How to dilute fuel for benzokos. Mixing rules

How to dilute gasoline with oil for refueling

Two-stroke tool engines work due to a gasoline mixture that is prepared in the proportions indicated in the technical passport of the device. If you ignore mixing rules, a garden tool can quickly fail.

The functioning of a two.Stroke installation differs from the operation of four.Stroke engines: the grease of the rubbing surfaces in the crankshaft and other parts of the device is not from the crankcase, but by means of oil, which was previously divided by gasoline. For two.Stroke engines, the general rule of preparing a combustible mixture is valid. Gasoline is diluted with a certain volume of oil intended for this purpose.

How to dilute gasoline with oil for benzokos

We will learn the rule of choosing oil for gaskets of different brands

Household appliances with gasoline engines requires a responsible approach to maintenance. In order for the tool for a long time to be pleased with trouble.Free work, it is necessary to use fuel and oil for a gasoline pump in accordance with the maintenance guide. Two.Stroke gasoline engines operate with the addition of oil to the fuel mixture, four.Stroke engines have a separate tank in the fuel tank.

Varieties of motor oils, their purpose

Motor oil is a special composition, which is a solvent and additives, which reduce friction, creating the necessary fluidity and preventing thickening when the temperature decreases.

The way to get the composition is:

  • Mineral oil obtained from distillation;
  • Synthetic. By synthesis or processing of natural gas;
  • Semi.Synthetic. Improved mineral oil due to the introduction of synthetic components.

For security reasons, so as not to confuse products, the oil is painted in red, blue or green. The assortment differs in composition, the user needs to buy oil indicated “for garden equipment” 2T, if you need to prepare a mixture for a two.Stroke engine, 4T for filling in a crankcase.

Synthetic and mineral oils have different bases, they cannot be mixed. When switching to another type of oil, the system must be thoroughly washed.

The oil tank oil must be classified in accordance with the classification of vehicle oil for air-cooled engines with a combustion chamber 50-200 cm3. When choosing a product, an important parameter is not the price, but the protective properties for the engine of a particular brand. Therefore, first of all, they buy recommended oil, in the absence they choose the same oil.

Determines the quality of the oil for the alkaline value of the gas tank. Plugged neutralizes the process of oxidation of rubbing materials, slows down the destruction of the surface. When the oil is oxidized, it loses its protective properties. The normal level of PH of oil is 8-9 units.

An important indicator is viscosity. Therefore, there is winter, summer and all.Season oil. What use of oil for a gasoline pump depends on whether the user will work at a minus temperature. Summer oil thickens even with slight cooling. The flash temperature shows how quickly the oil will burn out of the composition. Optimal if this indicator is more than 225 s.

Use and cost of oil in a two.Stroke engine

The operation of the engine is associated with the friction of the moving parts of the cylinder and bushings, cams, hinges. During friction of the parts, the surface is heated, and with stretching. Scuffs. If in the gap between the conjugated parts there is a composition in the correct proportion of oil and gasoline for a gasoline pump, a number of problems are solved:

  • Parts in the engine work with reduced friction, less heat;
  • The lubrication in the gaps prevents the corrosion of parts during long.Term storage, rinses the particles obtained during friction;
  • Extends engine service life.

Preparation of the fuel mixture for two.Stroke engines

The video shows how to make a fuel mixture for two.Stroke engines. Filling mills, chainsaws and.

How to dilute gasoline (AI 92) for benzo-cos, trimmers

How to dilute gasoline (AI 92) for benzo-cos, trimmers.

The appearance of additional properties contributes to the use of additives that are in the composition of the oil in the amount of 5-15%. These are additives that create anti.Corrosion, anti.Symbolic and frost.Resistant properties of oils.

The wrong oil composition can ruin the engine, forming a precipitate in the cylinders, lead to coking and Rapid engine wear.

It is important to know how much oil you need to add to the gasoline for motorcycles. First of all, you must study the instructions and withstand the recommended proportions. The use of a composition taking into account the model and engine configuration, climatic conditions and load will extend the service life of a gasoline pump. Experienced users advise, buying a tool, immediately buy recommended oil in reserve.

Fuel mixture requirements for a two.Stroke engine

The difference between a two.Stroke engine in increased power compared to a four.Stroke engine. The combustible mixture for it is prepared in a certain ratio of gasoline and special oil. What is the relationship of oil and gasoline for gasoline pumps is optimal, indicated in the instructions. Recommended proportions must be observed accurately. When adding additives, the manufacturer took into account the type of engine. Therefore, mixing of various oils is prohibited.

