How to disassemble an electric trimmer for grass where the fishing line is for a trimmer. How easy to check the work of bearings electrimmer repair: detailed instructions for a novice master with pictures, schemes and photos

For some reason, often the need to carry out the repair of an electrimmer with your own hands arises at the most inopportune moment when it is necessary to urgently mow grass, and the breakdown does not allow this to do this.

Most of the defects that occur is not difficult and can be eliminated literally on the spot with a simple improvised tool. But for this you need to have basic knowledge of the design of your mowing.

I share my own experience acquired for five seasons of exploitation of my ECO GT-800L, as well as help friends and neighbors in this matter in this matter. I myself try to pay attention to preventive maintenance, timely conduct technical inspections and verification.

What you need to know about the device of the electrimmer before the start of its repair: 2 types of structures

Trammers for herbs for mowing herbs with power supply from electricity are made with a capacity of 300 watts to 2 kW with two modifications. They are distinguished by the location of the engine:

Such products are created for different tasks, differ in weight, power, working characteristics. The first types of models are light and used to process the complex relief of garden paths under the bushes, near the flower beds.

disassemble, electric, trimmer, grass

Products with the upper engine arrangement allow you to process large areas, they are noted with high performance.

Both types of mowers can work from a household network 220 volts. However, elite products are created with food from the portable battery. Most often they are used on light models, as shown in the photo above.

An example of a product with an upper engine and its layout show it in the photo of my Eco GT-800L below. The fastening of the belt allows you to hang a mower on the shoulder, and the handle provides convenient control of the cutting head during kosbe.

The working body is a spitter head with a fishing line. It can be supplemented with a cutting knife made of metal or plastic on powerful models. The torque of high revolutions for it is created by an electric motor, and it is transmitted by a kinematic scheme located inside an integral bar.

In more detail, the insides device show a photograph of the engine with the upper lid of the case on its trimmer. It is not equipped with a gearbox. This, by the way, is such a simple execution completely suits me.

The engine is turned on by a small final switch with a convenient plastic lid placed in the lower handle.

Features of the device of the electrical circuit: Briefly

The basic part is a typical collector engine in which the rotor of the stator windings gives the rotor to the bearing of the bearing.

The electric current that performs the main work flows through the closed circuit of all windings through the brush-collection mechanism.

The vast majority of engines as a protection against overheating of the insulation of windings use thermorelene. During the repair, we consider it as ordinary power contact in a closed state.

With a critical heating of the varnish of wires, it will simply open and interrupt the action of electric current.

All elements of the electric circuit are connected by wires and terminals to each other into the sequential site. A short cable with a fork is displayed out to connect to an extension cord.

Echo Trimmer Repair. Replacing the Crankshaft Bearing (Echo Part # 9403536201)

How the torque from the engine is transmitted to the mowing head: 3 components of the kinematic scheme

It is used to lower the revolutions and, accordingly, increase the power on the output shaft.

On some designs, it is located immediately after the engine, built into its design.

In other models, it can be located from below the national bar: immediately under a mowing head and a protective cover.

Any of these gearboxes consists of two gears conveying rotation. In the upper photo, they have a cylindrical shape with a slanting tooth, and on the lower. conical, because they change rotation at an oblique angle.

The transmission of the torque from the engine is performed by a docking knot consisting of a cylindrical sleeve with a rectangular hole. The tip of the spring shaft of the corresponding form located inside the aluminum tube is inserted into it.

The rod of a trimmer for grass consists of two halves connected in series. Each part is made up of three details inserted into each other:

The joint of the bar is made in the middle of its length using an adapter with a screw connection, allowing to add the entire structure for convenient transportation on transport.

Below is a spiked head with a protective casing. To trim the excess fishing line, a knife is stationarily installed on it, reducing its length to the optimal value.

Where the electrical malfunctions of the trimmer for the grass arise and how to determine them

This happened in my practice that the neighbors have already turned for help twice when their engine did not turn on. The most interesting thing is that it was completely in working condition, and the defect was inside the extension cord.

Therefore, I recommend starting a proceedings with checking its serviceability. To do this, just insert the extension cord into the outlet, and measure the voltage at its end.

