How to Cut Corners of a Wide Ceiling Plinth

Surely, each of us has at least once faced the question: how to cut the corner of the ceiling plinth? Well, or outdoor, depending on the situation. Of course, there are ready-made connectors on sale, but it is not always possible to choose for each specific type of molding.

And then you have to somehow get out, do a cropping on the eye, and then correct it several times. But to trim the molding correctly the first time is not so difficult. In this article we will tell you how to saw a ceiling plinth, as well as a floor. One with a special tool, and the other without it.

We cut the corner of the ceiling plinth with a miter box

As described above, trimming the corner can be done with the help of a special tool. a miter box, or without it. The set of other items that you need is the same in both cases: a hacksaw, a cardboard knife, an angle meter and a pencil, and a stepladder.

Which miter box is best to buy for trimming

This article will describe the work with the simplest miter box, such as on the left side of the photo. It is possible to cut the plinth at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees. this is a necessary minimum. And on the right side of the photo is a rotary miter box. Its device is more complicated, includes a built-in hacksaw and allows you to cut material at different angles. Of course, this option is more convenient to use and provides more trim options.

However, if you do not own a private house, where you have to periodically join in, it is better to get by with the simplest option. For comparison, the usual miter box for the ceiling plinth costs 100-350 rubles, and it can be thrown onto the balcony or completely thrown out at the end of the repair. A rotary can cost a total of one and a half thousand, plus it must then be stored somewhere in appropriate conditions.

How to Cut Corners of a Wide Ceiling Plinth

How and what to cut a plastic baseboard: ordinary and rotary miter

There is one more way how to saw off a ceiling plinth. Video on how to cut a baguette with a miter saw. In addition, in it you will find some useful tips for cutting on an ordinary miter.

Start trimming: inner corner

We take the ceiling molding, which will be located on the left and lay it in a corner so that it is firmly pressed against the opposite wall by the end and correct, if necessary, the length of the segment. We mark in any way the side that looks down.

Now we go to the miter box: the ceiling molding is placed in the appliance glory to the right, the lower side closer to you. We place the hacksaw from right to left. Now you can saw a corner. In the diagram, this is the left side of the figure. We also do trim for the right molding.

How to cut the corner of the ceiling skirting: the location of the baguette in the miter box

Trimming the outer corner of the ceiling molding

Here we follow the same plan as when trimming the inner corner: apply to the wall. check the length matches. mark the point of the corner of the wall on the bottom edge of the baguette. go to the miter box.

For trimming the outer corner, the ceiling moldings are placed in the device in the same way as for the inner one. We only make a correction for the point of the vertex of the corner, which we set on the baguette. It should coincide: with the extreme left slot for the left ceiling baseboard, and for the right, respectively, with the extreme right.

How to cut the corner of the ceiling skirting: the correct position of the baguette

Trimming a corner of a ceiling molding, having a large pattern

Sometimes the pattern on the surface of the border is very large, and it is just at the joints in the corners. In this case, we have to puzzle over how to cut the corner of the ceiling plinth, and combine the parties without violating its overall composition. In fact, there is nothing complicated:

  • We cut out from the ceiling molding a plot with a pattern of 5 cm on each side.
  • Divide the resulting segment in half.
  • Now do the markup and trimming as described above.

If you get minor flaws in the connection, we mask them by sealing with putty, after mounting the baguette on the wall and drying the glue.

Video: How to Cut Corners of a Wide Ceiling Plinth

How to join the corners of the ceiling plinth, if it is wide and with a large pattern

We do pruning without bite

If you do not have the opportunity to get a miter box, or the angle of the wall is much greater or less than 90 degrees, then you will have to do a little drawing. This business will require maximum concentration from you, but rest assured, you can handle it.

We form and cut corners

For the outer corner, we apply the ceiling borders in turn to each side and draw the fishing line along them onto the ceiling and walls. Thus, you can even dock three skirting boards at once, as in the photo. As a result, we get several intersection points, as in the photo below. Next, transfer these points to the moldings themselves and draw lines from the top to the bottom. Thanks to these fishing lines, you will understand how to properly cut the ceiling skirting.

Please note: trim and installation of the ceiling plinth must be started before the finishing of the walls and ceiling is started. So we can safely make the necessary marks on the walls and ceiling, without fear of spoiling the coating.

How to file a ceiling skirting board for an external corner

To trim the inner corner, we also have to “draw”. As in the previous case, we apply plinths and draw lines along them, we look for intersection points. We put them on the ceiling moldings themselves and draw cutting lines. In the figure we look at the red lines, the black ones are given in order to understand the location of the joints of the walls and the ceiling.

How to cut ceiling skirting in the inner corner

How to cut a ceiling plinth. Video on how to cut corners of the baseboard using a building corner and a piece of paper.

The final touch before gluing the skirting board

Now we just have to check how accurately the trimming is done. To do this, pick up the left and right parts of the ceiling plinth, and then join them in the corner. If there are no cracks. you can proceed to gluing, if there are defects. we do trim with a hacksaw or a cardboard knife. The check is the same for both the outer and the inner corner.

Please note: top-bottom markings on moldings are best done with insulation tape. It is easily removed after trimming, while traces of a pencil or marker will have to be masked. This is especially important if the baseboard is not intended to be painted further.

We join the corner elements of the ceiling plinth and check the quality of trimming

Trimming the floor plinth with and without the miter box

We prepare the set of tools the same as for working with the ceiling skirting, but with minor changes: we add a small ruler, and a cardboard knife will not be useful to us. As for the type of miter box, the selection criteria remain the same.

The formation of the inner and outer corner using a miter box

To trim the inner corner, we need to measure and trim the left molding to the desired length, and then mark its lower edge. And now we put the floor plinth in the miter box: turn the lower edge towards you and press it to the side of the miter box that is closest to you. The hacksaw blade should move from right to left during cutting. We also do the trimming of the right baseboard, only the placement in the miter box and the direction of the hacksaw do the mirror left.

How to fit a wooden or polyurethane baseboard to an outside corner

Trimming of the outer corner is done in a similar way, only on the lower edge of the molding we mark the place that falls on the corner of the wall. We place the baseboard in the miter box so that the point coincides with the leftmost or rightmost slot in the device on the wall that is closer to you. To cut a place under the floorboard on the floor plinth, we saw the bar at a right angle, along the central slot. On this work is completed. Now you know how to trim the baseboard in the corner.

The diagram shows how to use the miter box for cutting floor skirtings.

How to do pruning without a miter box?

  • We take the right and left skirting one at a time, tightly put each of them into the corner, and put the dots on the wall as shown in the figure.
  • We take the right part, apply it to the wall, and from point “2” we draw the line perpendicular to the wall, put the point “3” on the molding.
  • We apply the left part, and on it we also expose the point "3".
  • On the floor we draw borders along their lower edge, mark the place where the lines intersect. We mark the point on both moldings.

Now you need to draw along the plinths of the line from the mark “4” to “3”. Trimming is done so that on one side the hacksaw blade runs along the “3-4” line, and on the other hand, along the opposite edge of the board. In the photo, this edge is marked with a green dot.

How to connect the inner corner and fit the elements

And now about how to cut the baseboard in the corners of the outside. We draw the edge lines of the corner on the inside of the baguettes. Next, draw the bottom side of the baseboards on the floor. Transfer the intersection point to the baseboard, and then use the right angle of the ruler to the opposite edge of the board. So we got the clipping lines.

How to connect the inner corner and fit the elements