Using mineral oils, mixing occurs in a proportion of 1:25, 1:30, 1:35. For synthetic oils, use a ratio of 1:50 or 1:80. This means that in each of the proposed mixtures the required amount of oil dissolves in the volume of gasoline. Mixing gasoline with oil for gasoline can be like water with syrup. It is necessary to fill in gasoline, add the exact amount of oil and shake the mixture. It is advisable to use a new solution to work. When stored for more than 2 weeks, the composition changes, and the oil film causes a violation of the carburetor operation.

To dilute and store the combustible mixture, you cannot use PET but. Gasoline destroys plastic, polymer dissolves in the fuel mixture and further worsens the quality of the fuel, creating the danger of the appearance of stray currents.

How to dilute gasoline for benzocouses correctly

The ratio of gasoline and oil for the chainsaw: how and how much

From the very beginning of their own occurrence, chainsaws are gaining momentum of popularity and demand in the middle of consumers of various states once a year (see. The rating of the best chainsaws). And this is not at all breathtaking, because they are inconspicuous assistants in the field of agricultural activity, trees’ sawings are also successfully used in repair work. But, without even looking at their so.Called popularity, as we are demanding attention and a typical approach.

dilute, fuel, benzokos, mixing, rules

This is especially true for gasoline-oil consistency, which you fill specifically in your own “favorite”. Because this additive, namely, its quality directly affects the work and productivity of the chainsaw.

In this article we will see all questions regarding this necessary water. We will learn how to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw, what is the proportion of oil and gasoline for chainsaws, also which oil to add to gasoline for a chainsaw. So, let’s get down.

Aspects of the device

At the moment, we will “plunge” into the very core of this tool, so that at least in general terms you can imagine what your “assistant” consists of. In fact, such an instrument can be attributed with all responsibility to the mechanisms of the traditional direction that work as a means of involving an internal combustion engine. A two.Stroke engine without exaggeration can be said that this type of tool is the simplest of all other mechanisms, since the saw does not have a gearbox and is equipped with an ordinary two.Stroke engine that has one cylinder and operating on gasoline.

dilute, fuel, benzokos, mixing, rules

The main advantage of the chainsaw is that it is arranged quite simply, which helps to increase reliability, as well as trouble.Free work in difficult and difficult conditions. Next, we will consider the design of the saw in more detail, so:

  • Engine;
  • Clutch clutch;
  • Ignition system;
  • Carburetor (see. Carburetor adjustment);
  • Fuel system;
  • Air purification system;
  • Starter;
  • Chain (see. How to sharpen a chain);
  • Tire;
  • Chain brake;
  • Chain tension mechanism;
  • Chain lubrication system (see. Oil lubricant oil).

In fact, we figured out the device, but now the lubrication of parts of the chainsaw remains an important issue. Many do not understand why it is needed at all? The answer is quite simple, like all mechanisms, a chainsaw, especially its individual parts, require special care, including periodic lubrication.

This is necessary for your tool to serve you for many years, since during the operation of the spare part a chainsaw produces, which should be smooth, smooth, so as not to damage the nearby spare parts.

So, as everyone knows that the friction force violates the surface, and here, if you do not lubricate the chainsaw, spare parts will simply be quickly worn out and the tool will come out of the fret. Since, for example, for chainsaws and how to dilute gasoline with oil. You need it? I don’t think. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your chainsaw, so that it “has the strength” to serve you for many years.

When choosing a chainsaw, you need to FOCUS on your needs, for which you want to use it.

If you need to take it in a look, then choose a mini chainsaw.

For woodworking, angular disk sawmills are better suited.

Gasoline trimmer. Elmos EPT 26 petrol pump. Unpacking, first look

Choosing high.Quality and correct oil

Naturally, after you purchased the device, you immediately have a question: what kind of oil to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw? If you care for correctly for equipment intended for work in the construction and garden sphere, then you can largely increase the level of activity of the direct operation of the device itself and not face breakdowns of various nature. Lubricants should noted that the most important factors of the direct performance of the device are to use the correct lubricant and fuel. How to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer? Although the main problems of the owners of this technique take place with the choice of oil for their “favorites”. In this paragraph, you can find out how to select a lubricant:

  • First of all, what I would like to draw your attention to is that almost all chainsaws have a carburetor two.Stroke engine. How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw and what you need for this. And also in their Arsenal there are two direct tanks, namely: gasoline and oil. In order to choose oil for a chainsaw, you need to know certain criteria for this kind of choice.
  • Firstly, do not forget that, for example, models of domestic production, only simple oils are used that are used directly for motorcycles, and the tools that are made abroad need branded oils, since their requirements are largely overestimated.
  • In fact, if you figure it out, then only you as the owner of the technique, you can determine which oil to you to use.

