How to cut roller curtains along the length. The calculation of the width

Detailed instructions on how to shorten the blinds in length and width

Many stores now sell ready.made blinds that can be purchased for a home or office. The article highlights the market of finished products and conducts an analysis that it is preferable to buy a finished product in a chain store or order blinds yourself. To reduce the cost of products, manufacturers produce blinds of standard sizes, which, unfortunately, is not always suitable for unique sizes of the window opening in the apartment or office. Therefore, there is a need to cut blinds in domestic conditions. Below, consider how you can complete this task for vertical and horizontal blinds.

After remaking the interior and replacing standard windows with new, original window openings, many people think about how to use existing curtains and fit them in size. Without bothering yourself with a visit to specialists, you can consider how to shorten the blinds at home, saving time and money.

In recent years, blinds have been actively used in the decor of the premises. The main purpose is the rejection of direct sunlight and at the same time a decrease in high temperature in the room. A variety of materials is great, which allows them to operate in various rooms, kitchen, children’s or bathroom. Design samples using blinds change the familiar environment and update the interior. This is a fairly simple design of horizontal or vertical stripes, which are made not only from fabric, but also in plastic, metal and wood. Using the cord, you can adjust the angle of inclination, shift or rotate the strips.


If the doors are the 1st that a person notices in the interior, then the windows are the 2nd. Window systems are found various. Today, along with PVC, we can also meet Russian wood frames, for which it is even easier to choose horizontal blinds than for plastic.

Description of horizontal blinds to bring to pain simply. They are a design of thin racks called lamellas. They are connected by a narrow strong cord from 2 sides for narrow windows and along the edges and in the center-for wide.

Horizontal blinds are produced from different materials, the color and texture of which can be selected for at least which interior.

Control over the regulation of rails is made using a special mechanism. This mechanism can be driven as manually, so it can be automatic, controlled using a special control panel.

How to reduce in height (length) or width?

Before the procedure, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools that depend on the type of curtains, the direction of fitting:

    The easiest way to reduce the length of the horizontal blinds when the width corresponds to the parameters of the window. It is enough to disassemble the design from below in a certain order, extract excess lamellas, and then fix the lower bar again (how to make and install horizontal blinds, read here).

If horizontal blinds are selected, then preference should be given to the coincidence of the width, not length, since shortening the curtain of this type is easier than cutting metal or wooden lamellas.

    In the case of vertical curtains, you need to try to guess with a length (in detail about how to collect and hang vertical blinds, read here). It is easier to eliminate several lateral elements than cut all the lamellas in height. In roller curtains, shortening is allowed in different directions, but work is a little more complicated, since some materials require the processing of the edges of the fabric. Most often, overlapping with overlock or patching of a thin finishing tape is used (learn more about types, methods of installation and cleaning of roller blinds here).


Despite significant visual differences, horizontal blinds have similar with vertical components:

Lamelian material. wood, plastic or aluminum. Shortening in the height of horizontal blinds is performed by scissors and a lighter or matches. This is required to cut the cord and threads of the ladder, cauterize their ends to maintain integrity. The stained ends are easier to thread through the holes in the lamellars.

Instructions for shortening horizontal curtains:

  • Measure the length of the blinds, apply a mark on the wall. You can use painting tape or other materials that are harmless to finish to the surface.
  • On the bottom of the final bar of the curtains there are a pair of plastic plugs. They must be removed, pulled a little from the structure so that the control thread can be cut. Here, after this operation, you need to burn the ends of artificial cords so that they do not unravel.
  • To extract interfering strips, you must first get the control cord 1 lamella higher from the applied mark on the wall. Then trim from 1 to the last “extra” planks after the resulting gap. About 2 ladder.
  • The lower bar is extracted with a lamel adjacent to it, is spread to the abandoned empty place in the main structure.
  • The control cord is passed through all the holes of these lamellas and the bar in the reverse order. Plastic clamps are again put on the ends of the cord, which are attached to the recesses on the bar. But before that, you need to refuel the protruding ends of the rope ladder.
  • Remove a plug on one side of the cornice.
  • Extract all the elements of the blinds or move them away from the cutting place.
  • Make the desired width of the product. With a hacksaw for metal or wood (what the cornice consists of), perform an even vertical cut.
  • Horizontal curtains are also shortened along the width of the lamella, and in each of them new holes for the control cord are made at the right distance from the edge.

