How to disassemble a trimmer for Lux Tools grass.

Repair of an electric trimmer for grass

The electric trimmer for the grass replaced the usual spit. Today, most urban residents do not even know how to use a “rare” tool correctly. A modern person does not need this, because he has an electric counterpart. But if an ordinary braid had to just sharpen from time to time, then things are more complicated with the power tool. Equipment requires a certain care, and if a malfunction occurs, the repair can lead to big expenses. However, it does not always make sense to carry the failed tool in the workshop: often you can cope with the breakdown on your own.

To understand what exactly can break in an electric cost, first you should figure out how it is arranged.

Ethletric trimmer for grass usually consists of the following elements:

The current is supplied to the power unit through the connector on the case, to which the cable is connected. Inside the rod is hollow. it plays the role of a protective shell for a flexible shaft, transmitting torque from the motor to the coil of the trimmer for the grass. The handle located on the case has a button, when pressed on which the device turns on.

The described design is considered a classic. However, there are options for executing the tool in which the motor is located in the lower part near the coil, as well as the battery versions.

Repair of an electric trimmer for grass with your own hands: Frequent causes of breakdowns

One of the scenarios in which the tool is out of order is the mowing of a very neglected area. In this case, the equipment is affected by increased loads and often fails of the power unit. A breakdown of bearings or coils is also possible.

And when work is carried out in rainy weather, electrical equipment can simply close. Also, do not forget about a certain resource of individual assemblies of the tool, which are not designed for constant use. The device requires timely inspection with the replacement of worn parts.

Repair in some cases can be carried out independently, without the involvement of specialists, the cost of which is often considerable.

Repair of the launch button

If the tool does not respond to attempts to turn it on, two options for a malfunction are possible. a cable break inside the handle or the failure of the inclusion button.

Important! Make sure that the device is disconnected from the network if it is a stationary type. In the case of the battery version of the instrument, the power terminals should be first disconnected, and only then proceed to repair.

In order to understand what exactly the breakdown is, you need to disassemble the handle.

Having gained access to the inside, you should, armed with a multimeter, measure the resistance of the button. If it is absent after pressing, the button must be replaced.

You also need to check the contacts of the connection of the power cable with the contact group. Often the need for such a measurement disappears, t. to. The cliff can be found with the naked eye. In this case, it must be eliminated by soldering.

In the absence of a multimeter, the same work can be done using an indicator screwdriver. To do this, after disassembling the body of the power cable handle, it is connected to the network and the phase is checked by a screwdriver before and after the button. If zero comes to the button, the fork in the outlet can be turned and measured again.

Attention! You should be very careful when checking the presence of a phase in this way. There is a possibility of gaining electric shock!

Checking the electric motor

If the button and cable that feeds the tool will be serviceable, you should go to the diagnosis of a power unit. To do this, disassemble the case in which it is located. It is usually necessary to simply unscrew several bolts or screws and remove the lid.

disassemble, trimmer, tools, grass

First of all, you need to check the condition of the collector brushes. The wear of this node can lead to unstable operation or to a complete stop of the engine. If the brushes are in satisfactory condition, you should check the winding of the motor for a short circuit.

For this operation, it is necessary to completely remove the engine, and then check all the collector plates in the mode in the mode. The device should not show significant deviations in measurements.

The second check is the “ringing” of the rotor winding to the “mass”. To do this, you need to connect one of the multimeter contact to any collector plate, and the second to the “mass” of the rotor. In this case, the resistance measurement mode should be more than 1 MOM. If there is no short circuit, the device will show a very large meaning.

If, according to the results of these checks, all the parameters turned out to be normal, you need to measure the resistance of the stator winding. Indications should be similar, as in the case of the rotor. If not, then the malfunction lies in the stature.

If there is an interval circuit in the engine, it will not be diagnosed in this way. However, this problem can be identified by observing the trimmer for grass in action. An indirect sign of such a malfunction will be a decrease in the power of the work and overheating of the equipment.

When, as a result of diagnosis, it became clear that the engine was “burned out”, it would be easier to notice it on a new. In the vast majority of cases, repairs, consisting of rewinding, will cost as much as a new power unit.

