How To Cut Tile At Home

3 ways to cut tile at home
Methods and tools for cutting and fitting tiles with your own hands to the required dimensions. How to use a manual tile cutter and grinder to cut tiles.

Electric tile cutter

If you have a large amount of work, then the fastest and highest quality cut comes from an electric tile cutter. They use a diamond wheel and supply water to the cut to cool and remove dust. The cheapest types of the amateur class can be found on sale for 3-4 thousand rubles.

We cut the tiles with a grinder

Sometimes there are cases when you need to cut a narrow strip of tiles 0.5–2 cm, and an ordinary tile cutter does not take it, because his legs are too wide.

In such cases, you need to draw an incision with a pencil and make a cut with a grinder with a diamond disc. But if you try to cut it off in one go, the narrow strip will break off in parts. Therefore, you need to smoothly and without pressure walk the grinder along the markings to get an incision about 2 mm deep. You need to walk along the mowing line with the disc, and not directly along it, then the width of the already narrow strip will not decrease.

Using the same method, running several times along the same seam will cut a narrow strip. The second and next time it will be possible to drive the grinder faster, but try to press it to the opposite side, then there will be no chips.

It is better to do this work by weight, so the vibration will go into the hands. When you already see that the strip will soon fall, it is advisable to put something soft so that it does not break.

How To Cut Tile At Home

Cutting tiles with a grinder with a special diamond-coated disc on tiles

Be sure to wear glasses when working with a grinder.

Cutting tiles with a manual tile cutter

How a manual tile cutter works

  • The tile is inserted into the tile cutter, and the markings on it are aligned with a special mark.
  • The handle is lowered and held away from you. It must be driven at the same speed and even pressure so that the roller cuts the glaze to the same depth. It will be enough to run the roller once. If you drive several times, the breakage can turn out to be of poor quality.
  • Next to the roller there are special paws that lower and break the tiles into 2 parts after a sharp push on the lever. Over, all tile cutters have a metal tubercle on their platform, and soft pads along the edges. When you press down on the edges of the tile with your paws, maximum tension will be created at the notch, if correctly aligned with the backing, and it will evenly break off.

It is difficult to explain this in words, so it is easier to look at which shows how to cut tiles correctly with a tile cutter:

High-quality tile cutters allow you to cut even 10 mm thick tiles without any problems. And it doesn’t matter at what angle you cut it: at least 45 degrees, at least 30.

How to cut tiles without a tile cutter

If you only need to cut a few tiles, it doesn’t have to be spent on a tile cutter. You can use the tools at hand:

  • Glass cutter.
  • Drill. It should preferably be with a victorious tip, as it will scratch the tile better.
  • Nail.
  • Construction knife.

Attach a metal ruler to the notch and draw once with a glass cutter or drill. A deep scratch should remain on the enamel. If you use a knife, but you will need to carry out several times.

Place the tile at the corner with the cut and press down on the edges with a sharp motion. The cut will not turn out perfectly flat, unlike the tile cutter, but you will not have to spend additional money.

Tile cutter tongs

Tile-cutting tongs are the cheapest (200-400 rubles), and they are suitable only for small volumes of work with thin ceramic tiles at home.

After notching, press down on the tile with a cracking pliers

  • Mark all gaps and seams (–5 mm).
  • Attach a metal ruler to the mowing line and slide the cutter along the line once. The pressure should be moderate to form a visible streak. Lead him from the far end towards you.
  • Place the tongs with their feet along the mowing line of the crowbar near the edge. The sponges should be on top of the glaze and the straight part on the bottom. The line of the break should be right in the middle between the edges of the upper lip.
  • Press gently on the handles to break off the tiles. At the same time, do not lift it high, otherwise it will break after falling.

How to cut a tile with the letter “G”

Since the tile cutter can only cut tiles straight, many have difficulty with L-shaped cutouts. The easiest option is to divide this tile into 2 rectangular elements, but then you get an extra ugly seam that will catch your eye.

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But this can be avoided if the short side is cut with a grinder, and then the long one with a tile cutter.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make L-shaped cuts on tiles

The second method: by any method available to you, a cut is made on the glaze, and the excess is gradually broken off with pliers. Irregularities are sanded with sandpaper. This option will even allow you to get a rounded incision for abutting the risers.

Do you know how to cut floor tiles at home using the tools at hand?

