How to disassemble a fastpacked screwdriver cartridge. Video: how easy it is to remove the cartridge of the drill or screwdriver

How to disassemble a screwdriver cartridge

It’s no secret for a long time that it is more convenient to unscrew and tighten the screws and the fastest in the fastest with a screwdriver.

At least which tool has the ability to wear out and fail. This is especially true for moving and often used details. In a screwdriver, such a component is considered a clamping cartridge. An element that has completely failed, you should change. But first you need to understand how the cartridge is removed. For this purpose, you need not to learn much about the technical properties of the device for you. To carry out repair work, you will need a hammer, screwdriver, vise and some keys.

The main types of clamps

There are two main types of clamps for a drill:

Fist clamping cartridges that are installed on modern drills allow you to produce reliable fixation of the device with a shank diameter of 1–25 mm. The device of this type has practically no shortcomings, of which the most significant is a rather high price.

The most popular clamping device installed on modern droplets is BZP, that is, a quick.Linking cartridge. It takes a few seconds to fix the tool in BZP, and a special key is not needed at the same time. The shank clamp is carried out by manually rotation of the adjusting sleeve, on the outer surface of which there is a corrugation that facilitates winding. To adjust the mechanical exposure to the tail of the tool, in the clamp of this type, a locking device is provided.

The serious shortcomings of the BZP include:

  • Quick wear of its elements.
  • Insufficiently reliable fixation of the shanks of drills with a large diameter, as a result of which the tool is turning.

But the gear-cash products provide reliability of fixation. The only significant minus of these devices is that they need a key that is easy to lose. However, you can save yourself from this problem by fixing this part on the wire drill with insulating tape or rope.

The clamp for mini-day is very popular, which is installed on compact devices for drilling. Mini-days is preferred by masters-jewelers. Mini-patron is included in the category of fast-packed. It is made mainly from the brass and is used to fix the tools with the diameter of the shank. 0.1-4.5 mm.


Classic, refers to clamping devices of fist or cang type. They are clamped with a round shank and cylindrical blanks for further processing. The main elements of clamping cam clamps are as follows:

  • Cylindrical case.
  • Adjusting ring or sleeve that rotates on the outer surface of the case.
  • Tsang or fist mechanism in the inside of the case.

The material of the manufacture of the elements of the zani mechanism is tempered steel, and the mechanism consists of three identical fists approaching each other when rotating the sleeve or adjusting ring, ensuring the reliability of the clamp of the shank. In the first models, fists converged due to the rotation of the adjusting wheel, but now this role belongs to the adjusting sleeve.

Clips with one side are installed on the drill shaft, and on the other hand, a tool is inserted into them, with which work is performed. Clamping cam cartridges mainly Used to fix them:

How to make out a cartridge, do.It.Yourself repair

Cartridge. A mobile metal cylinder in a screwdriver that is attached to the shaft. This is one of the most important elements holding a working bat. The cartridge constantly rotates, therefore quickly wears out and becomes unsuitable for twisting. In such cases, it will have to be replaced.

Features of removal of cartridges

The cartridge can completely crumble, becoming unsuitable. The fists in it are not able to fulfill their task, it is impossible to hold the drill. Or start to play back. The inconsistency of the element does not allow to hold the bat tightly. Drills constantly fly out when working.

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A thread is cut out inside the cartridge or there is a special cone for mounting on the shaft. Structurally, the element is divided into three types:

Quickly packed cartridges are considered the most popular: the tail is clamped with manual rotation of the screwdriver sleeve. The main differences in the types are that in one case the nozzles are fixed with a hand, in the other you can not do without a key. Manual clamps can save time, since the user does not have to choose the key. The main purpose of the cartridge is to ensure dense contact of the working bat and the rest of the mechanical parts of the tool. The key view copes better, therefore it is considered more reliable.

Quickly sound

The design does not imply the presence of the equipment of the equipment of the equipment when tightening the cartridge. The bit in it is not fixed so reliably, unlike the self.Loading type. The fast.Packed cartridge consists of:

A quick.Sounding look is divided into two more types:

If the user buys the first type, then there should be a special lock in the box with a fart.Do with a fart.Dock. It allows you to change the equipment without scrolling the cartridge. Two.Shift species allow you to install a bit without additional devices, which is more convenient in conditions of frequent need to change the drill. The equipment is removed when the hand is fixed with one ring of the cartridge and scrolling another.