If the engine is installed on the engine, then it will turn off the power when overheating. If the problem is the malfunction of the relay itself, this can be identified using the same multimeter or tester. With a cold engine in good condition, the relay should pass the current.

Mechanical malfunctions

Such problems include a breakthrough of the flexible shaft. It is easy to recognize it. the motor works, and the coil with a fishing line does not rotate.

The reason for the breakdown is the unfair care of the tool, which consists in the timely lubrication of the inside of the bar. In the absence of the desired amount of lubrication, the shaft will be subjected to excessive friction and the cliff will become a logical result.

This breakdown is corrected by replacing the shaft, which can be removed by disconnecting the upper part of the trimmer for the grass from the bar. If the second part of the shaft is not extracted, disconnection and lower.

When installing a new shaft, it should first be lubricated.

Such a malfunction can occur only with a classic layout of parts. In devices where the power unit is located in the lower part, there is no flexible shaft. However, with such a layout, the role of the gear ratio is played by a bearing located on the engine shaft closer to the place of transmission of the moment. In this situation, the bearing must simply be replaced with a new.

How to replace a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer?

Replacing the fishing line of the trimmer for the grass with instructions will even allow the owner of the lawn mowed inexpensive in such matters to do a fairly difficult job.

However, before starting work to replace the fishing line on the trimmer, it is necessary to ensure the safety of work. In particular, it should be taken protection measures against careless or spontaneous inclusion of the lawn mower:

  • Exclude spontaneous start,
  • Delete the battery (if used),
  • Place the tool on a comfortable site for work.

It is convenient to perform work on replacing the fishing line for the grass when the lawn mower lies on the table, and the master, who is performed by replacing the fishing line of the trimmer for the grass, has the opportunity to approach the instrument from any side.

Remove the head of the head of the grass for the grass

At the first stage of disassembly, the head of the head of the grass is removed. On the example of the models of trimmers “Black and Decker” and others, it is usually enough to apply some pressure to squeeze the click-fixer, which are on the side of the head of the head of the head of the head of the head of the body to remove the lid to remove the lid.

Some models of lawn mowers initially include dismantling the head of a trimmer for grass, for which a playback key is used, which is included in the tool kit. The head is usually held by two or three screws, access to which is provided through the side holes of the rear decorative cover.

The head cover, where the coil with a fishing line is installed, is usually held due. It is enough for some effort to squeeze the tongue-thorough and slightly turn the lid, after which the lid is easily removed

At the time of squeezing the tongue-fixer, you need to turn slightly and raise the head of the head of the trimmer for the grass to remove the winding drum.

Step two: extracting a winding drum (coil) with a fishing line

The next step in the process is the exhaust drum with a fishing line from the inner region of the head. You need to turn the head with an open side to see a fishing line for a trimmer and a reel. On the side of the head, find two recesses (eyelets) through which the fishing line for the trimmer is bred outside.

You should release a fishing line for a trimmer from the holes by checking the drum. Then gently remove the coil from the head of the head. The winding drum of some models is installed on the spring. This moment must be taken into account by performing the operation to extract.

The procedure for extracting a coil of a trimmer for grass with a fishing line from the inner region of the head: 1. head assembly with a coil; 2. extracting neatly with a small axial turn; 3. extracted details

The old fishing line for the trimmer is completely removed from the coil. To remove the old fishing line for grass, you need to remove the forest from the loops and pull the free end. This method is removed by the whole old winding. A similar process is repeated on the second section of the drum. The master is recommended to use gloves when performing work.

Installation of a new fishing line on the coil of a trimmer for grass

Equipping the coil with a new fishing line is performed in the reverse order. The procedure looks like it is described below, regardless of the model of the lawn mower:

Step one: fixing and styling

Fold the end of the fishing line in half. Place the workpiece above the coil on each side of each half of the winding area. Wrap both halves completely around the winding drum. Stretch the fishing line for the trimmer through the loop.

disassemble, trimmer, tools, grass

The procedure for preparing fishing line in the field of both wound sections of the drum. The loops are laid in specially made cutouts, after which the winding of the fishing line is performed in each area

Pull the fishing line for the trimmer enough and put the knot in the groove made on each side of the winding drum.

