How to Cut Coconut at Home Video

How to Cut Coconut at Home Video

Coconut is a nutritious valuable fruit, from the pulp of which you can cook a lot of healthy things. The main thing is to know how to open a coconut.

Inside the fruit there is a juice with a pleasant taste, as well as snow-white pulp, from which healthy oil is extracted, flavored milk, cream, cream, valuable chips and even flour are made in cooking.

The easiest way

There are many different ways to open coconut. The photo below shows one of the simplest.

You only need:

Hold the coconut firmly in your hand. Take a strong knife, turn it with the tip up and tap the coconut around it. When the coconut crack, drain the juice into a glass.

If you think this method is dangerous, try opening the coconut as shown in the next video.

If you didn’t succeed, proceed with the 100% method.

What is needed for this

  • a tool for creating a hole in a coconut (drill, screwdriver, hammer or other);
  • nut cracking tool (hammer, rolling pin);
  • towel / plastic bag;
  • a knife for vegetables;
  • ripe coconut.

Make a hole

First you need to make a hole in the coconut by cutting it in any part of the nut or, more conveniently, in one of the “eyes”. The softest peephole is usually closer to the center.

For how to easily find the soft eye of a coconut, see the following video.

One of the most suitable tools to help make a hole in the fetus is a high power hand drill. It can be replaced with a corkscrew, screwdriver or even a durable skewer. In extreme cases, a long nail and a hammer will do.

Having driven a nail into a coconut, pull it out with the back of the hammer and get a hole.

It is optimal to make a coconut hole in one of the “eyes”, because these three places are the thinnest in the outer coconut shell. Accordingly, drilling in these places is much easier than in others. To make the process easy, it is important to immobilize the fetus and fix it well on a non-slip surface. A kitchen towel may help. By putting coconut on it, you will prevent it from slipping out during drilling.

Video: How to Cut Coconut at Home Video

To drain the water inside the coconut, simply turn the fruit over, remembering to make a second hole before it. This water can be used in cooking, added to drinks. You can insert a tube into the hole made and drink water. If you do not plan to do anything with it, you can simply pour it out.

How to break a shell

The next step will be breaking the nut into pieces.

The following options are available to you:

  1. Wrapping the fruit in a towel or placing it in a plastic bag, lay the coconut on a hard surface. Let it be on the sidewalk, concrete floor or something as solid. We do not recommend cracking a nut on a countertop, since there is a great risk of damaging it. Beat the coconut in a towel or bag with a hammer or a SAL-KOI so that it splits. Use maximum force on the blow directed in the middle of the fetus. Some coconuts open immediately, while others require a lot of effort.
  2. You can hit a nut on a sufficiently sharp and durable stone.
  3. There is also the option of cutting the fetus into halves using a handsaw. Sawing coconut is at its central seam. you will see it between the "eyes".
  4. Alternatively, you can simply tap the fruit with a hammer to make a crack. After inserting a sharp object (knife, nail, scissors or other) into this crack, make an effort and split the fruit into halves.

At home, you can open a coconut with the help of an oven. After removing the juice from the fruit, put the nut in a preheated oven. Holding it at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes, you will see how the shell spontaneously burst.

Pulp extraction

To cut coconut flesh, use a small knife, for example, with which you peel vegetables. Cut the flesh to its full depth, and then with the tip of the knife or fingers disconnect it from the shell. To simplify the task, cut the flesh into rectangular or V-like pieces. it will be easier to extract them.

If possible, the pulp can be disconnected with a metal spoon, corkscrew or screwdriver. It needs to be inserted into the gap that is between the outer shell and the pulp, and then try to dig out the white mass.

The outer side of the snow-white pulp is covered with a brown skin, which should be removed before further manipulations with the obtained walnut contents. You can easily remove it with a vegetable knife.

Now you have coconut pulp and you are free to use it as you wish:

  • to eat;
  • grate and make coconut milk;
  • grate, dry and make coconut;
  • grind and add water, strain, dry and turn into coconut flour;
  • get coconut oil.


The shell can be used for interior decoration.

Turn them down, leave them in a well-ventilated area. Within a week, it will dry out and harden. You can decorate it or use it as a cup or bowl. Such a vase will look especially good on a picnic filled with fruits.