How to Cut Plastic Video Panels

Today, a variety of materials are used for wall decoration. Their choice is so great that it is difficult to decide. over, each material has certain properties. They are worth considering. In some cases, only plastic panels are relevant. How to cut such material, not everyone knows.

How to Cut Plastic Video Panels

What are plastic panels

Plastic panels are an indispensable material when decorating surfaces in bathrooms, garden houses, loggias, toilets. After all, it has several advantages. So what is the difference between plastic panels? How to cut such material and how? Among the advantages of panels it is worth noting their resistance to moisture. In addition, they are classified as low combustible materials. Mounting them is easy. In addition, plastic panels are resistant to abrasion, so they last a long time, but are relatively cheap.

Mounting Features

So, what is the best way to cut plastic panels? It all depends on the condition of the surface being trimmed. This is the whole complexity of installation. If the surface is flat, straight and smooth, then you can immediately cut the finishing material, fitting all the details, as well as cutting the required number of panels.

If the surface has irregularities, and also requires curly sections, then the installation process of the finishing material will be somewhat complicated. In some cases, the wall may include architectural elements such as ledges, doors, windows, and so on. In this case, it will be necessary to cut the plastic panels during installation.

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Plastic panels: what to cut?

It is worth noting that such a building material is quite simple to process. You can cut a plastic panel with almost any tool. Usually, a hacksaw for wood or metal is used for such work. In this case, consider the size of the teeth on the tool. The smaller they are, the better. The main advantage of this method is that if necessary, you can cut several panels at the same time. In this case, the facing material is recommended to be placed face up, at an angle. The panel is cut very easily. However, strong pressure should be avoided.

If you decide to use a saw on wood for cutting plastic panels, then you should choose a tool for mixed or transverse sawing, with undiluted teeth. The result will be a neat and even edge.

Power tools

So, how to cut plastic panels? For such purposes, many use a jigsaw. However, during the cutting process, you must strictly monitor the pressure. Otherwise, the material may not withstand pressure and fracture. To speed up the installation of such panels, many use circular saws and an angle grinder, but experts do not recommend the use of such a tool. The plastic itself is fragile and can be easily broken if handled carelessly. In addition, during the cutting process, the material may heat up due to the high speed of rotation of the blade. As a result, the edges of the panels may melt. In addition, when heated, such a material begins to release toxic substances.

Is it possible to cut with a knife

Can also be used for cutting plastic panels clerical knife. To do this, an incision is made on the surface of the material using a ruler. After that, the panel simply breaks. It is not recommended to use a regular knife. This method of cutting is much better than those described above. However, it is almost impossible to cut panels with a cellular structure using a knife.