Step two: winding cutting material according to sections

The next step is to turn the fishing line in a circle of coil, observing caution. It is necessary that each half be filled with “its own” winding, exactly, without intersections. Usually on the hull of the winding drum you can see the arrows indicating the direction of winding. This moment should be borne in mind, filling the reel with a fishing line.

Step Three: The Club of the Head Noner

Stretch the ends of the fishing line through a pair of oval cuts of coil. Replace both goals and a spring (if any in the design) with new elements included in the package. Bend both ends of the fishing line at right angles.

The last technical stroke of the process of replacing the fishing line on the trimmer is to put the cover on the head with subsequent fixation by pressure and slight turnover.

Let each end into the hole, which is at the base of the winding drum. Install the coil in the inner area of ​​the head with an emphasis on the spring. Put the lid, leve on the base and light pressure down with a small rotation counterclockwise, put the cover on the tongues of the latch. This is where the replacement procedure is completed.

Which knife for a trimmer for grass is better to choose? Review of possible options

Manufacturers produce several varieties of cutting elements for motorcycle. It all depends on the type of device. It is customary to distinguish between consumables:

What material for a trimmer knife is better

The purpose of the consumable determines the material: iron or plastic. The choice of one or another option is determined by several factors:

Important: metal mills are never installed on network braids. The power of the device is not enough for a full torque. Therefore, he appeared an alternative. plastic. Features of the design of the electric format motokos simply do not allow metal knives to work adequately:

Plastic blades are used only on devices with flexible hoses. Plastic copes with fine grass, dry areas and burdocks. If the wrong disk was accidentally installed, look further: how to change the disk to the reel on the trimmer.

Metal cutters. It is used for mowing thick, dense grass, small trees. The properties of a disc trimmer for grass allow you to install it in the fight against shrubs.

Technical and external characteristics that indicate that you need exactly an iron tip:

  • straight bar, respectively. the length of the device itself increases;
  • comfortable handles for control of a scythe;
  • Setting a smooth turnover of the blade.

Tip: for mowing a large territory with different types of grass and shrubs, gasoline units are well suited. They need to install a metal disk with sharp knives on them.

How many blades should be

The form does not affect the efficiency of the blade as their total number. For example, for the future hay it is worth taking a mill for 6-8 blades. With an amount of 2-4, the grass is mowing “into the meat”, and you will not fall any drows. For young trees, blades with many small teeth are great (look in stores with winning elements. also a great option).

Labric mushroom knives are Natural in different ways: on one or both sides. Dumb or spent option increases fuel consumption and works inefficiently.

Important: try not to work with blades in areas with stones, brick. The only hit of the blade on the solid edge can break it can break it. Worse, if part of the pebble flies away in your direction. Be carefull!

How to change the nozzle for a trimmer for grass? The element should be selected on the basis of dimensions, material and design. Also focus on the format of work and the area that you will mow. The instructions from the tool will help you partially. Manufacturers indicate which knife what territory your equipment will process. Well, we go to how to put a knife on a trimmer for grass correctly.

How to change a disk on a gasoline trimmer

Set a new one or replace the nozzle on a motorcycle will not be inconvenience. A pin is always in the kit with the tool, which need to block the gearbox hole. We need it, so that the blade does not spin and we could unscrew the mounts under our nozzle. The main thing is to adhere to safety precautions. It is forbidden to change the nozzles on the tool on!

How to put a disk instead of fishing line or a new blade on a trimmer for grass:

  • Remove the plastic casing.
  • Block the pin hole in the pin. It is necessary to simultaneously hook the gearbox and a cup of the shaft. If everything worked out, we move on.
  • Unscrew the rogue through the mounting nut (clockwise). If the trimmer for grass is used for the first time, then the antipsychot is unscrewed along with the structure. He is there.
  • Install the knife so that its hole coincides with the center.
  • We fasten the boot back.
  • Without removing the pinstore, we tighten the nut (in the opposite direction).
  • Tighten the nut by any key. The stronger the better.
  • Put a protective casing.

To change the disk for a trimmer’s fishing line on a gas station, a similar procedure is carried out. Only instead of a nut you unscrew the spool. And at the last stages you return the nut and the boot.

