How to disassemble the head of a screwdriver. The necessary equipment that will be required to dismantle the cartridge

Why does a screwdriver not clamp the bat and what to do

Using a manual drill, some are faced with the problem of extracting bats from the cartridge. With intensive work, the fists can press to the change with great effort and even jam, so that it is difficult to crank the cartridge even with the help of a special key. The reverse task, when the screwdriver does not clamp the bat, occurs less often and is characteristic of faulty fastening. About what to do if the bit is not fixed properly, then.

The reason for the incorrect operation of the mounting mechanism, when the screwdriver does not pinch the bit, there may be wear of one or more of its elements.

On the outside of the fists there are teeth that enter the clutch with a swivel gear and when twisting move upward along the conical guide, clamping the shank of the drill. When grinding the teeth on the fists or on the gear, the pressing force becomes insufficient for reliable holding the bits.

There is an option when the fists, although they do not completely converge, but to a certain diameter can provide the necessary pressing value. It is possible a temporary solution. Bits wrap the wire on the shank (the best material. Copper), increasing the diameter and thus tightly tightened the impromptu design.

These are extreme measures that allow you to realize the ability of the tool only in case of emergency.

How to remove a cartridge from a screwdriver

The method of extraction also depends on the types of fastening:

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  • Morse cone. The surfaces of the shaft and cylinder have the same cone;
  • A fixing screw, where the cross head and the left cutting of the thread;
  • Threaded. The cylinder is wound on the shaft.

Determine the type of fastening will help labeling on the device.

B7, B10, B12, B16, B18, B22, B24, B32 and B45. MORSE SAMSISS OF MARPARS. Nearby indicates the size of suitable tails of nozzles (for example, 1-6).

1.0-11 m12x1.25-an example of a threaded marking, where 1.0–11 is a range of sliced ​​sizes in mm, and M12x1,25-thread characteristics. On a foreign model there may be such designations-2-13 mm ½-20 UF, which is deciphered in this way, only the diameter of the bit in inches.

disassemble, head, screwdriver, necessary

With the help of a hexagon, a device with a fixing screw is removed. How and in which direction to unscrew:

  • Focus as much fist as possible.
  • The thread is usually the left, which means twist the screw clockwise.
  • Insert the key into the fists and turn it off with an effort on the clockwise. You can use an additional hammer.

You can try to take off your head, just holding your hand. To do this, after extracting the screw, clamp the cartridge with your hand and, turning on the small speed speed, make a jerk to the left. Sometimes this is enough.

When fastening the type of cone, Morsa just you need to hit the cartridge with a hammer in the direction of the base of the nozzle, and it will come.

  • Insert the Mr.-shaped hexagon (10mm) with a short end into the cylinder and tighten tightly with fists.
  • Turn on the device at low speeds for a few seconds so that the free end of the key hit a solid support.
  • Remove the cartridge.

Determining Cassette/Freewheel Type & Tool

If these methods have not worked, it is necessary to disassemble the electrical appliance. Then get the shaft with a gearbox and a cartridge and use a pipe key to remove this cylinder.

disassemble, head, screwdriver, necessary

The cartridge of the screwdriver


This is a hollow metal cylinder in which there is a special ring with an adjusting sleeve. This element is installed directly on the shaft. With the help of a conical surface or thread, drill.

Introducing The “ SATA “ Ratcheting Screwdriver

To disassemble the cartridge, a screwdriver, a hammer and several keys are required. If there is a vice, then completing the task will be easier.

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Removal of a cartridge from a disassembled screwdriver

In a disassembled screwdriver, the cartridge manages pull out with the gearbox. To remove it, the latter is clamped in a vice. In order for the case to remain intact, gaskets are placed. The rotary key is inserted into a suitable hole, a hammer is hit on the hexagon, trying to tear off the cartridge. The base of the wrench should sit tightly on 3 gearboxes, it is turned counterclockwise. The cartridge will disconnect. Instead of the damaged, put a new, the same model, with a suitable type of fixation and size.