In the case of vertical. several extra lamellas are extracted. Shortening along the width of roller products requires circumcision of the entire panel and weighting planks, decoration of the outer edge.

If we are talking about an expensive product, it is better not to take risks and take blinds to professionals.

We suggest watching a video on how to shorten horizontal blinds yourself:


Vertical type designs contain the following set of parts and elements:

  • circuits for lamellas and control cord, lower lamps;
  • weights or weighting, with which the canvas of the vertical bar is pulled;
  • runners, to which individuals of the structure are fixed;
  • decorative and supporting cornice.

The next set of tools for shortening in height of vertical curtains will be required:

  • Malar knife or scissors;
  • roulette or ruler, simple pencil;
  • an iron for cauterization of the lower cut part of the product;
  • lighter or matches for the formation of a dense ending of the cut cord;
  • screwdriver with a cross.bit;
  • shallow saw or hacksaw for working with metal.

Vertical blinds can shorten in both directions: in width or in height. In the first case, it will be necessary to cut the cornice to the desired size, and in the second one. each individual canvas, so the process is more time.consuming than when working in horizontal analogues.

Instructions for shortening vertical curtains:

  • The dimensions of the window opening are removed, including the level of fastening of the cornice taking into account the method of its installation. If the curtains should be to the floor, then it is necessary to exclude 2 cm from measurements, which are required to be left from floor to curtains.
  • In the case of removing the length of the paintings, shortening the cornice is not required. Since the lower part of the lamellas has a more complex design, including s for weights, overlays for connecting with plastic chains, so cut the desired height from the upper part.
  • Leaving a small supply on the lapels, each lamella is cut into the desired segment. From the cut area it is necessary to extract a plastic eye. To maintain the integrity of the canvas, process the edges with a lighter or a hot iron through a newspaper so that the material does not stick to the sole of the device.
  • To thread the bent fabric for the lapel, you need to make a hole in the central part of the canvas, into which the ush is driven. For gluing the edges of the strips, adhesives of strong fixation of the type “moment” are used.

The described actions are given for one lamella. It is necessary to shorten each element of the structure of the blinds to the same length.

How to trim yourself?

Rolled curtains, as a rule, are cut in the case when it is necessary to change the decor of the room or if they do not correspond to the size of window openings, which often happens when moving and changing the place of residence. Any housewife will be able to shorten the rolls.

At first, the fabric should be hung on the cornice, after it straightens and takes the final shape, measures. In this case, decorative processing of the product below will depend on the type of fabric.

The easiest way to reduce the canvas is a double hem of the way, with which up to 30 cm of fabric can be hidden without pruning.

In the case when the curtains are sewn from silk or organza, then you can’t mark them, otherwise traces may remain. To prevent this, use universal adhesive strips.

They are pre.ironed with an iron, and then the canvas and the bent piece are fastened with. It is necessary to iron the strips through gauze, laying the fabric on a soft towel.

roller, curtains, length, width

The edges of roller curtains can also be treated with a edging, which is a fabric tape. It is first fixed with pins, then insured. In this case, it is not necessary to shorten the curtains from below, there is a way to reduce the length from the upper edge.

Regardless of the type of pruning, for work you will need tailor, scissors, iron, threads, needles and centimeter tape.

The shortening process itself consists of several stages.

  • First of all, the edge is cut off. This should be done carefully, otherwise rush can lead to the formation of deformation and tissue spoilage. The edges are initially processed on the sides, then the curtain is bending, it is well ironed and stuck.
  • Further, to the top of the future curtain is attached to the braid, bending the edges of the canvas by 2-3 cm. The tape is applied from the wrong side of the product and sewed. The number of seams in this case depends on the width of the braid. The bottom of the roll curtain should be processed by double bending.
  • The completion of the work is the drapery.

How to shorten the roller curtains on the guides

Such curtains are shortened in the same way as ordinary ones, with the only difference being that they must first be pulled out of the guides, which hold the fabric in the glass with lowered curtains.

The guides are mounted so that with vertical ventilation, the fabric does not sag. Then the curtains close the sun better, and the window looks accurate.

It is very simple to pull the fabric from the guides, as it can deform a little and then restore the form. You need to be especially neat with rotational and bamboo curtains so as not to damage the edge.

In all other respects, the process of shortening the curtains does not differ from what we described above in this article.

Mini system

To calculate the width of the roll canvas “mini” for installation on the sash, you need:

  • measure the width and height of the glass in mm. Add 40 mm to the resulting width result, to height. 120 mm.
  • determine the location of the mechanism for raising a roll canvas, the best option is from the side.
  • Choose a mounting method, it can be a sticky tape, screws, brackets.