Now you know how to put a knife on a trimmer for grass instead of a fishing line, or install a completely new nozzle. Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what knives you use and how effective they are in the fight against weeds. See you in the following articles!

Change of vein on trimmer

If, with a light blow, the trimmer coil button for grass on the ground is not lengthened for a trimmer, then the prerequisites of this happen subsequent.

Option 1. it came out snacking, t.e. Squeezing the cord between the turns. This usually occurs if the user wound a fishing line for a trimmer to the coil unevenly, with a crossbreed of turns, or wound it with the missing tension. In the latter case, when the mowing head is rotated at huge revolutions under the influence of centrifugal force, the cord begins to drag on, under the influence of which you intervaling fishing. To eliminate the task, you will have to disassemble the coil on the trimmer and rewind the cord correctly, in other words, even coils with good tension.

Option 2.7. very short ends protrude from the head. A fishing line for a trimmer may not exit when hitting the ground, if its ends sticking out of the head are insufficient (short). The centrifugal force is not enough for the fishing line for the trimmer to stretch. Therefore, it is required to suspend the unit (drown out the engine as it is also called disconnecting an ethletric trimmer for grass from the network) and pull the fishing line for a trimmer manually, after pressing the button.

Lux Tools szlifierka kątowa

Option 3. A fishing line for a trimmer was soldered by a snot of a spitter head. This leads to the coil stops and does not even spin when the button is pressed. In the main thing, this happens for several reasons: the bad quality of the cord, overheating of the coil during prolonged operation of the unit, a string of fishing line on solid items.

  • At the beginning of the cord of the advantage of manufacturers, you will like more of low.quality and fusible materials that do not hold mechanical and temperature loads. Therefore, preference should be given to “branded” fishing.
  • If you still got a fishing line for a trimmer of an unknown property, and it is often soldered at one time of work, that is, an option to follow the example of certain users, which, after refueling the cord, moisten it or silicone grease (from a spray can), or mineral oil). This procedure greatly reduces the possibility of soldering a fishing line with each other.
  • Also, a fishing line for a trimmer can sleep if at one time the mowing she hit a hard object (stone, fence, dry branch, etc.D.). At the end of this, it is a little stretched and draws back into the head with a high speed. The cord is heated from friction, and its turns are stuck together. The only thing that is done to eliminate this malfunction is to open a trimmer coil for grass and rewind a fishing line for a trimmer.

A mowing string head is one of the types of executive mechanism of a garden trimmer for grass. It is intended for mowing grass and constructively represents a special coil (bobin) from which a cutting cord (string, fishing line for a trimmer) sticks out in different directions). The string is a consumable material that is subject to replacement during operation. Based on the constructive and operational features of the trimmer for grass, manufacturers equip their products with a wide variety of types of heads-from simple hand coils to complex automatic bones. The more difficult the device of this mechanism, the more likely its breakdown. What to do if the coil does not spin, the string is not served or broken, as well as with other malfunctions. in the material further.

Trimmer coil device for grass

The heads of mowing for trimmers are available in many performances. Both simple and complex. The figure below shows a semi.automatic trimmer head from a mowing station dismantled Husqvarna (Husqvarna).

disassemble, trimmer, tools, grass

This type of head is present in the configuration of most gas braids and electric trimmers, such as Stihl (subsided), Patriot (Patriot), Champion (Champion), Bosch (Bosch), Huter (Huter) and others. The head of the mower is quite simple. It consists of the following details:

  • Mow the base of the head;
  • Button for semi.automatic cord supply;
  • Coil (coil), which is filled with fishing line;
  • Spring;
  • Eyes. A fishing line for a trimmer comes out through them;
  • Trimmer head cover for grass;
  • Trimmer fishing line (cord).

The following photographs also show the simpler heads of the trimmer for the grass.

All these nozzles do not allow you to change the length of the mowing fishing line in semi.automatic mode (after pressing the button). In the case of a break in the cord, the lawn mower must be stopped and manually replaced.

User manual


The principle of service for trimmers and lawn mowers is the same, with the exception of fuel.

If the lawn mmores work on a separate supply of gasoline and oil, then for trimmers it is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture, which is prepared in the proportion of 1 share of oil for 50 shares of gasoline.