Manufacturers produce screwdrivers of different models that differ in design. Owners before removing the cartridge from the screwdriver of metabaro and other electrical appliances should be familiarized with the features.


Bosch Bosch Stamps are equipped fixing screw. The key is inserted into the fists, tightened for a couple of clicks. The tool is put on the edge of the table, pressed on the stopper button, remove the cartridge lock on the shaft. He is removed against the time.

Hitachi and bison

Removing the cartridge from the screwdrivers of hitachi and bison is simple, as they have threaded mount. Fists are diluted to the sides, the fastener is unscrewed with a screwdriver. In the fists, the short side of the g-shaped hexagonal key is clamped. The screwdriver is transferred to the drilling mode, then to the reverse. The cartridge is scrolled counterclockwise. The screwdriver is brought by a rotating key to a solid subject. After the blow, he must turn out, then it will be able to unscrew it.


Actions to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver Metabo RowerMax BS and other varieties of the Metabo brand of the same like previous models.


Devolt tools (DeWALT), Dexter, whirlwind have Great similarity with hitachi, Metabo, bison, because such an instruction is suitable for them.


The household model often Plastic cartridges, Therefore, they must be removed carefully. For cam. Often in Makita models there is automatic blocking.

How to remove the cartridge from a screwdriver Makita 6271d

We unscrew the screw counterclockwise with a flat screwdriver, then we take the hexagon by 8, clamp it and then we’re the cartridge, without making special efforts. As a replacement, it is not necessary to take a native cartridge, you can take the cartridges of the German company DEKO, connecting in the reverse order.

Network screwdriver Diold has a key cartridge. In order to remove such a cartridge, we dump to the maximum of the fist, to open the bottom, and with a screwdriver, unscrew the clamping screw along the left carvings. To fix the cartridge from the rotation of the spindle, fix it with either the key from the cartridge or, wrapping a tool with a rag or installing plastic nails on the sponges, we pinch in a vice. Having turned the screw, we easily remove the old cartridge.

If you can’t unscrew the screw, remove the case cover and fix the spindle inside.

Do not forget to turn off the screwdriver from the network! When replacing the cartridge, you do not need to turn on the tool.

The first mandatory stage! Displaying the fixing screw

The first, mandatory, stage when removing the cartridge from most household screwdrivers is to remove the fixing screw located from the endel end between the fists. This fastener is designed to protect the fast.And.Packed assembly from independent “leading” when working with loading in reverse mode (counterclockwise).

For example, when unscrewing old fasteners, when it is necessary to increase the torque. At the same time, the cartridge can remain motionless, fixed in the processed surface, and the spindle will perform rotations “to the left” (counterclockwise) and independently get out of the fastener of the screwdriver.

To prevent such situations, manufacturers use a control screw with the “left” thread. It is it that needs to be removed first, performing the following actions:

  • Dilute the fists so that the tip of the screwdriver flows freely between them.
  • To unscrew the screw, performing rotation to the right side, since it has a “left” thread.

Attention! Grooves on the heads of the screws can be of different sizes and shapes (straight or cross.Shaped). Therefore, you must have screwdrivers with different tips.

Swiming a fast.Packed cartridge from a spindle of a screwdriver After the fixing screw with the “left thread” was unscrewed from the end of the spindle, you can remove the fast.And.Packed cartridge from the screwdriver.

Due to the fact that the gap between the coupling and the case is several millimeters, it is not possible to fix the spindle with a vise or pipe key. Therefore, there are several other ways to remove the cartridge.