This species differs noticeably from the rapidly packed. It’s all about an interesting function that allows you to additionally clamp the bat in the process of scrolling a screwdriver. You can distinguish self-and-fast types by a characteristic crack when relaxing or tightening the cams.

How to remove the cartridge

There are enough manufacturers of scorchings. Each has small secrets of analysis of the mounting of the cartridge. However, the overall design does not differ. So, there are several ways to disassemble the cartridge.

Holding the cartridge with his hand

There is always a screw inside the cartridge. It needs to be twisted to the right. Clockwise, since there is a reverse thread. The tool is inserted into the cartridge hole. If the screw is not required:

When the latch succumbed, set the reverse mode and clamp the cartridge. If you are going to pull it manually, it is better to choose the second speed. Further with a jerk clockwise, it is possible to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver.

Sometimes the head does not give in. Then switch to the first speed, select the reverse mode and clamp the cartridge with the hand. Then click on the start and fix the head with the hand. This is enough in 30-40% of cases, in the remaining 60% you have to tinker to make out a screwdriver.

Method of removal from a disassembled screwdriver

Sometimes the tool gearbox fails. To repair it, the cartridge must be removed from the shaft. Process:

  • Find and twist the counterball inside the cartridge.
  • Prepare the head (in most cases. 19 mm, but sometimes you have to select the size individually).
  • Put on the head on the back of the gearbox and fix it tightly.
  • With the other hand, spin the cartridge counterclockwise with light movements.

Everything, through simple frauds, managed to remove the element from a disassembled gearbox.

With the help of a hexagon

At first, again, the screw is twisted inside the cartridge. Clockwise. Farther:

  • Close a hexagon with fists.
  • Set the moment for drilling. It is recommended that the battery be squeezed to the maximum.
  • Set the reverse mode.

The essence of the method is that the hexagon must hit something solid. It can be a table, stone, metal, etc. You need to bring the tool and click on the start. The hexagon will begin to fight on the surface and the cartridge will twist from the shaft.

How to disassemble the cartridge

Over time, the mechanism is clogged with dust, which is formed when drilling. When scrolling, a characteristic crunch is heard, jamming begins. For repair, it is required to disassemble the cartridge of the screwdriver. Farther:

  • It will be necessary to dismantle the lower coupling (when assembly, it is recommended to install it in the same position as it was. You can apply tags for the guideline). A screwdriver with a thin blade or an incorporated knife is taken to push the coupling in a circle. Do everything carefully, without deforming the plastic. The coupling is kept inside due to notches. After prying, when it goes away enough, you need to pull the part upside down.
  • The upper metal ring is removed. It is in a swimmer on the base of the cartridge. The part will have to be knocked out. It is forbidden to knock on fists, so a bolt of suitable length will go into work. Everything is done slowly and accurately. The bolt is tightened with fists, but not to the end to ensure free move. With weak beats of the hammer, the ring is knocked down from the cartridge.

You managed to disassemble the cartridge of the screwdriver. It is recommended to clean all the elements with a brush and grease for the correct move. The head is collected in the reverse order.

Features of removal from screwdrivers of different brands

Often, Makita for household models with slight power makes plastic cartridges. When working with this design, you need to be especially neat so as not to damage the body. If you remove the cam cartridge, then at first you will need to unclench.

Speaking Makita, her tools are equipped with automatic locking. Cartridges are one.Meof.

Bosch models are similar in structure. Most brands use similar structures of the structure. The only difference is that Bosch screwdrivers in the cartridge have an autolot.

Miluoi. Solid tools with a threaded structure and additional fixation of the screw. It must first be twisted, then knock it out. The manufacturer does not recommend changing the cartridge independently, but advises contacting the service center. Initially, a standard analysis procedure is done. Sometimes if the usual option does not help, the tool has to be completely disassembled by taking out a gearbox with a spindle.

Determining the mounting method

Note that consolidation is carried out by three methods:

The Morse cone got its name by the name of its creator, who invented it in the 19th century. The connection is carried out by clutching parts of the cone with a hole and a shaft due to identical conicality. This mount is used in various cases due to its reliability and simplicity.

In the case of thread, it is usually cut on a cartridge and shaft. And combination is carried out due to winding it on the shaft.