When using a screwdriver, the indicator will have to turn the power plug twice, checking the integrity of each core for the presence of a phase on the contact of the outlet.

If it is absent, then it already makes sense to look for a break in the wires in the power supply circuit. By the way, insufficient voltage levels can also affect the operation of the electric motor. This often happens in rural areas.

Then the voltage will have to be raised in one of the most acceptable ways for your specific case. Otherwise, a trimmer is an ethletric for grass can work with overload, overheat. Pay attention to it.

The power of its glow allows the indirect method to judge the size of the power and look for a break in the place of core in the extension cord. The wire will just have to be sorted out with your hands along the entire length. The loss of contact usually occurs near the outlet, where oscillations are most often created during kosbe.

If everything is fine with food, then we need access to the internal electrical circuit. To do this, open the screws of the body mounting. They are all located on one side, including a self.tapping screw, fixing the bar.

Both halves of the housings, except for the screws, are kept on plastic locks with latches. They must be opened with any flat and thin metal object, for example, a knife blade or screwdriver.

After that, the upper cover is easily removed. I immediately recommend taking a camera, take a picture of laying wires on numerous internal channels and recesses. Photography will help in the future assembly.

After that, you can proceed to the internal inspection and analysis of the serviceability of all electrical components of the scheme.

How to safely check the switch

Electric switching is performed by a small.sized switch having two fixed positions:

Its triggering must be checked with an ohmmeter or a call. With the button lowered, the readings on the scoreboard will indicate a very large resistance. urb or 0l, as on my device.

When you press the button with the fingers, an electrical contact occurs, and the resistance sharply decreases to almost the zero value.

How to call electric wires

Identify the wrestling or loss of electrical contact at any place of the circuit allows the chain to call or measure its resistance by a multimeter in ohmmeter mode.

To do this, it is enough to use even a simplified collector engine scheme shown above. It will allow you to sequentially check all sections of the voltage supply circuits to the electric motor.

I show this process on a segment from the power plug to the contact of the circuit breaker.

trimmer for grass lawn (garden): how to remove the head replace the fishing line for a trimmer install a bush

The household purpose tool is a trimmer for the grass of lawn (garden) is marked in practice by active use. Technically this type of machine is considered by a completely familiar device. Traditionally, trimmers for grass Boisters and string mowers of grass are based on the standard system of internal combustion engines. True, electric models are increasingly appearing on the market. However, we will consider the first option in terms of service.

Installation of a new fishing line on the coil of a trimmer for grass

Equipping the coil with a new fishing line is performed in the reverse order. The procedure looks like it is described below, regardless of the model of the lawn mower:

Step one: fixing and styling

Fold the end of the fishing line in half. Place the workpiece above the coil on each side of each half of the winding area. Wrap both halves completely around the winding drum. Stretch the fishing line for the trimmer through the loop.

The procedure for preparing fishing line in the field of both wound sections of the drum. The loops are laid in specially made cutouts, after which the winding of the fishing line is performed in each area

Pull the fishing line for the trimmer enough and put the knot in the groove made on each side of the winding drum.

disassemble, electric, trimmer, grass

Step two: winding cutting material according to sections

The next step is to turn the fishing line in a circle of coil, observing caution. It is necessary that each half be filled with “its own” winding, exactly, without intersections. Usually on the hull of the winding drum you can see the arrows indicating the direction of winding. This moment should be borne in mind, filling the reel with a fishing line.

Step Three: The Club of the Head Noner

Stretch the ends of the fishing line through a pair of oval cuts of coil. Replace both goals and a spring (if any in the design) with new elements included in the package. Bend both ends of the fishing line at right angles.

The last technical stroke of the process of replacing the fishing line on the trimmer is to put the cover on the head with subsequent fixation by pressure and slight turnover.

disassemble, electric, trimmer, grass

Let each end into the hole, which is at the base of the winding drum. Install the coil in the inner area of ​​the head with an emphasis on the spring. Put the lid, leve on the base and light pressure down with a small rotation counterclockwise, put the cover on the tongues of the latch. This is where the replacement procedure is completed.