Holding the cartridge with his hand

The easiest way is to hold the cartridge with your hand. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Put on a special glove on the hand that will hold the cartridge.
  • Install the torque regulator on the maximum indicator or put the screwdriver into drilling mode.
  • Make sure that a fixing screw is unsettled from the end of the spindle.
  • Take the fists of the cartridge to the minimum gap.
  • Holding the cartridge with one hand protected by a glove, start the rotation of the screwdriver in the reverse direction (counterclockwise). While the fists diverge, the electric motor will gain momentum, and at the time of their complete opening, a peculiar blow will be obtained, which must move the threaded connection. Now it will not be difficult to swing the cartridge.

Attention! This is an unsafe method! It is forbidden to use it when confirming at least one point:

  • Lack of a special glove.
  • The power of the screwdriver exceeds 500 watts.
  • Self.Doubt.
  • Lack of good physical training (adolescents, women, people of advanced age).

If this method is not suitable for the above prohibiting reasons or turned out to be unsuccessful, then it is necessary to apply the following.

Using a Mr

This method is quite simple and safe, therefore it is a priority. It is necessary to perform actions in the following sequence:

  • Make sure that a fixing screw is unsettled from the end of the spindle.
  • Fix in fists a Mr. The best hexagonal key.
  • Set the torque regulator for maximum value or transfer it to the drilling mode.
  • Switch the spindle rotation direction into the reverse regime (counterclockwise).
  • Run the engine and give it the opportunity to gain maximum speed.
  • Bet up rotating, fixed between fists, Mr. For example, locksmithing, gymnastic gyra.
  • At the time of the impact of the fixed Mr.

Attention! The cartridge is unscrewed very quickly, within less than one second. Therefore, it is necessary to provide that it falls from a minimum height, that is, the emphasis on which the stress will take place with a Mr-shaped tool should be as close as possible to the floor.

The second version of this method is also possible:

  • After the screw is unscrewed and the robbed key (three-, four-, five-, hexagonally) between the fists, hold the screwdriver in one hand, and with the help of the other we strike with a hammer (kiyanka) on the shoulder of a protruding tool so that the rotation occurs counterclockwise.
  • “Tearing”, thus, the cartridge from the place can be unscrewed by the hand.

This drop.Up subspecies is especially effective in cases where there is no voltage on the network (network screwdriver), the battery or power tool is discharged is discharged.

Methods of fasteners of the cartridge

Before removing the cartridge from the Hammer screwdriver, Hilti, Hitachi DS 12 DVF 3, Enkor, Elitech, Resanta, Union, Stanley, Diold DEA-12li-08, Makita DF (Makita DDF), Metabo (metabarmaxx bs ), Patron, Pit, Skil, Sturm (assault), Aeg 14.4 and others, it is necessary to determine A way to fix it.

Bit holders are connected to the tool with the help of:

  • Cone Morse. This type of fastening refers to a very reliable. The cartridge is put on the shaft and snaps.
  • Threads. In this case, it is wound on the shaft.

You can see at the screwdriver itself Test, which indicates the method used. On the surface of the inscription 1-6 B10, talks about the presence of a conical connection. 1-6 is the diameter of the shank in mm, 10-cone. To remove it, you will need a hexagonal key for 10.

When threaded, the cartridge is marked 1.0-11 m121.25. Two initial numbers indicate The diameter of the shank drill. The numbers that are after the letter mean the value of the thread. On the devices supplied from abroad, the marks are indicated in inches, therefore they may vary from the above.

Screwdriver: how to disassemble its cartridge

To get inside, you should remove the plug. If the case is plastic, it is easily done: it is praised by a sharp object.

It is knocked out of a metal case with a hammer. To do this, they hit the base of the clamping sleeve so as not to damage it. To get to the base, a fairly large bolt is put between the fists. Then the fists are shifted so that the bolt takes the perpendicular position relative to the base, but at the same time it was not tightly clamped and had the opportunity to move both the top and down. Then on the head of the bolt protruding over the cartridge, they beat a hammer.

After that, the cartridge can simply be disassembled enough. After the repair or prevention, the node is collected back, paying special attention to the position of the cams.