Two.stroke luxe 2t oil luxe 4t

As a fuel for these machines, it is recommended to use the fuel of the AI-92 or AI-95 brand. Oil must be used by Lux Tools 2 TOLS 4TV dependencies on the number of beats of your motor.

Experience in the use of battery models

There is only 1 model in the battery row of the Lux Tuls brand. Lux Tools a 36 Li.

With complete charging, it can completely replace the gasoline model for 40 minutes. In order to fully charge it needs about 2 hours. In fast mode, the mark of 80 % can be achieved in 40 minutes. The delivery set includes a special prefix for charging.

First launch instructions

Before starting work on lawnmands or trimmers, Lux Tuls should study the user guide. It will help to understand the principle of the correct and safe operation of a particular model.

Initially, it is necessary to assemble in accordance with the recommendations of the instructions for operation, then pour fuel (or fuel mixture) and let the machine work at a minimum load within 2-3 hours. During this time, the engine parts will carefully lubricate and begin to work as a whole.

Upon completion of this mode, be sure to drain the remaining oil or fuel mixture.

When carrying out work on the Lux Tools lawn murals, protective overalls should be used: a tightly adjacent suit, gloves, glasses and shoes with a closed front.

The main malfunctions

The task of each owner to know the ways to correct the most common faults. After all, every time you go to the service center is expensive, and it makes no sense, because it is easier to do it.

If the engine is not driven:

  • Empty tank with fuel (season);
  • Contact with the spark plug extends (fix the terminals);
  • Excess fuel in the combustion chamber (remove the candle and wipe the electrode);
  • The gap in the spark plugs increased (set the gap in accordance with the operating instructions);
  • Low fuel quality (drain and pour new).

The engine does not develop maximum revolutions:

  • Dirty spark plug (clean or replace it);
  • There is little fuel or it is of poor quality (share or replace);
  • The fuel or air filter was contaminated (clean them);
  • Incorrect tuning of the carburetor (contact the service center).

This is what the owners of the garden technique of the Lux Tools for Specialized Forums say:

разобрать и почистить электрический триммер с нижним расположением двигателя/снять кожух электрокосы


“First I would like to say about the jamb. After the rain, the plastic wheels are incredibly skid and not really work, the protector is very small.

Of the advantages, I would like to note low noise during operation, the convenience of management, starts the first time, a wide one.time capture. Fast work: 2 acres in 10 minutes.

The weight of the mowing is large, but there are no problems with this. Even the wife works with pleasure. I regularly process 5 acres since last year. I do not advise mowing tall grass, Deco will quickly become dull.

Simple words about the design and principles of work

The trimmer device for the grass can be conditionally divided into two parts:

The electrician is built on the supply of voltage from the outlet to the collector engine that makes the rotational rotational movement.

Depending on the purpose of the specific model, this engine is located on top or bottom of the trimmer for grass, is equipped with various protection and controls.

Powerful models are created to quickly bite off large areas, and medium and low.power ones allow you to decorate lawns, trim shrubs, and form flower beds.

The mechanical part is made by a collapsible case with a kinematic scheme that transfers the energy of rotation of the engine rotor to the working body of the mowing head.

Mechanics and electrician are closely interconnected: the breakdown in any place leads to the conclusion of a trimmer for grass from work. Let us consider in more detail these situations for the possibility of repairs.

Quick way to check the electrical circuit

When the collector engine is included in the operation, the current sequentially passes through all the half.tests of the stator and the rotor through the brush mechanism.

A paradox with an electrician or what a rush leads to

Banal truth: the voltage is supplied with the switch with the contacts of the fork inserted into the outlet.

However, my neighbor in the country managed to go over in this matter and invited me to look at the brushes of a disassembled electric motor trimmer for the grass in order to explain why he does not work.

When I asked about the voltage in the outlet, he confidently stated that he had checked it with an indicator. I asked to show, because I do not trust such things in such matters.

He took the indicator, and showed that he was glowing from the contact of the outlet. Then I asked to go to the extension cub and rearrange it, changing the nests. At first, his surprise appeared quickly: during the second check, the indicator light did not light up.

