How to Disassemble a Makita Jackhammer

A jackhammer is a tool designed for heavy loads. Nevertheless, he is not insured against breakdowns. Let’s look at some of the most common problems with the work of electric jackhammers from Makita and Hitachi.

DIY electric jackhammer repair

Repairing an electric jackhammer is no easy task. In order to fulfill it, you need to understand: as a rule, repair of a hammer consists of two main stages:

  1. Defect. the definition of a problem node that has already failed or its resource is close to zero.
  2. Replacing defective parts.

Of course, it will be more correct to repair the electric hammer that needs it and contains a certain supply of working resource. It is necessary to determine this so that the repair does not turn into a waste of time, effort, money, and the tool after the repair has worked for a certain period.

The market provides a limited list of spare parts. As a rule, these are springs, valves, air distribution units, strikers. Therefore, not every failure can be eliminated without contacting the service. Nevertheless, some problems that can still be solved with your own hands, it makes sense to consider.

It will be right to note that if you take into account the Chinese electric hammer, then in case of breakage you should not count on successful repairs. They are often disposable due to the poor quality of materials used in the manufacture.

Consider the classic repair plan:

  1. Dismantling and removing contaminants from a jackhammer.
  2. Identification of a defect (if it is not obvious).
  3. Repair or replace damaged parts.
  4. Tool assembly.
  5. Health Check.

As a rule, such a plan is used by highly qualified service employees who do this professionally. We are considering the possibility of repairing with our own hands, and, as a rule, this moment comes when the problem is obvious and needs to be addressed immediately. So, we will consider some of the most common breakdowns of electric jackhammers for models of giants firms “Makita" and "Hitachi", which you can do yourself.

Hitachi jackhammer repair

One of the most common problems with the chipper". this is clamping the peaks in the trunk. As a rule, the cause is wear of the locking bodies, but a banal peak defect is not excluded.

Video: How to Disassemble a Makita Jackhammer

In order to fix the problem, you must follow the following algorithm:

  1. The top cover (protection) is removed.
  2. The snap ring is removed.
  3. Accumulations of dirt are removed.
  4. The gland is removed (at this stage, the peak will fall out of the trunk).
  • Inspection of the locking body. If there are obvious signs of wear on it (the edges are rounded), then it must be replaced.
  • Inspection of the splines of the trunk. In normal condition, they have a clearly square shape. If they have an acute shape, then the trunk requires replacement.
  1. Worn item replacement and assembly.
  2. Hose clogging. As a rule, it occurs due to a fracture. Solving the problem will not be a big problem. It is only necessary to find the damaged area and remove it. Unfortunately, if removing the part will lead to unnecessary shortening of the hose, it will have to be replaced completely. The list of tools to fix this problem is minimal:
  • knife;
  • clamps of the corresponding size.

Repair of jackhammers of "Makita"

How to Disassemble a Makita Jackhammer

Often there is the problem of an increased frequency of impacts with a weak single impact.

Cause: overestimated clearance between barrel receiver and distributor.

To fix the problem, you must:

  1. Detach hammer and muffler.
  2. Remove retaining ring and retainer.
  3. Screw the link to the dead point.
  4. Despite the reliability of the tool and the efforts of the manufacturer, often there is a problem with the contact node of the barrel end and valve box. The problem is resolved if the unit is cleaned on time.

Lubricant for an electric jackhammer

An electric jackhammer is a tool that has a fairly reliable seal, since its operation is designed for extreme conditions. Lubricant replacement may not be performed for a rather long period of time even with active use of the tool.

When the time has come for a replacement, it is done according to the following algorithm:

  • An important point! Safety: Turn off the tool before starting the replacement procedure. Make sure the plug is not plugged in to prevent electric shock.
  1. The crank mechanism is removed, after which it is necessary to remove the old grease.
  2. The introduction of a new lubricant in an amount of 30 grams.
  3. Reinstall the crank housing.

An electric jackhammer is far from the most difficult tool. For its long-term work, minimal maintenance and attention is required. The list of problems in work is quite limited, with the main part of them you can figure it out with the help of the article.