Preparation of fuel mixture for two.Stroke engines

The video shows how to make a fuel mixture for two.Stroke engines. Refueling mtocos, chainsaws and

How to dilute gasoline (AI 92) for Benzo braids, trimmer

How to dilute gasoline (AI 92) for Benzo braids, trimmer.

Naturally, you can pour domestic oil oil into the import chainsaw. But then you must be prepared for the fact that the power and productivity of your tool will significantly decrease.

  • Basically, the owners of this kind of device use motor oil, and if there is no one, they use transmission oil. You can mix gasoline with oil for gas troops, as engines in brands of one brand. If you believe the experts, then in fact any oil can be used, even the one that you fill directly into the car brands, but there are a certain kind of features, namely: for the construction of the brand of Khirstavodno, motor oil can be used, but for a rod, exclusively transmission (cm. Oil for the chainsaw of the rod).
  • Over, to choose the right oil, you need to know what color should have. Since, for example, for chainsaws with the engine that have a two.Stroke oil should have red, blue or green color. Over, when you buy oil, you must take into account what kind of oil composition of your equipment recommends.
  • In addition, you can largely facilitate the purchase for yourself, and purchase a special oil for the chainsaw of your brand, the price of which is so high and which was released by “your” manufacturer. And then you can be sure that your chainsaw will not give any failures in work. Of course, you can buy cheap oil, but it is worth it, then complain that your chainsaw served you too little.

Obtaining a mixture

How much oil is pouring per liter to get high.Quality gasoline mixture? It would seem that there is nothing complicated in mixing two substances. The preparation of the mixture is often complicated by the fact that in various sources, various information is indicated. For example, the instructions indicate the proportion of 1 to 40, on the fuel tank of the trimmer 1 to 25, and on the canister with oil 1 to 50.

There are a number of requirements for how to dilute. Do not add too much oil. This leads to a decrease in ignition characteristics. As a result, the devaluation of the efficiency of the power unit occurs, and the general decrease in its resource. In case of oversaturation of gasoline mixture with oil, soot sediments (ventilation Windows of the cylinder) will form on the inner surface of the walls of the engine. This is fraught with the formation of a nap on the piston.

Neither oil starvation, nor excess lubricant on a gasoline basis are a good basis for prolonged ICE operation. For a trouble.Free prolonged operation, the same number of components is necessary. Breeding is best done using the same measured tools to exclude unnecessary errors.

How to calculate, let’s say how much oil is pouring per 1 liter of gasoline with a required ratio of 1 to 50? To do this, we transfer the volume of gasoline into milliliters 1l = 1000 ml. Accordingly, to achieve a ratio of 1 to 50 thousand, they are divided into fifty. Only 20 g of oil will need one liter of gasoline. Someone measures the oil with a 20 cubic syringe, but for such purposes there is A special measured spoon, which is sometimes supplied with oil from some manufacturers.

For ease of calculating the ratio of oil and gasoline, we bring the table https: // cmetnik.Ru/oil/

Oil selection rules

Motor oil depending on the chemical composition:

  • Mineral. Made of oil distillates and is intended for low.Power air.Cooled equipment;
  • Semi.Synthetic. Is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils and is suitable for 2T and 4T, as well as for air and liquid cooling;
  • Synthetic. Produced on the basis of complex ethers and can be used in powerful equipment, as well as for work in difficult climatic conditions.

Depending on the classification of the API, the following groups of oils for trimmer engines can be distinguished:

  • That. For low.Power equipment with an engine volume up to 50 cm³ and air cooling;
  • TV-for powerful equipment with a motor volume of 50-200 cm³ and an air cooling system;
  • TS. For a powerful two.Stroke equipment (motorcycles, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc.) with a engine volume 50-200 cm³;
  • TD. For motors of boats with liquid cooling.