The standard width of the roll canvas for mounting on the sash is more than a glass width of 9 centimeters. The “mini” curtains are fixed on the sash without drilling, and with the help of plastic fastening, Velcro, brackets.

How to cut a roller curtain: video instruction

Is it possible and how to cut a roller curtain? The answer is yes! You can, and with our curtains, do it very easy. Below you will find instructions on how to reduce the roller curtain in width with your own hands in the video and in written instructions. Let’s figure it out in order.

  • Is it possible to independently cut the roller curtains in width? Yes, it is possible, if only we are not talking about too loose fabrics. For this you do not need special skills and complex tools.

Is it possible to independently cut the roller curtains along the length? It is also possible, but much more difficult. You will need to change the lower part of the curtain. It will be necessary to re-recreate the for the planner plank.

But we are happy to report that in almost all cases, a decrease in length is not required. The canvas is regulated using a chain mechanism for the length you need and does not require trimming.

How to cut a roller curtain?

Now we will tell you how to cut the roller curtain in width on your own. Everything is very simple and will require you only a little patience and accuracy.

  • Measure the required width of the roller curtain. Measurements must be carried out according to the glazing of your double.glazed windows. Calculate the difference between the available and the required width. For example, you turned out that excessive width is 4 cm.
  • Expand and spread the roller curtain on a flat surface. Remove the bar-user. Now it is necessary to reduce the roll curtain in width. Make a few 4 cm marks on one side of the fabric and draw a flat fishing line for a trimmer. For a line, you can use the bar from the kit.
  • Using scissors, smoothly and gently cut the excess part of the canvas.
  • On aluminum, also measure 4 cm from one edge and cut the excess using a hacksaw.
  • Measure and cut 4 cm from the plank bar. If necessary, turn off and re.stick on the bar magnet. Use reliable glue for plastic or metal for this.

That’s all! With these 5 simple steps, you can cut the roller curtains in width yourself at home.

How to cut the curtains “day orch

The curtains “Day-None” belong to roller curtains, but have one serious advantage-you can change the degree of their light permeability.

The trick is that the curtain consists of interspersing strips of fabric of different densities. At the bottom of the curtains, instead of the strip of a weighting agent, is a roller that allows you to shift the canvases one relative to the other. Thus, you can change the density of the curtains, either combining dark areas, and making the curtain 50% transparent, or on the contrary, placing sections of dense fabric in a checkerboard pattern, thereby darkening the room.

Before learning to cut off the curtains “day-night” (or “zebra”, as they are also called), let’s look at the features of the installation of this type of roller curtains.

Installation of roofs “Day-night”:

This is done in the same way as for ordinary roller curtains:

  • Remove the curtain and expand the fabric canvas;
  • Remove the lower shaft (a cylinder that allows you to change the position of the fabric strips);
  • Mark the fabric and both shafts.
  • Cut the shafts with a hacksaw, treat the edges with a file.

What is Kiseya made of

In the production of thread curtains, not only textile materials are used. For decor, rhinestones, metal elements, feathers, beads, etc. are used. D. Jewelry and fibers can be combined, supplement each other.

Conditionally, curtains-nits can be divided into the following categories, depending on the material of manufacture:

  • With solid fittings. It can be distributed along the entire length of the thread (through certain gaps) or act as the basis of the curtain: for example, beads strung by a continuous row, beads.

With solid fittings

IKEA SMART BLINDS cut to size. how to make them fit your window (more info in description)

It is easy to work with musical curtains (both at the stage of creating a decorative ensemble, and during operation). They are obedient: they retain the form set by them, do not get confused, do not think and do not deform over time.

  • The last variety of curtains includes a combination of thin strips of fabric and decorative threads from forests with solid jewelry strung on them.

The minimum is the cost of the simplest plain product from artificial materials, increasing the price will provoke:

  • use of natural fibers;
  • firm jewelry;
  • Weaving threads: decorating the surface with dense in texture butterflies, flowers, figures of animals;
  • product size.

Master class “9 simple ways to shorten the curtains without cutting them

Of course, curtains purchased for a particular window, in such manipulations, will not need. Especially those who sew to order. But! Repairs, pulling the transfer of cornices below usual, outweighing curtains from one room to another (where the ceiling height is different), moving to new houses and creating interiors there. all these are innocent, at first glance, the reasons for the length of your favorite curtains are not suitable. What to do? Buy new ones? You can buy, but these are in excellent condition and I don’t want to change them at all.

