How to Cut Ceramic Tiles in a Semicircle

One of the most common solutions for the repair of many premises is called ceramic tile lining. It is fast, inexpensive, beautiful and practical. However, during such repairs the question almost always arises, how to trim a tile and what tools might be needed for this.

Tool selection

Before you learn the technology of how to cut tiles, it is important to understand the tools that are designed for this. The choice of fixtures makes it easy to choose the right option.

All tools for cutting tiles can be divided into those that cut the material in a straight line and figured.

High-quality trimming of tiles in a straight line requires glass cutter, manual or electric tile cutter, Angle Grinder. Any of these tools will help you get the right tile size.

How to Cut Ceramic Tiles in a Semicircle

Curly trimming of ceramic tiles involves the presence of nippers, a circular saw or a ballerina.

Tile Trimming Technology

Tips like trim tiles, depend on the tool used. However, there are still some standard recommendations:

  • There should be only one notch. Otherwise, the tile may break unevenly.
  • The edge of the tile and the notch line should be separated by a distance of at least 0.6 cm.
  • The cut line is applied to the tile on the glossy side, the pencil used in this case should be soft.
  • For cutting floor tiles, the use of a special tile cutter is optimal.

How to trim a tile

Experts say that the most convenient trim tile tile cutter, because the tool is designed specifically for these purposes. In order to obtain a straight cut, a cut line is previously applied to the tile using a pencil or felt-tip pen. The tile is laid on the base of the tile cutter, combining the wheel and the drawn fishing line. Next, you need to raise the handle until the wheel touches the tile, and then move it towards yourself with a little pressure. To obtain a high-quality cut, you need to do only one pass with the wheel.

After cutting the tile, it must be divided into two parts. To do this, in the area of ​​the lower third of the tile, “wings” are installed, which can be covered with duct tape so that they do not leave any marks. Now you can lightly hit the handle with your palm or make more effort if the tile does not crack on the first try.

Видео: How to Cut Ceramic Tiles in a Semicircle

If another tile is covered by a slice when facing, there is no need to grind the edge. However, flat edges are required for installation in the inner corner. To grind a slice, use a special grinding stone (chosen depending on the type of tile) or sandpaper.

How to trim ceramic tiles

It often happens that a standard straight tile trim is not suitable, and the question arises of how to trim the tile in a semicircle. To do this, use nippers, a hole saw or a ballerina.

The least complex of all these tools are considered to be wire cutters. They are most often used in order to get tiles of irregular shape. The advantages of the nippers are their low cost and the ability to cut a variety of shapes. However, the cut edges are uneven and require additional grinding.

You can cut a round hole in a soft or hard tile with a hole saw, which is considered one of the best tools for this purpose. The advantages include the ability to work with different types of tiles, but the process of cutting with a circular saw takes a lot of time.

A ballerina for cutting tiles is rarely used, as it is intended more for metal. However, the use of special drills for tiles allows you to get a hole of any size.

It is also possible to cut the tiles figuratively with an angle grinder, although this tool is more suitable for direct cutting. Tile cutting the angle grinder gives uneven cuts and is quite slow, however, the use of the tool is simple in comparison with electric tile cutter.

Let’s watch the video, how to trim ceramic tiles. several ways.

How to trim a tile without a tile cutter

High-quality tile cutter is quite expensive, so many people planning independent repairs are interested in, how to cut tiles without a tile cutter. You can do this with glass cutter. It is good to apply this method for small volumes of work or when you need to cut tiles quickly. However, most often, glass cutters are used by those who do not need to buy a tile cutter.

The undoubted advantages of glass cutter include the speed of work, low cost of the tool and ease of use. However, there are drawbacks that are the difficulty of performing a large amount of work and the likelihood of spoiling a large number of tiles. Cutting tiles with a glass cutter constantly requires concentration to get the cut exactly where you need it.

Some experts advise soaking the tile for 40-60 minutes before cutting the glass cutter. However, this procedure will increase the adhesion of the tile to the wall more than affect the cutting of the material.

For cutting tiles without glass cutter, a turning tool or even ordinary large-sized nails (100-150) are also used. It is necessary to carry out a nail on the tile several times to obtain a good groove, so cutting in this way takes a lot of time.

And to consolidate the video material a way to cut tiles without a tile cut yourself (using a glass cutter).