How to cut tiles with an electric tile cutter. General recommendations for cutting

How to cut tiles with a tile cutter: Proper work and safety precautions

Review of the best reviews. How to cut tiles with a tile: Proper work and safety precautions in Russia list 2019. 2020.

There are several rules regarding how to cut the tile with a tile. The tool is quite simple, but it is important to learn how to feel it. When working, the features of the material should also be taken into account. Practical recommendations and useful tips are described in this article.

How to cut tiles with an electric steam cutter

Professionals, when carrying out tiles, a special tool is used, called an electric tile.Cutting cutter or a water saw. With its help, high.Quality cutting of tiles is carried out. Ceramic or stone, with a soft or solid base. The tool consists of a platform attached to it diamond disk and a pallet with water. During cutting, the water from the pallet is supplied to the knife, cooling it, preventing the appearance of dust and protecting the processed blanks from cracking. The desired water level should be maintained in the pallet and periodically change it to avoid clogging with a crumb.

To carry out cutting, you need to mark the tile, then lay its working platform and fix it with a clamping bar. Turn on the tile cutter engine and start a rotating disk. Holding the workpiece tightly with two hands, with a light pressure, advance it under a diamond disk. The breakdown of the dissected workpiece is performed using tile nippers.

The advantages of using electric tile cutter are undeniable. This tool provides:

  • Accurate, clean and even cut, without chips;
  • Minimum waste;
  • Lack of dust;
  • Cut at an angle;
  • The speed of cutting is any, even the most durable or thick tile;
  • Withstands a large number of harsh.

Electric type of tile cutter, how to cut with a tile cutter

The electric type is the most powerful tool for cutting tiles, porcelain tiles, tiles. The sections are flat and straight, and the edges of the cutting are smooth and slightly rounded. To make curly cutouts, two tools are enough: bites and electric tile cutter. Also, these two tools will help cut out pieces of tiles up to 5 mm. The cutting element is a diamond disk. Another advantage is cleanliness during the operation of the electrical device. The fact is, the design of a tile cutter operating on electricity is supplemented by a pallet with water. It is there that garbage, dust, all dirt falls during activity. It is advisable to change the water quite often, since the garbage entering the pallet can get to the equipment, which will lead to its breakdown.

How to cut tiles without chips? Only electric tile cutter. They can cut any material, regardless of its structure and density. The edges of the cut are always flat and smooth.

The most important element of tile cutter is the machine, which consists of a special platform. A diamond disk is attached to the platform, as well as a pallet of water where the waste falls. During the operation of the device, water from the pallet enters the cutting knife, thus wetting it. Thanks to this, the work is moving quickly and efficiently. Wetting also increases the service life of the entire device, and the tile retains its shape and aesthetic appearance.

Tile cutting professionals give advice, which concerns the question of how to cut tiles. It is very important to calculate the power of pressing the tool on the material. The force of pressure of the tile cutter on the tile depends on the density of the tile and the type of material from which the base of the cutting disk is made. In the first minutes, when it only touches the processed material, the pressure is low when the blade begins to move along the entire length of the tile, the pressure gradually increases. The at all of work is the pressure again becomes minimal. So that there is no vibration during operation, which increases the load on hand, the tile must be very well fixed on the work surface.

So that during operation, safety is at a high level, it is necessary to wear protective glasses to protect from fragments from getting into the eyes, as well as headphones to protect against strong noise.

If there is a need to clean the blade from clogging, it is necessary to cut the worn shape for brick or make several incisions in the stone in order to grind. There is also another way: installing the blade in reverse aspiration. When asked how to cut porcelain tiles, the answer is simple: just like ceramic tiles. The electric tool performs different cutting methods, can be used for various materials.

What is the Cersanit experts cutting porcelain tiles

Cersanit specialist Elena Podolskaya is sure that no manual glass cutters, stone canvases and electrolobsics are suitable for neatly cutting hard porcelain stoneware. Do not forget that these are just auxiliary tools, which, most likely, will not even be needed if there are special devices at hand.

“I recommend achieving the golden mean in three ways:

With the help of dry plycore and by bringing the slices to an ideal state by manually abrasives. Important: this must be done by an experienced specialist!

Using an electric steamer with a diamond disk. Speed ​​suffers, but the cut quality becomes higher.

Tips for working with tools

If you select a tool for one.Time use, an inexpensive model, for example, from a Chinese manufacturer is suitable

For reusable use, it is advisable to buy manual professional tile cutter. It will last for many years. Regardless of this, you cut the porcelain tiles or ceramics, take into account the length of the diagonal of the dick. It is desirable that the length of the working site is greater, no less than the diagonal of the finishing element. Before starting cutting, you need to drip machine oil on the surface of the video

This solution will significantly reduce the friction of the roller and the dick. This will contribute to the improvement of the quality of the incision. So that the collapse turns out the way you need, do not rush, do not make sudden movements. The course of the crown should be smooth, unhurried. Make sure that the box does not get stuck during movement. Pay attention to the video, it should not have a hoof.