The last option is a “improved” threaded mount. To make the connection as reliable as possible, it should be fixed using a bot. Usually the screw is taken under the cross.Shaped screwdriver with a cut on the left. The screw becomes available only with the full opening of the fists.

If we talk about determining the mounting method, then this usually happens during visual inspection. For example, marking at the Morse cone is usually the same-1-6 B22. In this case, the first numbers will be the diameter of the nozzle tail, which is used, and the second number is the size of the cone itself.

In the case of a threaded connection, a digital-letter designation is still available. For example, it will look like 1.0. 11 m12 × 1.25. The first half speaks of the diameter of the tail of the nozzle, which is used, and the second indicates a metric thread size. If the screwdriver is produced abroad, then the value will be indicated in inches.

How to correctly disassemble the drill cartridge?

Drill is one of the most used tools at home. But sometimes the question arises of how to disassemble the cartridge drill. For all reliability, the tool sometimes fails. One of the reasons may be a breakdown of the cartridge.

The design of the cartridge is quite simple, and almost all drills have similar elements. At the same time, the compactness of the location of the parts and the strength of the mount can cause difficulties. The question of disassembling the tool often becomes quite relevant.

Varieties of cartridges

A cartridge is an important element in the design of any type of drill. A perforator or screwdriver. It provides strong fixing the drill and the transfer of rotational movement from the shaft. Based on the functional features, two main nodes can be distinguished. The drill attachment system and the cartridge attachment system to the main shaft of the drill.

According to the mechanism of fastening the drill, a fist type cartridge is especially released, used in most dungeons. Its principle of action is based on the movement of special metal sponges (fists) placed on the cone. The cylinder, rotating along the conical surface, provides the movement of the cams in the transverse direction, bringing them together or pushing them. Accordingly, the drill placed between the fists is clamped or freed, depending on the direction of movement of the cams.

Electrodebly cartridges differ in the method of setting in motion of the cylinder (adjusting sleeve) around the cams. Two options are used. Key (ordinary) and quick.Sounding. The key method implies the presence of additional gearing between the elements and is realized using a special key that sets the gear in motion. The fast.Packed option is based on the run.In the sleeve on top of the threaded surface made on the fists. The rotation of the sleeve is performed manually.

By the method of attaching the cartridges on the tool shaft, can be divided into threaded and conical. Threaded are twisted on the shaft due to the threaded connection. Conical use the principle of Morse cones, t.E. Have a cone.Shaped end opening, on which the conical tail of the shaft is tightly inserted.

Набор отверток ONENUM 25 в 1

The cartridge electrode of the cam type reliably fixes the drill with a cylindrical shank of different diameters in a certain range. Most often, elements with a range of drills of 0.8-10 mm and 1.5-13 mm are produced.

What parts the cartridge consists of

The entire structure of the cam cartridge is assembled on the inner conical sleeve (shaft). The base. On the surface of the base there are guides for fists. The fists themselves are made of metal bars and have a threaded cut in the form of transverse grooves on the outer surface. In the upper part of the bar, cut into the cone. The grooves on all fists are made so that when combining the bars, the grooves form a single thread.

Fists (in the amount of three or four pieces) are placed on the conical surface of the base and passed through the guide rings. On top of the base with fists, an adjusting sleeve is installed, made in the form of a cylinder with an internal thread, similar to the thread on the cams. The puck and the ring bearing are put on the front side of the cartridge. Finally, the whole structure is fixed with a nut with teeth from the outside.

Common types of ammunition cartridges.

On the back of the base, a hole for attaching to the drill shaft was made in the center of the base. Depending on the type of cartridge, this hole has the shape of a cylinder with a thread or a cone shape without a thread. The hole is not through. Another hole of the smaller diameter with the left thread for the locking screw is made on the surface that drowsers the end hole.

After assembly, the cartridge represents a single whole and works as follows. The cylindrical sleeve drives the threads of the cams, while it does not have the ability to long move. This movement along the surface of the base is forced to make fists. Since the base has the shape of a cone, the fists, moving longitudinally, are simultaneously forced to get closer in the transverse direction.

In the cartridges of the key type, an additional locking ring with a threaded roller on the surface is installed. A gear moves along this thread, the hollow shaft of which is displayed in the socket on the sleeve. The drive of this gear is carried out by rotation of the key. The gear, rolling the ring, rotates the adjusting sleeve.

