvas sequentially, repeating the same steps until the flooring takes on the required shape.

    Other tools

    Often at home, carpet cutting is also done using ordinary knives with a sharpened blade, and in some cases even scissors, but with the help of the latter it can be difficult to cut a dense and thick floor covering. In addition to them, a suitable option is the use of a shoe and high-quality office tools with replaceable cutting elements.

    Regardless of the device chosen, before cutting off the carpet, it should be borne in mind that it is better to carry out work from the inside out and choose a device specially designed for this task, since in such a situation it is possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of damage to the material, the replacement of which will cost much more.

    Carpet edge finishing

    This task is easy enough to accomplish. Mechanically, this can be done using an ordinary gypsy needle and a strong nylon or synthetic thread. In the second case, equipment is used to process the edges, which is a sewing machine.

    Processing the sides of the material can be done in several ways:

    • Edge trim can be done using a seam called “over the edge”. It is made with even sewing ties in such a way that the warp thread is located on the top of the material, and the stitch looks like a horseshoe.
    • “Loop seam”. To do this, you need to use a needle and thread and start creating even, frequent ties at the edge of the flooring material. In this case, it is necessary that the central thread is located at the top of the seam, and the additional thread is fixed at a distance of up to 0.5 cm from the edge of a row in a row.
    • Cloth overlay. Is the easiest way. Sewing on the fabric overlays is performed at different distances from the edge of the carpet with an even regular stitch along the entire perimeter.


    Hand tools, through which you can effortlessly make a straight cut of carpet. They come in several varieties and are suitable for certain types of this flooring:

    • Universal cutters for carpet and linoleum. They have a trapezoidal cutting element, made in such a way that when cutting, the pile does not fall under it.
    • Universal cutters for textile coverings. They can be used to cut carpets, PVC and materials with a foam base.
    • Jute floor cutters. In addition, they can be used to cut PVC, but such a tool is not at all suitable for those with a foam base.

    Most of them come with a set of interchangeable blades.

    How to cut carpet?

    In the process of laying the carpet, there is a need to cut it so that it lies on the floor in an even layer. It is necessary to use very sharp cutting objects.

    It is advisable to cut the carpet along the length of the strips or along the lines of the waffle orientation of the back side, if space permits.

    If the carpet needs to be laid outside the box, before trimming, you need to clearly make the necessary measurements and sketch the line on the back surface, then trim.

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    How to cut carpet?

    You need to cut the carpet as carefully and responsibly as possible to solve this problem. In order to clearly cut the carpet, you need to make even and accurate measurements of the cutting line of the cut.

    • First of all, we determine the area that needs to be cropped;
    • We turn the carpet over with the back side to the top and take measurements at three points along the entire cutting line of the cut (in the upper part, in the middle and in the lower part of the cut line);
    • We apply an even long bar or level to the marks and connect the points with a simple pencil;
    • Then we take a sharp knife (a clerical knife is quite suitable for this), lean the ruler and cut it exactly along the mowing line that we drew;
    • As a result of such actions, we cut off an unnecessary piece from the carpet along its entire length;
    • We also do with the rest of the carpet.

    How to process the edges of the carpet?

    Finishing the edges of carpet is a fairly simple task. Mechanically, this can be done using an ordinary gypsy needle and a strong nylon or synthetic thread. You can also apply machine processing, only for this you need a sewing machine.

    There are several ways to process the edges of carpet:

    • You can sheathe the edge of the carpet using a seam, which is called “over the edge”. It is done with straight, sewing stitches so that the warp thread runs along the top of the carpet edge, and the stitch looks like a horseshoe;
    • You can also process the edge of the carpet using the “loop seam” method. To do this, you need to take a needle and thread and start making even, frequent stitches at the edge of the carpet. In this case, it is necessary that the central thread runs along the top of the seam, and the auxiliary thread is fixed at a distance of up to 5 mm from the edge of a row in a row;
    • The easiest way is to use a fabric overlay. It is sewn at different distances from the edge of the carpet with an even, standard stitch along the entire perimeter;
    • If the edge of the carpet is hidden under the skirting board, there is no need to process it.

    What to make from the remains of carpet?

    As a result of laying the carpet, at first glance, unnecessary pieces remain. They should not be thrown away. They can find their application for other purposes. If at the moment they do not find their place, you can save them in the pantry or garage.

    What can be done with the leftover carpet in the future? Let’s consider some options:

    • Design stitching of carpets. If you have a talent for designing carpets, then you can create an original floor covering from the remains of carpet. It can be used in an apartment or in a house;
    • Door mats. There is often a need to put rugs under the doors. This will prevent dirt or moisture from spreading to your apartment or house in rainy weather. They are installed in front of the entrance;
    • Car mats. Whoever has a vehicle, the saved pieces of carpet can become an indispensable element of the interior of the car. You can choose the right size and put it under your feet in the car in the front seats, in the rear seats, as well as cover the luggage compartment. To prevent the ends of the carpet from unraveling, you can process the edges with seams;
    • Litter on the bench seat in the gazebo. If there is a private house and there is a gazebo on the territory, the remnants of the carpet can be sewn to the size of the benches’ seats. This will give the shops softness.