Types of tiles and their design features

There are two types of tiles: mechanical and electric. The first is a manual device, the second can be both manual and stationary in the form of a small machine. There is a significant difference in them. This is a cutting tool. In its first functions, a wheel alloy wheel performs, on the edges of which diamond crumbs are sprayed. Therefore, manual mechanical tile cutter in its characteristics resembles glass cutter. In an electrical model, the function of the cutting tool is performed by a disk, the edges of which are also trimmed with a diamond layer.

The first in terms of price is a cheap device, the second expensive, so it is usually used by professionals who perform a large amount of tile work. It must be added that the operational resource of the disk is several times larger than the wheel. But since they are not used by manual tiles as often as electric, it will last a long time. In both models, cutting tools can be easily replaced with new ones, which involves the long operation of the devices themselves.

tiles, electric, tile, cutter, general, recommendations

Now to the question of how to use a tile cutter. It is necessary to consider both options so that the nuances of the operations are understood, because in both cases they differ from each other.

How to use manual tile cutter

First of all, it is necessary to consider the design of the tool so that it is clear how to use it correctly. So, its design includes a bed, on which two brackets are attached. They are located on two opposite sides of the base. Between them are installed guides made of tubes.

A carriage should be moved on these guides, on which a diamond wheel is installed, located below. In some models of manual tile cutters, a handle is attached to the carriage, with the help of which the direction of movement of the cutting tool is created. On the bed on one of the sides is a ruler that determines the length of the cutting of ceramic tiles, as well as the emphasis in which this tile should rest so that the tile material does not occur during cutting.

Some models are equipped with clamps so that again there is no displacement, although the tile itself is supported by hands. Often you can find tiles in which there are mechanisms of the broken part. That is, you can choose a tool with which you can cut the tile easily and quickly. As practice shows, this usually takes no more than one minute.

So, before cutting the tile with a tile cutter (manual), it is necessary to check it for compliance with the technical condition. All visible parts of the structure should be without visible damage, the wheel should spin easily and without backlash. The last defect can be quickly fixed if you twist the fastener, which holds the wheel in the carriage. If the backlash has not passed, then it is better to replace the wheel.

Check how the carriage moves. Its move should be soft and smooth. Stanin before starting work should be cleaned of pollution. After which we can assume that the tool is ready to work.

Ceramic cutting technology is carried out below the next algorithm.

tiles, electric, tile, cutter, general, recommendations

Marking with a marker or pencil is applied to the tile. The tile is installed in a tile cutter so that the applied cut line is exactly under the cutting wheel (roller). To do this, the line is put on the line that determines the width of the cut part. It must be borne in mind that with a hand tool you can qualitatively cut the tile material if the cut line is located at a distance of at least one centimeter from the edge of the tile. Now it is necessary, driving the handle, to advance the carriage along the line applied by the marker

It is very important to consider pressure on the surface of the tile itself. The main thing is to cut the glazed layer of cladding

If the pressure is large, then there is always a chance that the tile will break. If, on the contrary, the pressure will be insignificant, then the layer of glaze may not work out to cut. But most importantly. The incision should be carried out in one pass. It is better not to carry out this operation again, because the cut line can turn out to be a curve. Next, you need to do a break on the place of the incision. Why should the handle be returned to the working position and click on it. The result is an even fracture of the tile.

There are many recommendations that simplify the process of cutting ceramic tiles. For example, first lower the material into water or drop a drop of technical oil on a wheel or on a cut line. Such lubrication makes it possible to easily enter the glazed surface. We add that the porcelain tile with a hand tiles cannot be cut, this facing material is too hard and durable too hard and durable.

What tiles are suitable

To understand how to use a tile, first of all, you need to figure out which tool will suit. All devices are divided into 2 classes. Household and electric. The latter differ in greater power and are used mainly for industrial purposes.

As for domestic, these are manual devices that are suitable for home use. 3 classes of such tools are distinguished:

  • With a cutting roller. They are often used with a saw station.
  • Another way to properly cut the tiles with a tile cutter is to use devices on bearings. They are well suited for ceramic products, the thickness of which exceeds 16 mm.
  • Mechanicals are equipped with a hard carriage, which allows you to perform a more accurate cutting.

It is important to understand that all these models can cut off the strip from the edge with a width of at least 10 mm. If you need to understand how to properly cut the tile with a manual tile, so that literally a few millimeters remain, the nippers should be used. They provide more accurate results.

