How to Cut Corners In Boxing

How to Cut Corners In Boxing

The pursuit of high-speed boxers and fighters working in defense is a discouraging, if not impossible task.

The faster you run, the faster they run away! They never stand still so you can hit them, and they, it would seem, always leave the corners. Worst of all, some rivals even hit you with their punches while they run away!

The answer lies in cutting corners. Your opponent will have nowhere to run away if you know how to cut off his space.

Watch my video where I demonstrate how to corner an opponent.

1. DO NOT PUNCH (common mistake)

Running straight at an opponent is the worst thing you can do. I really want to be aggressive when you see that your opponent is running away, but you will never catch him if you follow him in the ring.

The closer you get, the easier it is for him to run away from you. Movement directly on the opponent allows him to go aside. Instead of following him in the ring, it would be better to cut off his space so that he had nowhere to run. This is why boxing trainers constantly shout: “Don’t follow your opponent, cut corners.”

You can’t lock your opponent in his space
you lock him up without letting him go anywhere.

2. MOVE TO THE PARTIES (to cut corners)

The easiest way to cut the ring is to move sideways. So you will keep the opponent in front of you. He cannot run around you, so he can only move backward. Trimming the corners, over time you can lock it at the ropes.

If he goes left, you go left. If he goes right, you go right. Each time you move in the same direction where he is, he will feel your pressure, because he cannot go around you from the side. You are next to him, and he feels like he is always in front of you, always in the center of your attention. Over time, he will try to move on, and begin to move back, where you can easily cut off even more ring.

It’s best to drive your opponent in a corner. As soon as his back is directed into a corner, continue to cut off the space on the sides, driving him into a corner.

You can’t lock an opponent by following him
you need to take away his space.

3. Take a STEP BACK (to keep it in front of you)

Видео: How to Cut Corners In Boxing

As soon as you have cornered him, keep him in front of you! This means maintaining space, don’t get too close to it, and don’t turn around with it. If he tries to leave, take a step back to keep him in front of him, and then corner him again. Slippery guys will spin and dodge to make you throw punches (so they can escape), but all you have to do is take a step back and they won’t be able to get through you.

A common mistake is to become overly aggressive and attack him. The closer you get to him, the easier it is for him to slip around you OR grab you and turn you into a corner.

Do not jump into the corner to your opponent,
save space to keep it in the corner.

Additional Corner Cutting Tips

1. Use the Stoking Style

Drowning Style is ideal for exhausting an opponent and letting him touch you. This style works well for cutting corners in the ring, because with this style it is easy for you to push it back and occupy its space, but at the same time, it is difficult for you to push you back because it cannot even touch you.

2. Jump Forward-Backward, NOT Giving Your Space

Such a balance can be difficult to find. You need to go back and forth in order to threaten your opponent and force him to back away, while staying away from his blows, while at the same time preventing him from taking up the space that you left for a moment. There are several ways to do this. you can do shorter jumps, you can also do bigger jumps, but with such an aggressive presence that he won’t want to regain space. You can also use reasonable timing so that it pulls back and loses balance when you jump back and it will be unable to occupy space. Use a little creativity and come up with your own ways to establish a good balance in moving back and forth, while holding the space.

3. Stretch Back

One of the best ways to move back and forth without giving up space is to pull back. This is a great way to create a distance and get away from his blows, while at the same time holding your space. Best of all, if you have a good sense of distance, so that you do it only slightly and do not lose balance.

4. Cut his front leg

Usually, when the front leg leaves, the whole body can leave. When you lock your opponent, try to lock his front leg to prevent her from stepping behind or around you, and it will be easier for you to lock your opponent.

5. Press With Light Blows, Hit Hard Blows

Use light strokes or light touches to push him back. And then, as soon as he steps back or moves to the position that you need, THEN hit him with hard blows. The problem with hitting hard from the start is that it will be easier for him to defend, dodge and walk around you. It will also be easier for him to grab you when you invest in punches early. It is better to use light strokes to first drive him into the desired position. One more thing about light punches: even though they are light, make sure you maintain an aggressive presence. This helps maintain psychological pressure, making it more likely to remain passive and give space.

How not to get caught by the ropes

1. Never take a step back

Move forward, to the sides, or around the opponent. Try to develop the habit of never moving backward. You can practice this rule on the bag. Always move forward, to the sides or around. Going back gives your space and it is unnecessary if you have protective skills to protect yourself at a shock distance.

2. Get close and make a U-turn

The more aggressive your opponent, and the closer he comes to you, the easier it is for you to turn around him close. If he keeps his distance, you can quickly dive under him, and then turn around. Even if you cannot turn around, you can enter the clinch with it and spin it around you (excellent for locking IT in a corner).

3. Go away during hard hits

Hard hits give you the best chance to escape. Dive and dodge sweeping strikes or dodge to the side and jump from it. If he doesn’t throw anything, you can use this opportunity to clinch.