How to Disassemble the Bosch Mfq 3010 Mixer

Repair of small household appliances, which include the mixer, many users prefer to perform on their own. Indeed, it doesn’t matter which company device you use. Braun or Scarlett, its internal device is quite simple. However, disassembling these simple devices may cause certain difficulties. How to disassemble a mixer if its body is not separable in appearance, as, for example, in many Bosch models? Let’s try to figure it out.

How to Disassemble the Bosch Mfq 3010 Mixer

Major malfunctions

First, consider in which cases it is necessary to resort to disassembly and repair of the mixer. The common problems of mixers Braun (Brown), Scarlet, Bosch, Ros and other home appliance service specialists include the following.

  1. Open circuit inside voltage supply cord. This defect can occur due to poor-quality insulation. frequent bending when folding the cable for boxing leads to a violation of the internal insulation and the closure of individual cores to each other.
  2. Start Button Issues. A common problem with Brown mixers. If it sticks, then it is necessary to dismantle it and fix the problem, in case of serious damage. install a new button.
  3. Electric motor: there are many options, the simplest. malfunctions can be due to brushes that have worn out and lost contact with the rotor. One or several speeds do not work: the main reason may be a malfunction of the switch. its contacts from frequent use can burn or oxidize. Repair is quite simple. you need to remove the regulator and inspect the contacts, if necessary, clean, and if the wear is complete, then replace.
  4. Extraneous noise. there are only two options: bearings and no lubrication in the gearbox. We check the rotation of the bearing, if there is a jingle, then we need to lubricate them, and there is a backlash. only a replacement. In the gearbox, due to the influence of kinetic energy, grease can accumulate at the tip of the worm gear. Gently spread the screwdriver with a sting of a screwdriver between the gears and make several revolutions. an extraneous sound will disappear.

Knowing the typical failures of a hand or planetary mixer, you can freely repair the product yourself. you do not need any special tool for this. The main thing here is caution, patience and the presence of elementary knowledge of the product design.

Mixer Disassembly Nuances

Before you repair the product yourself, you need to disassemble it. There are certain nuances that you need to know in order not to damage the device.

Video: How to Disassemble the Bosch Mfq 3010 Mixer

  1. The mixer body is made of durable plastic by injection molding under strong pressure, it has many special protrusions and hidden latches made of plastic, which, if handled improperly, can be damaged.
  2. All structural recesses reliably cover plastic plugs that must be pry off with a thin screwdriver. So, for example, a 600-watt Braun Turbo mixer has a gap around the case, which must be gently pushed to get to the latches.
  3. Fasteners are hidden under self-adhesive labels and stickers in order to detect them, just press on the surface, then remove part of the sticker and unscrew the screw or self-tapping screw.
  4. In the design of the housing are found and plastic latches, which must be handled very carefully so as not to break.
  5. After opening the device, take a photo so as not to confuse the connection of wires during assembly. each node must be installed in a specific place.
  6. Often the connection of the wire to the terminal is tight enough to remove them, use a screwdriver or special tools. do not pull them together by hand, so as not to disturb the design.
  7. If the wire is suitable for the mounting screw, then the latter must be loosened, and during assembly check whether there is no exposed area outside, only then fix the screw.
  8. Gearbox disassembly Only produce if a malfunction is detected; in other cases, only replace the grease.
  9. Check the damping bushings for integrity. if there are minor integrity violations, then immediately change.
  10. Extraneous noise is the wear of bearings, in order to replace them, you need to know the device structure and have certain skills.
  11. After eliminating the breakdown, the assembly process is carried out exactly the opposite of dismantling.

If you find complex failures, immediately contact the professionals, they will repair the mixer Brown, Bosch and any other quickly, with reliable quality.

Features of the dismantling of the Bosch mixer

The disassembly process is carried out using a similar technology for mixers. Braun, Zepter was described above, but specific products of different manufacturers have peculiar, albeit small, nuances. In this section, we will show you how to disassemble a mixer from Bosch Turbofixx 400 watt:

  • disassembly begins with the removal of the end cap;
  • further, we disassemble the product body;
  • remove the top cover and set aside;
  • then carefully disassemble all the components of the device into separate parts;
  • put the disassembled device on a clean table;
  • disconnect the wire terminals from the engine;
  • Now carefully remove the fixation and dismantle the devices where the nozzles are inserted;
  • we check the operation of the engine, if everything is in order, then we begin the assembly in the reverse order, lubricating the shaft for high-quality work;
  • all breakdowns are repaired during assembly.

Such a video will help repair the Bosch mixer, where not only the complete disassembly algorithm is shown, but the focus is on frequently breaking parts, and options for repairing them are given.