With the advancement of technology, the popularity of ceramic flooring in buildings has increased. It is difficult to imagine kitchens, bathrooms and corridors without tiles, but ceramic coverings with heating are increasingly used for living rooms. Floor tiles are easy to care for, reliable, durable and attractive. Also, such coatings do not burn, are not afraid of water and do not cause allergies among residents.

  • Technology for cutting tiles for the floor in the apartment
  • Glass cutter and stationery knife
  • Tile cutter tongs
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Bulgarian

Laying tiles on the floor is not particularly difficult. Attention deserves how to properly cut or saw such material not “for wood”, but for the floor. Of course, such precise work can only be done by qualified specialists who use special equipment to cut tiles. A mechanical or electric tile cutter equipped with a diamond wheel and water supply directly to the cut line. With this device you can easily and quickly cut tiles.

Tile cutters are available mechanical and electrical

At home, it is not always possible to use a professional tile cutting tool. Firstly, it is not always advisable, since laying floor and wall tiles takes up a small part of the total repair volume. Secondly, the tile cutter has a fairly high cost, but allows you to work only with certain tile sizes.

He may not cope with non-standard options. Ceramic floor tiles differ from wall tiles in their thickness, relief, strength and structure. It takes more effort to cut it. Craftsmen have learned to solve such problems at home with the help of improvised tools and means. It is recommended to take advantage of their rich experience.

Floor tiles can be cut with:

  • Threaded lathe tool with a ruler;
  • Glass cutter;
  • Drills with a victorious tip;
  • Hacksaws for metal with an abrasive bar;
  • “Grinders”;
  • Drills;
  • Jigsaw;
  • An ordinary clerical knife;
  • Tile cutter-tongs.

Glass cutter and stationery knife

The main thing when cutting with these tools is accuracy and precision of movements. You need to act calmly and consistently:

This option is more suitable for cutting thick tiles.

  • Use a flat surface of the floor, table or stool;
  • Put a tile on it with the front side up, make the necessary marks and use a ruler and a pencil to draw a line;
  • Apply a ruler to the mowing line until it is completely aligned;
  • Make a clear cut along the ruler, pressing firmly on the glass cutter;
  • Tap along the notch;
  • Under the line of the cut, you can put a drill and, gently pressing on the edges, break the tile. If you place the tiles along the cut groove on the edge of the countertop and gently press down, you will also get a good result;
  • With a good cut of the tile, it will break exactly along the mowing line.

You need to cut with a clerical knife using a similar technology. The only difference is that the cuts must be made several times on the same mowing line in order to deepen the furrow.

Technology for cutting tiles for the floor in the apartment

In order to make it easier to cut the tiles, you need to properly prepare the material. Softening ceramic tiles at home is achieved by soaking in water for half an hour. This simple procedure removes dust, reduces brittleness and increases material flexibility. After that, it is not difficult to cut it even with an ordinary clerical knife and glass cutter.

Tile cutter tongs

This is a small budget option for cutting tiles. There is a cutting wheel on one side and a transverse plate on the other. With its help, it is quite easy to cut ceramics. To do this, you need a straight edge ruler on one side.

Tile cutter is used for light cutting

  • The desired distance is marked on one side of the tile on the front side.
  • Along the mowing line marking from the far edge of the tile towards you, an incision is made once with medium pressure. This results in a visible streak.
  • The transverse plate of the forceps must be placed on top of the front side so that the line of the fracture runs strictly in the center of the plate.
  • In the last step, when the pliers are gently squeezed, the tile breaks along a flat mowing line.
  • In the case of cutting thick tiles, it is recommended to also make a small groove 2-3 mm deep on the inside.

In the process of laying tiles, they are faced with the need to cut through the tiles, make curly cuts in order to bypass the bulges and pipes. Curly cutting is also possible with a glass cutter, however, in this case, you will additionally need special nippers and sandpaper.


The best way to cut floor tiles is using the electric version of the diamond wire jigsaw. To do this, after laying, fix the tile on a flat surface of a chair or table. In this case, the area with the drawn line on the front side should be suspended. By running the tool along the mowing line, you can get an even cut line without chips.

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  • You can solve this problem at home with a drill using special nozzles. The attachments can be as follows:
  • “Ballerina”, working like a compass;
  • Tubular drill;
  • “crown”;
  • Conventional drill.

Tiles are easy to cut with wet cutting attachments

It is better to drill the floor tiles with a universal drill with a victorious finish. In this case, before drilling, it is necessary to prepare the point of application of force, destroying the enamel. The drill must be periodically moistened with water.