Preliminary preparation

At first, for winding the fishing line, it is necessary to remove the coil (bobbin, spool) from a trimmer for grass. Certain acts will depend on the difficulty of configuration and the type of product itself:

  • Small electronic trimmers for grass with workers placing a motor and coils at the bottom, usually have side buttons on both sides of the bobbin. With the simultaneous press on their highest part of the coil, coupled with the internal contents for winding the fishing line is disconnected, while the lower one remains on a trimmer for the grass. The analysis of the bobbin is better to create in an even smooth place, so that the spring does not jump out and not be lost;
  • Electronic and gasoline trimmers for grass with a curved rod without the ability to install a knife, usually have coils with special lamb: in similar structures, you should with one hand with one hand to hold the rogue in an exclusively position, and the other counterclockwise to twist the bobbin on the barc. After disconnecting the nut, the whole bobin is removed.
  • Electronic and gasoline trimmers for grass with the ability to install a knife on a straight rod (for example, trimmers for STIHL grass) have a hole. For the immobility of the bar, a screwdriver or another suitable object is inserted into this hole and with unhurried rotation, such mutual placement is achieved when the screwdriver enters the holes and the bobin is fixed. After that, the coil body is scrolled clockwise (with the left thread) and removed from the trimmer for the grass.

For the second and third options of coil, depending on the design, are versed in different methods. In the bobbins, lambs turn out from the lamb, in the coils from the latch, the fixers are pressed and one part of the coil is freed from the other. If the halves of the spool are connected by thread, then they are quite turned with their hands in the back sides until they are completely developed.

Types of trimmer heads

A mowing head for grass is a cylindrical case in which a coil (bobbin) is inserted with a fishing line in it (cord). This design can be installed both on gasoline and electric trimmer. The heads differ in the method of refueling and supplying the cord and there are 3 types.

  • Automatic. The cord is supplied after the user reduces engine speed. Although the automatic supply of the fishing line is convenient if large volumes of work are performed, such rods have one drawback. a large thread consumption.
  • Semi.automatic. Using this type of head does not require complicated manipulations from the user. The principle of their operation is arranged so that the cord is automatically lengthened at a time when the device works at full speed. It is enough to slightly hit the trimmer’s head for the grass on the ground (this removes the cord lock), and the fishing line for the trimmer, due to the centrifugal force, moves out of the bobbin, after which it is cut to the desired length with a knife located on a protective casing.
  • Manual. For lengthening the cord, the device is required, after which the fishing line for the trimmer is handed out manually.

Based on the above, semi.automatic bobbins are the most optimal option. It should also be borne in mind that the coils for a trimmer for grass are one.built (used only to trim the grass) and two.string, which are used to mow high grass and small, with thin stems of shrubs.

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How the head with a fishing line on a motorcycle works why you need to know the principle of work

Depending on the manufacturer, the heads differ structurally not only externally, but also inside. Most drums have a clamping spring inside (semi.automatic and automatic). The instruction is presented above how to disassemble the head of the trimmer for grass without a spring, t.e. on a manual.type head. The principle of dismantling a semi.automatic head with a spring inside almost identical above described instructions.

The principle of operation of the semi.automatic coil of the trimmer for the grass is as follows:

  • Inside the head is a coil, which is planted on slots that prevent its free movement
  • The coil is affected by a spring that presses it to the slots located in the design of the cover
  • A fishing line for a trimmer is wound for a tip, the length of which depends on the tool itself. Usually this length is from 1 to 4 meters
  • During the work, if it is necessary to increase the length of the fishing line, the protruding part of the drum occurs, through which it comes out of the hook with the slots. In this case, the fishing line for the trimmer is wound from the drum, increasing in the length
  • Having released the required amount of fishing line, you should release the pressing, and continue to perform work on the injection of the grass

The advantage of the tool with a fishing line is that this consumable does not require sharpening compared to metal disks. In addition, if a stone or tree comes across the way, then the fishing line for a trimmer simply breaks off, without having a negative effect on the gearbox and the engine engine, as is the case with metal cutting discs.

Knowing the design and device of the types of mowing or trimmer heads, it is necessary to proceed to the consideration of the process of refueling the fishing line into the coil of the trimmer for the grass. After all, it is precisely this moment that most owners of the Special Instruction causes difficulties.