Features of cutting tiles

As a rule, in domestic conditions you have to work with tiles. They cover the walls in the bathroom and in the kitchen. If we talk about how to correctly cut the tiles with a tile, the principle will be exactly the same. But it is worth considering that compared to classical ceramics and even more so porcelain tiles, the tiles are noticeably more fragile

Therefore, you need to properly feel how to use a tile. During operation, less effort should be made so that the surface does not crack. But at the same time, they should be sufficient so that the workpiece breaks exactly along the line. If the groove is small, you can’t achieve an even breakdown.

How to Use a Kobalt Tile Cutter

Another important point. Cutting the tile with a tile cutter is performed only once. Even if the groove is small, draw a cutter with high accuracy in the same place. Therefore, it is worth buying tiles with a small margin and practice 1-2 times. This is the basic rule of preparation, which allows you to understand how to properly cut with a tile.

You can work with tiles with different tools. Often for these purposes use a grinder or forceps, glass cutter. But it is better to figure out how to cut tiles with a tile cutter. The tool allows you to outline a flat line exactly in the indicated place. Thanks to this, the tile breaks along the groove and will look beautiful in the bath, in the kitchen or in other rooms.

Porcelain tiles for porcelain tiles: manual or electric?

Cut the porcelain tiles with a curved line-which is still able to push the master-finish into serious thoughts so hard? Even a straight cut causes problems, but nevertheless, such a goal is feasible.

Cutting is fundamentally possible using ordinary tile cutter. The problem is the high probability of breakdown of the workpiece. The material is firm and requires a “strong” solution. It is guaranteed to say which model is suitable for this purpose, only the seller can. Many options, all of them are distinguished by a wide range of properties. And even a manual model can achieve the result.

About how to cut porcelain tiles, read on. And do not forget about personal protective equipment. Glasses, Berushi or headphones, respirator, protective clothes and shoes are able to save life.

How to use the tool

The main question is related to how to work with a tile. This is a fairly simple procedure that requires minimal skills. The work is performed in several stages, which are described in detail below.


The main method of how to use a tile cutter is associated with the preparatory stage. Before turning on the device, you should make sure of its serviceability. The video most often suffers. Its surface should be perfectly smooth. In the presence of zabrin, a replacement is required.

First, the device is examined to make sure that there is no dust, dirt. All components of the mechanism are pulled by using screwdrivers. If you have not used it for a long time or not, the carriage is lubricated with machine oil.


Before cutting tiles with a tile cutter, you need to outline all the fault lines. To do this, determine the desired size in advance and put the line with a special marker or pencil.


The next stage is directly cutting. For this, the blade is installed directly above the line and pass along it until the end. If you need to cut off a small edge (up to 10 mm), you should figure out how to use a tile.Cutter and nippers. It is he who will help in such cases.

On the eve of cutting and during this process it is recommended to act as follows:

  • An hour before work, the tile is covered with a wet towel or other fabric. Thanks to this, the material will crumble less, chips will practically not appear.
  • Provide the immobility of the dick.
  • The cutting part is placed directly above the intended fault line.
  • Next comes the main stage. You need to feel how to work with a tile cutter.
  • The cutter put at the very beginning of the line.
  • Applying a slight effort, move it on the surface of ceramics. At the same time, it does not have a large movement where to direct it (to yourself or in the opposite direction). You need to work as it is convenient.

After that, it is easy to figure out how to use an electric tile cutter or manual device. Further, as soon as the cutting element passes the entire strip, the operator carefully presses the lever. After that, the product is split exactly along the line.

How to cut large.Format tiles correctly Telingrease

Large plates. Exclusive product. Usually, professional workers can afford it:

  • The product requires more skills of the master and place for storage;
  • The cost of the product is higher, therefore the price of an error will cost more;
  • The best quality is provided by special equipment.

Tiles for large.Format tiles differs from the usual models. Due to the special geometry of rectangles Increased:

  • Supporting tables;
  • Guides for a carriage (roller or blades), capable of evenly transmitted efforts without bending.

These and other requests are satisfied with special machines produced for large.Forman plates. The spectrum of their capabilities expands with auxiliary sunshines, carts and lifts-the mass of the 1st product reach tens of kg.

How to cut tiles. Tile cutting

How to cut a large tile with a tile cutter. You can watch on the video. Any of them will show that:

  • The exact position of the installation site is measured;
  • The width of the future seam is taken into account;
  • Marking is made (good wax pencil);
  • A knife is put on the tile (you have to move the material for accuracy);
  • The plate is clamped or retained;
  • A knife (disk or other cutting organ) passes along the marking;
  • After passing to the workpiece, an effort is attached sufficient to bend the cutting.

The complexity of the work lies just in size. A long slab (from a meter) is difficult to perceive the formation of the necessary crack precisely along the entire length of the cut.

tiles, electric, tile, cutter, general, recommendations

Car.Format tiles with a tile cutter

Safety regulations

Of course, working with a manual tool is not so dangerous than if you have to deal with an electric counterpart, but still requires compliance with safety precautions.