To choose the optimal oil for a specific trimmer model, it is better to take into account the recommendations specified in the instructions. For motos 2t, API-TV class oil and API-TS is usually used

Leading manufacturers of garden equipment themselves develop and produce oils for their equipment. Such lubricants most fully satisfy all the technical and operational characteristics of specific series of trimmers. For example, for STIHL motorcycles FS 5, it is best to use the STIHL HP or STIHL HP Super oil, for Husqvarna 143R, Husqvarna HP or Husqvarna LS oil is suitable. But for the brand Patriot, ordinary M-8V mineral oil is suitable.

Redverg Basic GB52 gasoline trimmer

The Redverg Basic GB52 gasoline trimmer is designed for domestic use. Ergonomic bicycle handle with cast mount provides comfortable work with the tool. A coil with a trimmer line is used to mow grass, and a 3-bladed disk 255×25.4 for a strain of thickets is used.

Trimmer gasoline Redverg RD-GB243 is designed to work with grass and small shrubs. With it, the operator will be able to quickly and easily put the lawn of small or medium area in order. Comfort and safety during work. This is what the manufacturer first drew attention to. The ergonomic bicycle handle gives the master the opportunity to sensitively control the direction of movement of technology and achieve impressive results of any work.

Learning to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer if you short or overflow oil

If you bought a trimmer, a benzos, a motorcycle, a chainsaw and other types of equipment, then you probably know that two.Stroke engines are used as power units on them. These motors do not work on pure gasoline, like four.Stroke, but on a mixture of gasoline with butter. In what proportion should be diluted gasoline with butter for a trimmer. This question as a question is asked by each summer resident before preparing the tool for work. We will figure out in detail in this matter, since the dilution of gasoline with oil for a trimmer affects the life of the tool, and improper preparation of the mixture will lead to Rapid engine wear. What is the danger of excess or insufficient amount of oil in gasoline for a trimmer:

  • If gasoline is diluted with a large amount of oil (above the norm), this will lead not only to a large amount of smoke, but also to the formation of a carbon on the walls of the cylinder and a drop in power. This incapacitance will cause wear of the piston, which will be diagnosed to reduce its performance
  • If gasoline contains an insufficient amount of oil poured into a trimmer, then this is even more dangerous. After all, the working mechanisms of the engine will not be lubricated in sufficient quantities, which will ultimately lead to their Rapid wear (Rapid destruction of the piston rings and jamming of the motor occurs). With an insufficient amount of oil in gasoline, poured into a trimmer, the wear of the motor will occur ten times faster

So that you do not have to pay for errors at the cost of overhaul of the engine or buying a new tool, it is necessary to fill the fuel of the correct consistency into the tank from the first day. You can find out the ratio in the instructions for the tool, since models of different manufacturers can give different recommendations. Usually this ratio is the following norms:

2 STROKE OIL MIX any ratio and any quantity EASY

  • 1 to 25 or 1 liter of gasoline 40 grams of two.Stroke oil
  • 1 to 40 or 1 liter of gasoline 25-30 grams of grease
  • 1 to 50. This is added to a liter of gasoline 20 grams of oil

The value of 1 to 50 is considered standard (indicated on canister with butter for two.Stroke engines), but it is necessary to rely on it in the most extreme case, since the manufacturers indicate the recommended value of the proportion, and if it is not observed, the operational resource of a two.Stroke motor decreases.

In addition to observing the proportion, you must also learn to prepare the mixture. After all, the option of adding oil to the gas tank is categorically contraindicated, although some do so. If you bought a trimmer or a gas tank, you will need the consumables that you will use to prepare the mixture. The instructions for the preparation of the fuel mixture in the trimmer have the following view:

  • Prepare gasoline and two.Stroke oil, based on the above recommendations for choosing a lubricant and fuel
  • Additionally, to prepare the mixture, you need to take a container or container. Typically, a plastic bottle is used for this, the choice of which needs an appropriate approach. It should be clean inside. Using a milk container and other drinks is not recommended. The best option is a mineral water container
  • It is very important that the capacity has a whole value of volume, that is, 1 or 2 liters, so that you do not have to calculate how much oil is pouring into a bottle per 1.5 liters, 1.3 or 1.25 liters, because you can easily make a mistake so easily
  • You will also need a syringe that is used as a measured device for dosing. For such purposes, a regular medical syringe for 10 cubes is suitable. It is desirable that the syringe has an exact measuring scale
  • After preparing the necessary materials, you can proceed to prepare

Instructions for the preparation of the fuel mixture in the gasoline:

  • First you should fill a plastic container. The container is filled with 2 fingers not supplemented to fit the oil
  • The required amount of two.Stroke oil is typed in a syringe, and poured into a bottle with gasoline. You need to do just that, and not vice versa
  • After adding a lubricant to the bottle, it requires to close it tightly with a lid and stir. However, take into account that the streaming needs oil with the designation “Pre mix”. If the container “Self mix” is on the container with oil, then you do not need to shake the container, and after connecting the substances, you can pour them into the tool tank

After preparing the fuel mixture for a trimmer, it remains to season the tool, and start work. How to correctly refuel trimmers, gas troops, chainsaws and other types of motor vehicles, consider in detail.

Choosing a brand of gasoline for trimmers

You need to select a brand of gasoline for motorcycles taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer. If you do not follow them, then the motor will soon break. Often for refueling a trimmer gas tank, unhealthy fuel is used with an octane number 92 or 95.

Gasoline for the fuel mixture

Trammer refueling with AI-80 gasoline can lead to breakdowns of the device due to its low technical characteristics. Keep in mind that after the purchase you can store fuel no more than 60 days, and it is better to reduce this period.

The rules for storing the mixture

For the remaining unused fuel mixture, you need a dark, dry corner where it can be up to 2 months. In general, there are different opinions of experts in this regard:

  • For mineral oils, the expiration date is 7-10 days, after which their lubricants are lost;
  • For semi.Synthetic and synthetic brands there is data that they are stored from 30 days to 2 months.

After a longer period, fuel is recommended to be changed to a more fresh and new.

So, above the process was described in detail on how to properly breed a gas mixture for two.Stroke engines Motokos. To avoid the breakdowns of the trimmer as a result of insufficient oil or frequent purges and unstable operation due to an excess of lubricant, you should carefully read the instructions for the gas troops and is meticulously follow it.

How to make oil with gasoline for motorcycles

For all other cases, when you have a benzo.Cave model in your hands and there is no way to find out its technical features, there are standard proportions of the most likely components of the fuel mixture for a two.Stroke engine. Basically, these units use AI-92 gasoline and special synthetic oil, which contains a solvent for better mixing with fuel. Such oil evaporates slowly and has the ability to completely burn in the cylinder, without leaving a car.

The standard attitude of synthetic oil to gasoline is 1: 50. This means that 100 ml of oil needs 5 liters of gasoline, and in accordance with this, oil consumption per 1 liter of gasoline is 20 ml. Knowing the amount of oil required to dilute 1 liter of fuel, you can easily calculate any norms when preparing fuel for a trimmer. When using mineral oils, the ratio of 1: 40 is most often standard. Therefore, 1 liter of fuel will require 25 ml of such oil, and 125 ml per 5-liter canister.

During the work of benzokos, it will not be difficult to determine and adjust the actual amount of oil, the right specific model to a person who has a little experience in the operation of such a technique

You should only pay attention to exhaust gases (their color, toxicity of the smell), stability of the cycles, engine heating and developed power. About what consequences from the incorrect proportions of mixing gasoline and oil can be expected is lit in another section of the article

There are motorcycles operating on gasoline AI-95 brand gasoline. It should also be taken into account.

dilute, fuel, benzokos, mixing, rules

Proportions for Swedish chainsawsopil Husqvarna

Depending on what power it is required to obtain from the units, the corresponding component dilution is chosen:

In one liter of fuel, from 40 to 50 parts of oil are diluted. These are impeccable proportions of gasoline and oil.

Gas station refueling

Along the way, we report that only unhealthy gasoline of the AI-92 or AI-95 grades is used. Ethyl fuel product is considered a poor choice for ICE, as it shortens the operational resource of the motor.

In what proportions to mix liquids?

Each manufacturer of chainsaws determines its proportions to obtain a gasoline-oil consistency and shows this in a technical passport that is attached to the tool when buying. The proportions of gasoline with oil for Russian.Made chainsaws in most cases are recommended in a ratio of 1:15 or 1:20. In order to calculate how much oil will be needed per liter of gasoline, you need 1000 /15 = 65 ml and 1000 /20 = 50 ml. In the first case, 65 are added to each liter of gasoline, and in the 2nd-50 ml of oil. For imported technology, the proportion is slightly different.