What can be used instead of fishing line

Many users of trimmers are wondering: how to replace the cord, by default used in this kind of devices? Unsafe experiments begin to carry out, installing metal or copper wire, metal cables or strings in a mowing head, as well as a regular fishing fishing line for a trimmer.

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If you install a metal cable instead of fishing line, then a trimmer for grass turns into a dangerous device not only for the user, but also for others. This fact is explained by the fact that during the operation of the unit, the steel cable will be gradually shut up, its ends are gradually released, and small pieces of wire will fly in different directions at high speed.

A similar one happens when using steel or copper wire, only with the difference that the torn pieces will be larger and can cause a significant injury.

And if you accidentally hook your or someone’s leg, working as an unit with a steel cable (wire), then a strong and deep section of the fabrics, and in some cases, amputation of the fingers are provided with you. The manufacturer is not in vain for these purposes, nylon uses, since it is quite light and durable, and when separating he does not fly away and cannot cause injury.

It is possible to use a fishing fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer instead of a standard one, of course, but this will add unnecessary trouble, because it quickly wears out, breaks, mows slowly and does not fit for cutting hard grass. In addition, during the work, a lot of time is lost to replace the broken tool more than once.

In practice, the installation of a regular fishing line is justified if the user is going to mow grass near the fence, especially if he is from a rabid grid. In this case, in order to protect the standard and sometimes expensive cord from wear, it changes to a fishing fishing line for a trimmer, which is not a pity. Usually, in order to change the cord to a fishing line for a trimmer, it must be selected the greatest thickness-2-3 mm.

Is it possible to make a coil for a trimmer for the grass with your own hands

On sale there are a large number of trimmer heads (not automatic), which have a low price and good quality. But sometimes situations arise, for example, in the country, when the trimmer coil broke, and its repair is impossible, the store is far away, and you need to mow. In this case, you can quickly, literally in a few minutes, make a simple trimmer nozzle to fix the fishing line from ordinary plywood 10-12 mm thick.

  • Take a piece of plywood or textolite and draw a circle with a diameter of about 14 cm on it.
  • Cut the disk with a jigsaw or hacksaw for metal.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the disk, suitable in diameter to the gear shaft. Do not forget before installing a disk on the shaft, put a puck on it.
  • You can fasten small corners along the edges of the disk or make 1-2 holes on the opposite sides. They will serve for refueling fishing lines in them.
  • To fix the fishing line for a trimmer, you can screw several screws into the plywood.

Such a homemade mowing nozzle is fixed on the shaft with a nut. Twist or unscrew the nut without fixing the shaft will not work. To replace the cord, it will be enough to release the screws, insert a segment of the fishing line of the required length and press it again.

Also, a mowing nozzle for fixing the fishing line on it can be made from a metal sheet. How to do this can be understood from the next video.

STIHL grass trimmer bearing replacement

What are the types of forests

The usual type of fishing line, which is suitable for almost all types of coils with a round cord. How to remove the coil on the trimmer PGT-800 SBM. I cant. To call, but not like in a trimmer, a starter and a reel are polished on it. This is a regular fishing line for a trimmer suitable for mowing lush grass, but it will be much more difficult to mow a dead wood with it, and even more so since it does not cope with the bush.

Typically, the diameter that can be used to mow young grass does not exceed 1.6 mm. I have a similar trimmer for the grass, how to remove the coil from a trimmer for grass, and meanwhile the garden is overgrown. The thicker the thread, the larger weeds it can overcome.

There are fishing lines with edges of the earth in the form of a star or square, this option is more suitable for mowing dry grass due to existing sharp edges, but its disadvantage is more worn and less durable than a round cord.

How to remove a fishing line for a trimmer from a trimmer for grass. video

For maximum clarity, we offer to familiarize yourself with the video instruction. As an example, the Izhmash lawn mower was taken.

Trimmer for grass is the necessary and useful tool for a summer cottage and a private house. Many own and actively use it, but not everyone knows how to replace a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer, especially at first.

In this instruction, we will analyze the entire replacement process step by step. Looking ahead, there are two ways to refill a fishing rod with a fishing rod. There is no fundamental difference. the difference is that in the first case, one fishing line for a trimmer will be refueling, folded in half, and in the second there will be two segments of these forests.