Installation and removal of the cartridge

The cartridge is installed on the main shaft of the electric carrier at its base. It is either twisted (threaded type of fastening), or tightly besieged on the cone (conical type of fastening). Through the hole at the base of the cartridge, it is fixed with a lock screw with the left thread. For this, the sponge is completely diluted, and the screw is vertically inserted into its hole and twisted counterclockwise.

Those who disassembled the cartridge know that at first it must be removed from the rampart of the drill. The removal is as follows. Sponges are completely diluted. A stop screw is unscrewed with a cross blade, which is located inside and below the cartridge between the fists. The screw is unscrewed clockwise. Then the drill is fixed in a stationary state, and the cartridge is twisted clockwise. Usually after operating the tool, it is firmly fixed on the shaft. Therefore, you have to make an effort.

Drill shock mechanism device diagram.

The drill housing should be squeezed in a vice, and the cartridge is removed using a gas key. In order not to damage the sleeve, the gasket should be used between the key and the sleeve. If such an effort is not enough, then you can use two keys. One key is firmly fixed by the electroderny shaft, and the cartridge rotates with the second key.

The cartridge with a conical mount is removed much easier. The drill is fixed motionless in the vertical position in the direction down. From the back, the end surface of the cartridge is initially slightly tapped with a hammer over the entire area. Then more powerful blows in several places the cartridge is knocked down from the shaft. For uniform distribution of effort, you can install a wrench on the surface and strike on it.

Video selection on how to quickly replace the cartridge with a drill with your own hands

In the household, the most popular tool is the electric drill. Recently, electrodelers, called punch, have been especially popular.This tool allows not only to drill a hole, but also using nozzles to tighten nuts, screws, screws. The electric drill is a reliable tool and rarely, but fails. How to eliminate malfunctions in electric drifts. The main malfunctions in the electric drifts are divided into mechanical and electrical.

Mechanical malfunctions

Frequent mechanical malfunctions include failure of a clamping cartridge.How to remove the cartridge from a screwdriver and replace it?Immediately note that the replacement of the cartridge with an electric drill, a screwdriver, a perforator are exactly the same.The reason for the exit of the clamp cartridge is most often in the wear of the clamping fists. This is the most serious malfunction of the electrode. You can’t do without a complete replacement of a clamping cartridge. And how to remove the cartridge from the drill will show the video. By the way! The cited method of replacing the cartridge is suitable for any modern models of not only electric drills, but also perforators, screwdrivers, since all the above designs provide for just this method of attaching the cartridge.

But at the dimens of Soviet production, the cartridge is held on the cone of Morse and twisted with a screw. How to remove the cartridge from the cone? To do this, you can use the puller for bearings or knock down with a hammer.

Attention! Having bought a new power tool with a cartridge, be sure to remove the cartridge and carefully grease all the contacting parts and threads.

N8VFY1. The procedure for replacing the fist cartridge of the electroderels of the disassembly of the electrodely check the shutdown of its cable from the electric network.Using a special key, dilute the fists of the cartridge to the maximum possible position.If you look inside the open cartridge, you can most often see a screw designed to attach a cam cartridge to the electric motor shaft.As a rule, the screw is removed with a cross screwdriver.Remember! The thread of the fixing screw is left, and it is unscrewed by rotation of the screwdriver clockwise.Understand the screw, insert the Mr.-shaped key-player into the cartridge and click it.

If the screw has a hat, and you cannot unscrew it with a screwdriver, do this in this way. Take the second drill, insert a drill into it with the diameter of the screw hat and proceed to drill the screw. It all ends with the fact that when drilling, the screw will get out.

Insert an open key to the shaft of the electric motor at the base of the clamping cartridge. There are models in which the gap between the clamping cartridge and the case is very small. Will have to choose the key or file in thickness. The key is necessary for fixing the electric motor shaft.Models have no earlier turnkey slots on the shaft. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the drill housing, remove one lid. Squeeze the driven gear of the cartridge shaft and a cooling fan and a sharp movement counterclockwise try to unscrew the cartridge.