In one wire of the extension cord there was a cliff, which excluded the voltage supply to the proper trimmer engine for grass. There was no point in disassembling it and watch brushes.

Any verification of the performance of the electrical circuit start by analyzing the serviceability of the power circuits. This reduces the search time and elimination of defects.

The most important element of the electrimmer

The trouble with beginning users is that they do not fully understand the role of temperature in the work of a collector, and any electric motor.

The electric current passes well through the cold or overheated wires of the winding and normally creates a magnetic field rotating the rotor. And the isolation varnish, and other surrounding materials, are melted and flowing at the temperature.

The photo shows a trimmer cover deformed from the high heating and the engine failed and the engine.

Below is a photo of the burned insulation of the stator and rotor windings, which sprinkled into a single lump.

It is not profitable to eliminate such breakdowns. Replacing a burned.out engine in a repair shop at a price is slightly inferior to the purchase of a new trimmer for grass in the store.

Compliance with the temperature regime

When working, it is necessary to monitor the heating of the case.

This requirement is especially relevant for low.power models with the lower engine location. They are designed for short.term cutting of lawns with low grass: they have a simplified design, are not equipped with overheating protection.

Electric trimmers for middle.class grass and above are equipped with protective thermallack. When a critical temperature reaches with its bimetallic contact, it breaks the circuit of electric current, and after cooling it restores.

On my trimmer it began to work falsely: I had to block the contacts. Described this case in an article on the repair of a trimmer for grass in the country. In detail, he showed photographs in detail the sequence of the engine disassembly. Meet the technology.

With the nursed contacts of the thermmorele, Trimmer for the grass worked until the end of the season. During kosba periodically checked the temperature of the case with his hand, took breaks. During the winter I found a new thermorele, replaced the old. After that I work with thermal protection.

How can you overheat the engine of the electrimmer

Since ancient institute, I remember the phrase of the teacher of the Department of Sopromat and the theory of the strength of the shells about the reliability of the design of any mechanism: the entire equipment is designed and created for optimal conditions with a permissible coefficient of strength.

It is impossible to underestimate it: there will be frequent breakdowns, and overstating it is not economically profitable: the cost increases dramatically.

I did this introduction in order to emphasize that the operating conditions indicated by the plant must be studied, strictly observed. Otherwise, the breakdown is inevitable: it will be necessary to carry out the repair of the electrimmer.

What are the “newly.minted rationalizers” do to facilitate their work:

  • install a thicker fishing line for a trimmer in a mowing head;
  • Remove the protective casing with a knife of fishing line;
  • Mount on the head “Eternal fishing line for a trimmer” from chains, thick wire, filmed ribbon from plastic bottles;
  • Fasten homemade knives from steel strips.

A thick fishing line for a trimmer really mows higher grass, but it creates an increased load on the engine. Overheating it does not arise immediately, but after some period of time.

The design of the electrimmer

Gasoline with a portion of oil is poured into the container. Pull the cord, the engine starts. He burns fuel and rotates his inner shaft. The on button connects the internal shaft with a flexible shaft inside a hollow pipe. The latter transfers the power of rotation from the engine to the working part (coil). A plastic fishing line for a trimmer is inserted into the coil. Rotating, they mush grass.

disassemble, trimmer, tools, grass

The principle of operation of a trimmer for grass with an electric motor

Gasoline and electrimmers work according to a similar principle. Only in the electric one does not need to pour gasoline with butter. just insert the fork into the outlet or charge the battery, if it is an ethletric trimmer for grass with a battery.

The main breakdown of the electrimmer, how to fix them. The main breakdowns of the electrimmer include:

Do not work with the device in the rain. water can get into the case, causing a short circuit. In order to minimize the electrical capturemmer breakdown, it is recommended to do full analysis, cleaning and prevention once a month with frequent use, once every six months with a rare.

Turning button, wiring. If you click the power button, but the electric coser does not react in any way, then the problem is in the wiring. the electric cable broke. Black on/off button.

To fix this, you need to disassemble the electrical handle. To do this, disconnect the handle of a trimmer for grass from the main design, unscrew the appropriate screws (in each model they are in different places). Next, you need to disassemble the handle itself. It consists of two plastic parts, which are fastened with screws along the entire surface. To disassemble it, you also need to unscrew the screws.