It is difficult to cut a tile figured, for example, in a semicircle. For this purpose, it is recommended to use more maneuverable tools. Of course, you can try to do the work with a grinder or glass cutter, but it is better not to risk the integrity of the material and use a jigsaw.

Shape sawing tool

How to properly cut tiles at home using a jigsaw:

  1. Draw the line with a pencil. If the tile is too dense, it is recommended to first soak it in water and then wipe it dry.
  2. Place a diamond file on the jigsaw.
  3. Start moving slowly to lock in the furrow.
  4. Guide the tool along the markings, but do not press hard. Until you cut through the tile, do not move it forward, otherwise you risk breaking the cutting part.
  5. Smoothly bring the jigsaw to the edge, at this moment it can go to the side, so hold it in the correct position.


This tool cuts any material up to metal and porcelain stoneware. For this, a diamond-coated nozzle of a suitable grain size is used.

The most popular and used fixture

How to cut tiles with a grinder:

  1. Attach a dry cutting blade to the tool, check the connection.
  2. Mark the line you saw on the tile.
  3. Work only on the front side to avoid chipping.
  4. Secure the tile to your work surface so that it doesn’t move, but nothing gets in the way.
  5. Start from yourself. Hold the tile with one hand. Drive the disc slightly away from the line mowing line.

The main nuances of work

How to properly cut tiles with such tools? Let’s highlight a few points:

  • Be sure to mark up the material;
  • Water will soften the tiles and facilitate the cutting process, reduce the amount of dust;
  • Work is carried out on the front side;
  • The pressure on the material should be moderate, and the movement should be confident, but smooth;
  • It is impossible to break the tile by force;
  • The notches along the edges are cleaned with sandpaper.

We cut tiles at home

During renovation work at home, it is often necessary to cut the tiles. The choice of tools is huge, today both modern electric devices and manual ones, which have already become a kind of classics of the rifling business, are equally successful. In this article, we will consider all the available options, and we will understand the rules in detail.

Sliced ​​fragments are an integral part of any facing work

Glass cutter

Most people are in no hurry to purchase expensive and very large equipment for home use. An ordinary glass cutter comes to the rescue.

The hand tool will easily handle tiles

How to cut the tiles:

  1. Soak the material in water for a short time to soften its structure, this will facilitate the process, it will take less effort.
  2. Mark with a pencil where the break is.
  3. Take the tool in your hand, with the other press the tile to the working surface and hold the ruler. Run a clear, straight line in one go. Press hard enough to create a deep, chip-free furrow. Work on the face of the tile.
  4. Tap the tile with the tool handle along the groove on both sides.
  5. Slide the element to the edge of the table and press down with your hand, it will split in two along the cut line. Or knock on the edge, the piece will fall off on its own. This makes it less likely to form teeth.

Tile cutter

There are two types of tools: manual and electric. The first option is smaller and the majority have it on the farm.

Ideally, the tile is cut with a specially designed tool.

How to use a manual tile cutter:

  1. Dampen material with water.
  2. Mark the line of the break with a pencil. Apply oil to the area to facilitate movement of the cutter.
  3. Lower the tool handle. Press down on the cutter firmly enough to create a deep groove without damaging the tile itself.
  4. Pull the handle by activating the roller cutter. The movement should be smooth and confident.
  5. Split the tile in two along the mowing line.

How to cut tiles with an electric tile cutter:

  1. Make markings on the face of the tile.
  2. Secure it to the working surface of the tool.
  3. If the design of your device provides for the presence of a reservoir with water, pre-fill it and replace the container.
  4. Switch on the device.
  5. When working with tiles with an electric tile cutter, do not apply significant force when moving the tiles. Press it against the table only to secure it.
  6. Slide the tile gently towards the running disc, holding on both sides, if possible.
  7. When the cutter is close to the edge, slow down slightly to avoid a rough chipping.

Electric ceramic cutter

At the heart of the electric tile cutter is a diamond disc that allows you to make even and beautiful cuts.

This device has a diamond disc as a working tool and will cope with tiles of any thickness.

When working, you get smooth cuts with rounded smoothed edges.

Such a machine can be used for any amount of work, it is used when cutting various ceramic and stone slabs, with the exception of those coated with carbide chips, which can damage the diamond disc.

