How to Dilute Gasoline For Hitachi Trimmer

How to Dilute Gasoline For Hitachi Trimmer

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lawn mowing FS 130 equipped with a 4-MIX engine. This motor took all the best from two and four stroke engines. Cleaner exhaust, a little effort to start the cord, does not require oil change, quiet operation. The device has a direct drive shaft and a 1.9 hp engine. The device is suitable for working in large open spaces, such as a meadow or field, but can also be used in a forested area. The unit is equipped with a new economical 4-mix engine designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. The lawn mower comes complete with a GSB 230-2 two-blade knife and a hand-held belt.

Setting on lawn mowing FS 130 steel knife, you greatly expand your ability to mow grass. You will mow not only grass, but also various weeds (nettle, wormwood, etc.), as well as small shrubs. And by installing the trimmer head you can mow the grass around the bushes and trees without harming them.

Features and advantages of FS 130:

  • Dual shoulder strap
  • 4-MIX Engine
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Multi-function handle
  • Handle adjustment without auxiliary tool
  • Low noise
  • Cost-effectiveness

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For your safety, safety glasses are standard. They are well blown and have wide lateral protection (see illustration).

All engine controls are built into this handle, the control becomes simpler and safer, since the palm rests on the handle (see illustration).

Using a manual fuel pump, you can manually supply fuel to the carburetor by pressing a finger. This allows you to reduce the number of starting jerks after a long break in operation.

The decompression system increases the duration of valve opening during engine start-up. It automatically significantly reduces the stress on the cable.

Combines the benefits of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Less exhaust fumes, no oil change required, quiet operation sound. Excellent traction and high torque.

Ergonomic, comfortable and lightweight. For less time-consuming mowing and chopping. Adjustable girth and tool bag. With a convenient hook for fast fastening and removal of the tool.

Two-handed grip. Ergonomic steering wheel braids. It provides a natural braid movement and is easily adjustable with a T-screw. In lawn mowers and brush cutters, a two-handed grip is essential for frequent mowing of grass over large areas.

An excellent double shoulder strap is standard. The presence of soft linings facilitates the work, especially long.

Anti-vibration system is used in tools for the care of green spaces. Rubber buffers reduce the transmission of harmful vibrations generated by the engine and the rotary cutting tool. Therefore, the handles have an extremely low vibration level. This makes the work convenient and tireless (see illustration: brush cutter).

The ergonomic braid steering wheel is easily adjustable with a T-screw without additional tools (see illustration: brush cutter).

Allows you to move freely thanks to the bag suspended near the leg. Convenient when used in the woods with saw blades. Very light. It can be supplemented with a tool bag. With a convenient hook for fast fastening and removal of the tool.