How To Cut Drywall On The Wall

Installation of drywall requires the creation of parts with different configurations. At home, the apartment owner makes such decisions infrequently, so it is impractical to purchase expensive electric saws. For cutting, general tools are suitable.

Tool selection

In industrial enterprises, drywall is required in large volumes. Therefore, special hardware installations have been developed for cutting GCR. At home, everything is much simpler. there are used tools that can be found in every apartment.

So that at the end of the work not to further plan out each detail, it is necessary to cut drywall as evenly as possible. To achieve this goal markings on a plaster mark with a pencil and a centimeter tape. If the latter is not among the tools or the length of drywall exceeds 2.5 m, then you can mark the surface thanks to the metal profile.

Several tools can cope with cutting drywall:

  • a cutter (hacksaw) for metal or wood;
  • jigsaw;
  • construction knife with interchangeable blades;
  • electric drill.

The latter tool is suitable for drilling an even circle of small diameter. As the radius increases, pen-drills or rounded saws must be used.

The electric drill is suitable for making holes for the core of door locks. A conventional hacksaw for metal or wood can cut drywall. The tool is distinguished by a thin blade with a frequent row of teeth. A minimum distance is maintained between sharp ridges to prevent chipping.

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Before starting work, it is recommended to place the drywall in a horizontal position on some stable support.

Dense sheets of drywall can be cut with a construction knife. The device is convenient to use due to the double-sided sharp blade. Over time, the core becomes dull, but manufacturers put a few extra elements inside. Therefore, if necessary, the blade can easily be replaced with a new one.

For cutting with a construction knife, drywall is required to mark and put a metal ruler along the pencil mark. Holding the profile, make an incision with a knife. If the gypsum is small, the construction knife can be replaced with a clerical one.

To finish the room with a high coefficient of humidity, they take a moisture-resistant drywall, which includes antiseptic elements. They give the surface of the gypsum a greenish tint. Additional components do not affect the density index, so it is possible to cut moisture-proof drywall with similar tools for cutting the classic version.

Right cut

Properly cut drywall will help a few simple rules:

How To Cut Drywall On The Wall
  • Working with gypsum requires resorting to safety measures. Even a point incision or a small break breaks up the material. In this case, dust is released, which is dangerous for the body. Eyes and lungs should be protected with glasses and a respiratory mask.
  • It does not matter which side to cut drywall. However, experts recommend starting with the surface that will be in contact with the wall or ceiling.
  • Profile cutting leaves uneven edges. You should not waste time aligning them, because subsequently they hide flaws with drywall.
  • Drywall sheets should be cut in dry rooms. In conditions of high humidity, the material swells quickly and becomes unsuitable for use even after drying.
  • Properly saw flexible plasterboard can be on a stable surface with a smooth relief.