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They work on this device like this:

  • The cut line is applied to the tile with a pencil;
  • The marked tile is placed on the working platform of the machine, and tightly holding the plate with both hands and pressing it to the base of the device, slowly move the material under the blade of the diamond disc;
  • When working, special glasses are used to protect the eyes and the level of cooling water in the machine pan is constantly monitored;
  • The liquid is periodically changed. During operation it becomes clogged with ceramic chips;
  • Do not try to increase the speed at which the tile is fed under the disc. It may crack.

The use of a manual machine at work

Tile cutting scheme with a manual machine.

Such a slab cutter is used to cut plates with a thickness of no more than 5-6 mm. The tool has a very reasonable price and makes it possible to relatively easily and quickly cut the required number of tiles. It is well suited for doing cladding work with your own hands.

It is applied in the following order:

  • Mark the part to be cut with a pencil or felt-tip pen on the tile;
  • The material is installed on the base of the device so that the cutting line is under the impeller of the machine;
  • Using the handle of the tool, carefully cut the cut with the impeller along the marked mowing line;
  • The tile is fixed on both sides of the intended cut using the so-called wings;
  • Lightly hitting the handle of the machine, separate an unnecessary piece from the tile.

If after several such blows the tile remains intact, then try to cut the next plate.

How to cut tiles?

Cutting tools: A-tile cutter; B-crown carbide; S-grinder; D-manual tile cutter; E-pliers; F-glass cutter; G-hacksaw for metal.

On the market, manufacturers sell a variety of attachments and tools to accomplish this task.

Of all the proposed variety, you can use the following for independent work:

  • Manual slab cutter;
  • Its electrical counterpart;
  • Tile cutters;
  • Regular roller glass cutter;
  • The so-called grinder;
  • Metal pencil with a victorious tip.

How to use these tools when cutting tiles will be discussed below.

How to cut tiles at home?

The production of works on covering the walls and floors of different rooms with ceramic tiles is not complete without cutting the tiles, since usually it is not always possible to use only whole plates and some of them have to be cut. How to cut tiles with your own hands? What tools should be used for this? How can you cut the tile so that the tiles have smooth edges and the plate does not split?

When laying tiles, there is a need for cutting. Use special tools to keep the edges of the tiles even.

In order to cut high quality ceramic tiles, it is necessary to use special tools and devices. If the work performed is of a small volume, then hand tools are usually used. When covering large areas with tiles, professional equipment is used. Let’s take a look at various techniques and tools for cutting ceramic tiles.

How to cut a tile with a glass cutter or grinder?

With a glass cutter, you can make a straight cut in the material quite quickly. To do this, perform the following operations:

  • Outline with a pencil (felt-tip pen) the line along which they are going to cut the tile;
  • Press a square of material to the table with one hand, and with the other, directing the glass cutter towards oneself and holding it at an angle of 90 °, hold the tool with pressure along the intended mowing line;
  • The cut plate is placed on a wooden block (or on the edge of the table) and with a blow of the palm, break the tile along the cut line.

Scheme for cutting tiles with a stele cutter.

In addition, difficulties arise in its application when performing a curly cut mowing line. Now let’s look at how to cut a tile with a grinder.

To use it in facing work, you need to purchase a diamond disc, which allows you to use this universal tool for cutting tiles both along straight and curly lines. Compared to an electric tile cutter, the grinder is more mobile, but in terms of cut quality it loses to it. After cutting the tile with this tool, you need to clean the sections with a file or sandpaper. Use the grinder like this:

  • A cut line is drawn on the plate;
  • The tile is fixed in wooden clamps, or it is pressed with a foot and a cut is made with a grinder;
  • The edges of the cut are cleaned with a file.

How can you cut tiles with wire cutters?

Nippers are used to break off tiles.

This tool is used when it is necessary to cut tiles for holes in different places: for platbands, for water pipes, etc. Nippers do not cut in the literal sense of the word, but break off small pieces from the tiles along the cut line. The nippers themselves have 2 carbide-coated clamps. The upper one cuts through the glazed layer on the tile, and the lower one serves as a support for the plate. Cutting pliers are used like this:

  • The contour of the recess is applied to the tile;
  • Insert the tile into the nippers so that the upper clamp is on the marked mowing line;
  • Squeeze both halves of the tool and break the tiles along the markings. You cannot “bite off” large pieces, the edges will be uneven or the tile itself will crack;
  • Having completely passed along the marking and removing unnecessary material, the cut on the tile is cleaned with a file or diamond sandpaper.