For the Husgvarna chainsaw, whose motor power is 2 kW, the manufacturer recommends using the ratio of 1:50, t. E. 20 ml of oil is added to each liter of gasoline. Chinese.Made saws are required to pour 40 ml of oil per liter of gasoline with a ratio of 1:25. It should be kept in your head that with an excess of oil in gasoline, soot increases, the cylinder clogs, piston rings are damaged and compression decreases. With a shortage of oil. The engine overheats and the productivity of the tool decreases sharply. When the documentation is lost and you do not understand how to mix gasoline with oil for a chainsaw, you can contact the service center for the necessary information.

The order of use and function of the oil in a two.Stroke engine

To work with a 2-stroke benzotrimer, first you need to prepare a fuel and lubricant mixture. It is gasoline (usually manufacturers recommend using A-92 gasoline for this) with the addition of special oil in a certain ratio. You can find out accurate proportions from the instructions of the manufacturer of the equipment.

Oil manufacturers often also indicate proportions in which the oil must be added to gasoline.

Entering the fuel in the engine cylinder, the oil is lubricating the rubbing parts and burns during the working cycle. Wheelled gases with combustion products are thrown into the atmosphere.

Oil for two.Stroke engines performs not only lubricants. It should protect the details from the formation of corrosion, bullying piston, the formation of a carbon on a candle and performs detergents.

One of the main requirements for the fuel and lubricant mixture is its complete combustion in the cylinder.

For breeding and storing the combustible mixture, it is advisable to use metal containers, glass dishes or special containers for fuel and lubricants. Normal plastic and polyethylene partially decompose in gasoline and reduces the quality of fuel.

For work, it is recommended to use a freshly prepared mixture.

We deal with the choice of gasoline for the AI-92 or AI-95 benzos

How many people, so many opinions, which applies not only to the choice of oil for a trimmer, but also gasoline. Similarly, in order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is recommended to use gasoline of the brand that the manufacturer recommends (indicated in the manual to the tool). However, not everything is so simple here, since at each gas station of the gasoline brand they are only called the same, but have a completely different composition. It is required to figure it out, and come to a single conclusion about which brand it is better to pour gasoline into a two.Stroke engine for your trimmer.

Manufacturers recommend using A-92 gasoline for their technique, and some models require the use of the A-95 brand that do not contain ethyl alcohol. It is not recommended to use gasoline of the AI-90 brand and below, as they will entail the Rapid wear of engine parts. Buying gasoline of one brand, one cannot be 100% sure that it is true. The result is the following picture:

  • The manufacturer recommends pouring fuel into the trimmer of the AI-92 brand
  • The summer resident uses only gasoline of this brand, but buys it at gas stations, where the price is lower or where you have to
  • This negatively affects the internal details of the motor, since at one gas station it is really high-quality AI-92 gasoline, and at the second, at best, if it is AI-80, not AI-76

As a result, the engine suffers, and after a couple of years of operation of a new trimmer, it is necessary. In order not to analyze the quality of fuel or buy only expensive gasoline, it is recommended to refuel only at one gas station. At gas stations, gasoline is poured only into metal canists, not plastic.

There are manufacturers that produce special cleaned fuel for two.Stroke engines. If this option is selected, then you will not need to choose the best gas station, a brand of gasoline and control its storage periods.

Conclusion on the choice of gasoline for a trimmer!

In trimmer, you need to pour gasoline of the brand that is recommended by the manufacturer. If you pour A-95 gasoline into a trimmer tank, instead of A-92 (which is recommended by the manufacturer), then the engine will warm up and work unstable. It is also better to choose gasoline A-92 ECTO, which has improved characteristics in terms of environmental friendliness.

Motokos oil. How to choose in what proportions to breed

40:1 Fuel to oil ratio easy way to calculate

Many of you have a benzo tool in the household, for example, in a private house you can not do without a chainsaw. You understand, the harvesting of firewood for the winter is useful at a construction site and repair and in general, this is a very necessary tool. If the country house also has a decent area in size, then to combat grass just needs a trimmer or motorcycle, which also work on gasoline.

Of course, they can be bought and electric, but not everyone likes to pull a 30-meter extension cord to dig an area overgrown with grass knee-deep. Therefore, most people prefer to work as a gasoline tool. As you know, you need to add special oil for two.Stroke engines to gasoline. We’ll talk about it, because this is a very important aspect, if you do not add oil and add in the wrong proportions, then your engine will quickly “grunt” and your path will lie to the service center. To avoid all these troubles, add only high.Quality oil and in the correct proportions.