But back to the option with the key.Now, putting the drill on the wooden plane and fixing the shaft with the key, hit the wooden or rubber hammer on the protruding tail of the setting key counterclockwise.The cartridge is attached to the shaft on the thread.Rotating the cartridge counterclockwise, remove it from the electric drill.If there is no L-shaped hexagonal key, you can use the drill of a suitable diameter, which is embedded in one of the three holes for the clamping key.

Inspect the cartridge. If the fists are completely output, replace the cartridge with a new. Install a new clamping cartridge on the drill by performing all operations in the reverse order.Remember! When installing a new clamping cartridge, be sure to lubricate all the rubbing parts. This is especially true for threaded connections.

This we examined the case when it is necessary to replace the cam cartridge. But power tools are also produced with fast.And.Packed cartridges.

Quickly and Rapid cartridges allow you to replace the drill in a matter of seconds without using any additional tools or devices.Quick.Packed cartridges are divided into one.Way and two.Luminous.The design of a single.Button cartridge has a special mechanism that blocks the shaft at the time of replacing the tool. The replacement operation can be performed with one hand.In a two.Button cartridge, a change of tool is performed with two hands. With one hand, the first coupling holds, the other with the other hand is twisted.But fast.Packed structures do not reliably attach the tool, especially in shock mode. And the use of plastic for their manufacture often leads to a breakdown of cartridges.The cam cartridge is more reliable, and the parts used in it are made only of metal. To mount the tool, you must use a special clamp key.

disassemble, screwdriver, cartridge, video, easy, remove

Ways to remove a fast.And.Packed cartridge from a drill or screwdriver

The cartridge is attached to the axis on the thread and stopped with a clamping screw.The fast.Packed cartridge is removed according to the same algorithm as the fist cartridge.First, the Stretch screw is twisted clockwise. If you have a turnkey balding on the shaft near the cartridge, then having a key to the grooves, holding any lever in the cartridge, try to unscrew the cartridge, rotating it counterclockwise.The installation of a new cartridge is in the reverse order.

But you can cartridge and repair the details of the clamping cartridge, it must be disassembled.A proven and reliable way to disassemble the clamping cartridge of the electric drill is offered.

Take the usual perforator, remove the boot from it and insert the adapter. The adapter can be made from a failed shock drill. The adapter is a shank of a drill with a cut drilling part.Put on the cartridge to the adapter shaft and press it with a rubber shock absorber or wooden board.Before installing the cartridge on the adapter, it is necessary to bring the fists into the cartridge until they are completely immersed.

Having collected the structure, turn on the punch in the blow mode. After 3 5 seconds, the cartridge should figure out.Immediately you need to march the fists and places from the location in different colors.Now you can start inspection and defect in the cartridge.If necessary, fists can be replaced with new. True, the fists on the lathe can not do without additional boring.The remaining details can be easily replaced with their presence.

How to disassemble the cartridge

When the cylinder is removed from the screwdriver, you can start disassembly. The first step is to extract a plug at the base. For a plug made of plastic, there is enough neat prying with a knife, but the metal part must be knocked out by a blow at the base of the cartridge with manually craning.

This requires a large bolt. It is placed in a sleeve and slightly clamped with fists to fix in the center. At the same time, he should not get stuck, but to go freely back and forth. 2-3 cm bolt head should protrude from the cylinder. Then, a slight, but emphasized blow with a hammer is applied along the bolt, and after the metal plug is removed.

Then the analysis of the screwdriver cartridge begins directly. The design of any cylinder consists of unchanged main details:

Types of fastening

The mount occurs using:

The first mount is named after. BUT. Morze in the XIX century. The connection occurs due to the clutch of the surfaces of the shaft and cone with the hole due to identical cones. The mount is widely used due to simplicity and reliability.

In the second form of the connection on the shaft and cartridge, the thread is cut. Combination occurs by winding the cartridge on the shaft.

The third type is a modification of threaded mount. For reliability, the connection is fixed using a screw. He mainly has a head for a cross screwdriver and left.Handed cutting. You can see the screw only by fully opening the fists.

Determination of fastening

The mounting of the cartridge is determined by its visual inspection. Morse cone is marked as follows. 1-6 B22. The first numbers are the diameter of the shank of the nozzle used, and B22 is the actual cone actually.

The threaded connection is also indicated by numbers and letters, for example: 1.0. 11 m12 × 1.25. The first part of the marking again means the diameter of the shank of the nozzle used, the second is the metric value of the thread. In imported screwdrivers, the value is indicated in inches.