We will reveal you a few simple tips that allow you to remove extra centimeters of length, without using scissors. We offer 5 options “in haste”, and at the end of the article you will learn several about professional approaches.

(By the way, all these methods are suitable even a little short.term models. They will allow them to shorten them even more to the level of the window sill in order to hide the original problem with the missing length. And all this is simply due to lifting the fabric in different ways).

How to cut roller curtains in width yourself

Rolled curtains are most often cut in order to change the design of the room, decorate, fit them in accordance with the sizes of windows. This is necessary when changing their place of residence.

If the initially your window had some sizes, and then you drove into another apartment and do not want to buy new window structures, you need to know how to cut the roller curtains in width on your own.

This is if there is an ordinary tool that is at hand at every housewife, any. In order to get to work, you first need to measure the size of the window. To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Hang the fabric on the cornice available above the window.
  • Straighten the material of the curtains, let it hang a little, take the final form.
  • Make accurate measurements and write down the information received.

We select the tools

In order to cut the roller curtains in width on their own, such tools will be necessary:

  • soap or special pencil for fabric;
  • household scissors or sharp stationery knife;
  • needles, threads;
  • tape measure.

If the curtains have too much width that goes beyond the size of the window, you need to narrow them. Initially, it is necessary to expand the canvas, after removing the plugs. Please note that the rolls are equipped with special weighting agents, which also need to be removed and trimmed in accordance with the size of the new window.

Photo tips how to cut curtains

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A way to cut the width of the curtains (photo instruction)

With the task of pruning width curtains, you can cope yourself and without special tools. To remove all the measures, you need to use the length of the ruler or construction roulette.

You can shorten the width of the roll as follows:

    Cut off the shaft. To do this, it is necessary to subtract the thickness of the bracket from the width of the roll. Measure the desired shaft length, cut off the excess and install a special plug on it.

It is not difficult to make the correct measurement of the width on the basis of the mounting place on the window, if you initially choose the curtain system and remove the measurements from the window opening or sash. But if there is a need to cut the width of the roller, then this can be done independently.

Reducing horizontal blinds

There are two types for windows and openings:

We drive the blinds to the right dimensions from below. Remove the locks, remove the number of lamellas, cut the cord to the desired size. The length of the chain, due to which the lamellas rise up, is not adjusted.

roller, curtains, length, width

Similarly reduce collecting constructions. To reduce horizontal structures is easier than vertical.

How to shorten roller blinds in length

The choice of design of small rooms, the attic is associated with the problem of decorating non.standard windows. The situation is saved by roller curtains or curtailing blinds. They are tightly attached to the frame. They are convenient and easy to use. One problem. there are no short models on sale, although the width of the roll curtain can be selected for size.

Cut open structures simple: just reduce the length of the canvas on top, tear it off from the video, straighten it, cut. We fix the edge with glue on the tube.

Нарезка ткани для рулонных штор штор Cutting fabric for roller blinds curtains

Some prefer not to disassemble the role, cut off the fabric from below, leaving the allowance of 5 cm. It is necessary to make a wire.wire for a weighting agent. Without it, the canvas will hang out.

It is more difficult to cut closed rolled blinds or curtains. We carefully remove the fabric from the guides, reduce it to the required length. The guides themselves also need to be reduced. From them we take out plugs, cut the plastic with a knife, aluminum. with a hacksaw for metal or jigsaw. Remove the burrs, align the cut, season the canvas in the guides, set the plugs in place.

How to cut roller blinds in width

It is necessary to reduce the fabric, tube, weighting. We lay out the rolllet on the floor, unfold, take out a weighting agent, it is well felt.

It is difficult to cut out roller curtains from organza, other soft tissues are difficult. Instead of marking on the canvas, the thermal is glued, they make a cut.

You can reduce the support roller of roller curtains with a hacksaw or an electric. The support shaft should be 0.8–1 cm width more than the canvas so that the fabric does not deform along the edges when twisting. It remains to cut the weighting agent. It is made less than the width of the fabric for several millimeters.

So let’s summarize a small result. Rolled curtains, blinds can be adjusted to the required size on your own. To do this, just arm yourself with a small set of tools. They are in every apartment. Thinking over the interior, do not give up the rolllet and blinds. They are practical, comfortable, modern.