What types of forests I am

The frequent type of fishing line, which is actually suitable for all types of coils. a round cross.sectional cord. This is an ordinary fishing line for a trimmer, applicable to mowing juicy grass, but it will be much more difficult to mow it with dry, and even more so it can not be couraged with a bush.

Usually, the diameter that can mow young grass does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the thread, the more rough the grass it is able to overcome.

There are fishing lines with sharpened faces in the form of a sprocket or square, such an option is more adapted to mowing dry grass just due to the existing sharp faces, but it is more wear and tear and it is inferior in strength to the round cord.

There are fishing lines with advanced aerodynamics with appropriate dentes, scales and notches, a similar product makes less noise, but they use it only on benzos, since the output from the reel is difficult, it is used in most cases with discs, into which segments are inserted into which segments are inserted. The shortcomings of this product are its fragility.

In most cases, in gasoline trimmers with a engine of more than 1.5 liters.With. use cords with iron cable snuts.

This thread is completely suitable for mowing dry grass and small shrubs. The presence of a core, positively affects the wear resistance of this material.

The shortage of such a cord is its cost, which is much more than the above opponents.

How to change a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer and which one is better to choose

Since the choice of a trimmer for the grass we saw in the previous article, now we will tell how to correctly refuel a trimmer for the grass with a fishing line, and which is better to choose based on the criterion of work.

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After you purchased a trimmer for the grass and began to use it intensively, at some point the question will arise about the substitution of the fishing line, since this is the most weary element in the tool, the rich operation of the trimmer for the grass will often lead to substitution of consumables.

PROPECTION-Cultivator from motorcycles

Materials and tools used by the author:

First of all, we make the most important detail. the nozzle. We need a thick and strong iron plate, since the loads are formed by considerable. Cut the plate, cut the edges and find the exact center. If the center is not found exactly, there will be strong vibrations, from which the nodes of braids for grass will wear quickly. We drill a hole in the center with a step drill, the diameter of the drill should be such that a puck groove enters it, which is placed on the shaft of braids for grass.

We also plan the places along the edges of the plate and drill the holes, they should be at the same distance from the central hole. We weld the nuts above the holes, then we wrap the bolts that act as spikes in them. This is convenient, since it will be possible to simply replace the bent bolt.

We make a protective shield for homemade, it will protect you from dust and stones that will fly to your feet at high speed. First we cut out a circle, make the diameter more than the nozzle. In the center of the circle we cut a hole so that a small shield located on the rod of braids on the rod enters it.

disassemble, electric, trimmer, grass

We also cut out the iron plate and scurry the circle in a circle, as a result it turns out a kind of “pot”.

Homemade is ready, refuel the lawn mower and go to tests. The author in the video of a home.made video works quite efficiently, the vegetation is removed to the bare ground, and the upper crust is also destroyed. In any case, such a home.made will make rural labor much easier and it makes sense to make a nozzle.

The project is over, I hope you liked the home.made, and you have found useful thoughts for yourself. Good luck and creative inspiration, if you decide to repeat this, do not forget to share your ideas and homemade ones with us!

What you need to know about the device of the electrimmer before the start of its repair: 2 types of structures

Trammers for herbs for mowing herbs with power supply from electricity are made with a capacity of 300 watts to 2 kW with two modifications. They are distinguished by the location of the engine:

Such products are created for different tasks, differ in weight, power, working characteristics. The first types of models are light and used to process the complex relief of garden paths under the bushes, near the flower beds.

Products with the upper engine arrangement allow you to process large areas, they are noted with high performance.

Both types of mowers can work from a household network 220 volts. However, elite products are created with food from the portable battery. Most often they are used on light models, as shown in the photo above.

An example of a product with an upper engine and its layout show it in the photo of my Eco GT-800L below. The fastening of the belt allows you to hang a mower on the shoulder, and the handle provides convenient control of the cutting head during kosbe.