  • It is necessary to start operating the device only in a protective casing, special shoes and goggles. Compliance with this rule will avoid injury.
  • At the time of cutting, nothing should distract the employee, so it is best to do work in rooms where none of strangers will come in.

It is recommended to soften the finishing material before the cut

Whether to wet the tile

Before cutting finishing material, it needs to be softened. To do this, soak the tile 1-1.5 hours before work.

Cut the tile with an electric tile cutter

To information about that, how to cut tile tiles with a tile, was complete and useful, it should contain some useful tips. Safety rules deserve special attention:

How to cut tiles using a diamond wheel cutter

  • You can not leave the turned on the tile cutter, you can not change the tool or eliminate the malfunctions only after it is completely disconnected.
  • When working with a tool, protective glasses and individual noise protection will not be superfluous.
  • When any malfunctions appear, sparks, too strong noise or dust, it is forbidden to use a tile cutter.

Of the general recommendations of specialists, it can also be compiled Instructions for using an electric tile cutter:

  • Before starting work, it is necessary to check how freely the cutting disk rotates. The fixing the bolt must be tightly twisted.
  • When cutting the tiles, it must be tightly pressed to the guide. Cutting on weight is strictly prohibited.
  • It is not recommended to cut too small products or several tiles at the same time.
  • Before cutting, it is necessary to wait for the maximum speed of rotation of the cutting disk.
  • During operation, it is necessary to ensure that the bathtub is constantly filled with water and the cutting disk overlaps 2-3 centimeters.

It was also mentioned in the article how to use a tile cutter about the rules when using an electric tile cutter, I advise you to read.

How to use manual tile cutter

Get two parts of tiles of a given size with good quality edges is permissible using a mechanical tool. There are no special secrets in this, it is only important to observe the sequence of work.

The technology of cutting tiles with manual tile cutter is the following actions:

  • On the front surface of the material by a felt.Tip pen or marker on the ruler, apply the marking line.
  • Fix the tile with the help of the stops available in the design, while the marking line should be exactly under the cutting edge of the marking wheel.
  • Place a working disk at the beginning of the marking and press it a little to the surface to be treated.
  • Move the carriage with the roller along the drawn line using the handle. Movements should be smooth and strong enough to cut the glaze. With excessive pressure, you can break fragile tiles, and insufficient efforts will not allow you to cut the glazed coating and then gently break the tile.
  • Transfer the handle to the middle, then break the tiles with a sharp movement, lowering the lever. If the lever is not provided in the configuration of the mechanism, then the tile is put on the edge of the workbench or table along the scratched line, then the protruding part is broken off, pressing on it.

If all actions were performed correctly, then the material is broken exactly according to the groove done. You can cut the tile at an angle of 45 °, for this in some models there is a rotary base and a special built.In ruler.

Cutting curly edges and oblique lines

To perform such a complex cutting, it is necessary to mark the cut shape on the plate. The angle or circumference, for example, to exit the pipe or fastening the tiles in the area of ​​the wall protrusion. Then, with tweezers or on an electric machine, all unnecessary ones should be carefully cut in parts and, using pliers or pliers, “bite” a piece of tiles, gradually approaching the edge of the restrictive line.

To get a perfectly even, smooth end, experts recommend using a file or rough sandpaper.

In conclusion, it should be noted that all the recommendations relate to the cutting of exclusively glazed ceramic tiles and are not suitable for porcelain, stone or unglazed ceramics.

Tip: You will try to cut tiles for the first time? Then don’t risk and buy a few tiles more. Only having received certain skills, you can quickly and easily make even, beautiful cuts without attracting third.Party specialists.

Elektrolobzik. Quick cut along the curve line

Lobziki. Tools specially designed for figure cutting materials. It is convenient to use an electric jigsaw when a curved cut should be made in the tile, which cannot be performed with other tools.

Using a jigs for sawing tiles.

To work with an electric tile, files are purchased for cutting glass and ceramics. An electric jigsaw with saws on ceramics can make a curved cut of wall and floor tiles, they can cut out the inner holes of various shapes.

Peel for ceramic tiles.

When cutting the tiles, it is necessary to turn off the pendulum course of the electrician, as this can greatly affect the quality of the cut.

Consider step by step how to cut the tiles with an electrician:

Step 1. Marking.

The cut lines are planned by a marker on the surface. If an internal neckline is made in the tile, then a small hole is pre.Drilled, into which the file is inserted. Then, a curved cut on the intended line is performed inside.

Step 2. Fixation.

When working with a jigsaw, the processed material is located on a flat horizontal surface. It can be fixed with clamps or held with a hand.

Step 3. Incision.

The incision is made in the direction from itself with the standard movements accepted during the work of the jigsaw.