How to Disassemble a Makita Hr2470 Hammer

How to Disassemble a Makita Hr2470 Hammer

The first punchers "Makita"

In 1958, the first hand drills, screwdrivers, and punchers began to be produced. In 1962 about the company "Makita" heard the whole world. After some time, branches began to be established in many countries, including the United States of America, France and Canada. The number of plants has been continuously growing. New representative offices were also created. As of 1989, there were already 8 large plants. New markets in Germany and China began to submit.

We must pay tribute to the management of the company, which made every effort to produce high-quality products that would be in demand. In 1991, the joining of small plants to the company began "Makita". Among them was the enterprise for the production of chain saws. Today the company produces various models of electrical appliances and spare parts for a punch "Makita".

In many ways, the secret of the company lies in the specialists. All employees of the company undergo long training and are highly qualified. In addition, "Makita" The Partner Network is very developed, so the company always takes part in seminars and draws on the experience of specialists from all over the world.

Additionally, the company has a very high-quality service. There are many service centers, so get, for example, spare parts for a punch "Makita" It is not difficult.

How to choose a quality hammer drill?

High-quality models are equipped with additional nodes, which greatly simplify the work with them. One such component is an anti-vibration system. It can increase the accuracy of drilling, as well as save a person from unnecessary shaking. In this case, you can work out much longer and still not feel tired. Additionally, a locking mechanism must be installed in the hammer drill. This is necessary in order to securely fix the device in a certain position. Sometimes conditions preclude the possibility of holding the punch in your hand and then it can simply be fixed.

It is also necessary to choose a hammer drill with a limiter only. This mechanism is able to control the depth of the drill. Otherwise, the cartridge may come into contact with the surface and be damaged. There are still cases when the drill stops. The next very important indicator. It is a dust removal system. The fact is that the electric motor does not like dirt very much. When it sticks to it, the punch starts to overheat quickly and can completely burn out. The removal system allows you to work in various conditions and not be afraid of dust, which is available on almost all construction sites. The dirt itself can come directly from the material that is being acted upon.

The last important parameter for choosing a quality hammer drill is the presence of a mechanism for changing operating modes. There are three main types that will allow you to work with different surfaces equally successfully. First of all, this is the hammer drill mode. With it, you can make very precise holes. It is especially suitable for working with concrete surfaces. The second mode is a jackhammer, which will allow you to make strobings. Most often it is used by builders to carry out various dismantling works. Finally, the last mode is a simple drill. It is designed for drilling large diameter holes. Most often it is used when working with wood or drywall. It is also included if it is necessary to use a perforator as a mixer and make some kind of solution.

How to disassemble a punch "Makita"?

To disassemble the hammer, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its device. Many models differ in design. However, they all have common components: engine, gearbox and percussion mechanism. To see all the components and disassemble them, just remove the protective cover and unscrew the 4 nuts. Below is a diagram: punch "Makita" in the context.

Model "Makita HR2450"

What should be said here? This model is from the brand "Makita"The 2450 hammer drill is considered very versatile. It is perfect for drilling concrete or steel surfaces. For ease of use, manufacturers equipped it with a high-quality handle, which allows you to feel comfortable during work. Unlike other models of this series, it has a small weight, and its dimensions are very modest.

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Model Features "Makita HR2450"

The impact energy of this hammer drill is exactly 2.7 J. The power consumption of the device is at around 780 watts. over, the number of strokes in one minute is very high (about 4,500 times). It should also be noted the excellent frequency of idling. In one minute, the drill makes 1100 revolutions. The weight of the hammer is 2.4 kg. The maximum diameter of the drill for working with a concrete surface is as much as 24 mm. On the steel surface, in turn, a 13 mm hole can be made. As for the tree, here is the largest indicator. 32 mm.

Model "Makita HR2470"

Model Features "Makita HR2470"

The power consumption of the device is 780 watts, and the average idle speed is at the level of 1000 units. In this case, the maximum values ​​sometimes exceed the mark of 1100 units. There is a high frequency for hammer drilling mode. In general, this hammer drill "Makita HR2470" able to make more than 4000 beats per minute. At the same time, the maximum energy is 2.4 J. The power of the drill is carried out standardly from a network of 220 V. For high-quality operation, a keyless chuck is provided. Among the advantages of this model, we can additionally highlight the possibility of working with drills of both large and small diameters. Holes from 5 to 33 mm can be made on a wooden surface. For working with metal, drills from 6 to 14 mm are provided in the kit. Also punch "Makita HR2470" able to make holes in concrete. For this, there are drills from 5 to 18 mm. Customer reviews mark this model as universal, suitable for all working conditions.

Model "Makita HR2475"

The particularity of this model is the presence of a special indicator that shows the wear of carbon brushes. Like standard rotary hammers, this device can drill in normal mode or with a punch. Electronic speed control. There is no slotting mode in this model. The disadvantages include a rather large weight. This is largely due to the power of the device. Operate this hammer drill "Makita HR2475" a long time will not work. In addition, it should be noted that the dimensions will not allow to work in any hard-to-reach meta.

Characteristics "Makita HR2475"

Power consumption punch is at around 1100 watts. At idle, this model is capable of making more than 4000 beats per minute. over, she has a large coefficient of impact power. In operating mode, the hammer drill "Makita HR2475" makes more than 2000 beats per minute. At the same time, the generated energy exceeds 9.5 J. For work with concrete, drills from 9 to 18 mm are provided in the kit. For metal surfaces there are drills from 7 to 19 mm. For working with wood, this unit is not intended at all. It is more expedient to use it only for a narrow focus. This fact makes this rotary hammer absolutely not universal, and it will not be useful for domestic needs.

Model "Makita HR2810"

Model Features "Makita HR2810"

The value of power consumption in this device is not the best and is at around 800 watts. At the same time, idle speed is standard. The average value per minute is 1000 rpm. The maximum punch can accelerate to 1200 revolutions. The number of strokes for this model is the largest (compared to its counterparts). In a minute she is able to make more than 4,500 strokes. At the same time, the generated energy is 29 J. The standard power supply from the network is 220 V. The set of the device comes with many drills that allow you to work with different surfaces. Drills from 5 to 33 mm are provided for wood. A hole of 5 to 17 mm can be made in the metal sheet. There are also drills from 6 to 18 mm for working with concrete surfaces.

Model "Makita HR4501C"

This model is designed exclusively for working with concrete surfaces. She has an extremely low speed, but a large electric motor. Most often, this puncher is used at construction sites for dismantling. It can also be used as a mixer. To do this, just fix the corresponding nozzle of the desired diameter in the cartridge. There is enough power to stir even a very thick solution. In general, this model is in great demand, but it is absolutely not suitable for domestic use. The switch on the side panel allows you to choose between two modes: hammering and drilling with impact. As in many models, an electronic controller is installed to control the speed of the drill. Deterioration of carbon brushes is shown by the special indicator which is installed on this puncher "Makita". The price of the device varies around 20,000 rubles.

Model Features "Makita HR4501C"

The power consumption of this device is as much as 1350 watts. At idle, a mounted hammer drill gear "Makita" accelerates to 200 rpm. The maximum performance is at around 280 rpm. It should also be noted the work of a powerful shock mechanism. In one minute, more than 2700 hits are made. The average performance in this case is equal to 2000 strokes. The generated energy in this case is 13 J. The largest drill for working with a concrete surface of 45 mm. The power of this drill is carried out through a network with a voltage of 220 V.