How to Determine Bosch Battery Production Date

How to Determine Bosch Battery Production Date

Cases when the battery is idle in the field of implementation for several months. During this period, its consumer characteristics inevitably worsen, especially if storage conditions are unfavorable. For different types of batteries, the permissible idle time without recharging is different. So, ordinary batteries made using antimony have a shelf life of 6-10 months, calcium batteries retain their properties longer. up to two years. Of course, there are batteries that are more resistant to self-discharge (some BOSCH products can be stored for up to 3 years). All these figures can be guided, but they often do not correspond to real indicators, because in practice, storage conditions are different from optimal. In any case, among two identical batteries it is better to choose a more “fresh” instance. A reasonable question arises. how do I know the release date of the battery? Not all sellers are ready to answer this question, so it’s worth taking matters into your own hands.

Any car battery is marked with the date of manufacture. The problem is that there are no common coding standards, nor is its location regulated. An alphanumeric code that obscures the battery’s release date can be engraved on the case or indicated on one of the labels. Each manufacturer is free to label batteries as they wish. Below we have collected information on the encryption principles used by leading automotive battery manufacturers.

Kursk Battery Plant LLC (Kursk Battery, Source)

For batteries with a capacity of 45-110 Ah, the release date is indicated in the upper right corner of the cover. A 10-digit number is used: the first two digits indicate the month, the next two digits indicate the year, and the last six digits indicate the battery identification number.

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Example: 1013 123456. the battery was manufactured in October 2013, 123456. identification number.

AKTEX (Aktekh, Orion, the Beast)

Marking with the date of production is applied to the top cover. The code consists of 4 digits: the first two indicate the month, the other two. the year.

Example: 0611. the battery was produced in June 2011.

Company TM Company (Tyumen Bear, Tyumen Battery, Space, BURAN, ARCTIC, Yamal)

The date of manufacture is indicated on the back wall of the battery by laser perforation. It consists of six digits, where the first two indicate the month, and the next four indicate the year

Example: 082011. battery production date August 2011

TUBOR Trading House (TITAN, Cobat, VAIPER, BAT)

The release date is indicated by five characters: the first position is the day of the week (1-7), the second and third are the week number (01-53), the fourth position is the year of production in the Latin letter (H. 2011, V. 2012, N. 2013, Z. 2014, P. 2015, A. 2016, S. 2017, T. 2018, X. 2019, L. 2020), the fifth position is the shift number (1-3).

3. day of the week (Wednesday);

09. week number (ninth week);

1. first shift.

Bottom line: the battery was released on March 2, 2011 in the first shift.

CJSC AKOM (Akom, BRAVO, Reactor, Ultimatum)

The Akom battery release date is printed on the top cover and consists of 7 characters. The first six are numbers that indicate the date, and the 7th character is a letter that represents the shift code. The date is encoded as follows: the first two digits are the month, the second two are the year, the third pair is the day.

Example: 041402T. the battery was manufactured on April 2, 2014.

LLC JV "Polesskie accumulators" (Bison)

Marking is applied on the top cover, in the upper left corner. The first four characters out of six are responsible for the manufacturing date. The first corresponds to the year (one digit), the second to the month (one letter), the third and fourth to the number.

The month is encrypted as follows: A. January, B. February, C. March, D. April, E. May, F. June, G. July, H. August, J. September, K. October, L. November, M. December.

06 is a specific number.

Bottom line: the battery was produced on August 6, 2012.

For batteries until 2014, the release date is indicated in the production code located on the top cover. The fourth position in the marking indicates the year (the last digit in the numbering of the year), the fifth or sixth indicate the month.

Example: G2C1050520991 536528 82E 09

Battery manufacturing date is May 2011.

On the BOSCH battery, a three-digit code in the above format is duplicated on the front side in the center of the sticker.

The table below shows the three-digit codes for BOSCH batteries from 2000 to 2013.