First of all, after parsing the handle, you need to check the electric cable for a cliff. Often this can be determined by eye. insulation is damaged, the wire broke up. Additionally advised to walk along the entire wiring with a multimeter to measure the resistance. Do not forget to check the power button itself. if there is no resistance on it, then it must be completely replaced.

Analysis and check of the engine of the electrimmer. If you think that the breakdown is in the electric motor, or you checked the cables, and they turned out to be intact, then start the analysis and diagnosis of the engine.

At first, as with the wiring, you need to unscrew the bolts/screws that connect the plastic elements of the case. Next, you need to check the most common reason for the incorrect operation of the electric motor. the brush node. Worn brushes must be completely replaced. Next, you need to check the collector. If the brush node with the collector is working, then it is necessary to engage in engine winding, rotor, stator. For this:

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As a power drive in any gasoline trimmer, an internal combustion engine is used. By means of a hard or flexible shaft, rotation from it is transmitted to a cutting element. a coil with a cord (fishing line) or a special knife. The shaft is placed inside the metal rod, on one end of which the engine and the fuel tank are fixed, on the other there is a cutting head. In the middle part of the rod, the handle is attached. Most often, it is precisely on it that keys, buttons and switches are placed, with which the work of the trimmer for grass is controlled.

The layout of the control elements can differ slightly depending on the model of the tool, but, as a rule, this includes a button for jamming the engine, the gas key, which allows you to control the throttle darling of the carburetor, and the stopper of this key in the pressed state, facilitating control with large volume of work.

Gearbox. 2. Trimmer head. 3. Protective casing. four. Gas Stop button. 5. Switch.

Gas lever. 7. Lever. eight. Stop a gas lever. 9. Barbell. ten. Loop for fastening belt carbine.

Air filter. 12. Spark plug. 13. Engine case. fourteen. An exhaust manifold. fifteen. Gas tank. 16. Starter.

Gasoline trimmer device for grass. Asseting device and common malfunctions

The easiest way to give the lawn mower for repairs, allocating a certain amount of funds from the family budget, operational and high.quality repair with your own hands is no less simple and convenient to understand the design of the lawn mower and fix all the problems.

The massive and piece manufacture of trimmers is based on the use of generally accepted technology, the typical design scheme consists of certain elements and parts, it is important to know them when carrying out independent repair work:

  • top part. The basis of the entire structure, where all important elements are collected, such as the starter, carburetor and the engine of the lawn mower;
  • middle part. Hollow rod, inside it is a cable connecting the engine and gearbox, which sets the cutting fishing line for the trimmer. In this part there are mounts for the distribution of weight of the entire structure and a belt for fixing a trimmer for grass on a belt of a person using a trimmer for grass for its intended purpose;
  • Bottom part. It has a gearbox and cutting elements that are hidden under a practical casing, which protects the user. The casing provides an increased level of safety, preventing large fractions of garbage, pebbles and glass in a person while working with a gas station.

Knowing the internal device and the principle of operation of the trimmer for grass, you can independently carry out repair measures for the design or replace individual unusability of the nodes using the repair instructions.

The most common and often encountered, subject to independent correction of the breakdown of the unit can be called the following problems:

  • engine malfunction, due to which the lawn mower is not started and does not work;
  • enhanced vibration of the bar motorcosa, which complicates its targeted use;
  • increased overheating of the gearbox, its accelerated heating during operation;
  • slow and weak functioning of the cutting fishing line at insufficient speeds;
  • the clogging of the starter grill causing the engine overheating and its refusal to work;
  • rapid and frequent clogging of the carburetor due to the use of poor.quality fuel;
  • clogging of the air filter in case of non.compliance with measures to care for the device.

All these problems can lead to the fact that the device will lose its ability to work before ordering the necessary spare parts for non.bosomeds should be carried out by a visual inspection and diagnosis of the device.

Special attention is required by individual spare parts and assemblies of the device, to verify them, you will not have to turn to a professional master, a complex of diagnostic measures will help to identify a consequence of the occurrence of a loss of performance.