Replacing the fishing line with a disk or knife

When ennobleing a personal plot, park zones and other places where various plants are required, it is often necessary to change the cutting tool in the trimmer. This is dictated by the fact that the standard cord installed in a mowing head can only cope with herbs. But when a shrub or young growth of trees appears on the path of an employee, a fishing line for a trimmer cannot cope with such a task, and it requires a change to a more effective cutting tool.

Manufacturers of trimmers provided such situations, and complemented their products with a mass of nozzles in the form of knives with several “petals” or in the form of disks similar to circular saws.

If you replace a fishing line for a trimmer with a knife with several “petals”, then such a tool can be mowed by both high grass and plants with thick and dry stems. And changing the fishing line for the trimmer to the disk, the user of motorcycles has the opportunity to cut shrubs or small trees.

Knives and discs are installed according to the following algorithm.

    The first thing you need to remove, stagnating the shaft, a mowing head (twist clockwise) or a nut with anthers if the unit has not yet been used.

For a better understanding of the process of changing the tool, you can watch this video.

Problems with fishing line

Trimmeres users, both gasoline and electric, sometimes have problems with the cord. “Advanced” Kosilov owners can easily cope with the difficulties, realizing why this is happening, and for beginners, this is a problem that does not have a rational explanation. But in fact, everything is solved quite simply. The most common problems that happen to the fishing line are the following.

Cords of cord

If a trimmer fishing line is often torn, this can cause the following reasons:

  • Stones, small branches and other hard obstacles come across the grass;
  • The user mows the grass back to the fence, and if he is mesh, then this breaks the “antennae” even faster;
  • poor quality of the cord (it is recommended to purchase high.quality);
  • The output holes are worn out in a mowing head, which is why the fishing line for a trimmer is erased on the sharp edges of the bushings and breaks off (a complete replacement of the part will be required).

Large cord consumption

Basically, the cord quickly ends if you often knock on the ground with a semi.automatic head or press it hard. The coil unlock occurs, and the fishing line for the trimmer, lengthening, is cut off with a knife. Another reason that the cord quickly ends is the improper operation of the device with an automatic head: the user during kosbe often drops engine speed. But as we recall, the automatic head is arranged so that it is with each reduction in the revolution that a new portion of fishing line is supplied, so it is quickly consumed.

The thread does not hold

It happens that the thread is unwound if the spring weakened in the semi.automatic head. The fishing line for the trimmer is constantly extended and cut off with a knife installed on the casing, which increases its consumption. To check this, remove the casing and turn on the unit. If the fishing line for the trimmer “climbed”, then you will need to replace the spring.

a fishing line for a trimmer flies out

The reason that the cord after starting the unit is unwound is also a weakening of the spring inside the head. In addition, there are times when when the unit is turned on, a spitter head is scattered, and the spring installed in it is lost. Inexperienced users do not notice the absence of a spring and collect this node without it. Therefore, the cord does not hold, and under the influence of centrifugal force flies out.

The cord is not served, the coil does not spin

Automatic or semi.automatic head should serve a fishing line for a trimmer without stopping the unit. But if it does not come out, then the reasons may be as follows:

  • The fishing line for a trimmer in a coil is incorrectly wound, which is why the latter does not spin;
  • The cord is wound unevenly, and the thread can get stuck between the turns (the thread should be wrapped neatly, the turn to the turns, without distortions);
  • Too short ends of the threads come out of the holes, as a result of which there is not enough centrifugal force to extract them, and the fishing line is not supplied for the trimmer (it is recommended to always adjust the length of the cord before starting the unit, slightly pulling it up);
  • The fishing line for the trimmer is sticking together (it will be considered later).

The thread sticks together

This nuisance occurs most often due to the use of poor-quality cord. When the apparatus is operating, the head of the trimmer for the grass heats up, and a poor.quality fishing line for a trimmer in it melts, gluing among themselves. Also, sintering of the threads occurs when a fishing line with a solid obstacle occurs. In this case, there is a sharp braking of the cord, after which it drags it into the head, where it bothers. Some unit owners recommend lubricating the cord with mineral oil or spray on it with a silicone spray after winding on a spul. Others advise to wrap less threads on the coil. But it is better to immediately buy a quality product, in the manufacture of which the manufacturer took into account the factor of overheating of the head, and the thread will not stick together.