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Drill-driver Whirlwind DA-18L-2K

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The VORTEX DA-18L-2K drill screwdriver is used for drilling holes in wooden, plastic and metal products or for working as a screwdriver. The model is equipped with 2 batteries and a case, indispensable for people who constantly use drills in everyday life.

The power tool is an analogue of the DA-18L-2 model, with a difference. there is a case and a second battery. The presence of the case allows you to keep the screwdriver safe and easy to transport.


Battery voltage: 18 in
Battery capacity: 2 Ah
Battery type: Li-Ion
Number of batteries: 2 pcs
Screwdriver type: unstressed
Chuck diameter: 0.8. 10 mm
Chuck type: quick-clamping
Maximum drilling diameter (metal): 12 mm
Maximum drilling diameter (wood): 30 mm
Number of adjustment steps: 161
Number of speeds: 2
Reverse: there is
Maximum torque: 33 Nm
Speed ​​control: there is
Maximum speed (1 stage): 350 rpm
Maximum speed (stage 2): 1350 rpm
Power button lock: there is
Illumination of the working area: there is
Removable battery: there is
Case: there is
Mains voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Charge time: 1 hour
Food: from battery
Weight without packaging, no more: 1.3KG
Warranty period of operation: 12 months

The rubberized handle provides a comfortable and secure hold of the tool in the hand while working. Keyless chuck makes it easy to change work equipment. Two-speed gearbox for the convenience of various jobs. The reversible mechanism is designed to quickly remove the drill from the material in the event of a jam, twisting or loosening of fasteners.


  • light weight and rubberized handle provides comfortable work even with prolonged use of the screwdriver;
  • the ability to adjust the torque allows you to use a screwdriver to work with almost any material (wood, metal, plastic);
  • keyless chuck allows for quick and easy bit or drill change.
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By adjusting the speed, the tool can be adjusted to the required material thickness. The model is powered by a reliable lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion).
In addition, the lithium-ion battery has several advantages:

  • do not have a “memory effect”, which means they can be charged from any state;
  • have a minimum self-discharge ability;
  • have a significant capacity;
  • have a threefold superiority over nickel-cadmium power supplies in terms of the number of charge-discharge cycles;
  • are small in size due to the design of the power supply, consisting of several miniature elements.
disassemble, vortex, screwdriver


Cordless drill with battery: 1 PC
Additional battery: 1 PC
Bit: 6 pcs
Bit extension adapter: 1 PC
Power adapter: 1 PC
Charger: 1 PC
Manual: 1 PC
Case: 1 PC
disassemble, vortex, screwdriver

The VORTEX company expresses its deep gratitude to you for your choice.
We do our best to ensure that our equipment meets your needs, and the quality corresponds to the best world standards.
The manufacturer sets the official service life for the cordless drill-screwdriver 5 years, subject to the rules of operation.

How to use the torque screwdriver


This nuance will allow you to determine what materials this or that model can work with. For varieties of the brand, these indicators can range from 16 to 32 Newton meters. The higher this indicator, the wider the capabilities of the devices. The length of the screws used will depend on the torque. In addition, it also determines the diameter of the screws, which, depending on the type of the “Whirlwind” device, can be 25/10, 30/12, 18/8, 20/10.

disassemble, vortex, screwdriver

An additional plus will be the ability to adjust the torque.

Charger selection

Ideally, it is advisable to immediately acquire an original spare charger. As a rule, in the complete set of a screwdriver, a charger is one of the mandatory elements. However, it may have an adapter. Charging should be marked, which usually indicates the power of a particular model.

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You need to focus on the factory inscription, which will allow you to confirm the compatibility of the desired charger.

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You can contact the seller who will help you choose the right charger for the screwdriver. You can also take a closer look at the products Dewalt DCB 118, One Ryobi RC 18120, DC 10 WC (10.8 B) Makita. It should be borne in mind that the last option is not equipped with an automatic stop, it will have to be controlled independently.

You need to take the option based on the type of battery and its charge mode. For example, NiCd has been recognized as a good voltage source, but has recently been considered harmful from an environmental point of view. Therefore, if today it is still possible to pick up a charger for a screwdriver, in the future it will hardly work. Li-Ion variants have an increased power density, but often purchased charging reduces the operation of the device.

How to choose?

It is important to understand that at the time of purchase, you should not think about the price, since it is often not an indicator that determines the best model for you. There are several main selection criteria.


The limiter is a very handy feature. With its help, you can set up a barrier that will not allow you to twist screws or screws, which will significantly increase the quality of the work performed. Although the engine may still be running, the chuck will be stopped. This simple device will crackly inform you that the optimum screw-in depth has been reached. The limiter will protect the tool from wearing out the bit and breaking the self-tapping slot. It will not allow you to sink the screw more than the selected depth.

Power and number of speeds

The more power of the device, the thicker and longer screws it will be able to tighten and unwind. The battery varieties of the brand are autonomous, while it is preferable to take options with higher power. The voltage of different models in the cordless screwdriver line is 12, 14.4, 18 volts. The number of speeds, depending on the specific variety, varies from 1 to 2.

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It is necessary to take into account the tasks that the device must cope with. For example, a screwdriver can be bought only for screws or for screwing and untwisting screws, bolts, screws. It is worth considering whether the device should tighten the dowels and anchors. In addition, it is possible that the device will be used for cutting threads on parts made of metal and other materials.

Passport data and frequency of use

First of all, it is important to build on the data of the technical passport. These are the rotational speed, the type of battery of the battery (if any), and also the torque. It is on the basis of the basic data that it is worth choosing the right model. In this case, you should start from how often it will be used. For example, if the product is rarely available, it makes no sense to buy a professional version. In addition, having basic functions, the household model will weigh less, which is convenient for the master.

If you need a tool for frequent use, take a stationary device.

Vortex screwdrivers: selection and operation

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disassemble, vortex, screwdriver

The Vikhr trademark is engaged in the production of equipment used in everyday life. Considering the high quality and the positive assessment of the craftsmen in the field of construction, a large part of buyers turn to the products of this company. Among the rich assortment, screwdrivers are especially popular. We will talk about how to choose the right tool from the options offered by the brand in this article.