How to Cut Quartz Vinyl Laminate

None of the apartment repairs will be completed without a decent flooring. And the better it is, the more expensive your room looks. An example of this type of finish is a quartz-vinyl laminate.

It’s nice to move around such a surface, especially barefoot, and with today’s variety of options, each of us needs to understand its quality and features.

Coating features

Modern floor coverings give room for imagination to any of the consumers: linoleum, carpet, laminate, parquet, tile. The choice of one of them depends, of course, on the interior of your room: one material is only suitable for the kitchen, as it is waterproof enough, the other, more delicate, is suitable for your bedroom or living room.

Not so long ago, a new material appeared on the flooring market. a quartz-vinyl laminate, which pretty quickly gained well-deserved popularity. Quartz vinyl is used in the arrangement of both an apartment in the city and in country houses, it is often used in various offices and commercial premises.

The peculiarity of such a material lies in its multilayer, which determines the durability. more than 20 years of use. The top layer is a color scheme. Depending on your interior, you can cover your floors with a laminate that imitates stone, wood, parquet, etc. The second layer is vinyl.

Quartz-vinyl is produced from aluminum oxide or polyurethane, and stone crumb is located between the main layers for strength. The lowest layer is a vinyl backing, which gives strength to the entire coating, the total thickness of which is from 1.4 to 1.5 mm.

It must be recalled that quartz-vinyl absolutely harmless for us, that is why such coverage is used in hospitals and child care facilities. It “kills” all unpleasant odors, having an antibacterial effect and even serves as a kind of “deodorant”. Such material not afraid of high temperature, since its composition (silica sand flour) does not support combustion.

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An important advantage of such a coating is the absence of a “clatter” characteristic of a conventional laminate when walking, which is also explained by the elasticity of the material.

One type of laminate (class 43) has a three-layer structure. The middle layer, which was mentioned above, consists of quartz chips. That is why such products are not the cheapest option.

Quartz-vinyl laminate, or rather, its outer layer, is disinfected, that is, it undergoes ionization with silver. Silver ions obtained after electrolytic decomposition of the metal settle on the surface, which helps to reduce the number of bacteria by almost half.

Today’s photo printing capabilities can make your gender irresistible and memorable. Such a coating does not allow moisture to pass through, which allows you to expand the scope of its application. Class 43 laminate is one of the most durable, environmentally friendly and antistatic materials. In its production only natural materials are used. Each plate of such a coating consists of a layer of PVC, quartz chips, fiberglass, decorative film and an upper protective layer.

This coating has two mounting options:

Usually, for the first one, many manufacturers offer a guarantee of up to 50 years, but for the second one. half as much, but you must admit that this period is quite serious.

The glue version is not practiced very often, since this is a rather time-consuming work. not every specialist will undertake it. This is due to the fact that the special glue for such a coating is quite scarce even in our time. But such a coating will give you a one hundred percent guarantee for water resistance and fits perfectly on concrete, linoleum and tile.

Castle quartz vinyl is quite easy to install, it is easy to dismantle, it does not require special fastening to the base. Therefore, such an elastic coating is often called "folk", and you can modify your gender yourself. It’s all about the coating joints: locks and latches or a collapsible lock. the so-called “tongue-and-groove” mechanism, used when laying a regular laminate.

In this case, quartz-vinyl tiles can be joined without glue. Such a coating is easy to dismantle and assemble. Laying the lock cover guarantees you the stability of the temperature regime.

There is also a type of self-adhesive coating: on the seamy side of the tile there is a self-adhesive adhesive strip or adhesive composition, which makes it easy to attach to any material.

How to Cut Quartz Vinyl Laminate