How to Cut Plexiglas 5 mm

Plexiglass is a common synthetic material. It is made from methacrylic acid ester. In everyday life, it is often called acrylic glass, acrylic, plexiglass. It is cut with power tools. But with this method, difficulties often arise due to the fact that microscopic particles of the material adhere to the disk. In addition, a power tool may simply not be at hand. How to cut plexiglass with other methods and improvised means, we will tell in this article.


How to Cut Plexiglas 5 mm

It is important to consider that the power tool when cutting plexiglass is affected by the physical characteristics of the polymer. Because of them, problems often arise, such as cutting plexiglass at home.

It begins to melt as soon as the temperature reaches a mark of 160 degrees. It will turn out when it reaches only 100 or even 90 degrees. As a result, thick plates cannot be processed using a simple circular saw. Have to resort to other options.

This material has enough pros and cons. The benefits include:

  • high light transmission;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • resistance is five times higher than that of glass;
  • ecological cleanliness;
  • resistance to bacteria, moisture, microorganisms;
  • electrical insulating properties.

It is bad that acrylic is prone to superficial damage, it easily lights up, and microcracks often occur at the bend points.

There are many tools on the market that allow you to make an even cut.

Hacksaw for metal work

One of the most affordable options is to use a hacksaw. A good alternative than sawing plexiglass at home.

In its hardness, plexiglass can be compared with beech. So you can imagine how difficult and long it will take to cut the material. In addition, you need to ensure that the glass does not heat up. Therefore, you will have to work very slowly.

Marking is convenient to do with a marker, it leaves a bright and noticeable mark. the fishing line is well applied with a knife, a nail.

At the same time, a hacksaw is an option how to cut plexiglass at home, only if it is to be cut in a straight line. It is not possible to perform curly cuts well.

Good to know. When the web is stuck during operation, pour some water. So it will be possible to cool the fishing line of the cut.

Hand cutter

Another option than cutting plexiglass at home, to make a handy tool from a hacksaw blade. Take the canvas (even if it is used) and a file.

The forums advise on a grinding wheel to make a sharp nose. To work it was convenient, the handle should be wrapped with something. For example, tape. All work will take several minutes.

If you are looking for how to cut plexiglass in half, then just make a few cuts and then break the material. It is not necessary to cut through to the end.

Trident tooth

When it becomes necessary to process a large number of sheets, more efficient tools will be needed. To mechanize this process at home, they use a three-tooth disc for plexiglass and wood. This is an effective tool to figure out how to evenly cut plexiglass.

Video: How to Cut Plexiglas 5 mm

In fact, this is an advanced angle grinder. Among the materials with which it is recommended to work with a three-tooth disc, not only plexiglass, but also wood are mentioned. This is a great way to cut plexiglass at home in a straight line.

It is important that the temperature of acrylic does not increase, it does not begin to melt and stick to the disk. With it, you can cut sheets up to 10 mm. When you decide how to cut plexiglass, take a trident tooth.


New ways are constantly appearing on the Internet how to cut plexiglass at home. Masters advise using a jigsaw. The main condition is the presence of a function for controlling the number of revolutions.

For sawing, nail files designed specifically for this material are used. If they were not at hand, you can take wood files. They will also cope with the task of how to cut plexiglass at home.

Plexiglass cutting is carried out at minimum speed. Take the files themselves with the smallest teeth. If you increase the speed, plexiglass will begin to melt in the area of ​​the cut, the color of the seams will turn white. In some blanks this is unacceptable.

Useful Tips

There are some tips on how to cut plexiglass without chips. To achieve a clean cut, leave acrylic for a while over the gas burner.

Another option: you can use the simplest ignition switch. True, you will have to spend much more time.

Using a jigsaw, you can cut plexiglass. Take narrow saw blades.

When you purchase them, find those that bear the designation MP.S. These are the most effective devices to solve the problem than cutting plexiglass.

During operation, monitor the speed of the tool. The number of revolutions depends on this. In practice, the speed is selected experimentally. The most important thing is that plexiglass does not start to melt.

Be sure to wear a face shield. This will protect against fragments that will fly at a tremendous speed during cutting.

Nichrome spiral

If you decide how to cut plexiglass at home in a curved shape, it is recommended to try such a spiral.

The main thing is not to forget that Plexgilas melts at about 160 degrees. A nichrome spiral is an excellent tool than cutting plexiglass. But keep in mind that it can heat up to a temperature 6 times higher. To control and regulate this process, have a rheostat on hand.

Otherwise, this is a good option than you can cut plexiglass. The main thing is to adhere to the recommendations.

Acrylic may burn. Therefore, working with a spiral, let’s allowance from 0.2 to 0.5 mm.

With the help of this device you will decide the question of how to cut plexiglass at home. You can bring the workpiece to mind with a sandpaper. The material lends itself to such processing.

When figuring out how to cut plexiglass with a nichrome spiral, keep in mind that there are 2 methods for using it. The horizontal cut should only be straight, and the vertical cut should be curved.


This is a good device than you can cut plexiglass. Adjust to the speed with which the spiral penetrates the plexiglass. Soon, easily get used to the work.

Then there will be no problems than cutting off plexiglass. Suitable for these purposes and a device for burning wood.

Now you know in detail how to cut plexiglass. There are many modern technologies that allow you to use different methods with maximum efficiency.

When figuring out how to saw plexiglass in your case, remember that it also bends well. We hope you find this article helpful.

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