Removing from famous models

There are a lot of different models of screwdriver on sale, which are produced from under the wing of numerous companies. Buyers did not even hear about many of them. But there are models that are always by hearing. In order to certainly understand how to dismantle the cartridge, you should study examples of removing this part on the most famous brands of a screwdriver.

disassemble, screwdriver, cartridge, video, easy, remove

Having gained the corresponding request on the Internet, you can see the result where the phrase will be written: how to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver Makita. And this is understandable, because the brand is very famous, and therefore it is worth considering.

Shurovyrt Makita

In most cases, Makita makes such screwdrivers that are equipped with a threaded mount. He also has an auxiliary fixation in the form of a screw having a left thread. To disassemble such a device, you must adhere to certain actions.

First you need to unscrew the fixing screw clockwise. After that, you need to press the spindle stop button. The case must be wrapped in a very dense fabric, and then squeezed in a vice. The fabric is required in order not to damage the structural elements. In the fists, you should squeeze the hexagon, hit with a hammer on the free plane of the key, and then unscrew the cartridge and remove it from the shaft.

This method must definitely help. The fact is that Makita screwdrivers are made according to one technology, and therefore the instructions for disassembly are universal.

Bosch cars

For those people who ask how to remove the cartridge from the Bosch screwdriver, you should definitely find out that a fixing screw is installed on such a machine. That is why all actions with the product of this company need to be performed in a certain sequence:

The key must be put in the fists of the Bosch machine, and then tighten up to the moment when several clicks are heard. The tool should be put on the edge of the table. You need to click on the stopper button, and then remove the lock, which is located on the shaft. The cartridge will need to be unscrewed counterclockwise.

It is worth noting that when disassembling equipment, you must be very careful and observe a certain sequence. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order. It is important not to forget to install all the details back.

Theoretical knowledge about the disassembly of the mechanism on two devices should give sufficient skills in order to repair other types of screwdrivers, for example, Metabo (Metabo), bison with other types of screwdrivers. The question of how to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver intercol should also fall away, no matter how problems should not arise with other manufacturers.

How to remove a cartridge from a screwdriver with your own hands

Clime drilling cartridges for household drifts are produced in three modifications:

In the design of the cam clamp cartridge, you can understand with proper patience

The body of the key cam cartridge is made in the form of a hollow hardened cylindrical sleeve (tsangi), on the outer surface of which a rotating adjustment clip is installed. On one side, the cylinder is attached to the drive shaft of the drill, and on the other hand there are fists (petals) for attaching the cutting tool (core, taps, deposits, etc.). When the adjustment of the adjusting clip, steel fists with a special thread move along the guides. If they come closer to each other, the drill is clamped. If they diverge from each other, the tool is released. The convergence and removal of the fists depends on the direction of rotation of the clip. Reliable fixation of the drill is ensured by tightening the clip of the cartridge with great effort. For this, a special key or fast.Sounding is used. On quick.And.Sound cartridges. A coupling.

The key helps to clamp the drill and easily unscrew the adjustment clip. In cam clamping cartridges, cords of various diameters have a cylindrical shank are fixed. Most often, the cartridges of domestic electric drills are designed for a core with a diameter of 0.8 to 10 mm or from 1.5 to 13 mm.

Why and when to change?

The clamping device should ensure the drilling of holes with acceptable accuracy. But over time, seating on the shaft and fists wear out, the cartridge begins to beat. That is, the working zone of the drill begins to go from side to side when rotated, and the hole is drilled with deviations both in place and in diameter. The wear of the cams does not allow to reliably fix the loser, and they stop at the load. There is only one way out. To change the worn cartridge to a new.

Methods of fasteners of the cartridge

Cartridges are most often attached to the shaft in the following ways:

Morsze cone is one of the easiest and most practical methods that began to be used in the 19th century. The plane of the shaft is processed in the form of a cone with assigned parameters. A similar cone is located in the middle of the cartridge. When they are combined, an operational and strong connection of the components occurs.

The next method is equipped with a thread that is cut on the edge of the working shaft of the power tool.

The fixing screw is used for additional connection of the twisting cartridge on the shaft. As a rule, the screw has a head for a cross.Shaped screwdriver, as well as the left thread. It is necessary to unscrew the fists at the cartridge to the maximum to see it.

