How to Disassemble a Makita 2450 Hammer Barrel

Today, developers offer buyers hundreds of different apartments and houses. Often, residents want to slightly change their parameters, making housing more convenient and comfortable. Makita punchers will allow to carry out repair work efficiently and quickly. Factory parts and good build quality will extend the life and help to avoid failures during the restoration process. The article will give an idea of ​​the main advantages of the products of this manufacturer.

Makita rotary hammer device

How to Disassemble a Makita 2450 Hammer Barrel

Among users, the Makita rotary hammer has established itself as the tool with the greatest functionality. It is durable and does not require special skills for use, is lightweight and comfortable while working.

The design provides a special protective system designed to limit the spread of dust. With timely cleaning, the tool will work efficiently throughout its entire service life.

Makita is widely used in people who prefer to do repairs on their own. The tool is simple to operate, the financial maintenance costs are minimal, inexpensive.

The manufacturer presents the following specifications:

  • Total weight. 2.04 kg
  • SDS system allows you to mount drills
  • You can hammer and drill
  • The system has three modes of operation
  • The largest number of beats per minute. 4500
  • Translational Strength. 2.7 Joules
  • The power supply network is 780 watts.

Why is a Makita puncher undesirable to hammer?

Often the equipment fails, and the drill flies out of the punch. This happens for various reasons. Many users of Makita rotary hammers are faced with the fact that their device does not hit, but drills at the same time. You can fix the breakdown yourself. The most common causes of malfunctions are presented below:

  • Countershaft wear
  • Deformation of clamping units
  • Damage to the connecting rod system
  • Lack of lubrication for proper operation
  • Damage to shock components

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Makita rotary hammer: DIY repair

Diagnostic and troubleshooting technology are identical to other devices. To begin with, you should disassemble the tool by removing the case, and then remove obsolete grease and dirt.

Nodes that have stopped working are recommended to be replaced. After that, all the constituent elements of the mechanism are set to their original position.

For correct operation, it is recommended that you carefully examine each repair point. To restore the functionality of the cartridge 2010, the mode switch and the housing, the following steps should be performed:

  • Remove cartridge
  • Remove switch
  • Repair defects in the inside of the case
  • Lubricate and replace worn parts.

How to disassemble a puncher and gearbox?

When disassembling the gearbox, it is recommended to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Install the hammer drill on a hard surface by lifting its barrel up
  • Pull the shell with forward movements, pressing the tool to the table. This position prevents accidental displacement of the constituent elements.

Makita rotary hammer assembly

After the repair is completed, all the removed parts should be returned to their original position. It is recommended that a fresh coat of grease be applied to all necessary parts.

Before assembling, the body is cleaned with kerosene or gasoline. The peeled shell is returned to the place. The mode switch must not be in it.

Circuit diagram Makita HR 2450

The Makita-2450 rotary hammer system consists of many complementary components and a list of spare parts. Among the most significant elements, the features of which should be taken into account during repair work, the following stand out:

  • Ring locking device. It is designed to hold the spherical element fixing the drill. The washer and spring guide it
  • Snap ring It is necessary for the correct removal of the cartridge cover
  • Four screws connect the gearbox and motor, eliminating vibration. The circuit has a large number of rubber components. Often they cause a malfunction.

Descriptions of the mentioned nodes will be enough for a quality repair.


Makita rotary hammers by right are one of the best in the modern market. The 2470 is a bit improved, but that doesn’t make the device durable. Timely repairs will maximize the period of correct operation. This article helps to understand the features of the work of the main nodes. To eliminate the most common types of malfunctions, these materials are enough.