The most popular for chainsaws, motorcycle and trimmers is the products of the famous company STIHL. It is sold in 2 packages. 1 liter and 100ml. For those who work hard, a liter bottle is suitable, and a small bottle is enough to “drink” at a time. A capacity of 1 liter costs 250 rubles, and for 10 ml. 60 rubles. If you take a large one, then the savings are obvious.

Oil is added to gasoline in a proportion of 1 to 50, that is, for example, add 100 ml per 5 liters of gasoline. As you can see, a small bottle is great for 5 liters of a mixture of gasoline for refueling a chainsaw or trimmer. On a large bottle on the side there are special marks by which you can determine how much oil was poured out of the bottle. If you bought a large 1 liter bottle, then buy a 20ml syringe in a pharmacy. Very convenient. 1 oil syringe per 1 liter of gasoline.

Experts advise using branded oil for their technology, it is perfect, since it is developed and tested precisely on the instruments of calm. I note that Stiel has its own brands, such as VIKING (popular models of gasoline trimmers). For them, also use Stilevsky oil and there will be no problems at all.

If you have made a gasoline mixture more than you can use it, then it is best to store the remains in a metal canister or in a glass container. In no case do not store the mixture in a plastic bottle. Of course, if you consume the remains after a couple of days, then you can pour the remnants of the mixture in a plastic one and a half, however, if the mixture is stored for a long time, then either a canister or a glassotter. The thing is that the gas mixture corrodes the plastic bottle, microscopic plastic precipitation appears in the mixture and this is very bad for the engine. Keep this in mind if you want your tool to work for a long time and without problems.

The second most popular brand of oil is a non.Bonding hokesworm. Of course, if you estimate it, after all, STIHL chainsaws use more people, at least all my friends and their friends use only them in their work.

However, there are those who do not have souls in the Husqvarna tool and I understand them, since I personally do not see much difference between Khuskvarnaya and Shtil, and one and the other tool is very high quality. But I saw satisfied owners of Husqvarna chainsaws. They say, saws are just super. I myself did not saw, however, I always listen to the opinion of people. So, if you have a gas.Based gas tool, then it will be better for him to use special branded oil. Although nothing terrible will happen if you dilute the gasoline with a signs. But since the manufacturer recommends using only its products, we will do so.

On sale you can find liter containers. Black stylish bottle, the same marks on the side, and with a person (to know how much oil was cast from a bottle). As for me, absolutely identical quality. There is such a bottle of 270 rubles, a bit more expensive.

Both that and other oil are high.Quality, the cost is approximately the same, each is diluted in a proportion of 1 to 50. So feel free to buy anyone, of course, it is better to take the oil of the brand you have a tool. Then everything will be perfect, as the manufacturer advises. Good sawing, spinning grass and let your benzo.Tool work for a long time without breakdowns.

The rules for filling the mixture in different engines

The main rule is to strictly observe the mixture ratio for two.Stroke engines and not use such compounds for four.Stroke engines. In addition, observe the principle of “seasonality”. After a long stay of fuel in a gas tank, drain it and replace it with fresh.

It is practical to immediately prepare a certain amount of the mixture for the future, so that later it can be quickly used. When stored, adhere to the rules:

Review of ECHO SRM 2510 petrol pumps how to start a trimmer, run-in, work correctly, subtitles

  • Keep a gasoline composition for no more than 3 months, since it is divided;
  • Use to store a container that does not pass sunlight. Keep it away from the direct rays of the sun;
  • Do not place the container next to the heating devices.

The result of calculating the fuel mixture:

To make it more convenient to measure the desired volume of oil in milliliters use a medical syringe of a larger volume, it costs inexpensively, sold in any pharmacy. Or use any measured container container.

Our calculator will help you count the desired proportion for refueling any benzo tool, for example: boat engine, chainsaw, trimmer, lawn mower, etc.D. In other words, you can independently and freely calculate the correct ratio of gasoline and oil for two.Stroke engines. Mixing instructions in the photo below.

It is important, before starting the calculation, read the instrument operation instructions, in particular with points: refueling volumes, the ratio of the fuel mixture. These data will be initial for the correct calculation.

For your convenience, the resulting result can be printed on a printer by clicking the “Print” icon. We will be happy with constructive Комментарии и мнения владельцев and reviews regarding the work of our service.

Keep in mind that the gas.Instrument.Tool has a period of running and the gasoline/oil ratio differs from the recommended.