How to Cut the Outside Corner of the Baseboard

Do you want to cut and paste the skirting on the ceiling correctly, but don’t know how to do it? At first glance, this does not seem difficult, but if you look at it in more detail, then everything is not so simple. The photo below shows how to properly cut and glue the inner and outer corners of ceiling skirting boards (fillets) from foam or polyurethane. The entire instruction is painted step by step in an understandable form with examples.

How to glue the ceiling plinth

So let’s get started. First, measure the footage of the perimeter of the room and determine how many fillets are needed. The length usually goes according to the standard of 2 meters. But it is best to purchase with a margin, just in case. Also decide on the width that suits you. They can be glued to the wall in various ways.

Before installing the ceiling skirting, it is necessary to prepare a ceiling or wall. their evenness is checked. If defects, then smooth and putty, with a mandatory primer surface. If there are slight irregularities, for this case, you can use fillets with soft edges that will not create very noticeable differences.

The first way: on a special putty or acrylic (before wallpapering). And the second: immediately on the wallpaper and on the sealant.

Most prefer to mount directly on the wallpaper. We recommend sticking on silicone sealant as an option, it is perfect for this job. The manufacturer does not play much significance here. Everything will hold perfectly. But this method is even suitable for those who have curved walls, since cracks can form between the wall and fillets, they will need to be coated with the same sealant. It is white, so it will turn out more or less normal.

It is advisable to align the walls. Masters advises gluing ceiling skirting boards to putty, that is, before wallpapering. Thus, the cracks are sealed with putty. And accordingly, customize the wallpaper to the fillets themselves. This option is more experienced.

Basically, craftsmen prefer to stick a foam plinth on an acrylic white sealant, it can be easily applied, it holds well and dries quickly. Its main property they can close up cracks, corners and it is well painted. The cost of acrylic sealant is within 100 rubles. and there’s no point in buying dear.

In general, each for himself decides which way to use it.

How to make installation

You need to cut using the following tools: miter box, hacksaw, sharp knife. Insert a piece of material into the miter box at an angle of 45 degrees and press firmly. Now it remains at the right angle and cut the skirting board from the right side.

Take the time to glue the cornices along straight sections. First, take care of the corners. in this case, you can trim them if necessary, or grind them to get a good joint.

Now we will examine in more detail how to install the ceiling skirting with photo examples.

How to cut a corner of a ceiling fillet internal and external with a photo

Thus, we cut the baseboard, if you need to get the outer corner.

As a result, these are the edges of the fillet.

Then the inside corner. Pay attention, but at what angle and on which side of the miter box you need to cut the ceiling baseboard.

Video: How to Cut the Outside Corner of the Baseboard

Tip: When cutting any of these materials, you should use a hacksaw with a small tooth. Otherwise, an uneven end of the part may result. A large tooth of the tool will bite the material.

Here’s what happened in the end, after cutting and sticking to the wall

Do it yourself site repairing an apartment advises first to practice in pieces, if everything works out, then go ahead for the job, cut out the internal and external corners.

If you did everything right, then cut out the first corner. You can glue two corner skirting boards to the wall. If you have chosen a method to glue on wallpaper, then coat the fillets with glue and attach it more firmly to the wall. Residual glue can be removed with a soft cloth. Also glue the gaps between the wall with glue.

If you have chosen a way to fix the ceiling skirting boards before pasting wallpaper, then you need to fix them with putty. Putty on the fillet with a spatula. And attach it tightly to the wall. Remove the rest with a spatula or a wet rag. Slots can also be covered with putty.

Tips to facilitate the installation of ceiling dumbbells:

  • To measure correctly, the bar is measured between two corners. In this case, for internal corners, the length is measured from the internal elements, and the distance from the external corners is measured from a point that is at a distance equal to the width of the plinth deep into the room from the internal.
  • When installing foam plinths at the junction between the wall and the stretch ceiling, glue is applied to the part of the plinth that is in contact with the wall, and not with the canvas.
  • The final fixing of the skirting board is carried out after fitting the angle of the adjacent plank to it.
  • If the wall, ceiling and floor have a right angle, it is easier to adjust the planks below, laying out the parts on the floor or on the prepared table.
  • Small gaps remaining in the corners are putty.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the installation of rare wood skirting boards. In this case, puttying the gaps the expected result, most likely will not work. A bright spot will appear on the background of the texture.

Well, is the inner and outer corner ready? So you do the installation of the fillet correctly. Now take the next bar and in the same way fasten it to the wall to the glued baseboard and do not forget to grease the corner joint. When proceeding to the next corner, carefully measure the distance that remains and cut off the missing part, everything should be very accurate. Unchanged will remain the side that goes butt to butt with the baseboard. So cut every corner. When everything is glued, they can be painted to match the color of the ceiling. Good luck gentlemen and remember that you need to cut after determining the exact size.

Joint masking and painting

If there are small gaps between the planks after gluing the ceiling plinth, this is absolutely not scary, because they can be easily removed by rubbing the white sealant. If you have not whitewashed and painted the ceiling, then the best option will be the following.

Light putty you need to go through all the glued strips, smearing them with a paint composition, and after drying, remove excess with a fine sandpaper or a special sanding sponge for plastering. After such a final finish, the ceiling and moldings will become one, and you, in turn, will not find a single gap.

After you have glued the ceiling plinth and eliminated all the flaws, you can begin to paint the plinth. The process of painting the skirting board is considered optional, but if you want to give your ceiling a finished and more attractive look, you must still paint the skirting board.

Guess the way

A simple “collective farm” option is to cut “by eye” at 45 °. For this, a mating part is taken, which is adjusted to the previous angle in fact.

You can try on the design on weight, it’s a rather long and painstaking task. Need maximum accuracy!

When fitting, constantly try on the resulting pairing in place. Only after several fittings can you achieve a good result, and then glue the baseboard on the base. In short, experience is indispensable 🙂

How to Cut the Outside Corner of the Baseboard

A way to fit a skirting board without using a miter box