How it is arranged

Cartridges differ from each other by appearance, shape, thread and purpose, but in general they are a hollow cylinder equipped with a ring with an adjusting sleeve and clamping fists. Typically, the housing is plastic, and the base and fists are made of metal (steel). Hexagonal shanks are made completely of steel.

The cartridge is screwed to the screwdriver (on the shaft) using a thread or cone, to the upper part of which the nozzles are attached.

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The design of the device is practically standard in most models.

Replace Battery & Refresh Screwdriver | Makita M640D

How to remove a cartridge with a threaded connection

The question of how to remove the cartridge from the drill, which is fixed on it using a threaded connection, occurs in home masters quite often. It is necessary to remove such a clamp taking into account the fact that it is installed using a non.Standard left carving.

The threaded element of the clamping device is in its inside, so you must first push the clamping fists as much as possible, which will provide access to the fixing screw, which is unscrewed using a conventional cross screw. In drones without such a screw, the cartridge is simply twisted from their shaft without conducting the above preparatory work.

The head of the fixing screw can be cross.Shaped, with a straight slot, under the hexagon or even a “star”

A screw with left thread, with which a threaded cartridge is fixed on a drill, can wear out over time. To restore the reliability of such a connection, the following actions can be performed:

Such actions will not harm the fastener of the drill, but will allow to fix the clamping device on it more accurately and reliably.

Replacing a threaded type cartridge on a drill can also be performed using a 14 key, which greatly facilitates this process. In order not to make mistakes when you are going to disassemble a cartridge of this type, you can first get acquainted with theoretical material on this topic and watch the corresponding video.

How to remove and disassemble a screwdriver cartridge

There are several varieties of screwdrivers, and the way to replace the cartridge varies in them. We tell you what they are and how to unscrew the cartridge correctly.

To understand how to remove the cartridge from a screwdriver, you need to imagine well how the tool is arranged. This part is attached to the shaft, setting it in motion, and serves to fix the working body. As a rule, its shell has a cylindrical shape. Under it there are clamping fists and adjusting sleeves. When they are jammed, getting a working part is difficult or impossible. Then it becomes necessary to remove the clamp in order to make it easier for yourself to repair the repair. You need to do this for lubrication, cleaning and preventive inspection. There are several methods of fastening. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. In each individual case, the problem is solved in different ways.

A way to disassemble the cartridge

The clamp with a threaded connection is removed taking into account the left thread.

The threaded element is located in the inside of the device, and therefore the clamping fists are extended at first, due to this, access to the fixing screw, unscrewing the ordinary cross. In drones without this screw, the cartridge is twisted from the shaft without the preparatory work described above.

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A screw with the left thread, which is fixed with a threaded cartridge, can be worn out in the future. To restore the reliability of the connection, it is recommended to do the following:

These actions will not lead to damage to the fastener of the drill and allow you to fix the clamping device on it more precisely and more reliable.

Replacing a threaded cartridge can be performed using a key to 14. In order to avoid making errors, it is recommended to get acquainted with theoretical material and watch the corresponding video.

To replace the worn cartridge, the old clamping device is removed from the drill and a new. Both on the usual and on the mini-spray, cartridges with thread and conical connection are installed.

When replacing on drifts with carvings, it is important to consider the marking that has this type:

Interval 1.5–13 speaks of the minimum and maximum diameters of the cutting tool. The new clamping device should have an identical labeling.

Problems with a clamping mechanism

Before starting work, study the instructions for working with the tool. This will help to avoid many problems. Remember that the drill is not used for milling, since the clamp does not withstand such a lateral load. Correctly select the drill, pay attention to its sharpening, mark the drilling center (using a core).

Sometimes when dismantling the clamp jams. If so, the device is disassembled and it is completely cleaned and lubricated. Especially often this happens after drilling holes on the ceiling, since the grade sprinkles inside the clamp. If the clamp flies, increase the tension in the conical connection. To do this, the node heats up to 110º in the oven, and then installed in a cold seat. A beating that occurs due to uneven destruction of the cams or deterioration of a cone base is also possible. Here we need to replace the elements.

When disassembling the clamp, take into account its type. After performing the procedures, the assembly is assembled in the reverse order.